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  1. Denver Post Airport Article

    Sounds like what is going on in Santa Monica (KSMO) and they just shortened our runway by 1,500 ft.
  2. Between two Fs

    Chrixxer Just curious how the plane search/decision is going for you?
  3. Hi everyone, The fuel selector label in my 67 M20F has deteriorated and is unreadable. As a newbie to Mooney ownership I wanted to ask if anyone has a photo of their selector label they can post for me. I want to make certain I have situational awareness of the system until I can get a new label/placard set ordered. Thanks for your patient assistance in advance.
  4. New Mooney In Santa Monica

    Steve, Total time is 161 hrs mostly in 172’s and Piper Light Sport Cruz. I chose the Mooney after considering what type of flying I really wanted to enjoy (my mission) for personal use and work as well as the strength / safety of the design and the speed and minimal fuel consumption. Panel is vintage with IFR capabilities. I plan on modernizing after I fly her a while. Nothing special about the panel now, just solid performance. I plan on taking extensive training in her and learning as much as I can. I’m in no hurry. Eventually I’ll pursue my instrument rating.
  5. The new sealant kit including new internal mounting plates and two flush valve drain repairs with parts and labor was in the $650.00 range.
  6. Don Maxwell just resealed one of my tanks. He noticed a leak in the left tank during the annual after my purchase and when he went in to take a look he found two or three metal tools/scrapers that were left inside the tank during a previous service. They were rusted and no doubt creating quite a few problems during their time there. Glad to have the new seal in place.
  7. Hi Mooney Spacers. Just a quick request for any suggestions on transition specific training for a new Mooney pilot in the Los Angeles area. 67 M20 F - M9268M Who do you recommend I contact? I want to be a safe and proficient pilot and I plan on taking my time with the process and not go barreling around the sky after my 15 hr minimum insurance requirement. Thanks in advance for sharing the knowledge. Best, MR
  8. MrRodgers

    My new Mooney purchase. N9268M 1967 M20F with a full contingent of speed mods. Lives at KSMO Santa Monica, Ca.
  9. HI Dan,

    I'd welcome the opportunity talk with you about your experiences with my plane N9268M.

    How can I reach you?

    1. DanM20C


      I don’t have much experience with it but know it. A previous owner is a good friend.  Feel free to call me or email.  I am out of town on a family trip so next week sometime would be best.  Did you get it home?  






    2. MrRodgers


      It is home.


      Call you next week.  See "New Mooney in Santa Monica" on the Mooney Space general forum.

  10. New Mooney In Santa Monica

    Hi Justin, That's right. She's finally here. I have a hangar down past Barker near AJ's hangar. Stop by sometime.
  11. New Mooney In Santa Monica

    Yes, and the plane isn't bad looking either.
  12. New Mooney In Santa Monica

    Yes, please add me to your list.
  13. After months of searching for my dream Mooney and then a two month annual and upgrade at Don Maxwell’s shop in Longview, my 67 Mooney M20 F is finally in her new home in Santa Monica, Ca. Such a great day! A life long dream come true. Thanks to Alan Basinger for taking such great care of 68 Mike as her previous owner and to Don Maxwell for his expert service. Also thanks to Full Throttle Aviation for the Ferry flight services from Texas to California. Most importantly thanks to my family and to my love Shannon for being so supportive of my aviation passion. Shannon gave me a huge hug and said this plane is the only mistress I will accept in your life and I expect you to enjoy her fully. I look forward to meeting more Mooniacs in the years to come and to learning from other members on the Mooney Space forum.