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  1. I don't have the schematic diagram for a M20TN but those circuit breakers correspond to a bunch of 3AG fuses installed in inline fuse holders in the tailcone of my M20R. Assuming (1) the CBs are wired in the same way as my fuses and (2) my reading of my schematic diagram is accurate: The three 10A battery CBs are for the battery trickle charge system. I'd guess the BATTERY 3 CB feeds the diode bridge from the aircraft main bus. 1 and 2 would feed each battery from the bridge. I really wish I had CBs for this circuit since a blown fuse is not obvious here. In the absence of other
  2. Boris Vasilev is (or was) in Phoenix near KDVT. I used him in 2019 when I bought my M20R and I was impressed with his knowledge. My insurance requirement was about the same as yours but I spent a few more hours with him to get more comfortable with landings. His contact info is on the Mooney Flyer website. Other instructors are listed there if you want to compare.
  3. Bob5151F, in my 2005 Ovation 2 (G1000 non WAAS 0401.30) I tried various SanDisk 4GB and 8GB SD cards that I had bought on Amazon and eBay for nav data updates. Some worked and some didn't, so I suspected the card formatting might be an issue. After some experimentation I found the SD card formatter from the Secure Digital Association (SDA), available for Windows and iOS. When I format the SD card with this program my G1000 recognizes the card. When I format the same card with Windows 10 (FAT32) it doesn't. I think the SDA formatter follows the SDA spec and Windows doesn't. I haven't made
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