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  1. Quick and dirty writeup of the trip out west:
  2. The wrench is well worth the money. Charge your friends a few beers to rent it out when it’s their turn for a pump change.
  3. I don't know that we'll ever get to all 400 but we're trending that way! Last night after dinner we rode out to the airport to enjoy the night sky... and to take pictures. Quote of the day from Amy: "If I ever have second thoughts about us deciding to not have children, I'll just recall the time you spent an hour taking pictures of the airplane."
  4. Yep! Good to meet you @ragedracer1977! Made it to Utah. Time to let the old girl rest her heels a few days while we do some hiking. We’ll be wheels-up for a few more destinations soon! Stay tuned . Oh, and my latest Mooney tale, in print.
  5. A few days after purchasing the bird, Amy asked “can we go places in it?” Today: West Georgia to Georgetown Tx. Mooney-Ed up an already Mooniful ramp. Tomorrow: On to Santa Fe. Kanab, UT after. Gonna go check a couple national parks off our bucket list.
  6. I got some fancy brass screws to go into threaded shock mounts.
  7. Continuing to do things here. When it comes to instrument panel stock mounts, I suppose there are those who have and those who should. I moved from one group to the other today. As you can see, these were well past their prime. To my bottom row of instruments that’d been riding on the support tube for ... decades? I’m sorry. Won’t let that happen again. And with that, she’s ready to travel. Which is good because I’ve got some vacation time coming up next week, as does Amy. Might as well make a spectacular trip out of it. Stay tuned.
  8. I'd always heard it was Standard Category All Temperature. Either way, I think we're all mostly correct! It's useful for a number of applications when you need air routed about. SCET Was Extreme Temperature, I think.
  9. I'd give a kidney for your "before" panel. Awesome "after" panel!
  10. @WilliamR, myself, and our better halves had a fine lunch at LuLu’s. Maybe next time we can round up a few more to join!
  11. I usually hand it to Amy and say, "Here, hold this for a while." Looking for options, too.
  12. No clue. We’ll make it a little busier. You gonna join us? If I’m reading this correctly it’s @WilliamR and me, each with a plus one? It’s ironic that the Alabama Mooney Roundup is two ships coming down from Atlanta. @1964-M20E what time do you figure you could make it over? Amy and I are leaning toward leaving early, and landing at Dauphin Island for an hour or two before hopping back up to JKA for lunch. We’d stick around to meet the dinner crowd, but the home strip, although lit, is a little treacherous after dark.
  13. I worked at a paint shop in college. I can smell this shop. That's good jog down memory lane. Staying tuned for the after photos!
  14. Bride saw the menu, and combined with her love of Gulf Shores, she says we're in. We may fly down the night before. Which FBO is the rally point?
  15. All these solenoid posts have me thinking a proactive swap is in order before our Big Trip West. A fix of less than 100 bucks versus a surprise stay at a fuel stop will make the bride happier on our vacation trip. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. Thanks @carusoam, I’ve already got a replacement on the way!
  17. I cut my teeth on old Zlin Akrobats and Trener Masters. You haven't met a parts hoarder until you've met a Zlin owner. Someone just bought two I've been flying for as long as this Mooney - they were mainly buying the parts with the airplanes as a nice addition. They've been without factory support for decades. Brittain's been closed for a couple years now? I just got a box from Mooney. The Brittain stuff is out there. It just takes a little scrounging, and that's nothing new to me. In the meantime, here's how she handled the bumps with a patch over the tear yesterday. Much improved.
  18. Today, I found my vacuum leak. The forward (red system) rudder actuator bellows. Got some calls, emails, and PMs sent looking for a replacement. Slowly but surely we’re getting there!
  19. I didn’t even realize that one had made it online yet. He’s been gone a year and a half and I still had to keep the tissues handy when I wrote it. And now, as I read it, too. If it’s online that means the next one isn’t far from newsstands. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. Banker’s bag to hold pens, flashlight, and any small loose items. It and my iPad or iPhone are the only loose items normally when I fly. Everything else lives in my flight bag. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. Monthly column with Plane & Pilot Magazine. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. Yes. One penny against the plastic, to elevate the second penny and protect the plastic yoke. The second penny wedges between first penny and under the rim of the PC button. I'll try and remember to take a picture or video next time I'm with the plane.
  23. Thanks! I carry moleskine notebooks with me when I fly and jot down ideas, outlines, and stubs that later turn into columns. “Dual Citizenship” is one I just started jotting on yesterday. Some elements from GA carry over to airline flying. Some airline stuff likewise crept onto my GA flying. But they are very different sides of the same coin. I can’t do an aggressive forward slip in the Airbus. The computers would rat me out to headquarters and a chief pilot would be standing at the gate awaiting my arrival. (But my taildragging feet refuse to sleep through a crosswind landing). I can’t go punching buildups in the Mooney that I wouldn’t blink an eye at in the ‘Bus. At the end of the day, though, it’s all in dogged pursuit of a passion that hasn’t faded a bit since I walked into the local FBO at age 13 and refused to go home.
  24. This may be the simplest "AOA" install, although I don't know about how probe-less AOA works. It's something I've been meaning to study up on.