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  1. I did not intend to imply that the performance I am getting was superior to anyone's Ovation, Bravo, 252 etc etc.................But, when you are accustomed to flying Piper and Cessna singles, the numbers are far better in a Mooney. I will say that after having the turbo, I don't ever see going back to a non-turbo. Did not intend to sound like my plane is better than your plane.
  2. Some beautiful scenery plus there were 5 Mooneys on the ramp
  3. This picture was taken yesterday coming back VFR from Colorado. Just another day for the M20K......cruising at 15,500 ft with a TAS of 173 knots burning 11.7 gal/hr
  4. I do not change my own oil. The previous owner changed the oil every 50 hours. I am not worried about saving money on oil changes. I am more concerned about saving money on less frequent engine overhauls. It is my understanding that the turbo is harder on oil, due to the heat, than a NA engine.
  5. Looking for some wisdom on how often to change the oil in my turbocharged M20K. Any preferences on oil? Anything to avoid? Thanks in advance!
  6. Very Very Nice! Congrats on a beautiful aircraft!!
  7. I recently purchased a M20K 231. It only has 400 hrs on the engine but so far I have no regrets. I use it strictly for a cross country plane up in the 16k to 17k altitudes. I live in KC MO and it is just a little over 4 hrs + or - to Daytona Beach for me. Still, no regrets.
  8. Could the artificial horizon be replaced with a G5?
  9. I believe the autopilot does not rely on the attitude indicator as it flys approaches that are couple with the 650............but I am not certain. I will ask the former owner to clarify.
  10. This is the panel presently. It does have a King 200 AP but I do not know if it gets input from the artificial horizon.
  11. I recently purchased an M20K. It has a Garmin 600 PFD/MFD but also still has the vacuum system intact with an artificial horizon. How much weight would I save by removing the vacuum system?
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