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  1. He was a big help when I was sorting my PC issues too.
  2. @Huitt3106 I had a similar problem after some recent work. Oil temperature either pegged out or showed 80 degrees. Got to chasing wires and the temperature gauge waved like a flag in the breeze when I wiggled the wires just outside the temperature sender’s cannon plug. One of the pins had broken loose inside the plug and pushed back just enough to make contact... sometimes. Got it together well enough To function while I wait on a new plug to arrive.
  3. Plane and Pilot’s “Lessons Learned” (about flying and life) are broader than “I nearly died” tales. If you’d like to frame up a 1500 word story about how an airport can come to be more than just a patch of ground to park a plane, I know some folks who might could make it happen. my username at gmail or PM me and we’ll get that ball rolling.
  4. How many hours on tour mags? My C model had similar issues a couple years before I bought her and we chased all sorts of leads: Carb rebuilt, replaced intake seals, all sorts of stuff. Carb heat helped. (But that’s not gonna help you a bit) it turns out, the 500 hour inspection was about 200 past due. Sent them out and not a hiccup since.
  5. A produce rubber band or a 35 mm film canister will work to keep the button down as well. if you’ve got a good servo, swap it in. Should fix that leak. I fixed a series of leaks in mine which always revealed others. Took a little time to get it squared away, but the system is pretty straightforward once you’ve messed with it a little.
  6. Is it possible that the wires for both of those lights are in the same bundle, possibly chafed against each other? If both of those wires were bare then either one would power the other.
  7. See? Reading comprehension before coffee is a concern in this house. Completely missed that this was all cylinders.
  8. An intake leak would introduce the most air into a cylinder’s intake at low manifold pressure. Someone back me up. I just woke up and am waiting on the coffee to make so obviously anything I say has to be double checked.
  9. When I was the airport kid, I thought all the airline pilots had airplanes.... because most of the guys with planes were airline guys. It was a shock when I started flying for a living and it dawned that most professional pilots hang it up at the end of a trip and don’t think about flying until they’re on their way back to work.
  10. Our little trip west, properly documented: it’s easy to lose perspective, bouncing between airliners and general aviation. In a four day trip, we’ll cross the continent a couple times. But each time I’ve recounted this trip to a captain as we’re hauling 200 folks at Mach .78, almost every one’s eyes glazed over. “That’s the trip of a lifetime,” many explained. Here’s hoping it will be one of many trips of this lifetime. That’s what this Mooney Zoom stuff is all about, right?
  11. Open up the big panel on the right side of the fuselage behind the aft cabin bulkhead. They’re attached to the pushrod with cables.
  12. @ROZ, where are you located? I’m sure if you let us know, someone nearby would probably happily invite you for a hangar visit to let you poke around and see some of the features we’re talking about if you haven’t already. I find that first interactions with a design (car, plane, boat, etc) happening with a seller over your shoulder are a lot more intimidating than getting familiar in a friendly environment with no expectations. If Atlanta is nearby, I’ve got a 65 C model you’re welcome to try on for size.
  13. I love the idea of a Mooney kit, but having built an RV-4 tail with my granddaddy and done a couple condition inspections on others, I’ll say this: Mooney’s wing is not suitable for homebuilders. The wing and tail jig for the RV fit easily in our little workshop; a jig for a Mooney wing would take up 40 feet by the time you had enough room to squeeze around either end. The structure has a lot more to it than an RV as well. So you’d have to either have some really advanced quick-build option for the wing, or go to the factory to handle that. Or just make a “plastic“ wing. That could lower the parts count and tie up fewer man hours. Use the experimental wing to develop the process and design for an improvement to the certified design that might reduce hours on the assembly line. This is all hypothetical rambling from me of course. I’m no engineer and to be honest, my antiquated C model is about where I need to be in terms of finances. A 20 year old Mooney is about the best that my day job will ever subsidize. I’m not complaining - when I need to go somewhere in a hurry or in bad weather, I go to the bigger airport, flash my ID and beg nicely for a jumpseat wherever I need to go. My Mooney is for a different kind of travel. I just wish to see continued success for our friends in Kerrville, regardless of how they can brainstorm a way out of their situation. I’ve flown and maintained several designs that had zero factory support. It’s doable, but not what I signed for when I bought a Mooney.
  14. I replaced my landing light and fuel pump switches with new old stock ones I found online. Easy fix.
  15. There are two currently registered locally to me- I’ve got Facebook friend requests sent out to owners hoping to meet up. Fingers crossed.
  16. Different brands have different thicknesses. Cornwall was often much thicker than Snap-On, for instance. If you’ve got a mechanic handy with different brands of sockets, you might try that route.
  17. Hey guys, Forgive the widebody Mooney owner sneaking over here into your forum. I'm working up an (admittedly small) feature including the Mite and need a picture or two and a chance to pick your brain with a couple questions as it comes together. If you're interested, shoot me a PM or email (my username at g mail dot com) and let me know what you've got. Would love a good quality air-to air shot. Wouldn't protest if someone wanted to check me out in their bird for the story... but probably can get what I need after a game of twenty questions. Thanks! J
  18. You’re not wrong. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. So, yeah. Filed under things I meant to look at earlier and hadn’t. Someone was talking about their landing gear donut date codes and I made a note to take a look next time I flew. Which was today. landing gear donuts. These things are good for 50 years or so, right? I guess it’s time for lord mounts down below and firewall forward! Ugh.
  20. I filled out some survey and apparently an ATP and a type rating or two automatically triggers the turbine edition. After a few phone calls that did nothing, an intervention by one of the AOPA Pilot editors got me back into the regular issue. I wanted the eye candy on the cover to be things I really wanted to fly for fun.
  21. Don’t need a multi rating if you’re only gonna run one of them.
  22. Check the maintenance manual - there’s a PDF here on Mooneyspace downloads section, and it’ll tell you how to level the aircraft on jacks. If it tells you to place a level on the seat rails for and aft for pitch leveling, there’s the place to lay your phone to zero the app for your project. Too many variables with the straight and level flight zeroing.
  23. Got a screw missing in a belly panel? That can do it.
  24. Just got mine going after discovering a torn boot. Gotta love a system we can basically fix with bubblegum and popsicle sticks (slight exaggeration but only barely).
  25. So, back home after taking the old gal (and my wife) to Utah, word gets to me that someone wants an airplane ride. Someone who drove me to the airport countless times as a kid. Someone who flat-out refused to get into an airplane his entire life despite being listed on my airline travel benefits the last 12 years. Maybe he decided that if it hadn’t killed me yet, he’d probably make it through one little flight. Yesterday, my Dad went for his first Airplane ride. He says he’ll go again, which I’m calling a win as bumpy as yesterday’s flight was. After the last 30 hours of “Mooney Zooming” straight-ish lines between distant points, flying circles for a sightseeing trip over the home turf was a great change of pace, though.