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  1. Spare items I do not need after a couple of upgrades, both were working great. BatteryMinder 128CEC1-AA-S2 12V 8 AMP for wet Gill battery - $150 shipped conus https://www.batteryminders.com/batteryminder-model-128cec1-aa-s2-12v-8-amp-gill-aviation-battery-charger-maintainer-desulfator/ JPI USB download box with prgramming cable (without usb stick) - $130 shipped conus https://www.jpinstruments.com/product-category/adapters-and-cables/ Paypal friends and family payment.
  2. Reviving an old thread, I have essential the same situation. Installed an 830 and the JPI OAT was about 8c higher than factory OAT. I rechecked today after ambient temps were normalized in the hangar overnight and the JPI OAT matched CHT/EGT temps and factory gauge was still about 8c lower. @NicoNdid you find a solution? I haven't checked factory probe connections for corrosion, that is my next step followed by an ice water check.
  3. Sent mine to Aeromotors about 3 weeks ago, turn around was about 10 days. I figured it deserved attention after 40 years of service. It had a slow drip but was still running fine.
  4. I live in the same area as skydvrboy and for some reason only about 10% of my flights show up. I do operate out of a delta and never turn off adsb. I agree with your point, a frequently flown plane would be preferred. Determining that may take a little work.
  5. I just replaced my 5 year old Gill (flooded type) with a Concorde. I was also going to try the Gill LT series and chose not to because of the problems my local shop has been having with Gill customer service over the last year. He has had a couple of warranty issues on the LTs and Gill is not responding. Otherwise, the specs and pricing do look good and worth trying in my opinion.
  6. All good advice so far. I bought my 231 with 130 hours and it has worked out ok so far. If you have good attention to detail and can create good habits (that really goes for any aircraft) you will be good in a M20K. Definately check insurance with Parker. I'm glad I was in a rental airplane when I was learning to land, you don't want hard landings or bounces in the Mooney. Also, the market isn't the greatest for buyers and unless this is a great opportunity I would wait to buy. If it is a great opportunity, then wait to fly it until you are confindent in your flying skills.
  7. I purchased a refurbed DC headset from Terry and was very happy with his service and products.
  8. It appears we're the same age, so if you want to do some formation flying under bridges in 2067 let me know. It would make for an even better article.
  9. @spistora, 

    Finally got a new O2 bottle and opened the inspection panel and looked for the weights in the rear. No weights at all in the tail as they have been removed. Sorry I could not help.


    1. spistora


      OK, Thanks for checking.  I ended up ordering from the factory.

  10. We're using the Pilot USA youth headset for our 3 year old grandduaghter and it fits pretty well.
  11. I hadn't planned to but I will if I get a chance.
  12. I received my VG box this week. Once I figue out which ones get which color, I'll be installing them during the annual in May. I am convinced from this thread and some others, that they will be worth the additional safety factor. Even if it has some trade of in top speed. I am looking forward to experiencing the change in improved handling.
  13. My guess was the three tail stabilizers were essentially the same design, two horizontal and one vertical. Simplifying the manufacturing process. I'm only speculating though.
  14. @ArtVandelay Curious how your glareshield turned out. I have a similar situation with good material but slight warps in the middle. I'm planning to try a heat gun to slowly work it back to flat.
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