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  1. I have had this kind of truss issues twice. If your taxing your plane and it seems like it's not turning as it usually should, then you compensate by tapping the brake to turn. Something is broken or damaged. It has happened to me twice. One by an FBO and one I think I did it with a gulf cart moving it off the fuel farm at my home airport.
  2. That will be a good hop from your home field!
  3. I may be a bit early for this, but is there any training scheduled for any southern states for '19?
  4. This is a very knowledgeable crowd!
  5. I know I read a topic on this but I can't find it. I think I will strip my tanks this annual. I would like to rent it or make the tool. I just didn't know how it was done. Thanks
  6. Did this light fit or was there some fabrication needed to fit it in the hole?
  7. How many hours you think you have been running this light?
  8. In the New Ovations and Acclaims there are advertising a new style engine mount. Has anyone out there tried to retro fit the older engine tree to accept these? If they work so much better why not install them on the older planes?
  9. When will the registration open for 2019?
  10. You will have to be very patient! Traffic is horrible trying to leave that stadium. There are no ramp fees at KREG and it stays that way for the games.
  11. Is there any scientific way of adjusting our landing lights (while the plane is on the ground) so the runway is in sight after round out and Flair? Yes I still have old halogen light but if a LED is not pointed at the correct angle it's no better. I do plan on getting a LED at annual but I'd like to repair this asap. Thanks,
  12. Under the glare shield mine has that size scat tubing, on pilot side. Not sure what it's connected to. What did you remove from the panel?