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  1. Any J owners or others who this may help, here are some photos of the vernier control knob that operates my cowl flaps.
  2. Avidyne worked hard and conquered the compatibility issues I had between between my GMX200 and IFD540. Garmin also did their bit when I had JeppView issues associated with this compatibility issue. Thinwing - easy for me to say, but I'm confident a solution is near. Victor
  3. Improper maintenance is a major cause of issues such as application of the wrong type of gasket, incorrectly torqued nuts and reusing lock washers instead of new. The search function will reveal all.
  4. Sorry Marauder but the answer I can give is it doesn't need its own battery. As for the rest, my electrical knowledge is hopeless. Below is the link that I'm sure is the standby alternator fitted to my J. It just manages to fit the space where the vac pump was located. The unit was fitted by my aircraft engineer on the basis of the STC approval to PA32 type aircraft. Here in Australia an Engineering Order is obtained by the aircraft engineer from a CASA delegated engineer who specialises in issuing the EO based on information provided regarding aircraft type, the proposed addition, STC details and other information. Probably similar to your 337 field approvals. You will also notice via this link that a wiring diagram is available which hopefully should answer your questions. Victor
  5. I have the B&C as a backup on my J. It came in handy when the alternator belt became loose and probably not far from letting go. As soon as the Hi/Lo volts annunciator flashed, it took over without any input then provided enough power for landing gear and flap operation without loss of electrics to any other system. Worth it in my view.
  6. Wow! 9.7" iPads displayed in a Mooney cockpit. I didn't think that was possible. I see your point regarding flexibility, but I think I'll try to go for the clamp style as previous experience of suction cups is they eventually give up. Victor
  7. Thanks Ken. Much appreciated. Just for fitment in the cockpit, are your iPads mini or Air? Hard to tell from the pics. Victor
  8. Awesome setup Ken. I have a 540 and love how it works. Can you please advise what your right iPad mount is attached to, the type of iPad and attachment? Victor
  9. Just ordered mine with the discount via the provided link. Thanks Dan.
  10. My J also slightly pitches up then returns to normal with gear extension. If I apply the speed brakes in level flight, my J will pitch up to a greater extent than gear extension.
  11. I hope you are right Hank. Victor
  12. It says there will be only 60 Ovation Ultras and 60 Acclaim Ultras built in the 2017 year range. These must be limited editions. What happens after 2017? Victor
  13. I had the pleasure of meeting and having dinner with Paul and Shery when they visited Australia about 6 years ago and Paul was a guest for our Mooney maintenance program. A lovely couple. I still have a gift given to me from Shery that reminds me of their visit. I wish Paul a speedy recovery and both the best in retirement.
  14. 16 years and about 1,100 hours. I also fly a turboprop for a living, but much prefer my Mooney.
  15. I recall many years back on the Mooney email list, former Mooney factory test pilot Bob Kromer commented on removing the step. He said when he was at the factory, for testing purposes he flew a Mooney (can't recall the model) with the step removed and all the test equipment rigged up. The end result was a speed gain of not more than half a knot. Not worth it. Victor