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  1. MrRodgers

    MooneyMAX 2018

    Thanks for the invite and the kind words. Sadly, I’m heading home this morning back to LA. It was a great time this week and if you are ever on the West Coast let me know. Enjoy the museum. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. MrRodgers

    MooneyMAX 2018

    Today at Don’s shop was awesome on so many levels. The amount of detailed knowledge he and his team gave is incredible. Such a great resource for us all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. MrRodgers

    MooneyMAX 2018

    MooneyMAX 2018 is in progress and it’s amazing. So many great vendors here and wonderful presentations. Check out a few pics and the schedule. Really looking forward to being at Don Maxwells shop with Don and his team for his 8:00 - 5:00 workshop tomorrow. Thanks to Don, Jan and Paul for all they do for the Mooney community. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. MrRodgers

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Please add me as well Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. MrRodgers

    Can't upgrade avionics if i wanted to

    I had my panel upgraded at High Desert Avionics in Lancaster, CA. I had the Garmin 650 installed and I am happy with the purchase. If you tie it in with a new Garmin audio panel you will be well on your way to a nice upgrade of your plane.
  6. MrRodgers

    Overhead Panel Lighting Conversion Kit

    What exactly did you end up using? Bulbs...etc? Part Number?
  7. Hello Mooney Allegro,


    Just a quick note to you to welcome you to the West Coast Mooney Club.

    Your profile does not say where you are located but hopefully you can make it out to some of our events in the near future.  Looking forward to meeting you.


    Michael Rodgers

    1. Mooney_Allegro


      Hello Mr. Rodgers!  Thanks and I'm sorry, I live in Henderson, NV.  I enjoy flying and would love to meet you and the rest of the West Coast Mooney Club.   My last trip to California was to Monterey about a month ago.  I visited the beautiful aquarium and spent two days in Monterey.  

      I'll keep checking the website for your next meet.  Hopefully I can make it.  My schedule sometimes has me working weekends and holidays, but hopefully it will workout that I can meet you.

      If you come to Las Vegas, let me know!

      David Lincoln


    2. MrRodgers


      Hi David,

      I was just up in Monterey last weekend and at the Aquarium as well.  A beautiful spot to be sure. Had to drive from LA though as my plane was in for service.  Hope to meet up with you someday soon.


      Michael Rodgers

  8. MrRodgers

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Oh no Don. I am so sorry to hear this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. MrRodgers

    201 Yokes Upgrade

    When buying the plane in December I knew she needed attention. Don Maxwell did a great job with the needed/requested upgrades including new flaps, new brakes, new pucks, new oil lines, new tires, new wheels, new visors, new yokes (leather wrapped). I’ve also recently had new flap seals, vernier prop controller, new voltage regulator and alternator installed as well. Since that photo above was taken I’ve also upgraded the panel with a Garmin set up. GTX 345 Transponder ADSB OUT/ IN GMA 350 C Audio Panel with Bluetooth and Connectivity Voice Commands. GTN 650 Nav/Com GPS GI 106 B Heading Indicator. EDM 700 Engine Monitor- Upgraded and New Display I’m done with the upgrades for a while. She’s ready to fly on with confidence. Now if only I could get my hours in her to match the dollars I spent getting her in shape. Love my plane! [ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. MrRodgers

    VNY Van Nuys Hangar for rent/sale

    I never heard from your friend Jack. I am still looking for a hangar in Van Nuys. Any new information would be appreciated. Thanks so much, Michael 310-280-8983
  11. MrRodgers

    201 Yokes Upgrade

    Great decision in wanting to do the upgrade. Upon purchase I had mine done with the assistance of Don Maxwell and I am really happy with the results. Here they are looking so good I ended up redoing my panel as well a few months later. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. MrRodgers

    VNY Van Nuys Hangar for rent/sale

    Please call me to discuss. Best, Michael Rodgers - 310-280-8983
  13. MrRodgers

    VNY Van Nuys Hangar for rent/sale

    That's Great. I look forward to his call.
  14. I am going to chime in here since it was me who started this thread/topic in the first place. The original post was about my experience and appreciation of Don's service to me in the purchase of my first airplane. I went to his shop from Los Angeles because of his reputation and his knowledge about Mooney's. I was not disappointed in any way. The fact that somehow this thread has devolved into some of the recent comments I have seen is disheartening. Yes, we share information on MS and it's a valuable resource for all of us. The information that each of us share however is subjective to our own experiences and judgements and will not always line up with what others might think. That's okay. For me I cannot speak highly enough about the services and ongoing commitment that Don and his staff have shown to me. He is an invaluable resource for anyone at anytime and from personal experience continues to remain a resource for me long after my PPI and the first Annual done at his shop.