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  1. The J roll

    "A superior pilot uses his superior judgment to avoid situations which require the use of his superior skill" Frank F. Borman, retired NASA astronaut and former Commander of Apollo 8 spacecraft.
  2. Icing encounter

    A lot of excellent advice contained within this thread that doesn't leave much for me to add. I fly a heavy turboprop for a living up to FL250 and therefore above freezing levels almost every time. When ice starts to form past moderate intensity we get the hell out of there, despite having good anti and de-ice capabilities that more often than not results in a descent rather than a climb. Although we don't have the high lower safes that you folks have to endure. I recall my first encounter with St. Elmo's fire was many years ago when I flew a Piper Chieftain in cloud with CB's in the area. A bright blue jagged line of electricity flowed inward left to right along the base of the windscreen toward the edge then a vertical path that ended at the magnetic compass. It looked magic. Only about 3 times in my 30 year career have I encountered this. Victor
  3. Mooney Shirts and stuff...

    Looks good with a huge selection.
  4. I finally flew a Cirrus for the first time....

    A mate of mine who went there with the intention of placing a deposit on a new Ovation received the same type of attitude. He decided on the spot he was not going to be treated that way and walked, resulting in a genuine missed sale opportunity. Victor
  5. Avidyne marketing methods...

    We may as well talk to the windsock.
  6. Avidyne marketing methods...

    Not exactly correct Alan. PRODUCTS AFFECTED: Garmin GNS 480 (CNX 80) units are affected. ISSUE: The GNS 480 (CNX 80) is rapidly approaching end of service life. Due to limited parts availability, beginning January 1, 2018 repairs will be offered on a limited basis. Parts will only be allocated for repairs that affect airworthiness (no cosmetic repairs). Reference: Victor
  7. Avidyne marketing methods...

    Garmin released an alert 2 months ago advising the GNS480 will soon no longer be supported. No date was specified.
  8. Why a Mooney? Let me tell you....

    A really nice little story there Richard. Your wife is special. I wish my ex had been like that. Victor
  9. PFD install conundrum, which one...

    I've had a B&C standby alternator for a while. On a J, it just fits in the area where the vac pump was and is one of the most worthwhile additions IMHO when your panel is mostly glass. I assume the F model fitment would be similar, but I don't think there is a model available for a K. It came in handy one time when the alternator belt almost failed. Victor
  10. Insulation

    I had Soundex fitted upon the advice of a mate, but without headsets I can't really tell if it is an improvement in sound reduction. Probably a moot point as I'm always wearing noise cancelling headsets anyway. Here is a link to Aircraft Spruce that displays a number of insulation products, including Soundex:
  11. Insurance comparison M vs Ci

    My mechanical told me he has worked on a number of SR 22's that have suffered from serious overheating (cylinder) problems due to poor ventilation under the cowl basically caused by a very tight engine installation resulting in big $$ and offloading in the end. I do not personally know any SR 22 owners to ask whether they have this problem and I'm not sure if they would admit to it. I would like see data comparing maintenance costs over say 1000 hours or 10 years between a SR 22 and an Acclaim. That would be more realistic than irrelevant insurance comparisons.
  12. Why a Mooney? Let me tell you....

    Hi there Thomas. In addition to the time saved, there is also the miserly fuel burn factor!
  13. There is something you don't see everyday

    It makes me sad seeing a picture like this. Like someone's neglected elderly family member.
  14. Avionics upgrade

    Don, The reason I am offloading my GNS480 is a realistic concern that Garmin will in the not too distant future, no longer support these units. At this stage the bezel is no longer available. Garmin have published an alert the unit is nearing its end of service life. Victor