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  1. Anyone in RHV? I would like to meet buddies and trade/exchange drop off's to those that need to goto Stockton Airport. Anyone?
  2. Nobody really knows. I do know this...the area is underserved and within a couple of years, people will hopefully start to vote out those that are threatening to close down RHV. It is impossible to get good space at Palo Alto/San Carlos unless you want to be outside. Plus, the commute is all but impossible (another 12 or so miles from home). From what I gather it isnt a budget issue either! Any other thoughts?
  3. Hi Everyone, First posting here. Wanting to say hello. Wondering who is local, etc. I wave at a few people that go back on Romeo Row at RHV. What are people up to this summer? I have met a few people at RHV (1 Bravo, 2-J's, 1 K passing through), etc. Wishing that things were opening up more quickly but enjoying my most recent freedoms (never thought I'd be saying that). I'm in Romeo 2, stop by and say hello if you can! Freddy
  4. Let me know if you ever need someone to stretch legs out while you are away!
  5. Good descriptions! Pretty much have settled on the red switch for 10 seconds of prime for cold starts then upon start turn on the black switch till idle is stable and then turn off.
  6. I like this comparison. In my own head, I think about how many Lincoln Continentals it took to equal a nice plane. In my own math it was around 4 of them. Fast forward to today, how many Cadillacs? It is now around 9 or 10. The affordability has dropped considerably. While a nice place was special in the 70's and attainable by many, it is super special or relatively unattainable in the 20's. The golden years of GA appear to be behind us. Its is very sad and looks unsustainable. How did this happen that today you need 9 or 10 luxury cars whereas in the 70's you needed only 4 to trade for a
  7. An obvious reason to use escrow service is: what happens if the plane owner manages to collect funds and/or provides multiple bill of sales or collects large deposits from multiple parties? Purchase agreement should spell it all out but if the person is corrupt, contract enforcement will lead to empty pockets. I like to think our community as honorable than most and have plenty of examples to say it is. It is very much the same reason property deeds are recorded and processed by title/escrow companies...I'd never purchase home/land w/o a title company involved. In many cases, the fee is split
  8. Thanks for the info! Very useful! Freddy
  9. This is why I stopped looking for Ovations with A/C. I didnt feel like A/C in cruise was needed whatsoever (we really wanted A/C for ground ops mostly). As it turns out, mine has A/C but curiously enough isnt represented in the serial numbers shown. If anyone can do a detailed write up on this and pull info into one central spot, we'd all appreciate it! Someone that knows these birds indicated the "fix" was to reverse the fan ducts or something like that but I do not recall. The Ovations that are impacted should have all been placarded with usage "use in cruise only". The other questions
  10. My understanding is that there are no limitations if sb was complied to. Was initially a CO issue. Anyone know what the fix was?
  11. Looking for either. Single pilot ops more difficult than I thought they would be! Freddy
  12. If anyone has a spare tail strobe and/or power supply let me know. Whelan you are making a killing. I think I just need to do an entire strobe upgrade as I have a bad power supply in the tail, and another one in the left wing. Ugh.
  13. For many if not most people, there is an endless supply energy that can be derived from fats. I would suspect that since our bodies know how to break down fat, it would not really be possible to "force" glucose down below normal levels unless there is something abnormal going on. Our bodies process carbs easily and store them in the form of fat if there is excess. Ketogenisis takes place when carbs arent there or are insufficient to support normal glucose levels. Dr. Fung goes on to say in many many words that many people with insulin resistance (type II) can increase their insulin resist
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