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  1. I hear this all the time (not just with Mooneys). I always ask: “Why?” To date I’ve yet to receive a substantive answer based on real data or verifiable facts. It’s always OWT, inapplicable to NA flat engines, or some opinion-based belief, not objective.
  2. Didn’t you receive a PayPal confirmation of your registration payment?
  3. For me, safety is paramount in ANY aviating. I’ve never been in a brief where anyone critiqued on Blue Angels-type tightness, which would also violate the “no overlap” rule. I wouldn’t fly with any yahoo insisting on such overlap either. Nor have I observed or would permit any encouragement of a newbie to decrease their self-imposed comfort level. Being in the CORRECT position, which is not the same as “close,” IS important. Being where one is supposed to be indicates (1) skill and (2) discipline. These characteristics are essential to safe formation flight...and pretty useful for ALL flying. There are correct and safe positions for traveling as opposed to “parade.” Flying as part of a large group to and from Oshkosh, for example, is a very fun — and less risky — way to get across the country. One always has a friend around, and the whole team benefits from that mutual support.
  4. Overlap is verboten. Think “shoes in shoeboxes” - if the boxes never touch, the shoes never touch. Draw a 3D box around your airplane’s outer boundaries. Imagine a similar box around every other airplane. Now ensure no part of the box around you touches any other box. If the boxes never touch, the items in the box can’t either. Those that formate regularly know that, once your skills progress, closer is easier. But this is also tempered by the above and also by the facts that we have no chutes, restricted vision (compared to a canopied aircraft), most of us aren’t current military formation pilots, and it is supposed to be fun, after all. And it IS!!
  5. Welcome to an extremely fun - and professional - group of pilots. I am always proud to fly with the Texas Wing...Keepin’ It Tight!!
  6. NOW we have the REAL reason! Where is Sam Elliott, THAT will get sales back on track! #Oscarrobbery2019 #Whycanteveryoneinmedialooklikeme?
  7. At least you didn’t hear “hey, gear up” when what your captain actually said was “hey, cheer up!”
  8. I got that line too and shopped harder, next quote received was lower than last year’s premium.
  9. I fly out of KVNY a lot. They are real pros, as good as or better than any you’ll find anywhere. And they’re also great to work with, very pleasant. I’ve been to plenty much less busy places where controllers have had far less patience and grace.
  10. Right now KVNY down to one runway, so this shut down the busiest GA airport in the country. I know of two corporate jets that had to divert, and I’m sure there were a bunch!
  11. It’s true that Cirrus sold hundreds of planes with chutes, but such airframe modifications are extremely expensive and time-consuming. Focus on those buyers—do we think 100% of them only bought because of that feature? That’s unlikely. But even if only 10% of those buyers would consider an airplane without a chute, and bought a Mooney, that would double or triple Mooney sales. Based on how many of us choose to fly planes without chutes, I’ll bet the number of Cirrus buyers who would consider an un-chuted plane to be much more than 10%. Mooney has to reach those people looking at a new Cirrus in 2019 and 2020, and close them.
  12. THIS! This is also good advice on the maintenance side of ownership. Find someone experience who is willing to share knowledge and help. From Georgia, Don Maxwell in TX is not far by Mooney. Welcome to a great community. For ANY new PPL, suggest you keep asking questions and learning, don’t accept Old Wives’ Tales, and try to keep expanding your skills and experience. The education is really just starting ...
  13. Hear, hear...some great formators up in NorEast already ... bet some of us Best Coasters/Gunfighters would be willing to help out again! And as mentioned for TX, there are more experienced Caravan Formators all over now from which to draw...
  14. What is condition of mag/ignition components? After various techniques/plugs/timing remedies/OWTs, bullet bitten = mag OH remedied my issues.