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  1. My wife says WE have to go the fishing camp! I was hoping to though. It would be nice to meet some of you guys.
  2. How busy is LuLu's on a summer Saturday?
  3. Alan on the 2nd photo I think I see some replacement flip flop Nav/Coms for the KX 170 units? If so how much please.
  4. Cool I'm looking but not 100% sure want I want yet. Thanks
  5. What all comes with that price, wiring harness, antenna, and so on? Thanks
  6. I have had this kind of truss issues twice. If your taxing your plane and it seems like it's not turning as it usually should, then you compensate by tapping the brake to turn. Something is broken or damaged. It has happened to me twice. One by an FBO and one I think I did it with a gulf cart moving it off the fuel farm at my home airport.
  7. That will be a good hop from your home field!
  8. I may be a bit early for this, but is there any training scheduled for any southern states for '19?
  9. This is a very knowledgeable crowd!