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  1. Me on the other hand, I like living in the city. The new place in Denver is walking distance from the city center. But then we like being around people, and interesting people are even better. We like being walking distance from any number of coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, etc. Once we're home, we can park the car and still go out and enjoy the great company of friends without ever getting in the car. We were all of 3 miles from downtown Austin, and so in Denver we're a bit closer.
  2. If $15K on top of the check you write to Garmin is "little more"... With autopilots, it's the labor/install that gets you. Even @donkaye is having second thoughts about the GFC500 because of the installation cost. And he spoils his panel worse than Lori Loughlin spoils her daughter.
  3. They've probably done enough to put a serious dent in new Aspen purchases. But for those of us running Aspens, it's not enough to get us to switch. If you've never flown behind an Aspen, you kinda don't know the questions to ask, and that 10" screen is hard to see past. But none of the questions I asked about the G3X, had good answers. So for me, I'm still happy with my Aspen, (soon to be Aspens).
  4. The EDM-900 and CiES fuel senders were the first upgrades I made to my 252 when I bought it. And I wouldn't change a thing. They are the most important, most used equipment in my panel.
  5. I'm with @EricJ, this won't hurt the value of the airplane at all. If anything it enhances it. It's a flying airplane, that is well maintained. That's value right there.
  6. Well the big question in advance of this announcement was why would Garmin release the G3X and step all over their TXi business. And now we know... the G3X, while a nice unit, is certainly the base model without all the niceties of the TXi.
  7. As I'm sitting in on the Garmin webinar now... a few notes that are positives for Aspen/Avidyne. The G3X is not certified for IFR flight without backup instruments. Of course, this can be the G5, but even with two screens, a backup is still required. A pair of Aspen MAX screens are fully certified without the need for backup gauges. The G3X will work nice with the GFC500... but without support for the GAD43e... it will not fully support any other autopilots. The Aspens support all legacy autopilots including both BK, Stec, Brittain, etc... The G3X will only support Garmin navigators such as GTN 750/650, Garmin radios, Garmin Transponders, and even Garmin audio panels. Aspen will support all of the same Garmin stuff as well as PSEngineering, Avidyne, etc. A 100% Garmin panel will be a thing of beauty. But you'll be locked into the ecosystem. It's a great ecosystem, but you're locked in. For now, I'm not ripping out the Aspen/Avidyne/PSE.
  8. I'm right behind you... second Aspen will be installed later this year. The G3X certainly makes me pause and think. But here are a few of my thoughts on it. I don't like the 10" screen. There's just too much wasted real estate outside the AI on the screen. I also like the reversion capability of the MFD converting to a PFD if required. So I'd probably be installing dual 7" screens instead of a single 10". I don't like the requirement for the G5 backup. I'm trying to get clarification if the G5 is required when two 7" screens are installed. I like that the Aspen MAX PFD/MFD combo removes the requirement for the backup AI. To get the full feature set of the G3X, I think one would have to also install the GFC500 autopilot. Which might not be a bad thing, but the install alone for that autopilot is running $14K in cases that we've heard about. Otherwise, I like everything about the G3X... Down the road if I have to replace my KFC150... and the KFC230 is still vaporware, the GFC500 and G3X's become a real option. Just my $0.02
  9. Of the things you mention both good and bad, the purchase price and damage history are probably the things I care least about when purchasing a Mooney. When comparing Mooneys, I'd rather pay more and get more as that's always cheaper in the long run. And this applies to deferred maintenance and/or upgrades. (comparing two of the same model) And regarding damage history, if it's repaired right, it's no issue and probably better than new, and if not repaired correctly, it's a deal breaker. I'm glad you're getting yours done right before closing. But it sounds like you've got a great airplane, and it's hard to find anyone who doesn't like their Rocket. Congrats!
  10. My brother is a SWA Captain based in Denver. He lives on 37 acres about 50 minutes from the airport. And after 15 years at Southwest, he sure makes a good living, and works when he likes.
  11. Max charging for an iPad is always 2.4 amps. This one has 2.4 amps on each port. Beyond that, it depends on the brightness of the screen. If I'm running the screen full bright, I don't think anything will keep up with the power drain. I find 2.4 amps will almost keep an iPad charged at full bright, but it will still be going down. If I reduce the brightness by about 25%, 2.4 amps will charge it just fine. Some chargers are only 1.2 amps which won't charge an iPad at all. Some chargers advertise 3 amps, but the iPad will only use 2.4 amps anyway.
  12. I have the CiES digital senders in my 252 and hooked up to EDM900 gauges. When the gauges go to zero, they X out. I know that at that point I still have about 1.5 gal of useable fuel in that tank. I know this, not by measuring on the ground, but by running it dry in level flight and then refilling after landing.
  13. I certainly wouldn't buy iPad chargers from Sporty's. This is what I've been using for years, and it charges both iPad and iPhone together. I like it that it's a flush mount and doesn't stick way out of the panel like its trying to get attention or something.
  14. Regular use... 200+ hours per year without really any more than a couple of weeks off at any one time. Regular LOP operations and never at more than 65% power. Occasional ROP operations but never at more than 75% power. Fingers crossed at all times...
  15. Mine is done. The SB has been complied with. There is absolutely no change to either hot or cold start procedures. I use the primer exclusively and never use either high or low boost pumps for starting. Cold start takes a few seconds of prime and hot starts take either just a quick shot of prime or nothing at all.