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  1. What kind of ceiling can I expect in an M20C with full fuel, one pilot and minimal baggage? I've seen 15,000 on the web, but tend to doubt that. What about on a hot day?
  2. Consider Subscribing and Fly Along! Awesome flight from Sky Manor to Sky Acres. Bumpy flight but always a fun flight. LOL. Had lunch at Sky Cafe. Always great food and staff! Thanks for Flying Along! Subscribe to PilotFun101 Films: https://www.youtube.com/PilotFun101 Proudly Sponsored By: Special Thank You to - Moyer Aviation http://www.moyeraviation.com/ Bose Aviation - https://www.bose.com/en_us/products/h... Proud Partners: Special Thank You to Dynon Avionics - https://www.dynonavionics.com/ (Best All-In-One System) Elevation Adventur
  3. Hi all, during my annual, it has come out that I will need new fuel caps as well as a cable assembly for the trim indicator for my M20C. Has anyone got any good source where I could find these? one piece PN 740019, Cable Assy Trim Indicator 2 each: Fuel caps Shaw Aerodevices, Part Nr 431-9 Any ideas are very much appreciated. On the similar topic: I recall that some company once made two caps which fit over the existing fuel caps, preventing water leakage. http://www.staysealed.com/flushcartdisabled.html But these are discontinued. Has anyone got
  4. Hi All, I am very encouraged to see how active Mooneyspace is! This is my first post on the forum and hopefully it will be one of many to come. I am 27 years old at 225 hours and in the market for my first airplane purchase. Based on my research when it comes to economy and speed for 2 people and a small dog in a certified airplane there doesn’t seem to be a better option than a Pre-J Mooney. That all being said I’m a larger guy (6’1” 240lbs w/ wide shoulders) and am a little nervous about Cabin space for some longer X Countries. So here is the offer...Calling any Pre-J Mo
  5. Hey friends, You didn't know we were friends yet, but here we are. We're all members of the "Owned by a Mooney" club. (Flaps hanging because I shot this picture from a J-3. It was my second-most-mismatched formation flight ever) My connection with this M20C goes back a while. I was a mechanically-inclined airport kid, well on the way to earning my A&P when I ran off and joined the circus. A flying circus, if you will. I crewed for Chris Smisson on the airshow circuit through high school and much of college, and in addition to his fast-movers, he had an M20C. Jo
  6. Currently have a 1/3 interest available in my other plane 1963 M20C (pictures are in my album on here) for anyone that maybe interested. I think it will be a great deal for someone looking to fly on a budget. Here is the basic details of the partnership. Upfront cost $12k for plane, $500 deposit for maintenance and owners account and around $500 for 1/3 of the insurance. Monthly cost $200 to cover hanger exp, next basic annual (due April), and next insurance pmt plus $20 and hour (dry) for any extra items that come up in annual and future upgrades/rebuilds.
  7. My gear horn decided it doesn't need to wait until 12" to come on anymore. It varies, but is usually 14-15", although a couple of times it started buzzing around 16", which is totally unacceptable. Where is the stinking microswitch located??? I've taken apart the throttle quadrant but didn't see it. Today I looked all along the carb and no dice behind it, either. Where is it hiding? For what it's worth, my C is all electric, 1970. Thanks, ya'll.
  8. I just purchased a Mooney m20c and discovered after we picked it up that there was a fuel smell in the cabin. We didn't notice it until after we landed and refueled on the way home. I paid for a pre-buy inspection at a shop near where I purchased the airplane, 800 miles from my home, and specifically asked for them to check carefully for fuel leaks. The report didn't mention any fuel leaks. The previous owner never mention them either. Unfortunately I own the issue at this point. I had my local AP, experienced with Mooneys, do a quick inspection and the photos below show what he found in less
  9. I've embarked on a panel-redo, and I've hit a snag and need some advice. My 67C had a shotgun panel that featured an EGT gauge and 4-cyl selector right in the middle of the panel. I plan to finish my IR this year, and want a six-pack instrument arrangement. The a/c has a Radair 4-cyl EGT with a single gauge and a selector switch. The panel mount rotary switch is 2-inches in diameter, about 2-1/4" dia. with wires attached. It is in the middle of the photo resting atop the TC. The single-channel EGT gauge itself is just below the AH. Re-designing the panel to have a six-pack ar
  10. Good evening! I have finally found a Mooney I want to purchase and have a purchase agreement. Does anyone know of a good Mooney mechanic to complete a pre-buy inspection near Fort Valley, Georgia?
  11. Just bought an M20C that had fuel bladders installed, and I'm finding that one of the fuel gauges (R tank) are not showing changes during a fuel burn. Are the original type of fuel senders reused with this STC, or have they've been changed out with something more modern. Of course any sort of mod is possible, but just wondering if its a common practice to reuse the original fuel sender once bladders are installed.
  12. Dear Fellow Aviators and Mooney Fans, Hope you are all having a great day! I have been dreaming about owning a Mooney / Vans type of fast GA aircraft since I first saw them at an airshow when I was a CAP cadet back in the 90s. I just moved back to the states from an overseas assignment, I am working on my PPL, have about 55 hours in C152's. I also have a jet maintenance background from the USAF and a large defence contractor. I currently work as a Tech Rep for a military jet and am looking to get my A&P this year. I am currently in middle/south Georgia. I am originally f
  13. The dohicky that holds the Johnson bar in the panel is getting really sticky. It was all I could do to get the J-bar seated flying last night. The whoodanger (really, I don't know what to call it other than the Johnson bar holder, which sounds more like a lady of rentable virtue) is quite new, it was replaced last year. I'm getting concerned, its getting harder and harder to seat the J-bar and lock the gear down. Any ideas?
  14. Hello all, I'd like to pick your brains on a problem which has been driving me slightly miffed in recent weeks. I own my C model since 2009 and since then, usually start up was never a problem at all. Our procedure as set was always the same: - Electrical fuel pump on, till pressure shows, then off. - Priming 6-8 times with the throttle (cold engine) or 2-4 times (warm engine) - Engage starter and the engine would run. Since this year, start up has become a real pain. I've had to leave the airplane two times unable to start it, had to request mechani
  15. While being mindful of the limitations a Mooney has with off airport, backcountry flying, I’m looking for recommendations for spots in Southern California which could be appropriate for such ambitions. So far we’ve landed at El Mirage and Cinder Cones, dry lake beds, in Mojave. Both experiences were marvelous and we’ve enjoyed frequenting both locations. Looking for new spots, based out of KVNY!
  16. So it seems like every time I fly something else breaks. Today it was my panel lighting. The dimmer switch functions as an on/off and dimmer rheostat. They were fine a couple weeks ago but tonight the switch just turns the lights on and off but no dimming. Pretty sure the switch isn't original as the panel was modded years ago with post lights. Any idea of a particular part number, replacement switch or a way to troubleshoot the current rheostat?
  17. gsxrpilot

    Bad Landing

    One of my worst landings ever. I don't know the exact numbers on the wind, but it was strong and very gusty. Another guy in an Arrow went around twice and left.
  18. After finishing the written, I recently started training for the IR in my '68 C. This thread serves to address learning snags along the way, particularly those specific to my model. As an initial step, I adapted the "IFR by the Numbers" table in the MAPA Proficiency Course for the C model to my own format: I've found a good experienced instructor who has taught in the proficiency course before, so Mooney ignorance is not a barrier. However the old J-bar birds may present some distinct challenges, and I want to refine my model-specific knowledge and modify procedures based on the
  19. August 2016 I was delivering my Mooney M20c to my mechanic, Bobby Norman, at the Parr airport (42I) in Zanesville Ohio. I had interaction with Bobby years ago, and he came highly recommended by a number of local Mooney owners. I had thought the field was about 2300 feet (wrong, more on that later) so coming in over the trees I pulled the power to idle, put it in a forward slip and came down. 75mph over the numbers, flared and BANG!. Hardest landing I'd ever done in anything. At the top of the bounce I had a choice, and decided to ride it out. I was uncomfortable trying to go around at a sh
  20. Ok. So I’ve run through much of the forums before I’m asking this question. It seems like a number things have changed recently in general aviation. I got my pilots license back when I was 18 y/o in 1999. I learned on a piper warrior. I really haven’t flown in the past 15 years. My log book has something like 100 hrs on it. Money got in the way. Now that I’m 37 I have some more disposable income and would like to get back into flying. I live in the northeast, close to Boston, MA. I’m a 15 min drive from Norwood, ma airport (KOWD). My mission is to fly my wife and I on weekend trips
  21. Just purchased my 1965 M20C on Friday and had my first flight in it today (transitioning from a C172M). We went for 20 minutes in the pattern and on the second take off the fuel pressure went to 0 in/lbs and the engine started stuttering below 400'. She kept running and we continued to climb so we requested priority (we were currently cleared #2) and asked for the intersecting runway. Yes, we could have declared an emergency but there was no need since the controller was already working with us and we were continuing to climb. We made TPA so we requested the primary runway and made an unev
  22. Paul - M20C

    New to me M20C

    New to me M20C
  23. First, my name is Kevin and I am a 200hr private pilot that has basically only flown a Cessna 150 converted to tail dragger. Recently I made an offer on an M20E and lost out to a higher bid (A big thank you to Brian Nelson (orionflt) for his assistance and knowledge for that offer). Afterwards, I continued my search until I found a C model that met my needs. The only thing was that this aircraft was over 1,300nm away. I decided I would hire a local instructor (Bob Cabe) and fly it home the next day. Long story short, after 3 hrs and 14 take offs and landings on Saturday 3/24 I was checked
  24. Does anyone know if Brittain has bellows for a 1965 M20C retractable step. I read a few threads that are a couple years old that mentioned they were having problems with that particular part. I noticed today that I did not hear the unmistakeable "thunk" when I shut my motor off. Investigation revealed a 2-3 inch split on the bottom of the bellows by the pulley wheel. I did a quick repair with 3M electrical tape but it doesn't appear to be working and I can't find a volunteer to stick their head out the baggage door while flying to check on the step... I'll call Brittain on Monday but ofte
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