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  1. Robert, Go to our West Coast Mooney Club Group Facebook page and pose the question. I’m sure someone will reach out to you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. until
    Camarillo Airport (KCMA) Waypoint Café Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Come join us for an informal gathering at the famous Waypoint Café at the Camarillo Airport (KCMA). Park your plane in front of the restaurant and enjoy watching the aviation activities while enjoying a great meal and conversation. The restaurant does NOT take reservations but the wait is usually on 20-30 minutes. Hope to see many of you there. Michael Rodgers West Coast Mooney Club
  3. Perhaps you can move the tree to a new location. win/win.
  4. I am so happy that our West Coast Mooney Club was able to donate to the Bill Gilliland Foundation. I hope we can raise even more funds next year. Many thanks to all who attended the Sunriver conference and to our wonderful sponsors and presenters.
  5. It’s planned as just a day trip for lunch at the airport...etc. There is camping available at the airport and no charge for landing if you are an aero club member. It’s a great value and supports the conservancy who maintains the airport and other facilities. Numerous hotels in the island as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. The West Coast Mooney Club just sent $566.00 from our recent fundraiser in Sunriver, Oregon. Hope that helps any Mooney family members needing assistance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. We had a wonderful time last weekend in Sunriver, Oregon at the West Coast Mooney Club Summer Conference & Retreat. Thirty one of the forty five registered attendees joined us as the wildfires and smoke kept some away. Sponsors and presenters included Don Maxwell, Jan Maxwell & Jolie Lucas (Right Seat Ready Class), Richard Simile (Thunderbird Aircraft Sales), Parker Woodruff (Airspeed Insurance), Aaron de Zafra (Crewchief Systems), Brett Stokes & Dan Riesland (LASAR). We had a catered lunch and finished off he conference day with a Parade of Planes where everyone could show off their beautiful Mooneys. Saturday evening we had an awards and outdoor movie night where the movie "Flying the Feathered Edge" (The Bob Hoover Story) was presented. We had over $2,500.00 of raffle prizes donated from Aircraft Spruce, Lift Aviation, Lightspeed, Bruce's Custom Covers, Tempest Aviation, Baker Avionics, JPI Instruments, King Schools, Crewchief Systems and Pilot Outfitters. The raffle ticket sales generated over $560.00 of proceeds that are being donated to the Bill Gilliland Foundation c/o The Mooney Summit. I am so happy that we had the opportunity to share the weekend together with other Mooniac's in such a beautiful location. Many of us enjoyed the resort activities including golf, river rafting, swimming, spa treatments and some wonderful meals. Thanks to all who joined us this year and I hope to see you all gain in 2021. Best, Michael Rodgers.
  8. No need to pucker. If you need to ditch just aim for the biggest boat and your pick-up ride will be waiting right there.
  9. Here are a few photos from our Summer Conference & Retreat at the beautiful Sunriver Resort, Oregon. We had great weather and a terrific time with everyone. Can't wait till next year.!
  10. @JeffMirs @carusoam Hello, I am glad you posed the question above. Yes, @JeffMirs is correct. In Oregon there is a limit of 10 people for "indoor social get togethers" as defined by the State. • From the State Covid-19 website: “Indoor social get-together” means a group of individuals meeting for a common social or recreational purpose indoors. Indoor social get-togethers include dinner parties, birthday parties, graduation parties, celebrations of any kind, potlucks, game nights, and other similar indoor gatherings. Indoor social get-togethers do not include gatherings. Statewide, no matter what phase a county is in, the maximum capacity for an indoor social get-together is: ▪ 10 people indoors. In regard to the Summer Conference event, I have been working very closely with the Sunriver Resort in regard to making sure that ALL guidelines and health protocols are in place for the Summer Conference. We have been designated a large conference room which easily holds up to 300 people per event. They have very strict guidelines that they have enacted including limiting pool use to only two hour sessions and then the area is completely cleaned and prepared for the next group. Baggage handling and other social interaction situations are also be under new guidelines as well. The bottom line is that if there was ANY question that the resort was not making every effort with regard to the Covid protocols the event would be cancelled. At this time the county where the Sunriver Resort is located is in Phase 2 of their state opening criteria. Our Event is not considered a social get-together. The Summer Conference & Retreat falls under the definition of "public gathering" by the state and resort guidelines. Here are the current guidelines for Phase 2 public gatherings in Oregon taken from the Oregon State website.. Statewide Gatherings, Indoor Social Get-Together Guidance This guidance applies statewide to gatherings and indoor social get-togethers Effective Date: July 24, 2020 Definitions: For purposes of this guidance: • “Gathering” means a group of individuals meeting for a common purpose including faith-based, civic, cultural and other purposes, indoors or outdoors. Maximum Capacity Limit: • For phase 1 counties the maximum capacity for gatherings is: ▪ 50 people indoors ▪ 50 people outdoors • For phase 2 counties the maximum capacity for gatherings is: ▪ 50 people indoors ▪ 100 people outdoors Our Event. We have 39 reserved attendees and no more reservations will be accepted at the Summer Conference. Each attendee will have their own individual 6 Ft Table to sit at during the Friday conference session and each table will be a minimum of 7 feet apart. All food or beverages will be served by a resort staff member and all resort guests are requested to wear masks indoors throughout the property. Our club luncheon and other shared group meal times are all going to be outside and served as catered plated meals. NO Buffets are being served anywhere in the resort and some resort amenities have curtailed the use of common areas as well. So, as you can see, the Summer Conference falls well below the state guidelines for gatherings of this kind and every effort has been made to make certain that for those who have chosen to attend that everyone's safety and comfort will be the first priority. Here are some links that you might find interesting. #1 is the Sunriver Resort health protocols that they have enacted property wide. Sunriver Covid-19 Commitment. # 2. is the Summer Conference & Retreat Event Agenda & Schedule West Coast Mooney Club Summer Conference Event Schedule (Flip Book). I hope that you found this information helpful and that it answered any questions or concerns you may have.. All the best, Michael
  11. It’s a great opportunity for you with a $200.00 savings the first year. I LOVE the service they provide me as an aircraft owner. Try it for a year at the discount and see how you feel about it when renewal comes up. I think you’ll find value in it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. My understanding is that it is for the first year only. I will confirm with them and get back to you.
  13. Hey Everyone. The West Coast Mooney Club Sponsor Crewchief Systems has an INCREDIBLE DEAL that they have made available to ALL MOONEYSPACE Members. Note: I get nothing personally from my promotion of this opportunity. They are a big supporter of the West Coast Mooney Club and I believe in the value of the service they provide. Starting today get 40% off your regular enrollment to their services. That is a $200.00 savings. Crewchief will give you an incredible service helping you manage maintenance and also protect the value of your aircraft. DON'T MISS THIS DEAL! Offer good through Sept 30, 2020. Check out the opportunity below. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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