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  1. Ok, There may have been a release but I don't think it pointed to any future plans....except just closing for a week So what happens on Monday of next week? Don't think i'm alone in my concerns , that is evidenced by the speculation and concern in this thread. I am actually relaxed about this whole thing, but I for one would like to understand my options and where things are heading? Let's see what happens next. Peter
  2. NO News?! THRE DAYS AND NO NEW INFO!!! This is just bad business and crappy communication Total disrespect for the loyal customer/owner/fan base The part of this whole Mooney furlough thing that I hate is that it spreads wild speculation. Existing customers and owners are entitled at a minimum, to understand how to maintain their assets in perfect flying condition Mooney could easily solve this by putting out a formal statement provide what the future holds There is zero info, or an update that i can find explaining what is happening. Nothing at all on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram , or Mooneyspace or on the home website looks like business as usual. Without clear information speculation is going to continue to be rampant. Its pathetic, that the company has not put out an explanation or go forward / strategy for its existing loyal base and or potential customers Im sure this must have been in the works for a while. It did not happen overnight. Most companies would have had a news release ready to go once the news was out in the public. Peter
  3. Yes , i agree with you and understood your post the first time . It will be interesting to see how the detail are made public.. But also interestingly the Mooney website appears to be business as usual.
  4. So I am curious..... seems there are folks in the forum that have insights that go way beyond public knowledge. Are there any insiders or actual company employees here that can provide internal news that could shed light on what is actually going on within the company I also think I read that the layoff is only for a week.... ( I think i read that on avweb or in the Kerrville paper) but I could be wrong...... question.....what happens next....! Does anyone here have this internal knowledge ? Peter
  5. Wow . I own a mooney m20m ( my 3rd mooney in 15 years after owning a j, and k ) and saw this news only yesterday . There is allot of meat in this thread. This thread contain a safety story, a certification story, ( reads live a conspiracy theory ) some deep thoughts on Mooney itself and its new owners. Well this is not Mooneys first time in the goo!, but it might be the first time in trouble with a foreign owner. I just don't know . What strikes me is that Mooney while a wonderful highly respect product/ machine, and i love them, seems to have operated with a sense of arrogance around marketing, sort of a ... ..." "if we build it they will come" !!. scenario Life and business requires constant innovation. So although there may have been technical pressure to modify the plane there is also a need to really modify the marketing methods and pricing to suit a changing world. I don't anything about marketing planes but in my business our plans change endlessly and maybe even n at time overnight. You cannot be stuck on any particular point. The Mooney of today must be extraordinarily innovative in all ways given the extreme of a digital world , cost , and what must be an extremely competitive landscape, There must be a pretty good reason Cirrus outsells Mooney 30-40 to 1. ( maybe its just the parachute ... i don't know!) Perception is reality sort of thing. Im just shocked that it took a failure for anyone to say that. Can you imagine the conversations within the marketing team. But then again maybe that is exactly what Mooney wanted. Limited production of a very specialized product which would sell to a few people rather than have any accessibility . I always think of aviation as being very similar to my business. I am and engineer and real estate developer . We build tall buildings. Our projects run for years . if we don't plan ahead the designs and ideas we started with wont match the market when we go live.with the public..The approval process alone can impose such heavy constraints that we can be behind the curve when we make our first application. Im sure aviation certification is much worse and hugely expensive. I don't know what is right or wrong but I really hope that Mooney can find it way . To me the very first step is to ensure that MOONEY upholds its outstanding commitment to safety and the product does not lose its core value to ensure confidence with its customers. The product needs to be safe and sound to be viable I own one of these machine and have no idea what happens to parts, value or perception when this sort of thing happens
  6. Ok here is another angle. Can I replace one for the moment. Let’s say I put the best battery I own on number 2 and it’s a gill and I install a Concorde in number 1. Is that heresy. Can one have dissimilar batteries or is that just me being and engineer and over thinking the situation The batteries are different sealed or closed Does it matter???? thoughts. Sorry image below was rotated...when uploaded
  7. So I had the plane charged up Then I tested the start up it started on #1. I was able to start on number 1. Initially the batts before Chargé were 24 and 20 volts on one and two respectively. then I ran the plane for a while and they both were the same and able to start the plane. but tonight I went back and the number 2 was down to 19 again I don’t know ,call me crazy but 2 years seemss outrageous for a battery life in 2019 my car survives -30c endlessly in the winter here in canada Rip off !!!
  8. Wow.... now that is a fantastic reply and a great summary....BTW I really know absolutely nothing about battery minders What I do know is that if I was to get stuck somewhere with dead batteries I would have no choice but to figure out some way to get a charge or boost or something so that I could get running and home the shop is having a look. around today and ill report back ..... Peter
  9. Here is a follow. up question.. do those of you with an. M20m or model with a similar battery set. up ..... Do you always run on #1 and assume that will trickle. charge the. #2 Do you alternate batteries each flight . I. typically alternate batteries.. Switch them for every flight. What is the recommended protocol and others procedure on the batteries. BTW I fly this plane about 100-125 hours a year or 2+/- hours a week. It should be enough to keep it healthy Peter
  10. Well ill check again that I did not leave something would not be the first time I did something bad but I honestly thing I did not I researched the battery minder thing.... from what I can read in the forum it seem that some dont love them and they dont always play nice with the batteries but I am a complete newbie on that subject.......maybe they have improved or they need to be used a particular way I just dont know...but I do know that I need to solve thing before we head into minus Celsius temps.....! Peter
  11. Thanks for the feedback The batteries are only 2 years old!!!!!! I believe they are gill this is not the first time . I have had off and on issues wherein batt 1 dies and I have to start on 2 . Once its running for a bit it recharges and I can start on 1 again I did not have this issue through the summer and to be honest I double check everything .....everytime I leave the plane just to be sure I did not leave something on..... Hard to fly a plane that wont start.... BTW can I "jump start" this plane if someone plug a changing gizmo into the GPU socket at the side.. would that work Peter
  12. So im in canada , its colder today... not really cold as inn Canada could, just 5c. I have not flown the plane in a week and it is in an unheated hangar but the Tanis is plugged in. Today when going to start the plane the #1 was dead.. not enough to turn the prop over. Usually when that happens I go to #2 and the plane will start But today everything was basically dead. I checked to make sure I had not left anything running . everything was off . I did not leave anything on when I last left the plane The only thing that runs in the plane is the little clock when the master is off Both batteries are only about a year old I did not have any issues in the warmer weather. Any ideas on what might be draining BOTH batteries ( I really would have thought that the batteries could survive a week at 5-10c) and does anyone make something I can plug into the shore power plug to keep the batteries charged ( trickle charger) when the plane is sitting In the cold Hangar. BTW, I always run the plane about 2 time per week but I was away last week so it was about 10 days without a start Thoughts. Peter
  13. thanks.. nothing on mine so something is not correct. thank you .... !
  14. M20m- 1998 Might seem like a silly question, but I dont fly my plane much at night during the summer ,but now that it is getting dark here early here in canada I have a question, Are the light switches above the glareshield supposed to be backlit I honestly cant recall ( btw backlighting switches on full) For some reason there is no backlighting working in my plane on those switches, we have already had the conversation on mooneyspace about the clock which is not lit at night. clock is a piece of SH^%$%^*&&^!....T , im going to replace it at annual the plane goes for annual in about 3 weeks so ill get all this lighting stuff sorted out but for now it seems to not be working I know some of you will know the answer to this simple questions. Peter
  15. @donkaye . I do use the crab method more often than a side slip ( but I admit using a side slip - full flaps and wind )) on final with a x wind and a slight ( at time more of a kick ) before the numbers to align with the runway centreline . But you mention that the slip is ok as per your note above. So here is a fine point sort of question and maybe it is irrelevant . In my plane I need add allot of rudder trim in cruise. I need what seems to me to be quite a bit to get the ball centred. You can actually feel the plane adjust its alignment to the fIight-path when I do this. I however typically do not change it once I let down to the pattern and ready things for landing . So in my case in the landing config I already have allot of rudder trim even if not slipping or crabbing per se., or would you continue to change the rudder trim all the way down to landing . I am just in the habit of not touching it. Is it insignificant or would you modify my procedure so that im not flying in some weird config. Just curious if that changes things ( hopefully what I just wrote above makes sense )