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  1. There is a lot I like about the Dynon product and I really like the Dynon installation approach. Not having a realistic idea on when the autopilot will be available makes it a no-go for me.
  2. If I didn't have a touch of "Invulnerability: “It won’t happen to me!”" I would have never got into an airplane.
  3. There is a little to it to get it right and line up with factory mounting holes and releive the bottom bar for the rivets on the tray. Fortunately the holes already exist. If Alan has any, I'm sure it would be worth it to buy them from him. Unfortunately, he didn't have any when I checked.
  4. Thanks. It sounds like we have about the same setup. I haven't cast bullets for years but have about 50lbs of lead and a small smelter. I checked with the AP/IA that does my annual and he is checking on what it would take to make them as an owner produced part. I will have to find someone to get dimension from if we go down that path.
  5. Thanks @carusoam for helping connect the dots around here. @c1ticelet me know if you do want to get rid of some of the weights. Thanks. Steve
  6. Thanks, all good points. I checked with a MSC this week and the weights are in stock at around $550 for the set. I'm not opposed to purchasing them from Mooney but I thought I would check around for used. I have checked with Alan, Jerry and Paul with no luck, so off to the classified section for a few days to see what I can scare up. If I don't get any responses here I plan to ordered them through a MSC before my annual. I am changing my battery this annual, so that's a good consideration also.
  7. Checking to see if anyone has removed "charlie" weights from the tail section that they are willing to part with. They are the 6 and 7 lb lead bars in the far aft section of the fuselage. Part #350203-001, -003, and -005.
  8. I do have about 50lbs in the bagaage area and it doesn't get the CG where I want it when full fuel.
  9. I’m reviving this thread since I seem to have a similar problem with my CG being too far forward when I have full fuel, and I am hesitant to pay $550 for 19lbs of lead. I have checked with a few of the people around that salvage Mooney parts and I’ve had no luck finding any charlie weights. If anyone has removed the weights and would like to get rid of them, will you let me know? The other thought is, this seems like a prime candidate for an owner produced part. What would be the main criteria to verify? I assume if I could get the dimensions of the bars and mounting holes I would h
  10. Take a picture of your current workspace background for the online meetings. They'll never know you are in Florida.
  11. Did he catch it with the gear or verticle stab? I've had them cross in front of me while I was driving down two lane highways and they are passing under the power lines.
  12. Here's a nice lot near Wichita: https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/1620-S-Stearman-Dr_Benton_KS_67017_M97664-31076
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