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  1. I just had my login fixed on the new website using the contact info on the new .org site. Pretty quick response.
  2. 2019: Bought my first airplane/Mooney 2020: Get instrument rating and fly a lot more
  3. Good to know, my K is in the same serial number range. I'm interested to hear how the rest of the install goes.
  4. Thanks Jeff, will do. Now I just have to get Merlyn to knock off a few bucks.
  5. Parker helped me with my insurance needs on my first purchase a couple of months ago. I was really happy with his responsiveness.
  6. Jimmy was very helpful. Kestrel was definitely an experience but I wasn't to the point where I was comfortable landing there. My home airport runway is 12,300 x 150, so it's a little more forgiving. Maybe I'll make it back there sometime and give it a try,
  7. It's just under 2K TT. In 2015 it got an LB engine, 3 blade prop and updated interior. Still has a lot of original avionics but the new stuff includes GTN650, KT74, GMA340, JPI800 and AERA560. The only thing I wanted that it doesn't have is an intercooler. I still haven't taken any of my own picture so these were from the ad. I'll eventually get it cleaned up and get some better pics.
  8. Lack of creativity. first initial, last name:(S)teve (Pistora)
  9. Thanks. No hangar of my own yet. I'm on the list at Salina and Mcpherson. In addition I've check Abilene, Ellsworth, Lyons, Moundridge, Hutchinson and Newton with no luck. Unfortunately, I'm paying AvFlight right now for hangar space. We'll have to get Schartz to go too if you haven't already.
  10. New owner, not new Mooney. 1979 M20K After a year or so of looking for a Mooney (and lurking here) I finally made a purchase. This is my first aircraft and I am very happy that I worked with Jimmy at All American Aircraft. I made it through my transition training late last week and flew it home Monday. I couldn't be happier with how it performed. I don't have any great pictures yet so I'm stealing the one from the Controller ad. Looking forward to getting proficient flying it and then working on an IFR rating. I really appreciate all of the helpful discussion on this forum. It definitely helped me to make a well informed purchase.
  11. I actually tried this last week with the Decibullz and it works pretty good. I think I lost a little sound reduction as compared to the yellow foam tips but it is much more comfortable. Here's what I ended up with:
  12. Sorry, I don't have a comparison either but my wife and I both use the halo's and are happy. We've had them for about a year and quality seems fine.
  13. Good to know for Kansas. Adds a few more percent to my purchase budget.
  14. Next time I'm planning to be in Wichita I will let you know. Thanks.