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  1. Removed Stuff, any interest?

    Is the Fuel Flow sold?
  2. N370MM NTSB Final Report

    There may be some litigation in this case!
  3. Virginia Accident

    Did you use electronic weight and balance like in Foreflight ? If you did use the paperless was FAA ok with it?
  4. I'm confused about how the serial numbers run on the J's. I own a 77' J with a serial number of 24-0109. I see some 77's with serial numbers that are like 24-1035. How can this be? They couldn't produce that many J's in one year.
  5. Ameri-King ELT AD - Who is Affected?

    How do we know if ours are involved?
  6. Today's flight for 2017

    Not really. Just a thought.
  7. Today's flight for 2017

    Has anyone ever had fuel stolen from there Mooney while in the Bahamas? What if while on Bimini someone took fuel from your plane, I see there is no fuel there!
  8. Sorry Guys I thought I was in today's flight 2017. This flight was the longest since I brought my Mooney home from Washington. Going up was very uneventful. Should have took more photos. But we stopped in Hot Springs both directions. Going south as you can see on the photo we were all over the place, going around huge systems and a lot of heavy rain. All in All it was a good trip. 4.5 hours of flying the Mooney is better than 14 hours of driving. Nice 231 was on the ramp in Hot Springs when we stopped to eat.
  9. Just happened to me

    Was the turn indicator on your old Truss? If not how is this one attached?
  10. Just happened to me

    Damn Allen tell us how you really feel. Lol
  11. Low Voltage annunciator

    I actually have one just like that. That's how I knew my alt. was charging and the battery voltage was ok.
  12. Low Voltage annunciator

    I flew it again Monday and the light did not come on.
  13. Low Voltage annunciator

    I need to look in POH but the light should not come on over 12 volts. I though I read that.
  14. Does anyone know where the annunciator reads the voltage from? Mine keeps blinking but I know I have 13.6 while flying. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk