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  1. Texas Visit

    His GS picked up some.
  2. M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    So I've had my J for 18 months and never run a tank out of fuel on cross country. I'm scared the fuel will not get picked up after switching tanks!
  3. I'll let you know, thanks.
  4. Any Idea who that guy is on EBay?
  5. Where can I find a used cover (white if possible)??
  6. Finally tracked down vibration m20j

    Has anyone priced these hinges? I need some also.
  7. 1977 M20J fuel stick

    If you don't mind, where did you get this fuel stick from? Also what is the location in the fill opening do you stick the gauge at? Closest to the fuselage or to the outboard wing?
  8. Removed Stuff, any interest?

    Is the Fuel Flow sold?
  9. N370MM NTSB Final Report

    There may be some litigation in this case!
  10. Virginia Accident

    Did you use electronic weight and balance like in Foreflight ? If you did use the paperless was FAA ok with it?
  11. I'm confused about how the serial numbers run on the J's. I own a 77' J with a serial number of 24-0109. I see some 77's with serial numbers that are like 24-1035. How can this be? They couldn't produce that many J's in one year.
  12. Ameri-King ELT AD - Who is Affected?

    How do we know if ours are involved?