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  1. “100,000 miles of drinking…” Freudian slip?
  2. It’s been there several years.
  3. Anybody got a pair for sale? 5’8” here. Would be nice to sit back a bit.
  4. What breed is this? Looks like a Jack Russell.
  5. “At that point people were separated in to various lines…” ”Then there was an additional separation…” Sounds familiar somehow.
  6. I’ve been reading my Garmin GNX 375 Navigator Pilot’s Guide and there is an Anonymous Mode for ADS-B. Not sure if this is helpful, but throwing it out there. If you have a Garmin ADS-B device, I’m sure you can enable Anonymous Mode. YMMV ”During anonymous mode, the unit replaces identifying information in the ADS-B Out message with a temporary randomized number for privacy while providing position information. Instead of a flight ID, the unit transmits the call sign “VFR.” Not sure how that works on an IFR flight plan tho.
  7. 9D9 Hastings MI to MBL Manistee MI and back. More orientation flights than training. Wanted to acquaint myself with the plane. Normally wouldn't have gone because winds were strong and gusty, but I closed on the plane almost 3 weeks ago and this is the first time stars aligned to go fly. Decent weather, a CFI and free time. Poor landings on both legs. I had winds probably 60 degrees off axis landing Rwy 28 at MBL. I was paranoid about the length of the more favorable Rwy 01 which is 2721ft long. Fought the crosswind all the way down to landing. On the return leg everything went bett
  8. Which state rules/regs are you quoting here?
  9. Sending a check to the People's Republic of Michigan this week to pay the sales tax on my newly acquired Rocket.
  10. I flew for the Navy and went through dunker training years ago. I’m not as spry and in shape as I was then. As for passengers, I think flying an extra 15-30 minutes going around the south end of the lake is worth the extra cost in peace of mind. Just thinking out loud. Great discussion!
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