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  1. Switzerland is also a nation of small valleys separated by big mountains. If you start up the wrong valley......
  2. NIce video. Thx for posting.
  3. my mailbox key opens the door to my plane...... not very secure...
  4. I would not worry too much about the upgrades. Just fly the thing! Even though you have been around it for some time, it somehow changes when you are spending your $$ and want it set up exactly as YOU want it. +1 on the go with a modern GPS. The install cost just doesn't make it worth it. But again, take your time and layout exactly what you want in your plane. Tailwinds.
  5. @Nippernaper Sorry, I am late to the party..... FWIW You may want to try one of the classic auto parts sites like NPD. They might carry what you are looking for.
  6. There is an M20F rental at KLVJ. In TX, but not so close.....
  7. presuming you are a CB like me..... First, ask yourself if you really need WAAS for the GPS functions. If you are not instrument rated and have no intention to become... I wouldn't upgrade. If you just need ADSB, and have a good fairly new transponder, go with the $2k solution. I had an old, obsolete GPS, an even older transponder, a piecemeal audio panel and intercom. So it made sense for me to put in a lot of new $tuff. The avidyne GPS is pretty neat....
  8. Saw better cooling. Not sure about speed increase... maybe a knot or two.
  9. Just call LASAR. The instructions are very clear. There are several options of installing. Each takes a different amount of time. I didn't do a video, but install took a bit longer than that listed on their website. I did the more complex installation option. It came out good. Improved cooling, not sure about any speed gains.....
  10. It is wider, but the shoulder position varies (i'm 5-8 and my mechanic is 6-2)... we knew the arm rests were in the same spot.
  11. On my plane and an Ovation, we took a tape measure to the cockpit armrest to armrest dimension. The O is wider. Also, the O is significantly wider in the back seat. Too bad I'm too cheap to say it is worth the price difference. craig
  12. Had similar problem about 4 months ago. Center electrode missing.
  13. 20 mins and 3 screws to drop out the bottom...... 1.5 hrs if you take off the avionics panels on the outside and try to remove it from the top...... oh, the price of learning Mooneys...
  14. Not sure on the first Bendix. It was about 2 hrs away and we just swapped out the Bendix for Slicks. We never got the left slick to work properly without fiddling with it every 50 hrs or so... At 400 hrs, I just got tired of the BS and put in the Bendix. The right Bendix just stopped working the other night, Bob took it apart, no obvious problem. (all parts worked and looked good) so we put it together and are hoping for the best.... All in all, not very impressed with the technology.