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  1. I remember that post, it was actually revived some maybe 2 weeks ago. I keep up with yourself and other here on MS, Gsxrpilot also as a 252 owner, even watched his youtube videos .
  2. Had the shop follow the Mooney 100 hour inspection at prebuy which included a borescope check of the engine, plane had regular maintenance, oil changes done on time, annuals on time, Blackstone oil analysis was done, went through the logbook. I've also read service bulletin SB03-3 but I am no A/P, just wanted to educate myself. I purchased the plane with a strong over TBO engine and lack of modern avionics but that was all worked into the purchase price.
  3. I've been following you here on MS because I knew the day was coming when you would post about doing the Encore conversion. Just bought my 252 and she has 1881 hours but the compression are all in the 70's except 1 cylinder( 64). I guess I'll have to start searching for the necessary parts to do my conversion but if you don't mind I would be glad to get as much info about the parts list. Also on my way back I tried your 25/25 and lean to 9.9GPH 13.5K East bound last week and I could only get my plane to 10.1GPH before a bit of noticeable vibration. Then again I had to contend with the win
  4. How long did it take to gather up the landing gear parts needed for the Encore conversion?
  5. What about the O2 ports on your What about your O2 ports on your K? Or did your K not come with built in O2?
  6. Do you have GAMI injector's? I'm picking up my 252 this week and the seller said he runs 30" MP, 2500 RPM and LOP to 10.5-10.6 on the Shadin FT101. SO good to see that M20J numbers are possible to get out of the bigger 252 engine.
  7. I hope that means there's parts available for the 252------Encore conversion.
  8. I did my Instrument rating within 3 weeks in a Mooney, I did prep for the written before going to the school so that I could focus only on flight time. I prefer the part 141 structure and that was a discussion I had with the school since they operated part 61. They cleared the Mooney for the 3 weeks and I was able to get my Instrument rating. I was committed because my time was limited and I was determined to get the rating before I took my family in our new to me Mooney especially living in the NE.
  9. I believe that's the same company I used also for the prebuy on my J from the same seller as well. I don't think there named Montgomery Aviation anymore.
  10. Don Kaye http://www.donkaye.com/donkaye.com/Flight_Instruction.html Not sure if he's taking on new students because of the COVID 19. doesn't hurt to check with him. He's also a member and active on Mooneyspace.
  11. With a bathroom break, grabbing lunch, stretching, 40 gallons is right in line with some passengers bladder.
  12. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N3440N https://flightaware.com/resources/registration/N3440N
  13. Hi

    I have a GNS530A with high output com (16w) for $4000. I also can built you a complete wiring harness or help with audio panel  etc. THe advantage of installing a GNS530 would be that in the future you wouldn't have to change anything for the IFD550 install. I just did a complete ASPEN, GNS430W, KX125, PM6000 stack with plug and play harness for a fellow Mooneyspacer. If you are interested you can give me a call @ 760 424 2058 if you are interested.


    1. J Bird

      J Bird

      Frank is the 530A WAAS or is the difference only that it has the 16w vs 10w?

    2. Schinderhannes


      It is not WAAS the A is for the 16w com. 530w’s are closer to twice the price.


    3. J Bird

      J Bird

      Frank my concern is finding an avionics shop to do the install.

  14. I absolutely agree with you. I wonder at times how long will the GNS be out on the market before it becomes a KLN90B.
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