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  1. thank you for clarifying @Gagarin, btw are there any corrosive properties in rain x.? I like the idea of using it on some surfaces at times.
  2. How do you use rain x with Tks. Sorry I don’t understand what you are saying here please explain
  3. Im a Mooney believer , Ive owned 4 of them over the years. I listen endlessly to other non mooney pilots tell me all the problems with mooney's , Stuff like hard to land, too small etc etc etc.. To me its a wonderful safe airplane with a unique brand , created by unique people. I know the history. It has not always been easy for the company and those that work for it, but.... This forum is testament to the loyalty of its fans, pilots, purchasers, and those that support the product So I am just generally interested and shocked to see that some high end aviation or related or ( maybe other ) entity step up to create a " brand within a brand." There is allot of "brand making" that has been done over 50+ years, a strong fleet requiring support , and die hard Mooney people will to support the next step My fear is that the current ownership will have too much ego in the game to sort out the situation for the greater good ( or money). when things move from just plain business to other motivations Still hoping for the best Peter
  4. Resolutions to this problem that may help others'; Item #1 . erratic indication #4 cylinder on edm 700; So here is the final edm#4 result It turns our that odd ( no bar and erratic low indication) on the #4 cylinder was caused by a loose connection on the exhaust or where it is measured They tightened the clamp or bolt and "voila" it worked and is back to normal Item #2 very high pitched noise This had nothing to do with the edm, it just unfortunately started at the exact same time The noise was coming from the T/B indicator gyro. Unrelated issues but it sent me on a path of discovery Thank you to all for your assistance and advice Hope this can help others I the future Pete
  5. This is an old post but Ive learned from the experts and I fly at 29/2400 in cruise. I do however transition and find myself at 32/2400 for short periods but always bring things back to that same power setting for cruise. The engine seems to enjoy this cruise setting and so far is treating me reasonably well. I would take the advice from the super experienced experts here on this forum .
  6. Hoping for an easy solution.. into the shop soon , thank you
  7. I have an aspen and g5 plus the original electrical AI. Interestingly today that high pitch Sound disappeared after only. a few minutes. This plane has a thing about wanting to empty my wallet chasing intermittent issues !!!!
  8. So here is a little update. Firstly its the holidays ( everyone is back Monday ) so im hoping to get the plane to the shop to get the edm looked at , however Ive flown the plane a few times because the gauge is not required equipment ( a advisory only) and although I have an odd indication on #4 ( reading a delta of 350) below all of the other cylinders the plane is running and "runs-up" perfectly. everything seems normal. I also spoke to JPI. They said , get it checked ( probably probes or a wire ) and if that is not the case it is a faulty screen . I dont know much but I do know that if one cylinder was offline it would not sound good at all. Further I am developing about 36.8 in of MP at 0C and that is consistent with prior indications.So ill fly the plane to the shop and ill let everyone know what the tech guys find out. Then there was the odd issue of the high pitch noise. It turn out that it was the T&B indictor gyro. Perhaps it was not enjoying the canadian cold weather. Ill have to watch it but I was able to isolate it and pull the breaker and I could start and stop this really super high pitch annoyance. It was just strange that it started at the same time as the edm700 went sideways.
  9. I don’t know if the second alternator is belt driven or not. Someone here will know. it was not a squeal or a sound like a lose fan best in a car. Very very high frequency sort of sound
  10. damn yes I made a mistake...aka clarence.. I screwed that up. Clarence aka Tri City.. @M20Doc
  11. See above very high pitch noise did not really change with rpm it was barely detectable unless you fly the plane allot I noticed it I can’t download data I don’t think anything special was done during the annual and all compressions were normal But @mooneydoc might have an idea
  12. This was different because I had no bar on number four and I heard kind of a high pitch sound it was different my voltage was not particularly low or lower than normal at low idle I’ve never seen that differential between the cylinders before
  13. I did not have a low-voltage alarm if you look at the CHT and Egt neither are showing correctly initially CYLINDER four is blank. The plane just came off annual only about a week ago I don’t understand what’s going on with this is not normal for this plane so I won’t fly it until iunderstand it