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  1. N9201A

    Landing a Mooney - Safety Culture

    There are a ton of companies working on the equivalent of VTOL Uber-type vehicles. As for me, I want my Jetsons Flying Car!!
  2. N9201A

    Landing a Mooney - Safety Culture

    Great thread...True, there are many tricks and techniques. But they will only be in OUR bag if we put them there ... BEFORE we need them! Flying the same hour 2,000 times or always doing it the same way “because that what my CFI taught me” doesn’t add much more to the bag. Get out and try new stuff (with help and safely).
  3. We all rely on someone, here's an example of why my wife is a rockin' Mooney spouse...thanks for the gift, honey! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  4. N9201A

    Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    I have flown form with a C that has the 201 nose/windscreen mods, on his 180 HP he stayed on my wing at 145 knots TAS. It’s impressive; those aerodynamic tweaks make a big difference.
  5. N9201A

    2018 Mooney Caravan

    Nicely done! What everyone wants: A well-executed, event-less mission. Thanks for sharing.
  6. N9201A

    AirVenture followup - vintage bladders

    The team that video’d it - courtesy of our new colleague who announced the arrival - said they’d post it once edited over the weekend. I will get it to all Caravaners once released.
  7. Same number - 61 - came in as departed Madison, but we came in on Sunday (not Saturday as scheduled) due to weather delay. First element landed within 20 seconds of the 1730 slot given to Mooney Lead by OSH Tower. Nice job!
  8. N9201A

    Teens going to Oshkosh?

    I’ve not gotten final number, but from eyeballing it, there’s >20 youths in the Caravan this year...awesome!
  9. That used to be true. We renumbered to conform with FFI/FAST practice where "2" is the less-experienced wing.
  10. You know what No. 3 means, Chocks? Closest to the crowds! Make your element Lead look good ... especially THAT one, or you will never hear the end of it here!
  11. N9201A

    Cross the Atlantic with a Mooney

    I have met two people who done a transatlantic round trip from the US: One alone in a J and one with his wife in an F. Personally, my engine always seems to sputter nearly imperceptibly when I cross the Pacific to Catalina (26 miles, climb to 6500 or better enroute) but plenty of people have crossed big water in a piston single. I imagine things are much better with GPS and satellite phones too. Heck, probably have plenty of time to catch up on MooneySpace enroute...
  12. N9201A

    Teens going to Oshkosh?

    My now-16 yo son has gone since 2006, and his now-19 yo sis since 2008. They're far from the only kids who've "grown up" in the Caravan and at OSH. My daughter did Women Soar, an amazing program for high school girls, and there is the museum, seaplane base, KidVenture, the drone, ultralight, and college recruiting areas...as long as they have a phone and a charger (gotta learn the places to recharge), I honestly cannot think of a safer place for teens to hang out in America today than AirVenture. And if they self-identify and leave their Caravan nameplates on, they'll have friends wherever they go.
  13. Wow! Quite a crowd! Look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones...