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  1. I was in a similar(ish) situation recently. 110hr TT no IR and looking for building time, experience, and travel. I decided to get a M20J and love it. Its not my forever plane and I went looking for it to be with me for ~10 yrs, but it fit my budget and mission now and I'll do some upgrades along the way until my family grows out of it (if we ever do) or my plane budget grows to accommodate what I truly want (a new Ovation Ultra *cough *cough but who wouldn't want one?) I am getting settled into my plane and will get my IR in it this year. I'm on the east coast and don't do any flying wi
  2. Thank you for posting this, I'm prob 2 years out from doing this level of panel upgrade but already trying to figure out a good route to go and this is helping a lot !!
  3. They are perfect, my wife is already planning longer trips both duration and flight time. It’s time to start stretching the planes legs (or wings?).
  4. https://youtu.be/U4ATlQUyQIo This was my first time with a passenger in the Mooney. My wife and I took 201QE down to KFCI to meet my sister for some lunch then collected airports on the way back. The cameras died on the way back so just the trip down there was recorded. The Mooney has opened the door to taking more of these and other trips that would have swallowed an entire day otherwise.
  5. I'm still new in my 201 so 2 weeks of bad weather has be jumping to get back up in the air.
  6. Ok that makes much more sense for continuing the landing.
  7. WOW what were the winds on that? Almost got pushed off the runway completely there.
  8. The weather was mostly perfect, so I took to the skies. I needed to work on my traffic pattern and dial in my landings. Halfway to another airport I grew uncomfortable with the dropping clouds and decided to abort that part of the trip.
  9. Since this video I have spent a few more hours just practicing landings. That video is actually being uploaded now.
  10. Thanks, I'm still learning from anywhere and practicing every chance I get.
  11. I typically do, I'm not sure why I was not on this day, I will say I was with ATC for the majority of the trip with Flight Following.
  12. how do you recognize if you are carrying too much energy on short final ?
  13. Thanks for the advice, I'll keep an eye on if one flap retracts before the other. In stalls it drops the right wing first, hard, but I think that is mainly due to the right stall strip being much higher than the left. I tend to think my centerline allergy is due to my still getting to know the plane (~25hrs in it so far).
  14. haha well that's debatable about 4 vs 2 legs and what is better. Your birds are cool to watch though.
  15. For those of you who take your 4 legged companions with you on flights. What altitude do you typically fly at and what is the highest you have taken them without any worry? I don't have O2 yet so no current plans to get above 12k, but not sure if my dog would be perfectly fine around 10k for 3-4hr legs. Also as you climb and descend do you ever have issues with the pressure change making them uncomfortable and how do you combat it?
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