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  1. PeytonM

    Chicago to Phoenix

    I may need pitot/static/transponder after I arrive. (I’ve tried to squeeze it in here in February before I leave, but weather & scheduling has not worked.) Any suggestions in the Valley?
  2. PeytonM

    Chicago to Phoenix

    The weather is getting pretty awful here. Snow and what looks like near-record cold next week. Fortunately, we’ve got a condo rented near Scottsdale March 1. I’ve decided to fly my ‘89 M20J that I’ve owned for 25 years out there in mid-February. I do have supplemental oxygen and I have an IR. I have flown the bird to the SF Bay Area, then to Seattle and back a couple decades (!!) ago, so I’ve done west and the northwest, just not the southwest. That trip was in October. I’ve looked at a couple routes: KMHK, KTCC, then direct KDVT; or a southern route, towards Carlsbad and then hooking around west, which adds 200 miles (1478nm vs 1285), but elevations are 2000 lower (7500 vs. 9500ft). Any experience or suggestions greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Peyton
  3. PeytonM

    ETA switch cover

    I wish we could get ahold of the CAD file. I’ll give Shapeways a call.
  4. PeytonM

    ETA switch cover

    I sent this to Mooney Parts this morning. Hello. My name is Peyton and I’m the proud owner of a 1989 M20J, My rocker switch cover for the Radio Master broke. I’ve looked at the usual sources to no avail. I have reached out to LASAR, salvage companies, and 3D printing companies. I understand that the E-T-A switch covers are no longer available through Mooney, but they used to be. If E-T-A is out of business, maybe the molds still exist. A blank switch cover would be ideal. Given the number of airplanes with these switches, and the number of switches per plane, I believe there is a significant need and market opportunity. (Or maybe it’s just me looking for a solution, other than replacing the entire switch a$$embly!) I spoke to a company that can lasar-etch and print, but they need a smooth surface to work with. 3D printers do not generate that surface, and because of the unusual shape of the rocker switch cover, it does not lend itself to post-manufacturing finish-sanding. Thank you for looking into this for me. Best regards, happy holidays and Merry Christmas!
  5. PeytonM

    ETA switch cover

    Does the CAD file used to create the part that Shapeways sells belong to a MSer, or to Shapeways? Another MSer who has created a Klixon switch, finished and laser etched, might be persuaded to make a finished switch cover for the ETA switch, IF he can get his hands on the file. Anyone know who has the file?
  6. PeytonM

    ETA switch cover

    My Radio Master switch cover broke this afternoon. It’s an E-T-A from an 89J. I’ve seen sets of Klixons, but none of the E-T-As. I’d appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.
  7. PeytonM

    Blown breaker

    Exchanged emails with Paul at Mooney. He said exactly the same thing.
  8. PeytonM

    Blown breaker

    Thanks. How’d you do that??
  9. PeytonM

    Blown breaker

    I had some work completed on my Electronics International tach and now I’ve got a blown circuit breaker labeled “PHONE.” (See pic below) I’m going to have the panel reopened and find out what happened. In the meantime, any ideas what this CB is protecting? I thought maybe it was the spare microphone, but that works. (I used to have a King KMA24 audio panel, but replaced it several years ago with a PMA450.)
  10. PeytonM

    mooney mechanic in phoenix arizona

    Im kinda hijacking the post, but I’m seeing some AZ posters, so here goes: I’m planning on flying my 201 out to the Phoenix area this spring and am looking for hangar or shade for the month of March, plus a week or two either side. Falcon Field, Deer Valley and Scottsdale all have waiting lists. Glendale looks good, but it’ll be a 40 minute drive. Any other suggestions?
  11. PeytonM

    JPI EDM 700

    Note that newer JPI700 installs have a USB port in the panel already. Older ones have have the small port described above by carusoam. The serial cable for connecting to a serial port on a laptop came with the JPI700.
  12. PeytonM

    JPI EDM 700

    After fighting for years with a laptop using a serial to USB converter cable which had occasional comm port issues, which resulted in failed downloads, I broke down and bought the JPI box from Spruce last week. Bottom line: It’s a lot simpler than dragging the laptop to the airport, and a lot faster than having to boot up the computer, open the program and download the data. I can do it faster than it took to type this post!
  13. PeytonM

    Looking for Mooney PPI in Chicago

    I’ve had my Annuals on my 201 done at Schaumburg at Northwest Flyers by Gene Scheuwimer. You may also want to check for another similar thread on the same question for other suggestions.
  14. PeytonM

    Nashville Recommendations

    I’ve been in and out of Murfreesboro KMBH the last couple years. Very friendly staff and competitive gas. No tie down fees.
  15. PeytonM

    Southeast Wisconsin Mooney Mechanic ?

    You can find good and not so good of both. Two of the three I mentioned are not MSC.