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Found 23 results

  1. Thinking about some recent Facebook post, What are all y'all's thoughts on configuration warnings, for example: "Takeoff Warning" - flaps in the wrong position, speed brakes out, etc? "Landing Gear Warning" - Based on throttle position (some say manifold pressure, but it is really throttle position), flap position (full (landing) flaps without the gear down), etc? Different stall warning? Different landing gear warning? Etc? (you name it. Just getting some ideas to look at why (fatal) accidents happen … from a total aviation geek's perspective Pull!
  2. There have been numerous threads on MS about making sure the gear is down for landing, but all these discussions are about the pilot putting the gear handle in the correct position. Personally, I think Mooney's gear down verification system stinks and we are all subject to gear up landings due to a[poorly designed gear indicating system. It is completely possible due to Mooney's design that the handle (or Johnson bar) could be in the down position and one or more gear not down and the pilot would never know it....until too late. If you look at the attached picture, there are two switches on the left gear for up, one for down. However, there is no indication of the status of the individual over-center mechanisms for each individual gear. In theory, one could disconnect all the push-rods to the gear and get perfect down and locked indications while all gear are 'not down'. In reality, a push-rod could be bent, the over-center lock not over-center and the pilot would never know until too late....unless he just happened to find it during a fortuitously timed inspection. I wonder why Mooney did not design individual gear down-lock status lights like most other aircraft? Why did Mooney feel "one green" would suffice for the traditional "three green"?
  3. Bird is in annual and decided it was a good time to replace the landing gear doughnuts. Long overdue. Main gear went pretty well although I had to fight to separate the collar from the shaft. Lots of kroil and a heat gun. The nose landing gear actually came apart easier but then found a lot of wear on the shaft as shown in the pictures. Also, the collar was actually two separate collars. One that looks like the one shown in the Mooney parts manual and a smaller collar maybe about 1/4 inch tall that was positioned below the larger collar. My NLG strut is actually a Lasar strut that a previous owner installed so maybe the Lasar collar allows for two separate pieces (I will be calling them in the morning). Regardless, I now I need to replace the link or shaft that holds the doughnuts because of excessive wear. I hope Lasar has a spare or maybe Don Maxwell. If neither of them can help I will post an update here and hopefully someone has a spare they can sell me.
  4. While taking off the gear relay circuit breaker tripped and gear light remained in the Unsafe Position. The Red light (Gear Unsafe)was illuminated and the view port was crosshatched. Tried to reset the breaker and it popped twice. Leveled off and kept the aircraft in the white arc. I manually extended the gear until the Gear Safe light was illuminated. It took six pulls which indicates the gear was most likely about half way in its retract cycle. Going back to place the airplane on jacks and drop the belly to stat to look. Does anyone have any suggestions on troubleshooting? Any guidance would be appropriated. Thanks! Rick
  5. I'm starting a new thread to have a better subject and tags, but this is a continuation of this earlier Mooneyspace thread regarding lack of clearance between the over center link and the main landing gear trusses. First, a review of the problem. As shown in the attached photo, with wear over time, the castle nut for the main over-center link will begin to rub the landing gear truss:
  6. These tools are used to check the landing gear down lock preload. Sale includes both the main and nose gear tools. I used these on my own Mooney aircraft. Purchased new about 15 years ago, they have been used perhaps 15-20 times. Perfect operational condition. SOLD Free shipping within USA.
  7. Hi Guys, I wonder for those of you who have an "F" model if I could get a picture of the clearance (on your aircraft) between the castle nut pictured and the tube where you can see paint flaked off on mine. Both left and right landing gear on my 1969 aircraft seem like the parts (bolt /castle nut and the tube structure) are touching. Now I'm wondering if this is: 1) Normal ( don't think so but Google imaging Mooney M20F > Images produces pretty much useless comparison cases 2) A typical wear patter that needs can occur over time due to wear/landing stress In addition to getting some photos for comparison (a few different angles would be greatly appreciated!!) my thoughts are if I have the issue (and if it needs priority maintenance correction) I might tip others off to look out for this. Kind regards and appreciated as always Stephen Rogers, AR
  8. Please direct this to the appropriate thread if there is one but I couldn't find one... Recently purchase a M20J -- LOVE IT! However, on about 3 or 4 of my take off in the last 2 months since I've bought it, I've noticed that the "Gear Unsafe" light seems to stay on a few seconds longer than what I (with my whole 10 hours of Mooney time...) would consider normal. It eventually goes out, but I'm not sure why. I've found myself making "really" sure that the landing gear handle is "REALLY" up by pulling it out and wiggling it and then making "REALLY" sure about 2 or three times that it is "REALLY" in the UP position. Meanwhile I've checked the indicator between the seats and it shows the "red, hey, idiot, the gear is up" indication. And about then, the light goes out. Note that most of the time the "gear up cycle" is about what I'd expect in my 400+ hours of retract time (granted only 10ish hours in the Mooney). It goes like this: move the gear handle up, hear noises for about 5ish seconds, hear a "klunk", see lights or indicators change from "gear down" to "gear up", the end. My Mooney, does the same thing, most of the time. It's just about 3 times now it's done what was described in the first paragraph -- or in other words a delayed gear up indication. Additional notes, I find that I'm fairly consistent: at 80 - 85 knots with positive rate and no more usable runway, I'm selecting gear up. I know for a fact I'm not over speeding the gear when this happens nor have I ever over-sped the gear going up or down. Does anybody have any insight as to what may be going on? Is this normal?
  9. does anybody know the limits on the main landing gear, i have a small amount of play when the plane is on jacks,i know the shock disks should be replaced at some time,
  10. Full set of landing gear for sale removed from m20j includes brakes and wheels 8084438506
  11. Hi guys, wonder if you have ever seen this. My LM LG on the Mooney I just purchased is showing chipping on the paint where a castellated nut is chipped paint off the tube as illustrated in the picture. I have not had any hard landings *yet* or landings with x-wind drift sideloads in the 14 landings I have done so I do t have an "event" to tie it to. Im obviously going to get it fixed but comparing the structure side to side the gear structure tubes look similar and just want some advise on *what* may need adjustment vs replacement. Right Main seems fine. Anyone know if this is an adjustment issue or what part may be tweaked and need replacement?
  12. anyone ever seen this: landing gear functions fine, comes up and down quickly. every so often it won't cycle up. only happens on the up cycle. changed gear switch and up limit switch. its intermittent...happens only once in a while. on some flights its happened twice. Ideas? Mike
  13. Does the name Lewis H. Height ring a bell for anyone? He would have been a contemporary of Al Mooney.
  14. I have a 12v Avionics Products landing gear actuator kept as a spare when I had my M20E. I've moved up to a 24v M20R so It's now for sale. SBN M20-279 Rev B has been done with zero time since. I need a reasonable offer above $2,000.
  15. Would like to have my own set of rigging boards, landing gear rigging tools and bungy changing tools.( copies and homebuilt stuff fine with me.) Or rent me stuff. thanks Ken Mc 307-699-0087
  16. Hey guys (and gals).... I very recently bought a 75 M20F. It is very low time but has sat for a while. Obviously there will be little issues with a 40 year old plane, but I don't care. She is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Anyway... I need your help. Went flying and wrung her out a little, testing the low speed envelope, did about five touch and go's and returned her to the hanger. This morning, I pulled her out and found the green gear down light not working. It would not test with the press to test and the gear horn sounded. The "unsafe" light operates normally. Everything operated normally except the gear down light. Of course, the gear horn sounded with throttle retardation. The manual indicator in the floor showed down and locked and there was no problems with the landing. I am pretty sharp with electronics and have a maintenance manual coming. I have learned that the indicator half of the down limit switch will fail on occasion. Does sound like a likely culprit? The plane sat for 14 years after the owner died and I am sure there is some grime in the switch. Is it possible to clean the contacts with contact cleaner? Thanks in advance for your ideas!
  17. Well, searching this forum can be fun... I have been reading the thread on speed brakes and it got me to thinking to why they are needed. For me with the low VLo & VLe speeds (104 KIAS) for the electric gear, it has always required me to plan ahead for my descents. When I'm VFR, it's easy... 100 miles out, started descending When flying IFR, things are a bit more challenging. Over the years I have learned to ask for lower early and often. I think the controllers must think I'm a parrot (sorry Mike) when I repeatedly say, "Ah... Polly wants lower". So... can someone tell me a couple of things. What is the limiting factor on the electric gear speed for older Mooneys? I have heard it is because the gear doors can't handle the higher speed and I also have heard that our older gear motor is not up to the task. Is it either of these and if not, what is causing the limitation? The more important question is whether or not there are any STCs out to increase the gear speeds to something higher than what they are now?
  18. Upgraded my 1963 M20C and have Avionics and a left instrument panel. Side interior plastics and window plastics from a 1965+ model that I found won't fit into my plane. I also have a 4 cyl CHT/EGT system that is dual gauges with separate switches that designate the cylinders. I have a couple of pictures now but can get more when requested. KT 76A XPDR KX 175B NAV/COM KR 85 ADF KI 225 ADF IND I have a complete set of Landing gear legs with doors. I am also looking for interior panels and plastics for my restoration of the 1963. Any help on finding things would be appreciated and I might have something that your looking for. Information flow never works good in a vacuum, so I am reaching out.
  19. Since about two flights I have been hearing a strange noise when I retract the landing gear (electric). I looked at the front wheel and it seems that it touches the landing gear compartment while it retracts. Any suggestions of what may be going on... How can I adjust the front wheel?
  20. does anybody have the tool to compress landing gear donuts,i will pay all expenses,i am very reliable,and will put deposit on the tool,and will return pronto after use,thanks mooney2201----410-336-1088...gary
  21. A couple of months ago my 69 m20f landing gear failed to retract during takeoff at normal speed. As I continued the climb out I noticed as I got faster the landing gear would just randomly go up on its own once the aircraft hit the speed it liked. Over the course of the next month the speed required to retract got faster and faster until it just would not retract at all. I figured it was the airspeed safety switch since mine was still original 1968 and the problem seemed to be connected to the amount of speed the aircraft was traveling at. So I ordered the latest and greatest replacement from mooney. Installed it with no issues. Went flying today, and still no luck with getting the gear to retract after about 45 mins of flight time I was just flying along when out of the blue the gear retracted. So I tried to cycle the gear and it went down, went to put it back up and no luck. So the gear stayed down for the rest of the flight. I should point out I have never had any problems with the gear going down only going up. I was thinking it is maybe landing gear relay getting stuck. Anyone got any thoughts? Has anyone installed the mooney landing gear relay retrofit kit 940085-501. My relay is the original 1968 model so I can see how it could be bad. Any help would be appreciated.
  22. So I departed FDK for a quick trip to the coast to check on a property. After lift off, I raised the gear handle and immediately got an aural warning (quick beeps) and a "gear unsafe" light on the annunciator panel. I looked down and the green ball wasn't in the window. I did two fly-bys for Frederick tower to have a look. They told me the nose gear looked "angled backwards". They pulled a file photo on the second fly-by and soften their interpretation. I tried cycling the gear again and got the warning lights and annunciator, except this time I looked down and the green ball was back in the window. I landed uneventfully and thank you Frederick tower. I have owned this a/c almost 15 years and never had a gear problem. Any ideas based on symptoms? Similar experiences? The a/c was towed in recently for pitot-static, altimeter and xponder, but what could they have done to it? (1979 201)
  23. Hello all, I'm having a dickens of a time managing the health of the leading edge of my inner gear doors (M20J). Summer of 2011 my right-side unit was cracking severely on the leading edge, so I ordered up a refurb replacement from LASAR, had it painted up and installed, life was good. Middle of last year I noticed the left side was starting to crack as well, but we tried stop-drilling a hole which worked for a little while. Then the crack started spreading again, but this time it was toward to aft part of the unit which is reinforced so I just watched it for awhile. Finally it started spreading again toward the front part and I have ordered up a new refurb from LASAR and am in the process of getting it painted for installation. Lo and behold, on inspection the other day I noticed that the right-side, recent refurb from LASAR is now cracking vertically right along the seam where the leading edge is sandwiched and riveted between two outer skins. I had thought their refurb approach would be bullet-proof, but apparently not. Or perhaps there is something I need to consider and tell my A/P when he installs these things so that whatever vibration or friction is causing my problem will no longer occur. I'm open to all thoughts and suggestions. Thanks. Jeff