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  1. Well done in noticing the low voltage. I’ll add that to my own after take off scan. Others may say they would not have declared an emergency, it doesn’t matter. There is no right or wrong. You called it as you saw it and at the end, the service wasn’t needed with the added result of a successful outcome.
  2. Sounds to me you might be back one day! Safe journeys and keep in touch.
  3. Like beauty, desire is in the eye of the beholder. As always, Geebee offers good advice. Also ask the opinion of Ovation, Bravo and Acclaim owners. Better still, if you can get a hold of one of these, fly it at night and see for yourself. John Breda is obviously happy with his setup. After your research and you are sure you want and can afford it, then go for it!
  4. Good to see you got it sorted in quick time, Oscar. The reason I asked which navigator and GPSS you use is because I have 2 x IFDs, an Aspen and a 55x combo. If the 55x is initialised before the IFDs, the GPSS in the 55x fails to engage. Anyone else who has a similar combo with that issue, just initialise your IFD first and all will be good. The IFD likes to be on top of the pecking order.
  5. Sounds like a married couple Which navigator do you have? When the failed GPSS appears, which one are you using? The Aspen or STEC?
  6. Congratulations Richard. Its always a good feeling to have those exams behind you. Enjoy your training. The hardest choice will be choosing training days to fly in actual IF conditions.
  7. A little off topic, but the Boeing 707 also has a Johnson bar to manually extend only its nose gear in the event of a gear extension failure.
  8. This is so sad to read. Imagine how his son must feel after listening and watching his father's final moments.
  9. Well said Paul and I could not agree more.
  10. That happens when you pay the cost of the tow bar
  11. I think your comment is a bit harsh. Jonny is doing his best and keeps us updated on matters of importance such as the status of the no-back clutch spring, which to me is much more important than a glowing website. I agree the website needs fixing and appreciate its importance, but it is still early days. I'm sure if you let him know your website concerns on the 'Hello Jonny' thread without the tone you've used here, he will respond. Give the man a chance for change to happen.
  12. I have the same together with a 'Remove Before Flight' red flag attached to each cover.
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