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  1. pkofman

    speed brake problem- quirky?!

    Hi Don... My Mooney is a 1998 m20m I can see a spring in the wing and it seems to be intact. I have a feeling this is going to cost me some $$ and time, but we will check out the spring fix That would be awesome if it was 10 bucks! Thank you Pete
  2. Mooney Bravo m20m 1998 My speed brakes were working perfectly up until today In fact, they worked perfectly on the ground during the run-up!! However, during my flight today I had them extended as I was slowing to the speed for the approach. But as I hit the button to retract them only one went down. The other did not I had to land with one extended That was really not an issue at slow speed. But now I cannot use them now as only one deploys. When I got to the main ramp I tried to pull the breaker and the one that was stuck dropped into the wing Now I cannot get the troublesome one to extend. Something is wrong. By the way, it was about -5c when this occurred I looked at other threads here re: speedbrakes and my vacuum system is in the green Thoughts, anything I can fix myself or ideas on troubleshooting further Peter
  3. pkofman

    Canadian tank reseal

    TAX! Hate taxes, but hard to avoid. I really do not need the aggravation at the border. They can be tough and difficult What I was trying to achieve with this post was to find someone locally to do a little work on this over the next few months as the weather is very Canadian at the moment ( which puts a damper on my flying) Thanks for all the hints, and I've talked to Weep No More and I hear they do a great job Pete
  4. Anyone know who does tank sealing in ( Toronto) eastern Canada. Is there a shop up in the eastern side of Canada that does this type of work peter
  5. pkofman

    530w to 750gtn ( w)

    I started this thread as a question as to whether it would be a "waste" to install a 750 vs 530 and has ended in a discussion about mooney pilot "waste"... very funny actually. . I really appreciate all of the comments and I've learned allot. I think for now im going to install a flightstream 210, leave the 530w and install a pilot relief tube! To me ( and this depends on allot on how long I keep the plane ) I may do a major panel retrofit at the appropriate time. Some of you guys have done an incredible amount of work on your planes and the panels are absolutely beautiful Thanks for all of the advice. Pete
  6. pkofman

    530w to 750gtn ( w)

    Ok I dont know about gtn or gns replacements after reviewing this thread but this comment has merit!. I had one in my Piper Dakota years ago.. Priceless! Im getting one installed asap even if it will cost me a few Kts. ( completely forgot about this convenience!) Thanks @Piloto
  7. pkofman

    530w to 750gtn ( w)

    Very interesting , how would this work? Lets say I would get the flight stream 210 . what would be the interface ( an iPad with garmin pilot??? ) which btw has the airway functionality? Curious about the last line in your post above. thanks Pete
  8. pkofman

    530w to 750gtn ( w)

    Great comment from above...."Your negative ROI will be greatest on this. " "Best investment line in the thread so far". Makes me realize that this is mostly about what I want.. not what I need....... Thanks for that.... !.
  9. pkofman

    530w to 750gtn ( w)

    Robert excellent spending suggestions and use of my money!!! Lol Well I already have a lynx 9000+ so ads b and active traffic are good just looking for justification for a replacement gps for the 530 w and/ or 2nd gps and also my second nav com sucks ie ...last legs on the display.. I also already have a back up electric Ai... It would take allot of money and redo on the panel to completely make it glass major $$$
  10. pkofman

    530w to 750gtn ( w)

    I think Dans answer is " yes " its a waste ?! Pete
  11. Just curious. if you had a 1998 no damage bravo tls with 1800 tt , zero prop and 340 on the engine, ( modes s , tks , o2 and 530w) + steam gauges , would you spend the money to upgrade the panel with a 750gtn or is that a waste?
  12. pkofman

    Lycoming Ad received last week

    It is really interesting ( and im not in the pool) affected by this ad. My engine was done sometime ago. But if had been asked by the shop if they should use Lyc or other parts my knee jerk reaction woud have been to go with the original manufacturers parts. Im learning allot from this thread!
  13. Well once again i learn from this forum .Based upon what im reading , best to start on #2 and the fly on that battery. Ie no change with the master on. That seems to be pretty easy. I can always monitor the charge on #1, but no particular reason( as i understand it to have to go back to #1) once the plane has started on #2. Peter
  14. Thanks for this. I fly this plane weekly but given the lousy weather lately i might have left it for 10 days. I dont think the battery was completely dead , It just could not turn over the engine so i used #2 and then flicked it back to #1 once running. After an hour it was able to start the plane. This just does not seem normal to me Pete