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  1. Mooney in Oz

    Do you like your Aspen MFD?

    Months ago, I spoke to one of their sales staff who told me he in turn recently spoke to one of their engineers who mentioned it was only about 12 months away. Either way, I think that your guess of 2-3 years is not far off the mark because as we know from the past, it always takes longer than anticipated. There was a thread on BT about it a few months ago, but as I don't look at that forum all that often, I don't know what the final consensus was. If it happens, I hope Aspen have not left their run too late.
  2. Mooney in Oz

    Do you like your Aspen MFD?

    I have a Straubing unit together with my Aspen PFD1000, S-TEC 55x and the altitude capture works very well, however I do not know how it plays with King autopilots. The only bugbear is having to press a stand alone installed button in the panel every time to arm the capture after the altitude is set in the Aspen and then press the VS and ALT buttons on the autopilot to complete the arming process. After the 3100 is installed I won't need the Straubing unit and it will be removed. I'm holding off to see what happens as there are rumours around this part of the world that Aspen will be releasing a unit with a larger screen sometime next year. I'm hoping it will at least be a PFD and MFD combo with other possible additions, but I'm only guessing. If any MSers are close to the scene at Albuquerque (@Jeev?) who might be able to find out more info?
  3. Mooney in Oz


    Very true statement. Be very careful as you cannot see what a weather radar can see such as dangerous hooks and fingers. WX radar enables you to traverse around the cells at a good distance and don't forget to consider the possibility of an overhead anvil. I have had a WX500 for many years and if I'm in IMC with a bunch of strikes ahead across the top of the screen, I'll turn away 90 degrees and fly until they are gone. If they don't, I'll land at the nearest suitable airport. For me, if it's forecast to be that bad then I will just not go and leave it for another day. A stormscope is a great safety addition, but it does have it's limitations.
  4. Mooney in Oz

    EI Engine monitors?

    Can’t comment on EI but with JPI I’ve had very good service when needed, which hasn’t been often during the past 16 years that their equipment have been in my Mooney. Although about that time there were stories of lousy customer service involving the owner of the company but since then according to my Avionics tech it’s been quite good. Last year I had software issues with my 830 and the guy from tech support patiently guided me through via the phone in a couple of calls resulting in no more issues. Apart from an occasional probe failure that is the only issue I’ve had. On the subject of probes, if I need to change out an EGT probe, I’ll change the others as well. Imagine spending your entire life with your head stuck in an exhaust? An EDM 930 is on my future wishlist.
  5. Mooney in Oz

    Cheap IFR GPS

    One important consideration is support and likely future support of older boxes by the manufacturer. You’ll find useful info using the search function.
  6. Mooney in Oz

    Mooney Round-up Conference and Workshop

    So was I, 9 years ago at a MAPA Homecoming and I just loved Texas. Nice people, places and landscape wise, it is not too different from here. I could even live there. If work didn’t get in the way I would’ve been there for the Summit and probably stayed for this if time permitted me to do so.
  7. Mooney in Oz

    Lost a Mooney pilot today

    Over here, provided certain criteria are met such as being able to obtain correct wind info, traffic and a 5 mile call, we are permitted to do straight in approaches, which is by far my preference. The same as the main reason why an RNAV Approach is much safer than the old NDB approach, followed by circling to land. 60 degree turns in the pattern is asking for big trouble IMHO and I doubt if your passenger/s would want to fly with you again. You would soon be unemployed if you did that in a commercial operation.
  8. Mooney in Oz

    Mooney Round-up Conference and Workshop

    Sometimes I just wish I wasn’t on the other side of the world.
  9. Mooney in Oz

    Engine trouble on takeoff-I was lucky.

    This issue should be subject to an AD to be done every 12 years or engine TBO, whichever occurs first. I had no idea about this until reading this thread. Thanks for sharing @jma201 and to the other MS'er's their experiences. It is vitally important we know about issues like this.
  10. Mooney in Oz

    Luggage compartment door

    What did the door steward do or say that he deserved to be punched out?
  11. Mooney in Oz

    I have a new mistress

    @mike_elliotteven gets booked up on this side of the world.
  12. Both of you achieved owning a Mooney in 2018, if not earlier. Although I know we all have financial and other constraints that is a remarkable achievement and passion. It took me 16 years after I flew my first Mooney until I was able to purchase mine. If it was possible, I would've done it much sooner.
  13. I agree with you Jim but only if those of us in that situation allow it to happen to ourselves and it easily can. I fly for a living and in the past had work colleagues comment to me that because airline flying is so procedural and mundane, they wish they could fly a GA machine for fun again. Others have done something about it such as getting into aerobatics and acquiring their own. Others treat it as just a job. For me, I have owned my Mooney for 16 years and hope to keep doing so past retirement provided my medicals and financials allow me to do so. At this stage it is looking good. The freedom of going when and where I want (within reason), improvements to my Mooney (notwithstanding expenses), the friends I have made throughout the journey and being allowed to participate on these forums, which I intend to meet some of you at a future Summit, make it all worthwhile.
  14. Mooney in Oz

    Finally finished!

    That is so nice looking and I notice the addition of LED navs. If the interior has also been done, can we have some pics? I'm also very partial to early J's.
  15. Mooney in Oz

    Weird to approach a relative of a dead pilot?

    I can't see how offering good advice with no self financial benefit can be construed as the act of a vulture and raged has already indicated he knows the son. I think the timing is more important, so 6 months is a good suggestion.