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  1. I noticed that hardly changed the E-T-A switches to toggle switches. I believe they are offered as combo circuit breakers, just like the E-T-A switch. I did see one that moved to the new Mooney switch. Given the scarcity of cover replacement for the E-T-A, I just wonder if the thought had crossed your mind. Or do you have a source or solution fir broken covers? What did you Klixon switch folks do? I’m thinking of a panel-ectomy, so I’d appreciate your recommendations. (Personally, I like the look of the E-T-A switch!)
  2. My serial number is within range and I am thinking about doing the GW Increase, per Special Letter 92-1. The Letter lists various "kits" for certain serial numbers. 1) pdf file for the POH changes; 2) remarked ASI; 3) rudder balance check. $1750 net to Mooney for "kit." I do not know what is in the kit. I received the pdf file for the POH revisions; I can send out the ASI for remarking, and rudder balance can be done by a MSC or someone skilled in the art for 2-5 hours. What am I missing? Is it a logbook entry and POH revision all that is needed once everything has been done? I'd like
  3. No need to spend extra for nitrogen. (Air is 80% nitrogen anyway)
  4. Resolved, again. I spoke too soon, and the problem returned soon after my post in March, 2020: wildly variations of fuel flow, from 0 to over 100GPH! After several instrument display exchanges, and multiple emails and conversations with JPI TechSupport, I went into pandemic mode, and I gave up. A few months ago, I reengaged Tech Support, and they advised that the last step was to replace the wiring harness, including the connector. Although David had wrung out the wiring, I was willing to try anything. Earlier this month, David replaced the old wiring harness with the new one provided
  5. Just looking to see if there’s any update on IFD440 displaying weather & traffic from Stratus2. After all, Stratus2 already facilitates bidirectional communications with ForeFlight on the iPad and the IFD440 for flight plan transfers. (I presume by now everyone has gotten at least this to work.) I wonder if Avidyne will develop a competing autopilot for the IFD series that would work with Aspen, and not break the bank!!
  6. When I did my interior for my J, I did a Spatial Interior with Bruce Jaeger and upholstery/carpet at SCS. I also had SCS make floor mats for the front with the logo. Mike Hudyma is your contact at SCS. He’s the president and great to work with: another Minnesotan! Bruce advised the mid-grade nylon, and I am pleased. Bruce told me the wool is thicker and can interfere with seat tracks and fitment. The folks at SCS have patterns to fit the short & mid-bodies (they call them ‘long bodies’ to add a little confusion), but I’d get in touch with Bruce on sizing for an R.
  7. 1989 J. I am looking for recommendations for an “over-the-counter” paint for “Really White” base on my plane. Overall the paint is generally very good for a 30+ years old plane, except for some chafing on gear doors and a couple tail fairings. I’ve looked into custom aerosols, but there’s no paint code in my Airframe Logbook. The Illustrated Parts Manual has a Mooney Part# for Pratt & Lambert paint, but no paint code. I’ve reached out to Mooney, too. I just need it to be a closer match than the Rustoleum Gloss White I tried; it was too white! Ideas, please, and thank you much!
  8. https://desapi.com They’ve always gotten great reviews in Aviation Consumer.
  9. I’ve learned a lot from this; probably the most important lesson is to investigate first, before posting on a public forum. There a a lot of bad actors out there, some more creative than others: how’s your Microsoft license, computer warranty, etc !? I’m trying to schedule a MAPASF course; my first 2 attempts this year failed. I did two courses in the mid-90s, including mountain flying, and they were outstanding! I’ve had nothing but great interactions with MAPA, MAPASF and the AOPA Foundation. Be safe and fly safely, and maybe I’ll see you at one of these courses, The Summit, or an
  10. According to a post on another thread, the Dynon A/P will not be compatible with Aspen!
  11. The Century 2000 suffers from intermittent problems, which results in intermittent trips to the A/P “Hospital,” with intermittent spending. Rinse..repeat
  12. I already have Aspen and Avidyne in the panel, with an aging, intermittently problematic Century 2000. Fixing an intermittent problem is not an option. The computer has been to Century and others: “problem not found.” What do I do for a replacement autopilot???
  13. The last I heard was that GenesysAerosystems needed 10 (or was it 20?) non-refundable deposits before the Mooney STC work could begin. According to Barry, who previously posed here on behalf of Genesys, they never got the the required deposits for the POs, so that was that for Mooney. I think there’s another thread somewhere. Mooney is not in any queue! None! Zip! Nada! Never! Ever! I’m so frustrated with lack of a digital A/P for my Aspen/Avidyne combo, I’m this close to starting over!! What say you Aspen? Avidyne?! How about a “GFC500” -equivalent for us?? Grrrrr!!
  14. I currently have a Century2000, IFD440 and an AspenProMax in my 89J. The Century has gotten wonky on me, but works the majority of time, e.g. uncommanded off-course turns, A/P fails to engage. Off/on usually resets it, but I’ve lost confidence. I really like the Aspen, and prefer the Avidyne over the GTN series? Is there an autopilot replacement in the offing in the near future, next 6 months? I had heard that Garmin was working with Aspen on a solution for the GFC500, but that still leaves me with the Avidyne compatibility question. BK? Others?
  15. I’ve worked with Gene Scheuwimer at Northwest Flyers at Schaumburg 06C for about a dozen of my most recent Annuals on my M20J. He’s repaired/replaced or sent out for IRAN my mags, exhaust system and alternator. Gene is honest and a straight-shooting communicator. www.Northwestflyers.com. 847-985-9779
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