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  1. sorry i posted this twice. meant to say composite not carbon. thank you for pointing this out. @carusoam
  2. I might not state this correctly but . Does anyone think that it is worth it to spend the money on a type "s" composite prop on a "non-type - s 2018 acclaim". Evidentially there is an stc per below. Is there a big performance advantage to be gained? My plane has tks so that would be part of it. Peter "Structural Composite Upgrades STC SA02482CH allows the installation of Hartzell’s N7605C-2 Advanced Structural Composite ASCII three-blade propeller, which has become a common sight at airports due to heavy usage on Cirrus SR22T, Piper Mirage and Matrix, Diamond DA40XLT and othe
  3. So the question was asked earlier , is thst total engine run time (start to stop) or flight time ? My quess .... total time ?!
  4. Great question I have to think about that and by the way I sent your private email about the date for the annual I think basically though I simply take my total number of hours I’m flying. I don’t just use the flying air time peter
  5. I did not think I was sweating or leaking oil but to be honest I see allot of oily feeling stuff on the belly and I thought it was from the breather tube or just being spit out if overfilled. My plane goes for annual this week so we will check all of these things out. To be honest the plane seems to run super well and oil pressure is dead solid when flying. I once had a full oil blow out f in a J ,so im hyper sensitive to oil indications, usage and seals...
  6. I try to keep my oil at eight it seems to use about 5 to 7 hours per quart but because of the flying I’ve been doing recently. If I add more than eight I think she just spits it out.
  7. @jlunseth I get nothing like that at all. I use way more. Lyc turbo
  8. My engine has about 450 hours and all compressions are in the mid to high 70's Lately I have been burning more oil than I recall as normal I have been doing allot of training flights ( ifr procedural stuff ), so not constant long haul flights but more on off power sort of flying but I am burins more oil that I can recall I am also plugging the plane in nightly now as it is getting colder ( does that have an effect??) it may be a very very very broad question but from a 30000 ft perspective what would be considered "normal" oil consumption im sorry for asking su
  9. Great thoughts Before spending thousands I think I will have them try to clean the floats at annual . maybe the best place to start. I have no shortage of places to spend money on the plane!!!! thank you all for the input
  10. Thanks for all of that. Btw I have an edm830. Total duel reading only. Not per tank
  11. M20M on my plane I have a Shadin and the stock fuel gauges on the panel I always time my tank switching and the Shadin does a wonderful job of tracking total fuel flow, total fuel and fuel remaining etc The ship gauges suck! ( very eloquent language ) , they are always giving strange and misleading info . If the tanks are full they may read half , a quarter and then full again The external wing indicators are seemingly correct but they are not for inflight use , obviously not helpful in flight what I would like to do is find a replacement for the ship gauges to conf
  12. Every time I read these detailed posts about power settings I’m blow away by the knowledge here.. I have a m20m. (1998) with about 450 hrs on the engine. Its seems to be getting pretty good oil reports from the testing company but I admit I burn about a quart of oil every 8 to 10 hours. I keep the oil at 8 regardless, never less. Biut when I read these posts I always wonder if I’m using power correctly my sop is( and I try to stay as consistent as possible ) full power at T/O. Mp can be around 36-37.3 for the first 1000 feet immediately reduce to 34 / 2400-2500 initial c
  13. Really interesting in that most have commented that gear and t.o flap only then adjust if required with full flaps once runway is made or when breaking out. I bought Don Kayes videos when I transitioned to my Bravo . I know he has tons of Bravo time.. @donkaye... Thoughts on this half flap/gear or full flap Constant Descent angle approach question. what is your normal procedure?.. I started by getting whipped on my instrument ride for introducing full flaps at the FAF... thoughts?
  14. Well thank you everyone. Great advice that is open and honest. Professional attitudes and discourse are the mainstay of mooneyspace. The best place to ask a mooney question. I should know better but I asked The same question on a facebook page about ifr training and I got roasted as a inexperienced hack who obviously was not trained properly. I was called a moron for asking the same initial question and that obviously I have no mooney time. ( I do have 800 hours and counting on 3 models ) . . I should know better than to ask in an open Facebook forum filled with inexperienced people ,
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