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  1. Any recommendations for a place to get the 100 hour Eddy Current Inspection done in the New Braunfels TX area? Also my pitot static inspection is coming up too, recommendations on that as well. thanks,
  2. I've had this problem consistently. It just happened the other day and all I did was slid the passenger seat back to make it easier to get to the pilot's side. Additionally this was the first flight back from annual where the mechanic told me he had fixed the seat. The seat seems to slide back ok but jams and is pretty much not going move forward. I have noticed that when ever the seat jams, the seat back is also locked in place. It is impossible to flip/fold the seat back forward to gain access to the rear seats. What I've found is that the right pin (as looking forward from the back of
  3. Thanks everyone for all the information and advice. It's been very awesome getting all the responses and is very welcomed. Just wanted to say that I was intending on talking to my AME first. I guess I kind of consider them one and the same (AME vs FAA) in my head. They (AME's) can give advice without having to report a pilot's questions to the FAA?
  4. I caught covid in mid January. It was a pretty good wallop but not as bad as some and certainly not as bad as those that ended up in the hospital. My experience was similar to Orionfit. it was like a 3-4 day cycle. It would hit me hard then I would start to feel better, almost like I'd thrown it and then wham it would knock me back down. Unfortunately soon after it past and I was back at work, I developed a DVT and then shortly after that a PE (a "quite small" PE according to the docs but still a PE). I had my last follow up appointment yesterday and have been prescribed blood thinners
  5. That would make a lot of sense as last year when I renewed the agent I was working with at falcon was surprised they even responded to her rfq; and how low the quote was. I almost didn't go with them because the quote was in the "too good to be true" range what with me being new to mooneys and not having a lot of hours in make and model. Sounds like I got in on the tail end of an initiative on XL's part to grab more of the GA market. In any event I have a couple of months before my current policy expires to find new insurance.
  6. No reason was given. It was a generic letter. I went through Falcon and the final company ended up being XL. They may just want to get out of the market.
  7. Just got a letter yesterday from my insurance company stating they will not be renewing the policy in February.
  8. wow, they've come down then. Last time i did it with them and they wanted $375. thanks for the update.
  9. Once again it's time to start looking for a shop that will do a 100 hr Eddy current inspection. Moving to the B hub is still a bit out of reach as far as AMU's are concerned. Any recommendations in the West or Central Texas, Eastern New Mexico, Southern Kansas, Oklahoma area? The two most local places to me last time were quoting in the .5 AMU range...
  10. I'll check, your are correct when there's no weight they work fine and when i'm carrying a buddy of mine who's like 6'2" 230 they work as well. it seems to do it the most when the wife is riding along or someone who's lighter weight.
  11. I believe i'm having a similar problem with the seats, particularly the co-pilot's seat, in m 62c as well. I'm finding that when anyone who rides with me, who doesn't weigh in around the 200 lb range, tries to adjust the seat. something happens that causes the seat to jam on the rails and from that point on the seat will not go forward or back on the rails and the seat back is locked in the upright position as well. This makes entering and exiting the plane an exercise in contortion. The only way I've found to relieve this is to pull the pins on the seat back. Some how doing this will rel
  12. It's been a while since anyone posted to this thread. Has anyone had any updates? I'm keenly interested in replacing my gauges as well
  13. Hello All, It's time for my bird to get a deep refresh. My time frame is about a year out. Any recommendations/suggestions for a good reputable paint shop in the Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado area? The closer to the high plains area of west Texas the better. Thanks,
  14. Thanks much everyone. I did a quick google search and see that .2 ppm is the normal level in the air. the levels are negligent in flight so it sounds like the CO is creeping in when the gear doors are down. I'll keep monitoring it with the suggestions here and get back
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