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Found 96 results

  1. Independencem

    1977 Mooney M20J For Sale

    1977 Mooney 201 M20J $105,000 3388 TT Lycoming IO 360 with just 40 SMOH by Lycon Port & polish providing extra horse power and efficiency. Equipment List Garmin GNS 430W WAAS IFR certified GPS & Nav/Com Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel 4 Place intercom Century III Auto Pilot follows heading, GPS track, ILS and RNAV approach. Altitude hold & vertical speed. JPI EDM 700 Engine monitor. EGT, CHT, Fuel flow, Time remaining and OAT King KX 170B Nav/Com Garmin glide slope ILS Localizer/VOR indicator Slaved to auto pilot Second glide slope ILS localizer/VOR indicator slaved to auto pilot King KT76TSP Transponder King KN64 DME King KR64 ADF Davtron M800 Chronometer (Timer/clock) Sky-Tec high speed starter Engine pre-heater Always hangared Fuselage cover for trips Electric and manual trim 64 Gallon Fuel capacity Extremely well maintained and cared for. 503- three zero two -6525 Close.bmp
  2. Steve Dawson

    1978 Mooney M20J 201

    Re-Listing I've decided to upgrade to a turbo charger/ TKS plane so my 1978 Mooney 201 M20J is back up for sale. Very good condition, very dependable. Only the best parts have been used as well as employing a proven aircraft mechanic who maintains multiple Mooneys in the area. For preventive maintenance it’s undergone Savvy analysis as well as oil analysis for the past 6 years. Just ask for them along with the log books It’s been a pleasure to fly and I can count on 158 KTAS at 8000 ft using 9.7 to 10 GPH @ 2500 rpm. I have flown 165 KTAS at 2600 RPM at approx 12.5 GPH The aircraft was imported to Canada using a local MSC where no known damage was found and the local MSC brought the aircraft to Canadian standards (similar to US). Any possible sale and importation back to the US will be easy and we will help where every possible so those costs would be minimal. Note: All STC’s where completed in the US. Secondly all letters on the side of the 201 are vinyl and are easily removed and replaced. Please note times are approximate because the aircraft is flown often. Specs: -TTSN: 3150 (may change because of use) Engine: -TTSOH 2150 and 965 hours by Penn Yan (see attached WO) -Installed 4 rebuilt cylinders/pistons/rings 520 hours ago to improve oil consumption. Now gets 10 hours/ 1 qt. (Lycoming specs) -Skytech Starter -Plane Power Alternator -Governor rebuilt March 2016 -New Zeftronics VR June 2017 -Tempest Fine Wire Plugs (lower) Note: Will install New "0" TSMOH engine for additional $20,000.00 Prop: TTSN 660 hours (zero timed) (2013) Exterior: -Paint is original and a 7/10. Always kept clean and waxed. -New tires. -The past owner as well as myself have always kept the aircraft in an enclosed hangar. Interior: -New Airtex leather interior with carpets installed 2013. -New sound proofing and insulation installed when interior installed. -Mooney embroidered on headrests and side panels. -Rosen sun visors 2015 Avionics: -Garmin GTN 750 WAAS -GTX 33 Remote- Just needs the ES for ADS-B compliance -GMX 35 Remote audio panel with voice command ready -G106A CDI and GS -BK 155 standby radio with CDI and GS -Garmin 796 hardwired to GTN 750 and inserted in panel but removable -GDL 39 3D remote mounted and hard wired with under mount antenna for great ADS-B reception (125 miles+) -JPI 830 Engine Analyzer -Century llB AP that has been completely rebuilt and has been very dependable -Electric Trim -New panel cut painted and installed March 2017 Log Books available on request. Asking: $93,900.00 US With rebuilt engine from a reputable builder, Asking $113,900.00 US Steve Dawson 519 589 7034
  3. L. Trotter

    Mooney and TBM History

    I don't know about the rest of you , but when I see a TBM I seem to feel an unseen force drawing me in for a closer look. Dare I say they are just down right sexy! Could I be "cheating" on my Mooney. Similar sleek lines, nice shape, fast looking on the ground-faster looking in the air. There was just something familiar about those TBM's. Now I know why. In 1983 Mooney attempted to enter the single engine, pressurize cabin market to compete with the likes of Cessna, Beech and Piper. A single prototype was created (and flown) to FL 250 with a Max speed of 301 MPH. The prototype became know as the Mooney 301. Unfortunately, Mooney came under financial difficulties (again) before formal production could be started. The company was ultimately purchased in 1985 by investors Alec Couvelaire and Armand Rivard - French based. The new owners felt the 301 was to heavy and slow to effectively compete with the up coming rivals. In 1987 a joint venture developed with Daher-Socata, another French company, to design a single engine turboprop utilizing the 301 as a starting point. By 1988 (a year latter) the joint venture produced the first prototype known as the TBM 700. "TB" for Tarbes (French city were Socata is based), "M" for Mooney of course. Plans were made to manufacture the TBM's both in Kerrville, TX (Mooney factory) and in France. Type certification was obtained in 1990, but unfortunately, Mooney continued to experience financial issues and withdrew from the project just 8 months after the type certification was obtained in the US. You guessed it....The rest is history. So now when I see one of those beautiful TBM's taxi by, I realize I am flying nothing less than the little brother. Don't worry, your not cheating. Your just feeling brotherly love. Who would have known.......not a history expert, just a little extra time to read Mooney 301 . TBM 700
  4. My cousin's Mooney M20D went down near Revekstoke BC, Canada, on November 25, 2017. The military has stopped the search and the family is left to do everything we can to bring my cousin (the pilot) and his girlfriend home. We are hearing mixed stories about whether or not a magnetometer may help locate the aircraft. I have read that the Mooney did have steel components. I am looking for opinions regarding the viability of this search option. We have a couple of high probability search areas that we are interested in using this equipment on, if we can get confirmation that search efforts as such are worth while. Rotary and fixed wing, visual searches, haven't been helpful. The high probability areas have been defined using cell phone pings, foreflight information, and last known radar position. Thanks in advance for your insight.
  5. Has anyone got a Mooney M20C turbo in the forum?
  6. stormflyer

    N333MT 1968 F Model

    Has anyone looked at or done a pre-buy on the 1968 F Model For Sale in Alabama, N333MT?
  7. stormflyer

    I have seen that Mooney

    I was thinking how valuable it would be to have a Forum that would provide MooneySpace members a resource for Mooney's that are for sale and have been seen, have had a pre buy, or have personal knowledge of the airplane. Good and bad! I recently, two days ago, went to see a M20K in Delaware that is for sale. I passed on the purchase. And, in spite of having two locals, one a pilot and one a mechanic, telling me how wonderful this Mooney was ... my experience was utter disappointment and disbelief. Looking for an airplane to buy is often an expensive proposition, just like ownership. I just keep thinking to myself that if only someone on MooneySpace had seen this airplane and had posted photos or their honest assessment after seeing the airplane, I could have saved money and we could save others looking for an M20K a lot of money too. I belonged to the Grumman Gang when I owned my Grumman several years ago and we always had volunteers, fellow pilots and aviation friends who would do a "First Look" for us if they happen to be close to the airplane we were interested in. Perhaps the moderators would consider such a Forum to help all of us. With that being said if anyone is looking at N231FG in Delaware, I will be happy to discuss and share photos. I also have the Aero-Space Reports on the airplane ($95). All the best!
  8. Insurance guys, say total loss, adjuster suggested I make a bid, it's back in my hanger, I wonder if a $1.00 would be too high. AHHH. engine has 510 hours on it.
  9. Bought a 1970 M20E project with just under 2000 hours on the airframe. Not going to be able to finish it, needs good home. Built a wing and fuselage stand to easily move it around. Have everything except motor and instruments. I do also have a M20J cowl for this project, also have both the old aluminum one. Only damage is from a tear around an access panel from previous transport. Am located at KLHM (NE of Sacramento). I do have someone that will deliver it; happy to connect buyer with transport services. Would like $7500.00 Cheers, Mike Haag (916) 765-3410
  10. Folks, I'm pitching back into the purchase arena and have narrowed down to a 67 Mooney M20F in Ft Meyers FL. Can you provide recommended pre-buy locations? I'd like a MSC but would settle for a non-MSC if they have lots of experience working on them. Greatly appreciate any assistance Cheers,
  11. Hey guys, after more than 10y. in the US I’m moving back to Germany this August and need an experienced ferry pilot who can fly a M20J along the northern route from the US East coast to MGL in Germany. Any recommendations? Thanks a lot! Tim p.s Plane has 80H on O time factory reman engine, brand new prop overhaul, Dual G5’s, JPI 830, 650, SL30, GTX345, GPSS, etc and is completely restored and maintained.
  12. LASAR and the Lake County Chamber of Commerce are teaming up this year to sponsor the Clear Lake Splash and Fly In September 7-8! For general information, go to You'll be able to register for the event through LASAR by May 30th. Coming soon are updates on all of the events for pilots and co-pilots through LASAR's website at
  13. I am looking for a recommendation for an annual inspection in Bismarck, North Dakota. I have had two shops recommended but neither were from Mooney drivers. They were: Bismarck Aero Center, Inc. and Executive Air in Bismarck in North Dakota Any Bismarck / North Dakota Mooney owners have experience with either of these two? I thank you in advance!
  14. Hi Mooneyspacers. Recently we aquired a 59/60 vintage Mooney M20A. There are parts that we wouldn't need for the reasons we got this aircraft. We have decided to see those parts and sections. I would strongly recommend buyers to come out and see the parts before buying. Aircraft is based at Region of Waterloo International Airport CYKF. I'm not sure going prices for these parts, so nest would to make a fair offer on the parts or sub-sections. Cowles panels Right entrance door Nose gear strut with wheel and tire Some fuselage access panels Cargo aces hatch door Different torque rods with turn buckle ends Aluminum vertical stabilizer (Good Condition) Rudder (Good condition) Horizontal Stabilizer assembly with aft fuselage section (Skin needs repairs on aft fuselage subsection and leading edge of left stability) Front windshield lower retainer strip
  15. Richard Brown was kind enough to write up a story about his families trip to the West Coast Mooney Club fly-in at KPRB on April 14, 2018. It was a spectacular day. Check out his story below and join our club here on Mooney Space and also please join us on the West Coast Mooney Club Group page on Facebook. Enjoy the story below.
  16. I removed my aero safe guardian I standby vacuum pump. 24 volt unit. It was mounted in the rear avionics bay of my my 1995 mooney ovation. looking at the log books, this unit has been installed for many years so the unit is not new. The unit works great as I had to use it twice due to engine mounted vacuum pump failure. The unit was run as a test every couple of months so it is has been maintained in good working condition. the unit weighs 7lb and six ounces. This unit lists for $2,000 at Chief aircraft. I'd like to get $700 and I'll pay shipping in the US.
  17. Hi everyone, I did some browsing around on Mooneyspace tonight and saw that there were no clubs in the club section on the dashboard. That being the case I thought I would start West Coast Mooniac's Club in hopes of reaching out to all Mooney owners and Pilots on the west coast in Southern California. Let's plan some gatherings and get to know one another in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Perhaps with a strong and active membership we can get some vendor support with discounts and give away's throughout the year. Please go to the club section and join me. This could be fun.
  18. MrRodgers

    West Coast Mooniac's Club

    Hi everyone, I did some browsing around on Mooneyspace tonight and saw that there were no clubs in the club section on the dashboard. That being the case I thought I would start West Coast Mooniac's Club in hopes of reaching out to all Mooney owners and Pilots on the west coast in Southern California. Let's plan some gatherings and get to know one another in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Perhaps with a strong and active membership we can get some vendor support with discounts and give away's throughout the year. Please go to the club section and join me. This could be fun.
  19. dtoelke

    M20K 231 in Texas

    Hey folks, After a lot of thought and discussion with others, I've decided to put my 231 up for sale. Unfortunately I'm at a point in my life where I can't fly enough to justify ownership. It's been an absolute joy but I'll be glad to see it go to someone who can afford the time. The details: 1979 Mooney M20K 231 - fresh annual (April 2017), 3128 TT, two total owners (I'm the 2nd), complete logs, and hangared in Southern California for its entire life until last October (now hangared at HYI near Austin, TX) Airframe: Brand new fuel tank reseal by Houston Tank Specialists (Nov 2016), 2006 paint (factory colors), 2006 windows and windshield, wingtip and tail strobes, PreciseFlight speedbrakes Engine: 405 hrs SMOH, 405 hrs SPOH, Turboplus intercooler, PreciseFlight standby vac system, installed new in 2015: turbo, GAMI's, Merlyn wastegate Avionics: EDM830 w/fuel flow, Collins AMR 350 audio panel, TDR 950 transponder, (2) VHF 251 comms, (2) VIR 351 navs, Apollo GX55 GPS, Collins DME, Century 41 autopilot w/altitude hold, sigtronics 2pl intercom, electric trim Extras: Custom sun shades, also will consider selling Stratus 2, RAM iPad mount, and two Bose headsets with the plane The plane flies great and the engine monitor indications always read healthy. Last two annuals were performed at a Mooney service center in Southern California. I've attached pictures to this post (note: I took the pictures when I dropped the plane off for the annual, so it's a bit dirty and I am not a professional photographer by any measure!) I'm asking $85,000. If you are interested please contact All American Aircraft at (830) 261-4147. Best, -Don N231BZ-vref.pdf
  20. jazztheglass

    Trivial pursuit

    I am writing questions for this week's pub trivia and thought you guys might like these: Tell me the mascot of each of these sports teams. Each is a model of airplane Standford Southern Mississippi and/or Marquette Florida State San Diego State Golden State (NBA) Valparaiso Ohio University Southern Methodist University Indiana (NBA) Xavier
  21. Powertow EZ40 - Vero Beach Fl area I have a used Powertow EZ40 set up for my Mooney for sale. The unit in in good condition generally and works very well. The only issue is the tire losing pressure after a few days - probably needs reseating or maybe the valve. Reply directly or via email at Thanks, Bob
  22. 2001 Mooney Bravo M20M for sale $220,000 N1048D, 810 TTAE, 100 SPOH, NDH, wWhite/Blue, always hangered, all records, standard equipment plus Garmin GNS 530 WAAS with terrain and traffic, 430 WAAS, both GPS Garmin overhauled 2015, WX-500 Stormscope with display on 530W, GTX330ES with ADS-B out, KFC-225 fully coupled autopilot, KCS-55A HSI with Flight Director, backup electric AI with battery backup, JPI EDM-700 analyzer, XM weather receiver, GAMI injectors, four place intercom, Reiff preheat system, last annual 08/2017, compressions 76,77,78,77,76,76, new oxygen tank 2017, four place oxygen, two new batteries 2017, Alt/Xpndr check 8/2017. Bruce cockpit cover. $220,000. Bob Mininni, 610-613-0688, I also have a Powertow EZ40 listed separately. p.s. Will provide pictures shortly.
  23. Hey Mooniacs! Just wanted to let you know we are looking for stories of your favorite flight, favorite LASAR experience, or just how you came to own a Mooney. For those who share their story before the end of 2017, you will be entered into a contest to win $500 in parts or service with LASAR! Submit your story and enter to win at:
  24. rocketman

    Mooney Summit V

    The follow will be published in an upcoming local newspaper in Panama City Beach. Mooney Summit really made a real big "splash" in the area. Mooney Summit V The Mooney Summit is a 501 ©3 organization established in Panama City Beach in 2012 by Ron Dubin and Mike Elliott to promote safety and educational seminars to Mooney Pilots worldwide. Before I begin to explain what the Mooney Summit is about, you should probably know something about a Mooney airplane. A Mooney is the lesser known of the big four airplanes certified in the US. Everyone has heard of Cessna, Piper and Beechcraft but not Mooney. And why you ask? Perhaps that the Mooney is a single engine 4-seat niche aircraft designed to fly extremely fast and efficient, with characteristics of flight only experienced pilots can fly. They are all made in small numbers in Kerrville, Texas and named after the inventor – Al Mooney in the late 50’s. They are extremely safe when flown properly and are built with similar safety and performance designs as Boeing jets. A turbocharged Mooney can fly at altitudes as high as 25,000 feet and reach speeds up to 280 mph true air speed. Anyways, now to the Mooney Summit V Our mission is to “Better the Breed”, making Mooney pilots better stewards of our airplanes as well as interacting within the National Airspace. Our meeting this year was held at several locations throughout the city from September 29-October 1 and included 161guests, pilots and spouses from all across the US and even from London, England. This event is gaining in popularity throughout the Mooney community due to the uniqueness of the program. Everything is provided free to all attendees including subject expert speakers from the FAA, industry, and other leaders in aviation. All our food, entertainment, dinners, breakfasts, and even lodging to many of our attendees in 18 beach front condominiums and homes are free. Our Friday evening socials at my penthouse condo at Origin at Seahaven is a very popular event which earmarks the groups return to PCB and features fabulous catered meals and drinks. Earlier that day was airport day at the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport which features experts in formation flying and other topics followed by a formation flight of 5 Mooney’s over the airport and city. This event was open to the public and put on by Lee Fox and Bucko Strehlow. Saturday and Sunday conferences were held at the Seahaven Conference Center and were led off with an introduction to the city by Mayor Mike Thomas. The topics discussed were very informative and helpful. These included the safety and regulations of flying to Cuba including FAA paperwork, overwater flying and safety equipment required. One speaker spoke passionately about a recent experience which occurred over Canadian airspace where he completely passed out due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning and crash landed the plane. This occurred in an isolated area during the winter months and required survival tactics similar to the techniques used in the current movie, “The Mountain Between Us.” The importance of having a CO detector in a plane (as well as in homes) was an important take home message. Engine performance and analysis of evaluating potential engine problems was a lecture from Ron New, Savvy Aviation, Las Vegas, NV Saturday evening all the participants and family members were treated to a dinner at the Runaway Island restaurant compliments of Mooney International. Awards, silent auctions, and speakers from the Mooney factory were the highlights of the evening while underneath the glow was the appreciation of the factory’s continued support for the existing fleet of all the Mooney’s in the world. Early Sunday morning was the second formation flight, this time over the beaches from pier to pier. Most beach goers who saw the event probably noticed the one thing that is unique to Mooney’s – the design of the tail that looks like it’s on backwards. But backwards it is not, the tails unique design gives the plane its wonderful and sexy appeal while outperforming all other planes with their normal looking tails. Other events during the Mooney Summit V included a free companion flying course given by a local certified pilot instructor Ron Jarmon. Non flying spouses were given an entire day instructional course on how to land a Mooney in the event of the pilot becoming unable to land. They were taught such things as who to call on the radio for help, how to navigate to an airport and the proper ways to set up for a landing. Ron also has one of the most advanced flight simulators ever made and housed at the PCB airport and demonstrated this to the attendees. Max Gurgew, a pilot examiner for the FAA from Birmingham, Alabama, is an annual speaker due to his entertaining abilities while educating us on the proper ways to fly an instrument approach to an airport while in the clouds and fog. Bruce Landsburg is the nominee from President Trump to serve as Vice Chair of the National Transportation Safety Board and spoke on true confessions of pilot errors. Another speaker spoke on ditching procedures and survival techniques over long distance water flying. The Mooney Summit has established the Bill Gilliand Foundation to provide emergency crisis intervention and financial assistance for downed Mooney Pilots’ immediate families. Unique in general aviation, Mooney owners are not only bonded together by the planes we all fly but as well as this foundation for the caring and compassion towards Mooney families. Bill Gilliand was a VP of Simon Properties (owners of Pier Park) and was killed in a Mooney accident in 2013. Mike Elliott, the co-founder of the Summit, was a passenger in the plane but survived. We decided to make this foundation a tribute to Bill and his family. As we came to a close on that Sunday October 1, the weather was low overcast clouds and very windy. But this did not dampen anyone’s spirit as we all talked about the return of the Mooney Summit VI from September 28-30, 2018 and how this conference has become, in five years, the largest gathering of Mooney owners in the world. Ronald S. Dubin, M.D. You can also review a past newspaper article on the Mooney Summit V
  25. Airplane_Intel

    Mooney Owners Wanted

    My name is Adam. I'm a pilot, A&P, and host of an aviation podcast for aircraft owners. I'm looking for a Mooney owner that is interested in doing a short audio interview to share their experiences about what it's like to own a Mooney for an upcoming podcast episode.We typically cover topics such as cost of ownership, maintenance, and operations with the hope of helping future aircraft owners get the information they need to make smarter decisions with their aircraft. We cover all types of aircraft on our show, from the Grumman Yankee to the Cessna Citation, but our listeners want to learn more about the Mooney!The interview will be featured on an upcoming podcast episode that will appear in iTunes, Stitcher, Sound Cloud, YouTube, Facebook, and our website. Learn more about the show by Googling Airplane Intel Podcast.We can record an audio interview via Skype, or if you live in central Florida, we can put together a video interview featuring you and your airplane.If you're interested, let me know.