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  1. I've been meaning to ask Chase at @Avionics Source about the possibility of upgrading my PMA450 A for the B model.
  2. gsxrpilot

    ATC Professionalism

    I learned after a visit to our local TRACON, that Flight Following is preferred by controllers. The more VFR airplanes on flight following, the easier their job is. They have to keep everyone away from IFR traffic and at least with FF they know you, your altitude, direction, intentions, and can call you. VFR not on FF is a much higher work load as they have to keep "on you" as they have no idea what the hell you're doing. So be nice to your local ATC and use FF. On another note, the Austin Pilots Facebook group started a campaign to get grocery store gift cards for the ATC staff. The limit on gifts is $20 to federal employees so we just made sure we got $20 gift cards. We met Monday night at a North Austin pub to collect the cards, and last night at a South Austin pub for the same reason. In just under a week, we collected over $5000 in $20 gift cards for the local Austin ATC I should say that the campaign was initiated and kicked off by Ken VeArd. He is the creator of the Pilot Partner electronic log book.
  3. gsxrpilot

    Pre-201 Value Guide is ready

    I just spent the last hour reading through @jgarrison's guide. All 23 single spaced pages. It is spot on and must reading for owners of these vintage Mooneys. Even just the first few pages, before getting to any numbers, will answer so many questions about the different models, years, equipment, upgrades, etc. I've answered, it seems like a million questions here on MooneySpace about the differences between various Mooney models. Jimmy has it all detailed right here, very clear, and very well organized. Much better than I've ever done. I tend to be very critical of Mooneys we see come up for sale based on the either the asking price or the lack of upgrade, lack of use, etc. I think I follow the market pretty closely and have a feel for what various Mooneys are actually selling for. I can't find anywhere to disagree with Jimmy's valuation of the pre-201's. This guide is extremely detailed and full of excellent information. Every Mooney, even our "forever" birds, is for sale at some point. So it makes sense to know the market and have some consideration of the market when spending money on our airplanes. If you own a pre-201 Mooney, you should have a copy of this guide in your possession. And read it. I'm looking forward to your guide for the K's. 231 through Encore.
  4. gsxrpilot

    TruTrak Fly-in Factory Tour

    It's gonna be IFR from Texas to AR but will be warm on Friday. The problem is that here in Texas that means thunderstorms. It's predicted to be 75° in Austin on Friday with a 50% chance of thunderstorms. I can get up there alright, but getting back might get a bit sketchy. It wouldn't break my heart if we rescheduled.
  5. Yeah, my TSIO360 is very leaky as well. It probably is good to know where the leak is coming from. But otherwise, like @N201MKTurbo said, just don't run out of oil.
  6. gsxrpilot

    Exxon Elite 20W-50 Oil - PENDING OBSOLETE

    Good question. I guess its mainly because these are the two oils I see on the shelf at every shop and FBO. I rarely see AeroShell 20-50 anywhere. Maybe it's because I'm mostly in the south? Last year I ran the Aeroshell 100+ the whole year. But this year we knew we'd have the airplane in the snow, and very cold weather for a couple of weeks and so changed over to the Phillips multi-grade just for the winter.
  7. +1 for the PMA450B. It has ALL the bells and whistles. My passengers specifically like the isolate features, karaoke mode, etc. I like the playback features. But the best part is just the unbelievable sound quality. Everyone who rides in my airplane comments about how quiet it is and how good the sound quality is over the intercom and radio. The bluetooth is also really good. Bluetooth can be frustrating when it doesn't connect, or drops a connection. I've never had any such issue with my PMA 450a. I've been talking on the phone during a full power take off, iPhone - Bluetooth - PMA450a - QT Halo headset. The person on the other end of the line thought I was sitting in my office.
  8. Now for an update from an actual experience with Avidyne. @Bryan Kahl got right back to me, apologized for them dropping the ball last time, or losing me somewhere in the shuffle. He immediately put me on the phone with TJ who leads their tech support team. I gave TJ all the info we had regarding the pin-outs, configuration, software versions, etc. He was able to immediately download the FAA ADS-B data for the day when I'd been flying, and verify that I was successfully communicating with ADS-B ground stations. I wasn't at the plane, so he offered to call me back at my convenience the next morning when I would be at the plane. The next morning, while sitting in the plane, TJ walked me through the various configuration screens. He immediately noticed a Radio ID indicating a SiriusXM radio. I confirmed that yes I have a GDL69a. But I only use it for music, not weather. This was the problem. The IFD, if configured to talk to the GDL69a, it prioritizes that over ADS-B Wx. We changed the configuration to eliminate the GDL69a and immediately the ADS-B weather started coming through. I took the plane up for a couple of laps around the pattern under a very low overcast, and was immediately able to see weather data including METAR's, Ceilings, Winds Aloft, etc. on the IFD540 screen. This was obviously something that two "installers" didn't know about. I really appreciate Avidyne working with me directly, and I certainly understand the whole system a lot better now. I'm still very happy with my Avidyne GPS and will likely install the 440 at some point to complete the IFD stack. Other than this configuration issue, I've never had a single problem with the system. In fact, the CFI working with me on the Commercial rating, commented yesterday at the ease of using the IFD. He only had experience with the Garmin units. As we finished up our lesson on Monday, a thick layer of low clouds had moved in over the airport and we needed a pop up IFR clearance to get down through it. I immediately set up the IFD for the RNAV 35, Vectors, and headed that direction while descending. We then called Approach to get the clearance. By the time we had the clearance, we were already in the right position with the KFC150 and the IFD540 doing all the work. The CFI was very impressed with how easy it all was on the IFD platform and especially how convenient the little bluetooth keyboard it. Thanks again to Bryan and TJ for sorting this out and making it such a good experience.
  9. @LANCECASPER, @afward, @carusoam, et. al. A very basic rule of etiquette online is...
  10. gsxrpilot

    Commercial Maneuvers in a 252

    Just a quick update. So far 8's on Pylons, Steep turns, Chandelles, Lazy 8's, Power-off 180's, are all doable and easy in the 252. Thanks to @donkaye and others for suggesting that "full power" is not a requirement. Pick a good power setting or power target and use it. I'm pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to do these maneuvers in my airplane.
  11. I'll report more tomorrow, but got a call from Avidyne today and had a great conversation with TJ, head of Support. We'll talk again in the morning when I'm at the airplane and I'm confident of a quick resolution. Full PIREP to follow...
  12. gsxrpilot

    IFD 540/440 stack

    I'm a regular customer across two Mooneys. And count Alan as a friend as well.
  13. gsxrpilot

    How Reliable is JPI EDM900?

    I've mentioned this before. There are only three engine monitors i'd consider. EI MVP-50 - Money no object, panel space available. The best unit from the best company. JPI EDM-900 - Limited budget, limited panel space. Do it once and be done, Primary for everything. Insight G2/G3 - Very limited budget, keeping factory gauges, need only CHT/EGT/FF and data logging. Same price but light years ahead of EDM 700/800 or UGB16.
  14. gsxrpilot

    IFD 540/440 stack

    That was the post that got me thinking about it in the first place. I don't ever pay retail and those Avidynes don't come up for sale very often on the used market.