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  1. I have a STEC 55x with auto trim and also do not experience what you describe plus the Auto Trim switch always remains on. I cannot remember the last time I needed to switch it off.
  2. I'm really sorry Tom you went through such a painful and stressful ordeal, but glad you have beaten this horrible thing and recovering well. I remember in my much younger days a friend of my mother's died from an infection from what started out as a simple cut to one of her feet while gardening. We humans are really fragile and it is difficult to believe anyone of us can come so close to losing a limb or our life through such a simple mishap or not even a mishap when we not so infrequently hear of a person dying from meningococcal disease after contracting the bacteria from air-conditioning units in large shopping centres resulting in meningitis or blood poisoning ending in either loss of a limb or life after only a matter of days for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. From this side of the pond stay healthy and keep on flying that beautiful Lancair.
  3. Nice pics Bob and a nice looking Mooney you have. Probably just a coincidence but the 2nd photo of your Mooney parked beside the Aerostar is rather appropriate as Aerostars were manufactured by Mooney at Kerrville under license for a short time.
  4. Thank you Bill. That is very kind of you to offer. The other place I primarily visited was Kerrville for the MAPA Mooney Homecoming, which included a visit to the factory organised by the lovely Susan Harrison who was a senior sales rep. It was just after Mooney let go most of their staff with only a skeleton crew left, which if I recall correctly was between 15 and 8. Although I enjoyed the visit to Mooney, at the same time it was sad to see what was once an obvious vibrant facility reduced to not much more than idle machinery. Fredericksburg township and the airport were highlights that I won't forget.
  5. Thank you for the photographs and wonderful memories of my visit almost 10 years ago.
  6. First I've read or heard of this. When was it in Aussie hands? I just remembered about 11 years ago when Dennis Ferguson was the CEO there was one Aussie investor, but apart from that I've never known Mooney to be in Aussie hands per se.
  7. Thank you Ross. Your detailed technical and diagrammatic explanation is appreciated as is your knowledge. Also to everyone else who chimed in. I'm never too old to learn.
  8. At least you know they won't go brittle or crack and they'll easily be changeable. Congrats on your beautiful restoration. I particularly like the colour of your panel that will definitely be my colour choice when the time comes. Is it a very light grey or a particular type of white?
  9. Please be careful using speed brakes when landing. I never extend the devices to land in case I need to go around. A few days ago I had to suddenly go around below 50 feet at my home field on a hot day. Most go arounds are unexpected as this one was. My hands and feet were full enough dealing with the go around from such a low height without having to worry about speed brake retraction and worse if they fail to retract. I did read somewhere a long time ago our speed brakes are supposed to be ineffective at landing speed, however I do not want to test this concept during a go around on a hot day or any day when you need everything going for you. @donkaye doesn't advocate using them in certain landing conditions either. I use mine at altitude to either slow down or steep descents and believe this is what they were designed to do and the devices do it well.
  10. Been there and done that. You and I plus anyone else who has had this done know the meaning of the word P A I N.
  11. Good to read this Don. Hope it remains squawk free.
  12. Today I received an update email from Jamie Luster who I assume is Barry's boss, mostly regarding their blog. In case Barry is on leave, I emailed Jamie and asked if either she or if Barry is around, can one of them come on the forum to let us know the latest progress status for the Mooney STC and also answer Jeff's question. I provided Jamie with the link to this thread. As an aside, I read Jamie's bio and it states she has 450 hours mostly on Mooney aircraft. Hopefully we'll hear something soon.
  13. I am very happy with my IFD540/440 combo and the functions it all provides that has already been covered above. One of the limitations is you cannot have is one in GPS mode and the other in OBS mode while the units are synced, although you can operate them as separate units if desired but that removes other advantages. It is all explained in the POH available on the Avidyne website. If I had the panel real estate, I would have two IFD540's one underneath the other, a combo you cannot beat.