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  1. Had similar problem about 4 months ago. Center electrode missing.
  2. 20 mins and 3 screws to drop out the bottom...... 1.5 hrs if you take off the avionics panels on the outside and try to remove it from the top...... oh, the price of learning Mooneys...
  3. Not sure on the first Bendix. It was about 2 hrs away and we just swapped out the Bendix for Slicks. We never got the left slick to work properly without fiddling with it every 50 hrs or so... At 400 hrs, I just got tired of the BS and put in the Bendix. The right Bendix just stopped working the other night, Bob took it apart, no obvious problem. (all parts worked and looked good) so we put it together and are hoping for the best.... All in all, not very impressed with the technology.
  4. I don't know Byron, I just had my second Bendix mag fail. That makes 2 Bendix and 1 Slick in 900 hrs.... Not sure either is worth a crap. Each time the bill was in excess of $1500. It would be nice to have something reliable..... None of them "self destructed" but they all quit working.
  5. Did you stop at the factory outlet and take a new one home? The factory is one of those things on my bucket list....
  6. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed my work, but there came a time that it just made sense to go ahead and retire. I guess, I was lucky enough to do a job that was rewarding both technically and financially.
  7. I am like EricJ. Retired 5 years ago at 52. Was one of the best things I did. Consulted for a period of time, got my IR, working on Comm and CFI. The wife's employer wanted her to move to Europe, so what the heck we moved for a couple of years. Now back in states, I have a list of stuff to do that almost keeps me too busy to fly. There are a few things to keep in mind. 1. Make sure you can live on the money you have saved, pensions, etc. . (my parents suggested that we live on our "retirement" spend for a few years before retiring to make sure we are good to go) Either adjust spending/lifestyle or delay exiting the workplace 2. If you go for a second career, make sure it is one you enjoy. 3. Make sure you have enough ideas of hobbies, volunteer work, etc to keep you busy. Boredom is very bad!
  8. I actually disagree with this. Most of my flights that I now complete when I used to cancel are in the 250-300 mi range. Using the IR to enable me to make it out and home in the same day. We have a lot of morning low clouds. With no IR that meant that we used to cancel the flight because we could not be sure when the overcast would break. Now, we just file, and punch through the cloud layer and continue on.... We are home that evening. Wifie likes to be in the air for two hrs rather than on the road or in traffic for 4+.
  9. Total weight would not be affected, but CG is very dependent on having the aircraft at the proper "level". The maintenance manual has a very easy to follow procedure. Getting it level involves blocks (weight must be accounted for) and/or letting air out of one or more tires. It is a PIA. FWIW, I would not "officially" weigh an aircraft unless I knew what the outcome. You can (and usually do) lose quite a bit of useful load.
  10. The 65 manual it is on page 30.
  11. I don't include reserves for engine or avionics. I replaced the engine last year. It was just something I knew would be coming since I purchased the plane. I retired the old engine with 1900 hrs and 30 yrs simply because I came across a new engine for a good price and decided to change out before the old one gave its last breath. Many folks here would say I jumped too early, but so be it.. As to avionics, I have a pretty basic setup. IFR GPS, two Radios with GS, autopilot with alt hold, and an engine monitor. The sky is the limit on upgrades that are really nice to look at, but not necessary for flight. (I do like looking at your fancy panels, have something like that would compromise my status as a CB)
  12. over the last 10 years of ownership the cost has averaged between 10 and 14k. Hours have been about 95/yr. This does not include payments since I non-essential items with cash. The biggest impact on my costs have been if I can assist during maintenance. It seems to make a large difference if I turn the wrenches (under supervision) or if I pay to have them turned. I would plan on about $1k/month +loan. I would also plan on building a $10k or so fund for unexpected items. (new prop, new engine, impulse buy of avionics) If you can plan your spend, you have a much better control of the spend than if you just wait for your mechanic to tell you the bad news. For instance, I got a really great deal on my engine because I was opportunity shopping. Plane was back in the air in less than 4 weeks for an attractive price. On the other hand, when my propeller decided it needed attention, there was no deal to be had and I paid a not great deal price. (AOG is the most expensive way to repair a plane.) I will say that having your own plane is great. Somewhat expensive, but great.