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  1. blakealbers

    Money's & Steak

    Thanks for the reply! If all goes well I might take suggestions for other locations....always looking for more reasons to use the mooney [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. blakealbers

    Money's & Steak

    Hello Gentlemen, My passions are Mooney's and Great Beef! I'm always trying to combine my obsessions. My family and I are launching a beef brand, cattle sourced from our farm, hand cut at a family owned processor. I'm wondering what would the interest be in a fly in at KLCG (cheap fuel and common stop for oshkosh traffic) or KMLE (Omaha). Not looking to sell anything just wanna talk Mooney's and Feed ya some good beef. Exposure and a few pics of some good looking planes would be excellent. Let me know if there is interest out there! Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. blakealbers

    VFR flying is it right?

    I routinely fly VFR from KLCG to KOLV which is about 540 nm VFR only but got to canceling too many flights. Working on IFR now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. blakealbers

    GtN 750 procedure turn

    What do you all like using for power settings in the approach Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. blakealbers

    GtN 750 procedure turn

    Appreciate the help! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. blakealbers

    GtN 750 procedure turn

    No that's great, this is all new equipment to me and I only began my instrument training two weeks ago. Was curious if it was a problem I created or a problem via the install. All of this is during VFR no hood, trying to get my speeds settings and nuances of new equipment and such down so I'll do that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. blakealbers

    GtN 750 procedure turn

    GPSS yes, was tracking the course into the IAF, tried NAV mode and approach mode Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hi all, recently had a 750 installed coupled to a KFC 150 on my Mooney Bravo. The GTN will lay out the proper entry into to the procedure turn but once over the initial fix it will just veer off on its own without following the elected course. Was heading south and entering the EHROS way point on RNAV 36 for KLCG Wayne airport. Haven't had a chance to talk to the avionics guy yet but guessing an install problem ?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. blakealbers

    Advice on this particular Bravo for sale

    Ask when the tanks were last sealed. I have a 93 that was completely redone in 2008 from a cosmetic stand point and engine and prop a bit later but I didnt think to ask about tanks. Have had a few troubles. Got it fixed for the time being but a complete reseal is in my future sometime between tomorrow and 2020. I paid 150,000 for 1993 10/10 cosmetics, 160 on engine and prop 890 on Airframe. TKS. Original Avionics.....that looks to be a Beautiful airplane Looks to be a value if it all checks out, plz buy and get it off the mkt to protect the rest of us's equity
  10. blakealbers

    Mooney type recommendations

    I had about 450 hours in a few different planes, Light sport, C172, C182RG, C206 and Piper Warrior before moving into a Bravo. I think i was easier to fly aside from the fact that if you stay on this forum long enough you will never know exactly where you want to run your MP/RPM TIT fuel burn etc etc....Jokes aside I think adding the anxiety of handling a very expensive engine while flying the plane is the biggest hurdle...if you have speed brakes...cant imagine being a low timer flying a Bravo without brakes if there are any out there.
  11. Have had a bit of a flying hiatus from my Bravo, trying to get to work on my instrument rating. Anyone close to the Lincoln airport hit me up.
  12. blakealbers


    Morning guys...I have noticed I cant close up the cowl and pull back the mixture like some of you boys and keep my hottest cylinder under 400. I flew to memphis at 15500 last week had to have cowl about 1/3 open and mixture pulled back to 1535-50 @ 32/2400. Am I alone on this and need to get baffling and such checked out or is this normal ? Cant remember OAT but it was early morning and of course a 3 hour flight @ 15,500 it was nt too hott.
  13. Lately I've noticed my TKS has had a bit on the wing after each flight only by feel not visual. Yesterday it was full on steaming out of the right outboard strip and some accumulating on the left stall strip. Wondering if this system has a setting to keep it primed or if there is something wrong. Last time I used it was January
  14. blakealbers

    Wind shear

    I think i was concerned with the ballooning, and found out that id far rather balloon than drop. Precise, soft landings have always been a point of pride and a "sport" of some sorts for me, so this was frustrating and not to mention could have ended very poorly for the airplane. For a moment there i was truly concerned about how that was going to work out.I came out of a 182 with the barn doors so taking flaps out for wind was common. So it appears about half of you want to maintain normal full flap landing with more power and others think bring more speed and less flaps. Andy I think youre right, I thought i had the the landing made cut the power too early, probably would have floated a long ways had i not but thats a non issue compared to the aerodynamic rug no longer being under you.
  15. blakealbers

    Wind shear

    For starters, not bragging but I have had nothing but greasers in the bravo. I found it much easier to land than a 182 or 206. Today when I was coming in it was 13/gust 23 3 degrees off runway heading. Had the left wing down a bit 2/3rd flaps into the wind high 70s IAS. Light fuel two light people. Things were going well and all the sudden the music stopped. Aerodynamic rug gone. Looking for any advice from high time mooney guys on gusty days, maybe the result would of been the same in the 182 and it was just a fluke. But trying to blame myself and critique before I store that experience in the back of my mind. About 50 hours in mooney. Some gusty and crosswind days with no troubles till today. Any advice would be appreciated.