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  1. Mooney in Oz

    3100 Autopilot - S-TEC Autopilot - Program Details

    Today I received an update email from Jamie Luster who I assume is Barry's boss, mostly regarding their blog. In case Barry is on leave, I emailed Jamie and asked if either she or if Barry is around, can one of them come on the forum to let us know the latest progress status for the Mooney STC and also answer Jeff's question. I provided Jamie with the link to this thread. As an aside, I read Jamie's bio and it states she has 450 hours mostly on Mooney aircraft. Hopefully we'll hear something soon.
  2. Mooney in Oz

    IFD 540/440 stack

    I am very happy with my IFD540/440 combo and the functions it all provides that has already been covered above. One of the limitations is you cannot have is one in GPS mode and the other in OBS mode while the units are synced, although you can operate them as separate units if desired but that removes other advantages. It is all explained in the POH available on the Avidyne website. If I had the panel real estate, I would have two IFD540's one underneath the other, a combo you cannot beat.
  3. Mooney in Oz

    GPS advise

    To see the operational differences between the GTNs and IFDs, download the trainers from the manufacturer's website or iTunes. I don't know a lot about the GTNs as I have two IFDs installed. The IFD trainer on the iPad can be configured to either a 550, 540 or 440 and exhibits excellent displays of the unit/s capabilities.
  4. Mooney in Oz

    2018 Hours

    Mooney - 23 hours due to medical issues. ATR72-600 - 120 hours also due to medical issues. Don't get old. Beech 400 started life as the Mitsubishi Diamond. The Mitsubishi MU-2 turboprop has the same - spoilers, no ailerons.
  5. Mooney in Oz

    2019 Aviation Goals

    2018 - Not much flying during the first 9 months due to medical issues. 2019- Hopefully make it to the Mooney Summit.
  6. Mooney in Oz


    Hey Fred. That AV-20 looks a nice addition to your panel. Merry Christmas.
  7. Mooney in Oz


    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you MSers from down under!
  8. Mooney in Oz

    Mooney Zoom at 57AZ

    Sometimes the quick visits turn out to be the best.
  9. Mooney in Oz

    ETA switch cover

    Good luck with that.
  10. Mooney in Oz

    ETA switch cover

    I could not find that statement on their website, although I may have missed it. The following is why I had them sent around the world for engraving: In large and bold font Smooth Front as advertised:
  11. Mooney in Oz

    ETA switch cover

    All of my switch covers that were previously Klixon are from Shapeways, advertised as a 20TC (v0.6) smooth front. At best the switches are only just satisfactory for the following reasons: Quality Control - Although the switch covers are advertised as having a smooth surface, this is not true and it shows. The overall quality varied from unsatisfactory to only just satisfactory. The rough surface also made engraving difficult. A few of the switch covers were too loose after fitment and had to be altered by adding tape for a secure fit. These are advertised as a direct replacement of the Klixon covers. Other issues: Although Shapeways has an impressive website, all it is are 2 sales staff that operate in an office to answer only email inquires and take orders. Switch cover manufacture is outsourced to more than 1 manufacturer, hence the difference in quality amongst the covers and overall lack of QC. Shapeways are only contactable via email. There is no phone contact. Shapeways have a strict policy of sending the switches to the credit card holder who then has to have them engraved. They will not send them to your choice of engraver or anyone else due to a previous credit card fraud issue. I virtually pleaded with the sales guy to provide me with a contact number to speak to a manager and plead my case from Australia to have them send the switch covers to Aircraft Engravers ( in Connecticut, but they would not budge. I ended up paying for them to be freighted to me half way across the world and then without opening the package, I freighted them to Aircraft Engravers half way across the world again. This is probably an easier process in the USA, but you would still be subject to the same freighting to and fro. I sent the switch covers to Aircraft Engravers as I could not find a suitable engraver here in Australia due to 3D printing being a new concept and did not want to risk ruin. I also read good posts about them here on the forum. The only good experience I had was dealing with Wayne Cahoon, the owner of Aircraft Engravers. Very reputable, professional and humble man in my opinion. He contacted me and sent photos of the finished product, stating the difficulty he had engraving the switch covers and he would be happy to order some more in and do it all again. I told him to send what he had as I could not fault the engraving. Wayne also offered to contact me if a much better product came along to see if I was interested in a replacement set and further offered to order them himself to avoid the freight fiasco. I felt compelled to ring him and profusely thank him for his service. You folks are very fortunate to have a guy of his calibre to call upon for professional aircraft engraving in the USA. I wish businesses operated like that here. Having said all of the above the switch covers still look better than what was replaced. I know the OP is inquiring about ETA covers, but I just wanted to share my experience with Shapeways. I wish I had waited for @Ah-1 Cobra Pilot to release his switch covers. You live and learn.
  12. The way to react quickly enough Richard, is similar to what you do each time you take off in your Mooney and where you will go in the event of an engine out. In a twin it is also knowing exactly what you do and where you will go after going over it in your head before the takeoff roll. In other words, during every takeoff expect an engine to fail and know precisely what you'll do about it. The more pressing problem is after you clean it up and achieve control, how will the aircraft, assuming a basic GA twin, perform on one engine regardless of what the performance charts indicate, which are predicated on an optimal operating engine and flown by a very current test pilot.
  13. Mooney in Oz

    Mooney Names- did marketing do it wrong?

    DMAX should get the award for coming up with the funniest Mooney name. When I was a participant on the Mooney email list, which DMAX was a contributor and still is I believe, there was a guessing game amongst the contributors as to what should be the name of the forthcoming new model. Don's suggestion was the Mooney Orgasmo. It was finally named the Mooney Acclaim.
  14. I feel your pain as the Aussie dollar is about the same value and being down under, we also get reamed by freight costs. Which way you choose, go either with all Garmin or Avidyne and Aspen. This is simply due to Garmin's proprietary stance on most of their equipment, otherwise be prepared for compatibility grief. I decided to go with Aspen and Avidyne, which makes me a very happy chappy.
  15. Mooney in Oz

    G5’s and STEC 3100

    Thank you Bennett. I understand those with us with Aspens should not have a problem as the interface is more between the navigator and autopilot plus there is good co-operation between Aspen and Genesys.