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  1. Since you already have the 275’s, I would say 20 AMU should cover it. I have all of my stuff on order at this time for an installation later this year. On my quote the servos were way less than 10AMU. If you contact me offline I will share my actual numbers with you.
  2. In reality, nobody prosecutes theft crimes unless it is a very significant amount of $$. Even armed robbery won’t get you jail time in a big city.
  3. It had something to do with the way MP is measured when the Black Magicis installed.
  4. Is anyone here using the Garmin EIS and G3X in an installation along with the Merlyn Black Magic upper deck pressure controller? I was told that there could be an issue with the manifold pressure reading interfacing from the Merlyn and the Garmin EIS. I am not THAT technical so I was curious if anyone else had encountered any issues. I am currently running with a JPI 900 with the Merlyn Black Magic.
  5. If you don’t already have a BatteryMINDer now may be a good time to get one. It may be able to help your battery.
  6. If you ever want or need a ride in a Mooney you let me know. I would be happy to take you for a ride in Myrtle
  7. The Mooney engineer guest speaker at MooneyMax earlier this year was very specific in that the cowl flaps on the "K" should be 1" open when closed all the way. As was mentioned earlier by @kortopates it provides for better cooling and higher speed because of better airflow. Mine are closed all the way now, as that is the way they were rigged when I bought the plane. She is going in for an oil change this week and I am going to set them at 1" open. I cannot run with them closed in the summertime or my CHT's get up around 380-400. I am anxious to see how much the CHT's cool off with the cowl flaps open 1".
  8. That’s fair, however for me, looking at the total cost of aircraft ownership, the cost of filling the O2 for a year falls into the category of “rounding error”.
  9. I recently ordered a new 3-blade propeller for my 231, so I will be selling my current one if anyone is interested. It is a Hartzell Heated 2-blade Q-tip. The prop was sent out for overhaul in October of 2021. Both blades were replaced with new blades during the overhaul. Total cost for new blades and overhaul was around $13AMU. I will be putting hours on this prop until the new one comes in but it should have less than 100hrs on it. If you are interested let me know. Will accept a reasonable offer of $
  10. I will give that a try and report back. Heading home today and planning the trip now.
  11. Same for me. I climb to 1000’ AGL at Vy and then at 105 kts with cowl flaps open.
  12. Those are good numbers. Does it get warm during climb?
  13. Cylinder head temperatures.
  14. That is plenty good enough. What kind of fuel burn and what temperatures do you see?
  15. My wife and I fly an average of 3 to 4 hour trips. In my K model we typically fly in the mid-teens. I fly LOP at 160kts TAS on about 9-1/2 gallons / hr. My useful load allows two 200 lbs people, full fuel (76gal) and 130lbs of baggage. If there is a better cross country plane, I am unaware of what it may be. It is not a good platform for $100 hamburgers. The J is much better suited for that IMO. I personally would not go back to a NA aircraft. I appreciate the performance of the turbo and flying at 15000’ in the summer is far more pleasant than 8000’.
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