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  1. @aviatoreb does a good pirep on the MT 4 blade attached to his K Rocket in the above link as does @Txbyker in the below link.
  2. Mooney in Oz

    Aspen SAIB

    I imagine some serious lighting for night ops. We don’t know if this was a recent install or a past install with a sudden occurrence caused by an underlying issue. Possibly the latter. At this stage the FAA don’t seem to be knee jerking about this. We just have to wait for the instigation result.
  3. Mooney in Oz

    Aspen SAIB

    Thanks for the link Rich. The EFD1000 has been around for 10 plus years. Surely this type of issue would have come to notice years ago, if it is the unit.
  4. Mooney in Oz

    New ride

    To me there is something special about my initial training and first ever solo that was in a C152 II. I can still recall the rego (VH-MRC) and it Is still flying today. After achieving my licence 36 years ago, I did not fly a C152 again. A great initial training aircraft.
  5. Mooney in Oz

    Today's flight for 2018

    Nice pic and video Richard. While you were there, did you happen to notice a paint shop and if so, the name? About 15 years ago when I was a part of the Mooney Mail (email) group, which a few MS's would have also been members around that time. One of those members who was also a Mooney owner just started a paint shop at Big Bear and over the years I had quite a few electronic conversations with him. A very nice fellow who invited me to stay at his place if I ever visited the USA, but I cannot remember his name. BTW: Your video ended how all Mooney vids should - a nice landing and pretty well on the runway centre line.
  6. Mooney in Oz

    Today's flight for 2018

    Thanks Erik. If these are the same reviews, I just found and read reviews you wrote in the form of answers in the 'MT 3 Blade Composite Prop' thread, which I guess I should've used the Search function initially to find. The pros and cons seem to be similar to the 3 blade. The picture of the full frontal in that thread is even better. I could look at that all day! (Yeah, yeah I know. I need to get a life!)
  7. Mooney in Oz

    Today's flight for 2018

    @aviatoreb That is the first picture I've seen of a Mooney with a 4 blade prop. Man I like the look of it. How is the performance compared to a 3 blade or a 2 blade?
  8. Mooney in Oz

    Starting my IFR today

    Good luck with it all Tom, however I’m sure you won’t need it as you are well prepared. We are here if you desire a second opinion or unsure about anything that your instructor may not be able to answer.
  9. Mooney in Oz

    Mooneys vs the others

    Love that 'Pilot Perfect' on the tail Bob. That's a definite keeper.
  10. This might necessitate a call to Precise Flight. I’ve never heard of anything like this happening before. How can it be that you simply taxi up to refuel and this happens? i sincerely hope this doesn’t cause you a lot of grief.
  11. Could the fuel have flowed into the speedbrake from the top?
  12. I think what you are already doing by using the gear to control speed on the way down is the right way to start an approach followed by a constant slope. Have the aircraft configured and checklist out of the way before the FAF so you can just fly the most critical sector that is between the FAF and MAP. In my view you are asking for trouble selecting the gear at the FAF followed by configuration and checklist completion as you may have to also deal with other traffic or anything else that can suddenly happen and steal your attention while flying this sector even if it is 7.1 miles. The best advice I have had is when conducting any type of instrument approach is that I should be bored with everything out of the way giving me plenty of headspace when flying between the FAF and MAP.
  13. Mooney in Oz

    Avidyne or Garmin 530

    Hi there Tom. If you have an iPad, download and install the free IFD app from the App Store so you can try it out for yourself. The app is very realistic and displays an excellent presentation of what the unit/s will do. In the iPad Settings you can change between the 550, 540 and 440. It also has a Jepp link where you can download the latest terrain and nav data cycle. The app is so precise that a mate of mine discovered a serious issue with one of the Jepp approaches here in Australia on the app, which replicated exactly the same issue in the aircraft. Jepp and Airservices Australia have been informed and are onto it. I don't think a GNS 530 app exists for comparison.
  14. Mooney in Oz

    Uh oh

    In an off airport or in cruise situation resulting from an engine out, you rarely get a choice of whether to land on concrete, bitumen or a field. More often than not it ends up being a field. Then you are faced with the choice of gear up or gear down.
  15. Mooney in Oz

    Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award

    Congratulations Don. I had the privilege of flying with you over 10 years ago and therefore can proudly say I was part of your 50 year legacy. Thank you so much for your wisdom. Your award is well deserved!