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  1. The GFC500 works well with the Avidyne IFDs, as long as you have a G5 to drive it as a K owner mate of mine with a G3X attests without any compatibility problems. You won't have VNAV function on STAR arrivals or SID departures and you will only be able to change radio or Nav frequencies on the IFD units, which in my opinion is no big deal. Before anyone suggests it is illegal because Garmin don't list the IFD as an approved source, Avidyne lists the IFDs as a legal substitute for the GNS series of navigators, which are approved with the same limitations. Avionic shops that I know of
  2. Mine is much the same. Sometimes minor left and right deflections as you have and other times it's close enough to solid.
  3. I spoke to my avionics installer about upgrading the legacy Aspen Pro PFD to a Max and installing a 1000 MFD Max. Due to some issues with the Max units, he suggested if I go ahead with either install to include a new RSM for the Aspen Pro Max PFD as the internals have been upgraded for better compatibility with the Max units. I don't know what issues or upgraded internals he was talking about, but that was his advice. Maybe @Andy Smith can chime in, if he is around.
  4. Plus the avionics shop carries the risk (returns the unit to the manufacturer for repair/replacement) if the unit is bricked during the update, which can and does happen at times.
  5. If you want more flexibility with cowl flap control, consider changing the position handle to a vernier type. Just like the electric control, except it’s mechanical and you can have them open at whatever position you desire. One of the better mods I’ve had done.
  6. I thought this has to be an error, so I had a look at their website myself and sure enough, there it was. Not only that the KCS55A is listed as starting from $32,275 USD.
  7. Isn’t the AOA integrated display on the G3X only available for the experimental crowd? I seem to recall a previous similar discussion on the forum some time ago.
  8. Do yourself a favour and download the all in one IFD550/540/440 Trainer app from the Apple app store onto your iPad and you will have a realistic projection of operating whichever IFD you desire. After download, go to your iPad Settings, select the IFD Trainer and select whether you want the 550, 540 or 440 displayed. It is a brilliant simulator and you'll be able to operate each model and see for yourself. Also download the Pilot Guide from the Avidyne website for you to reference while using the trainer. Be prepared to be amazed.
  9. In cruise, up elevator for a K is normal as is for long bodies. For J models down elevator is normal.
  10. Works best for me too. Followed by gear down just before base then full flap in the descent through 100 kts while performing the U turn. Roll out on final at 80 kts with the last item on the checklist (gear down) out of the way and slowed to 70 kts on short final. If I am approaching the field from an appropriate direction, have the wind information and there is no other aircraft in the pattern then it's a straight in approach.
  11. After cleaning the surface with Plexus spray, I use either Rejex or Fire Glaze, which is what I use to polish the entire aircraft once a year. Been doing that for years and it works well.
  12. For me it is. Usable in turbulent conditions when approaching to land and during the landing itself.
  13. I agree. I find it useful to rest my left elbow on when landing.
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