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  1. Mooney in Oz

    sometimes analog just looks cooler

    They are amazing the 767's. Was the aircraft empty?
  2. Mooney in Oz

    Benign Spiral-Anyone ever try this in a M20J ?

    No. I have a better recovery system and it's called standby instrumentation. Good decision in stopping it when you felt the need to. Something like that would be best attempted with an experienced Mooney instructor beside you.
  3. Mooney in Oz

    Chicago FBO?

    6 years ago on the way to Oshkosh with a stopover at Chicago I visited what was left of Meigs Field and walked the length and back. Not much was done there with just about no development with plenty of ducks roaming around. I thought what a waste of an active and useful airfield at a fantastic location.
  4. Mooney in Oz

    Likelihood of engine failure

    Good video and I don’t take anything away from the pilot, but man he was gifted with suitable surrounding fields that are not always there in that situation. 10 years ago I had a sudden and complete engine failure in cruise over hostile terrain. Due to the Mooney’s excellent gliding capability, I was able to glide clear of the terrain and into a good paddock with height to spare. Doubt if I would’ve made it into the paddock in a Bo or 210.
  5. Mooney in Oz

    Turbulence + V = chicken

    I am well and truly with TJ and Piloto on this one. We all have our own limits, mine is 5,000' wind at around 50 kts together with forecast severe turbulence that also most times comes with strong winds on the ground. I will simply arrange to go another day. Despite the known strength of our Mooneys, they are still light aircraft where we sit in a very confined space, not transport category stuff designed to encounter those conditions every day. A few years ago in similar clear conditions an A36 Bonanza performing an Angel Flight had one of its top left or right access cowl separate overflying mountains to the west of Sydney. When I fly the work plane, a heavy transport category turboprop, these conditions are regularly encountered more so during certain times of the year, which does not worry me. However, I will not subject my Mooney to these environmental conditions due to examples given by Piloto and other potential issues. I wonder if it also effects tank sealant? When I fly my own I like to enjoy it as much as practical. I am not unrealistic and expect smooth air everywhere I go, but widespread extreme forecast - forget it. YMMV
  6. Mooney in Oz

    rotate the tires?

    An old aircraft mechanic who used to look after my Mooney many years ago told me the wearing out on the outside tyre was due to the culmination of many xw landings on that particular side. Clarence?
  7. Mooney in Oz

    The Mooney has a hanger-mate

    What a wonderful story Tom and congratulations on your acquisition. I believe there is some genetic relationship between their wings, meaning that Al Mooney had some involvement in the design of the Twin Com wing. Both your aircraft are truly related. Post a pic of them parked together if possible.
  8. Mooney in Oz

    Holy Yikes!

    Sorry to come in late on this Erik, but I have only just noticed the thread after a couple of days away. A big congratulations and very well done from the other side of the world! Even though you had daylight, plenty of altitude and a relatively short distance to a suitable runway on your side, under immense pressure being able to achieve a successful deadstick landing at the end after a series of spirals is another matter that had to involve a highly competent degree of timing and skill. I hope you will be invited to speak of your experience for the benefit of others at safety seminars. Again, very will done sir!!
  9. Mooney in Oz

    7 Antenna

    Can it be painted? I have seen GPS antennas with the warning ‘Do not paint’
  10. Mooney in Oz

    Daytona Gear Incident

    Well done and thanks for sharing Jim. Another one to add to your list of of what you did right is Aviate - Navigate and Communicate. Trying to use your autopilot to assist and have it continually disconnect must have put tremendous stress onto you. If an incident like this happens again and your wife is with you, consider using her as a resource by reading the appropriate checklist to you. I have my checklist for the gotcha things on a laminated card in a pocket next to me for easy access without having to fumble through the POH.
  11. Mooney in Oz

    7 Antenna

    To the trailing edges of the airframe such as elevators, rudder and ailerons.
  12. Mooney in Oz

    Calgary: Piper Navajo lands on city street

    This guy virtually overflew a military airport (Richmond) at close to 7,000 feet that has a 7,000 foot runway and is ILS equipped . ATC offered him Richmond, but he declined and elected to return to Bankstown, which is where the maintenance base was. Never made it. Human Factors - decision making under extreme pressure....This is where we learn.
  13. Mooney in Oz

    Garmin GMX 200 MFD

    Thanks Cris, I don't have that problem. What is happening to mine is when the unit is off on the dark screen, near the top right corner a small triangular shape has appeared similar to some type of delaminate. When the unit is on, the fault can't be seen so I assume it is on the inside of the glass screen.
  14. Mooney in Oz

    Calgary: Piper Navajo lands on city street

    I agree with you Robert and I didn’t mean to sound as though I was casting aspersions. I have some time in Navajos, although many years ago, hence my question. From memory, operation of the fuel pump was no different to our Lyc engine Mooney’s. I assume she was just guessing it was the fuel pump. Having said all that I can understand the speculation as fuel exhaustion is the first question which comes to mind when a twin is the subject of a forced landing.
  15. Mooney in Oz

    Garmin GMX 200 MFD

    Cris, can you please elaborate on what this looks like? I think it’s starting to happen to mine.