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  1. Hello everyone, half a year ago, I have purchased a 1995 M20J MSE. I have been flying for ~20 years but have no aviation mechanical background - but a willingness to learn. 25 flight hours after the annual, I have performed my first oil change, and it went "okay" (meaning that, I now know how to avoid the mess next time :-) Soon enough, my first 50h inspection will be coming up, and I would like to do that myself - and I'm legal to do so here in Europe. The checklist I have for that (taken from the approved maintenance manual) is the following, where I have marked in red a couple of
  2. Hi Mooney fans! Im from Advanced Aviation Reno Inc and we are a dealership and install facility for Dynon certified, Trutrak autopilots, Avidyne, Trig Avionics, JPI and Surefly ignition systems! We love all Mooneys and we work on them all the time. We've been waiting on TruTrak finishing certification on the Mooney variant of their autopilots but after chatting today with our contact at Dynon, it seems highly likely that the Dynon autopilot for the HDX may be ready at the same time, if not before! (I presume TT and Dynon may have been working together?who knows) We can also do
  3. Hi all, I'm having an odd electrical issue and I'm hoping someone has an M20R wiring diagram or can offer some insight on how this might be happening. I have LED nav lights installed a year ago from Aero-Lites - It's a model they don't sell any more. The left one does not turn off when the nav light switch is turned off in the plane. I started pulling breakers to see what other circuits could be causing this. It appears that the only breaker required to power them normally is the 40A Right Aux one - Is the switch also a breaker? Now the really odd part. The juice that keeps
  4. 2019 MooneyMAX Registration Form.pdf MooneyMAX Registration Form As we are nearing the Maintenance Conference scheduled for June 6-9, Registrations are coming in daily now. The Hilton Hotel Reservation System's policy is to cut off registration earlier than the conference; however, by calling the Hilton Garden Inn Direct and stating it's for MooneyMAX, they will continue to take your hotel registration and honor the discounted price of $119 which includes a large full breakfast buffet which be served in the Convention area specifically for our attendees. The following is a
  5. 2019 MooneyMAX Conference - June 6-9 Update on sponsors and supporters: Mooney International Tippin Aviation Services, Tennessee AeroSmith Paint All American Aircraft Concorde Battery Corp. Electro Air Houston Tank Kelly Aerospace Mooney Caravan Mooney Girls Premier Aircraft Sales Midwest Mooney Sales Zeftronics Lightspeed Aviation Whelen WAT Aircraft Specialties CamGuard Paint Schemers Power Flow Systems, Inc. Sky Ox King Schools Tippin Aviation Services, T
  6. Happy Sunday, I am looking at purchasing a J model Mooney in Hartford, CT and need some recommendations for a shop to do a pre purchase on the plane. I have heard of Reliant Air in Danbury but that is about it, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Charles
  7. We are looking to share the new expansion to the entire Mooney Community. What are you looking for? What are you interested in doing in the near future? Please give us an opportunity to earn your work and make a good difference not only with your aircraft, but throughout the community as well. We can accommodate your needs from an annual to a full avionics stack upgrade. We are running several different specials and are booking installations for the upcoming ADS-B mandate that is right around the corner in 2020. Give us a shot, you will NOT be disappointed!!! Shoot me an email, text or
  8. Hey guys! I wanted to let our customers (current and potential) know we're all caught up! We're no longer behind struggling to catch up. Tamara is also back to work regularly. 2017 has been an interesting year: we sold our home, purchased the new one, moved in and are as settled as we can be with the light remodeling. With that said, if you need maintenance now is the time to come to us! We're wide open after Christmas - which is not a good place to be if we want to keep our doors open. If you don't have a maintenance need, please pass the word along for us! We hope all of you have a Merry Chr
  9. Hi All, So I just went through an exercise in taking my new (to me) mooney and reviewing all the logs for AD compliance as well as all the other maintenance items such as ELT batteries, VOR checks, Transponder, etc. I wanted to do this to convince myself that everything was ok. I found 1 AD that was past due (a month) and one that was due in 11 hours and then need to check the new AmeriKing ELT AD when I get out to the hanger because I could find no where in the logs where it noted what kind of ELT was installed. All of that aside, I was wondering what the best way was for a pilot t
  10. I had a case of severe morning sickness a week ago, see attached JPI graph, the log was started about 30 seconds after start, it appear to only be running on 1 cylinder, which is rather impressive. I've had this before but it's always been on cold mornings After it recovered everything was normal, I flew it for another 20 hours and engine ran great, I put in some Marvel Mystery Oil and flew for an hour today, then changed oil, any other preventive measures I can do?
  11. So what are the differences and who can work on what? Let's use a fuel servo as an example or magnetos
  12. If your TKS-equipped Mooney has over 2,000 hours, then it's time to send in your pump for preventative maintenance checks and services. Call the TKS Repair Station at 913-738-5397 for more information.
  13. King KAS297A Altitude Selector Maintenance Manual View File Similar to KAS297B but without vertical speed. Revision 3 July 2002 Submitter floridaflyer Submitted 08/23/2016 Category Avionics  
  14. Okay, so I did my first oil change and cut the filter, now how do i get the paper part out?
  15. Is anyone able to make a recommendation for a quality shop in or near south central Texas for a 1966 Mooney M20C? I used to have service completed at Dugosh; however, they have lost almost all of their Mooney experts and have increased their prices by 30% in the last year.
  16. So I've been flying my plane for a couple of months now and am starting to get used to it. But as I am getting more familiar with it I'm starting to notice a few things that I didn't before I bought it. When starting, typically when I engage the starter it doesn't kick the bendix out on the first try but it always always does the second time. I am planning on getting some silicone spray lubricant and squirting it in and am hoping that will work for a while. Second is that I have an ADF but it doesn't work; I was thinking of just taking the antenna off. I can easily just un-hook the
  17. I'm a new M20J owner after much research and digging around. I've seen maintenance manuals on line for older model mooneys, and references for J's but dead links or otherwise dead ends. Anyone have lead on getting either pdf or purchase a Service & Maintenance model to support... SN is 24-594. Thanks.
  18. Purchased my M20K/Encore conversion last October. Been loving it ever since. But I've noticed the electric trim has been intermittent a few times, getting worse over time. Really screwed me up on short final the other day, so I had it looked at and it appears the servo has issues. The bad news from my mechanic: Anyone know of any other options for getting this servo replaced or overhauled? I'd love to not spend an additional $6k so soon on this airplane! Cheers, Nicholas
  19. I recently needed to repair a leak in my right tank and needed to order tank sealant, access cover sealant and top coat. Aircraft Spruce's prices were quite high and didn't exactly have what I needed. I checked everybody on the web and Sky Geek's website showed they had everything I needed at a reasonable price and the web site indicated that everything was in stock and ready for immediate shipment. So I submitted my order at 11:00 AM Arizona time last Monday. By one o'clock I still didn't have an order confirmation or shipping information, so I called them up. They said everything would be sh
  20. I'm looking for the right fuel additive for AVGAS I love mooneyland.com. I'd rather say: I loved mooneyland.com because it was a great source of information... The design was obviously not Zef's priority, but the articles were worth every minute of reading ... Now the content of the site is GONE... In one article, Zef was talking about the fuel additives he was using. Can anyone remind me what is was? Thanks, Olivier
  21. I have been searching for the most recent maintenance manual (Rev 10-83) for my 68C with no success. I have found several manuals, to include parts and maintenance, for 67 models and below. Does anyone have a digital copy of a MM for the 68C even if it is not the latest revision? Also, if anyone needs the manuals for 67 and below I can share those if you need them.
  22. MOONEY AIRCRAFT OWNERS FORUM at EAA Oshkosh 2013 Monday, 7/29/2013 - 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM - Forum Pavilion 08 NATCA Wednesday, 7/31/2013 - 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM - Forum Pavilion 08 NATCA All current and future Mooney Pilots and Enthusiasts are invited to attend this panel discussion covering model specific Mooney Operations, Maintenance, Safety, Training, aeromedical issues, insurance, and owner support networks. This forum is facilitated and sponsored by: Mooney Pilots Association, Mooney Service Centers, Mooney Specific Flight Instructors, the Mooney Ambassadors, Vintage Mooney G
  23. Guys, Over the last year, I've been searching for a good software solution to better manage my Mooney. All that I found was some web subscription products that was more geared toward large fleets and not us Part 91 aircraft owners. I've been using spreadsheets and that was getter really old. So started working with a software developer to create one. My goal was to create something that would keep my data on my computer, not some cloud system that there's no telling what they can and will do with your data. So I wanted to control my data. I considered developing something for the
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