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  1. perhaps a simple and good suggestion.... btw i love your term @jaylw314 "knobology" is my new word of the day and could not be more true as it relates to the 530w
  2. Ok well as with everythihng in the Mooney its a bit tight and complex. I have a 530 w and edm 700 I tried to upgrade the 700 to a better graphics model. but i only have a 2.25 inch hole and super tight so i cant go to a nice updated square jp display pics below I think it is probably worthless to upgrade the miniflo. it will be $$$ but i started this to find out if there were any other thoughts.. Its sort of a goofy problem and not a deal breaker but was curious. Peter
  3. So i have a mooney bravo 1998 version, It has a shadin miniflo . It has this weird little anomaly in that when you select the fuel to destination it will display the fuel required to the next intermediate waypoint instead of the destination. I called shadin and they confirmed there was a version deployed in the early 2000's that when working with a garmin 530w provided data to the intermediate waypoint not the destination. So it is operating correctly.It was only like this on one software version and luck me that is what i have in the plane.. Like everything else in life they can fix it with money and 2 weeks. I wonder , is it worth it ? Has anyone here ever fixed or seen this issue and what other options would you consider at this point. its not supercritical as i have my ipad etc etc. but just curious. Peter
  4. Well with all this great advice albeit i have to pick up a few products from spruce..... The weather has gone back into the freezer here at cykz . Thank you for the suggestions! Peter
  5. when you say all (blue) what product are you referring to?/ there is a reference to red as well?
  6. Yes, I do keep them primed all year long ( they seem to drain for a long time after running, mostly at the wing roots). I seem to run them just enough in the "non-icing" season to keep the plane nice and goopy and messy!!! Pete
  7. I always was concerned about using chemicals that might harm the paint and skin of the plane . also the tks guys are pretty clear that one should not use any solvent of any sort on the tks panels but i suppose soap and water cant hurt Pete
  8. Ok this might be a silly topic but its spring and my plane is filthy! What are your favorite products for cleaning your bird? My aircraft has TKS and that stuff is messy and sticky, The underbelly of the plane is really nasty from a winter of flying Any special tricks? Do's - Dont's?? I know I am not to use any solvents on the tks parts Any tricks and or special things you do. I really don't want to pay someone to do this so the first warm day I'm getting out a hose and going to work on this by myself
  9. Ok that seems in line as I will see 29 +/- at initial climb 34/2400 but settles way down once in cruise. Thank you. it makes sense to me now
  10. Interesting does is the note above correct in that an acclaim s will run at 36gph?? or did i read that incorrectly , My Bravo is approx 19.5 gph +/- at 29/2400 @ 1650 tit
  11. I noticed there was an acclaim s with the following conversion for sale recently "Continental TSIO-550-G310 HP (310 HP STC Conversion)" Does anyone have any experience with this and would it be a tough sell with a non stock modification if I wanted to sell later If you do know about it ,what are the performance /cost / benefits vs negatives. Thoughts ?? Peter
  12. Thanks for all of the replies, Love this place! Tons of good solid debate and opinion.. I bit the bullet!! Keeping the 530w for now I'm installing the aspen, I needed a bunch of stuff (ea100) so that it works and I'm going to have to use the g5 I bought last year as a back up ( shop says its something to do with the way we set things up last yr. ). Tie in the lynx 9000+. ( question as whether to flush mount of not?) So plane flew to the shop yesterday, upgrade complete in a few weeks. Thank you all for your advice and discussion. I'll post a pic once complete to compare
  13. honestly i thought it would bother me but i dont even notice the g5 projecting from the panel , straight on it perfect and very legible
  14. Yup all considered, thanks for the thoughts. One thing i know for sure. I cant get this work done in the states. I might be able to get the work done but the moment i step over the boarder the customs guys will want 13% on all work etc etc . You just cant win! BTW if i install the aspen then there is evidently an upgrade path coming from aspen