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  1. I have a friend here in central Texas with 2 Bravo's looking to part with one of them if the price is right. I think he's in the $180k range. DM me your contact info, and I'll get you two talking if you'd like.
  2. Worked like a champ! Those waterjet panels came out kickass. So start with a piece of carboard, for a rough shape and use pieces of paper with your gauge dimensions on them, and start laying out. A couple of things to take into consideration. 1) There are vertical "support" structures behind your panel, that you have to work around. So first is finding where you can't put gauges. 2) If you can get your hands on an existing cad file of a generic panel layout for your plane, this will save you a step, maybe several. IF you can get your hands on that CAD file, then find a local laser en
  3. Is there any aversion to doing some quick spritzs of carb cleaner at the potential intake leak spots to verify during idle?
  4. IF they ever make one, where the gear goes away, my choice might change. But I'll be happy with just being able to modify a shortbody into a race plane one day.
  5. Ahh! Gotcha. Just wanted to make sure.
  6. Hey @Will.iamyou saw these too right?
  7. I can 100% attest to the amazingness of this service by SWTA! I don’t want to spoil all the truly impressive things I got out of receiving that log report, with details. But just know, it was so good, I think we should be suggesting it as a pre-buy necessity for everyone. And for your records, it’s later so thanks @gsxrpilot for the referral.
  8. I agree. The much thicker rear section is the key there! Noticed it as well in the close up shot. I’ll check part numbers for sure, but this might be good news.
  9. Wasn’t in my wheelhouse at all until I got a copy of FSX from a family member. I mean I had long gone family in aviation, but I just liked airplanes, never thinking I would ever fly one. 1 year after “flight simming” it, the wife thought I should try the real thing and she got me a discovery flight for my 33rd birthday. I was nervous, but excited. The moment the wheels came off the ground, I was utterly smitten. I was an aviation addict from that moment and have been chasing that high ever since. Then, @gsxrpilottook me for a formation flight in his Mooney in 2015, and turned m
  10. Any clues with this shot? Looks pretty symmetrical on this one.
  11. Money well spent for a chance to take a ride in that rocketship! And hopefully to hear some stories about his best friend that might help me be a worthy new owner of the airplane.
  12. I'm worried I'm going to fall in love with Tom... be still my heart. ;p
  13. I have to revive this topic. I'm looking to upgrade a 1964 E with a GFC500 autopilot and I ran into 2 issues that sparked this research. First, the serial number is too early of an E to be included in the STC for the Garmin autopilot... yet. Rumor is that they will add it soon. However, having said that, it raised a couple of questions that I am unable to answer on my own and wanted to see if any of you could help. This '64 E, came with a factory installed ARC512 autopilot (I think just like that weird Cessna one from back then). Apparently the aileron forces were too strong and the
  14. So I'm trying to close on a hangar in May at HYI that will have space for 1 more, unless you're all set up. I'll message you my contact info too.
  15. Austinite here too. I'll keep an eye out. I might know of a factory Encore that could be available.
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