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  1. Ok that seems in line as I will see 29 +/- at initial climb 34/2400 but settles way down once in cruise. Thank you. it makes sense to me now
  2. Interesting does is the note above correct in that an acclaim s will run at 36gph?? or did i read that incorrectly , My Bravo is approx 19.5 gph +/- at 29/2400 @ 1650 tit
  3. I noticed there was an acclaim s with the following conversion for sale recently "Continental TSIO-550-G310 HP (310 HP STC Conversion)" Does anyone have any experience with this and would it be a tough sell with a non stock modification if I wanted to sell later If you do know about it ,what are the performance /cost / benefits vs negatives. Thoughts ?? Peter
  4. Thanks for all of the replies, Love this place! Tons of good solid debate and opinion.. I bit the bullet!! Keeping the 530w for now I'm installing the aspen, I needed a bunch of stuff (ea100) so that it works and I'm going to have to use the g5 I bought last year as a back up ( shop says its something to do with the way we set things up last yr. ). Tie in the lynx 9000+. ( question as whether to flush mount of not?) So plane flew to the shop yesterday, upgrade complete in a few weeks. Thank you all for your advice and discussion. I'll post a pic once complete to compare
  5. honestly i thought it would bother me but i dont even notice the g5 projecting from the panel , straight on it perfect and very legible
  6. Yup all considered, thanks for the thoughts. One thing i know for sure. I cant get this work done in the states. I might be able to get the work done but the moment i step over the boarder the customs guys will want 13% on all work etc etc . You just cant win! BTW if i install the aspen then there is evidently an upgrade path coming from aspen
  7. I now have gpss that is why i started on the g5 .. It works great but i dislike the g5 functionality. My gut at the moment is aspen then new gps in the future, gpss sv aoa. There is a special on aspen pro 1000 at the moment, they are going to upgrade the device soon
  8. Ok so because i fly a sim often with a 750 i fell in love with the easy entry of airways on the 750 so that is why i devised a work around solution so that i would not have to change the gns. I installed the flight stream 210 ,. That allows me to use Garmin pilot ( and foreflight ) on the ipad . I can enter a flight plan on the garmin pilot which sends to the panel and vice versa. Allot cheaper than the 750 but obviously not perfect and missing all of the 750 functionality but it solves all of the dial turning waypoint entry issues. Basically on one button to push... " accept from ipad" on the 530w.. If you enter a procedure on the 530 the flight stream will send it directly to the ipad so it works both ways. Not perfect but it is my work around and i saved a few bucks
  9. Hey , thanks for the advice, I forgot to mention a few things and now i have to go deeper My plane has a gld69 and it is tied to the 530w and the flight stream , that's how i get xm weather on the iPad and the 530 w I also get adsb traffic and wx from the lynx.... BUT.....( again a Canadian thing ) I dont get adsb traffic or wx in Canada once 25-40 miles north of the border so that is why i installed the lynx with active traffic. ( which btw is awesome and i get it on the iPad via wifi from the lynx ) I had to go to great lengths to get all of this gack working together because of limitations here in the great white north.
  10. All the advice is awesome. ( and I should have pointed this out at the outset of my post ). I am in Canada and although we have great avionics shops here they, unfortunately, play in American dollars and some even quote their labor in American $$. So I'm not exactly on a level playing field when it comes to the numbers quoted above An installed aspen here is going to cost me about ( material and labor.... 20K Canadian ) and a 750 will be installed about 25k Canadian). I bought the g5 last year and the shop I got it from won't give me a credit as they say there is little to no market for the resale (probably bullshit but whatever!) , So that is the unfortunate consequences of a 72 cent dollar conversion. Not complaining but those are the facts. Aviation is an American dollar commodity .even on this side of the border!!! and you might think that the shops are quiet with little to no business but they are booking 3 months out minimum!!!!!! Its a 20-25 k investment for one or the other.and hence that is what makes it even more difficult. Maybe im convincing myself to go with the do-nothing plan, Included a pic of my existing panel ..... thoughts.
  11. Ho w does the market react to the avidyne vs garmin, i never really considered that unit Im sure it is spectacular but how does it work on resale. I just dont know
  12. Hey INA201 . I have a g5 but dont love all the functionality ie too much button pushing to get from gnss to nav to heading mode... Ive been caught behind the plane as i forgot to change the g5 when selecting a new mode on the kap 150. the menu is hidden so ive screwed in up on approach or when getting vectors.> approach. BUt maybe the 750 should be the logical upgrade path first