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  1. We’ve had at least one Rocket/Missile in the Caravan at least for the last 15 years. The post-mass arrival long (very long) taxi makes it easier to avoid what happened to Seth, since you can watch a similar aircraft traverse the same ground before you do. The grounds do dry relatively quickly, but it seems the last couple years have been wetter. Maybe we will get a much-deserved break this year.
  2. Sounds like an expensive lesson!
  3. A technique I picked up after a Citation stall/spun here trying to do a takeoff 180 to “save the door” because the crew missed the latch is to never leave the door closed but unlatched. So mine had two positions: All the way open, and closed and locked. Doesn’t mean I can’t still forget it, but I’m much less likely to miss a fully extended door.
  4. Their marketing is addressed elsewhere, but to many of that cult’s adherents, it’s magic. And for when it stops, that’s why one needs the ‘chute. ‘Nuff said ‘bout that.
  5. Seriously, the market confirms that the Plastic Fantastic must have some appeal, right? It’s like the whole F-150/Chevy/Ram debate...or the guys who hate 911s, Miatas or Corvettes. But the reality is they’re all good or they wouldn’t be around. So define your mission and fly what you like that fits it. I know fellow J owners who’ve gone to experimentals, Beeches, Cessna twins, Meridian/TBM and even a CJ3 jet. The only unhappiness (assuming prepurchase due diligence is done) is when the flying days are over. Fly what you like!
  6. YES! Even such thoughts are blasphemous. Now, thou must seek forgiveness. Book of Laminar Flow, 3:35.
  7. Paying forward the generosity and support of our B2Osh colleagues that enabled us to move to an all-form format, the Caravan supported both the Cherokees and Cirri mass arrivals by hosting them as elements within our mass flight. In 2015 we prepared and presented to Cirrus Lead the below commemorative plaque depicting their anticipated 2016 inaugural mass arrival.
  8. Good of you to share this, Seth. Rotation speed, climb rate and speed during climb out, and all speed and configuration changes are integral part of any preflight brief. There are briefing card formats that walk through these and other issues to ensure they’re not overlooked. Use an interval takeoff instead of an element takeoff. This is common, especially between dissimilar aircraft types. A couple years ago the Caravan moved to this, although B2Osh still does element takeoffs. There has been enough written about the dangers of putting dissimilar aircraft close together, from the B
  9. Look familiar? Yeah, three of us parked long enough to order so when we landed after formating we didn’t have to wait in line for our food. We also met Chad, a new M20F owner I hope makes it to our MS community. Waypoint is a fantastic restaurant, but the downside can be the crowds...”number 4 cleared to land behind the yellow gyroplane” is NOT what you want to hear when setting up your flight for a safe break to landing.
  10. What, you think all that sunshine is FREE?
  11. Um, joking... I’ve not installed VGs on my Mooney just because I’ve prioritized other things. But l have flown enough other high-performance aircraft to know VGs work, are absolutely worth the trade-offs (haven’t seen empirical, material top-end losses) and are the closest thing I’ve seen to “free performance” in aviation. And yes I’ve got some speed mods and the data supporting (or not) them. It’s self-evident that a VG-equipped wing will always outperform a “clean” wing in the slow flight regime, that’s aerodynamics. That said, l don’t wash ‘em, either, just fly ‘em. The only aircraft
  12. Worked at a motorcycle dealership through college and we had a used Kawasaki GPz 750 Turbo that had been breathed on: More boost, intake/exhaust, etc. Stock, these bikes were for a time the quickest quarter-milers. That one was a streetable monster and I wish I’d just bought it instead of worrying about college and grad school. Priorities!
  13. And make it REALLY hard to wash and wax your wings... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Most recently, Elizabeth Holmes... To be fair, Tesla has spearheaded a market and delivered remarkable technologies that have reshaped an industry. That said, many, many first-movers and innovators eventually have been ground into dust by the big players in their industries — or just been acquired. There is a lot of blocking and tackling that must be done, mundane but critical things that take discipline, engaged teams, and infinite resources. As any Mooniac knows firsthand, if having the technically “best” product automatically assured long-term market domination, we wouldn’t be exchang
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