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  1. Well I fly by the book . The AIM in canada is pretty clear on the use of o2. I have o2 on board so why not use it and I do carry an oximeter. Also no big deal to fly with o2 at night and why take any additional risk , Night Ifr already has enough special considerations that can make life interesting.. O2 is an easy precautionary measure
  2. @flysamo where do I find this reservoir and can is accessible or does a mechanic have to have special things to open . is the fluid under pressure?
  3. plane flies about one a week in the winter ., more if I get an opportunities, is in a heated hangar. I have never noticed it before but then again not sure I would if I heard it if the head set was on and the engine running. there was no issue on the first leg of the fight or the third but the second was when I noticed it and had to move the plane by hand .. it was not the first intermittent issue I've had with the plane. Baffled. I must have done something wrong and ill take the plane to the shop to have a quick look
  4. Today I had to buy gas at a self serve that caused me to move the plane with a tow bar . I did it manually with a tow bar. when I did that I ensured brakes off obviously but it sounded like a terrible noise coming from the brakes/ wheels , sounding like they were locked. or on The plane however did roll . when I taxied the plane the plane pulled right slightly. I continued feeling that everything was within reason and took off on my trip . I was able to hold a straight line on take off and when I landed no pulling. Then putting the plane back in the hangar I once again tried to move the pl
  5. @Niko182 I agree, l have actually had covid, ( last December ) My wife also had it . we both had very different versions.. I am 65 and survived but it was not pretty, and ended up in the hospital twice ( sp02.)... my advice don't gets not pretty,, i.... and to everyone be vigilant . you don't want it. Not a pretty thing and 4 months after the fact , although I feel good, fully recovered and healthy, not contagious.. I still can't taste anything. Be vigilant and safe in whatever was you are able... to answer this post , I would love to go to s/f but I am in toronto and I don't
  6. Well @ArtVandelay the last 3 words of your post are the limiting factor for sure!!
  7. I have been flying in a 1998 Bravo with an iPad mini for a long time, I mount to my yoke ( I tried with an grip on side window but I find that really difficult ) and It blocks any view I really have for traffic etc. When the mini is on , it blocks my some of my instruments . Just curious if others fly with an iPhone or iPhone max on the yoke , if it is functional with a smaller screen while in flight and while using "foreflight" or "pilot" or whatever efb, do you find the iPhone screen too small. I have experimented with an iPhone in the plane but I think you can miss allot of detail. I
  8. sorry i posted this twice. meant to say composite not carbon. thank you for pointing this out. @carusoam
  9. I might not state this correctly but . Does anyone think that it is worth it to spend the money on a type "s" composite prop on a "non-type - s 2018 acclaim". Evidentially there is an stc per below. Is there a big performance advantage to be gained? My plane has tks so that would be part of it. Peter "Structural Composite Upgrades STC SA02482CH allows the installation of Hartzell’s N7605C-2 Advanced Structural Composite ASCII three-blade propeller, which has become a common sight at airports due to heavy usage on Cirrus SR22T, Piper Mirage and Matrix, Diamond DA40XLT and othe
  10. So the question was asked earlier , is thst total engine run time (start to stop) or flight time ? My quess .... total time ?!
  11. Great question I have to think about that and by the way I sent your private email about the date for the annual I think basically though I simply take my total number of hours I’m flying. I don’t just use the flying air time peter
  12. I did not think I was sweating or leaking oil but to be honest I see allot of oily feeling stuff on the belly and I thought it was from the breather tube or just being spit out if overfilled. My plane goes for annual this week so we will check all of these things out. To be honest the plane seems to run super well and oil pressure is dead solid when flying. I once had a full oil blow out f in a J ,so im hyper sensitive to oil indications, usage and seals...
  13. I try to keep my oil at eight it seems to use about 5 to 7 hours per quart but because of the flying I’ve been doing recently. If I add more than eight I think she just spits it out.
  14. @jlunseth I get nothing like that at all. I use way more. Lyc turbo
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