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  1. @OSUAV8TER I am interested in knowing more about how to use these options: - 8 configurable analog / sensor inputs - Up to 4 thermocouple inputs - Additional custom sensor options
  2. Received my 2 channel today. So far, it seems to work as advertised. In my situation I have good coverage and the antenna supplied works fine.
  3. The company I work for provides automation for automotive assembly plants (GM, Ford, FCA, Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, etc..). I've spent the past 30 years watching the assembly of vehicles in Noth America and would suggest not purchasing a vehicle during the first year of production.
  4. I have Halos, Lightspeed Zulu 3 and Tangos. I like them all for different reasons. In my opinion, the attenuation is good but probably not quite equal to the noise cancelling types. The Halos are worth a try and you can usually sell them for about what you paid if you don't like them. I go back and forth between the Tango and Halos.
  5. I had an intercooler and Merlyn wastegate installed last May. I helped the shop install it and can try to answer some of your questions. The shop was more than happy to let me cut the cowl. I'm traveling this week, so if you want to message me this weekend or next week that would work best.
  6. I'm not sure how the program compares (speed & cost), but K-State in Salina, KS seems to have a good program.
  7. I'm considering the online course and am curious if the value is similar to the live seminar. I assume no one has done both to compare.
  8. There's a flying club that has one online that I used until I actually purchased my K. http://www.sparrowflyingclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/M20K-POH-N654JB.pdf
  9. I'm not familiar with them either, I just remember this post in the vendor forum.
  10. https://www.allamericanaircraft.com/default.htm Guess I was a little slow.
  11. I'll pile on, +1 for Jimmy. Even if you don't buy from him he will be very helpful. He usually has a few that aren't listed that are coming up for sale in the near future. I learned a lot about what I really wanted in a Mooney by visiting and looking at all the inventory. As a first time buyer, I purchased from Jimmy and thought he brought a lot of value to the process.
  12. If you decide to try them, someone on pilots of america forum almost always has slightly used demo units for sale for $575 (and other Lightspeed headsets). I picked up a set to try a couple of months ago and they are like new (ear pads and mic cover are new). Like everything, they have their trade-offs. The wireless feature is really nice but having to charge them can be annoying compared to just leaving them in the plane. I also have the Zulu 3 that seems slightly more comfortable.
  13. If Leavenworth, KS is close enough, you might check with John Schmidt CFI. He is listed here: https://themooneyflyer.com/cfi.html I did a couple of hours of training with him last year, after my transition training. He also spoke highly of a mechanic on the field that maintains several Mooney's. I don't know much about him other than that.
  14. Before I put it on ebay, let me know if you are interested in an Aera 560 with panel mount hardware. Hardware includes Garmin hardwire cable, airgizmos dock and 15 degree angle adapter. (everything shown in the pics) It was installed in my M20k when I bought it last year and I replaced it with a 660 that I already had. It worked fine and still looks great. $250 shipped in the continental US.
  15. I thought it was well worth the trip when I was looking for a Mooney. You can learn a lot from looking at the inventory at AAA and talking to Jimmy.
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