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  1. Before I put it on ebay, let me know if you are interested in an Aera 560 with panel mount hardware. Hardware includes Garmin hardwire cable, airgizmos dock and 15 degree angle adapter. (everything shown in the pics) It was installed in my M20k when I bought it last year and I replaced it with a 660 that I already had. It worked fine and still looks great. $250 shipped in the continental US.
  2. I thought it was well worth the trip when I was looking for a Mooney. You can learn a lot from looking at the inventory at AAA and talking to Jimmy.
  3. +1 for Parker. Very helpful on my first purchase last year.
  4. Reviving this thread, unfortunately. My speedbrake PB (PB-12331ZQ) has a broken solder post and I can't find any in stock online (Mouser/Digikey/Newark/etc..). I plan to check with Precise Flight Monday unless anyone knows of alternative sources. It broke as I was checking the KFC200 disconnect switch that I will need to replace. I'm also looking for one of those. Thanks.
  5. Sorry to see this and glad everyone is OK. I knew there was a lot of wind and hail around Salina this morning but I hadn't heard about this yet.
  6. +1 on All American Aircraft I was asking similar questions a year or two ago. As much as I like doing my own research and learning new things, I decided it didn't make sense to figure out everything on my own when it comes to investing $100K in a Mooney. I think Jimmy brought a lot of value in my purchase process last fall. It was my first airplane purchase and it helped me to a actually commit to a purchase. I know Jimmy works for the seller but it's obvious he wants to treat both buyer and seller fairly. The process went very smoothly and I have an M20K that I'm very happy with.
  7. I hate dumping much money into the old system but I also want a quick option. I'd like to get started on my ifr training asap and not mess with downtime of new ap install. I'll check Mid Continent also. GFC500 is definitely something I'd like to add in the next year or two.
  8. I may be in the market for a KFC200 AP computer. I'm to the end of debugging the system and it looks like the computer will need to be repaired or replaced. I'll be checking with Bevan on repair cost but also want to check the used market to replace it. If you know someone doing an AP upgrade will you let me know? Thanks. Steve
  9. Yes, I was able to login and it still works. It appears the password is case sensitive and I think it defaulted to the first letter being capitalized (hard to tell since it doesn't show what you are typing). Once I worked around that, it worked.
  10. I just had my login fixed on the new website using the contact info on the new .org site. Pretty quick response.
  11. 2019: Bought my first airplane/Mooney 2020: Get instrument rating and fly a lot more
  12. Good to know, my K is in the same serial number range. I'm interested to hear how the rest of the install goes.