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  1. Welcome Tyler, A few years ago, I lived in Olympia and flew my plane out of OLM. I used Vertex Aviation at Skagit (BVS) for my maintenance. They were great and work on quite a few Mooneys. Rob
  2. Welcome! I also left active duty from the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg about a year and a half ago. Actually, if you are interested in Mooneys at all, there is a pilot at an airport nearby who can answer any questions you have. The Harnett Regional Jetport is in Lillington, and it's the airport I flew my C model out of when I was stationed there. Ask for the manager, Josh. He is a good friend of mine.
  3. I'm rbuck, and I dug my C's hangar out of the snow for 1 hour today in sub-zero temperatures so I could fly tomorrow. I guess I'm afflicted, too.
  4. Hey Jeff, I was the opposite. I flew a Cherokee for a while and got to like the quadrant. When I bought my plane, I only considered planes with a quadrant. Mooney did quadrants starting in 1969 and stopped later into the 70s (I believe?). Mine looks like the one above. I don't know if it's that much less precise than a Vernier. I'll take it over the push-pull rods any day.
  5. I'm with you Andy! It was a fun game! Go Army! (USMA 2010)
  6. Just use this link: http://visitedstatesmap.com. Once you're there, click the states you've been to, download the map (I do a small size), and add it to your signature block in your MooneySpace settings.
  7. Mooney owner for 3 years. I am not an IFR pilot but will be this summer. I was in the military, so I have flown my C from Olympia, Washington to the South-east and everywhere in between. It was fun to fly from one coast to the other in my Mooney within the first year of ownership.
  8. Well, it looks like I am to be moving to Colorado this coming summer. I am looking to move my plane to Centennial Airport (KAPA), and I looked online at getting a hangar. It looks like there are quite a few different companies that have hangars on the field for rent. Does anyone have any experience with any of them? What are the hangars like? What kind of prices? Any company that you recommend?
  9. I need to get a new dipstick for my M20C's O-360. I have three potential part numbers, though, for the dipstick (one for short, medium, and long). Does anyone know which of those the M20C uses?
  10. I have flown out of a number of airports in Colorado on hot days in my C. I have not had issues. I have not, however, had the opportunity to venture into the mountains. It seems to me that the worry there is the climb after leaving the pavement more than getting off the runway itself.
  11. When I was doing my Mooney checkout with a flight instructor, he said that you need to at least spin the prop a few times if you can't fly it at least once every couple of weeks. I admit, though, he was not a Mooney-specific instructor or anything. All of my mechanics have recommended pulling the prop through as well-so I always have.
  12. Ah, thanks for clarifying! I didn't know that there was a difference
  13. Definitely do-able. I think mine was redone 10-15 years ago. I haven't looked to see who did it (LASAR or Great Lakes I believe), but I love it. I think it makes the C model look so much better. I think it also helps with performance. This is the only plane I've ever owned, so I can't compare appropriately, but I don't seem to have some of the climb issues other M20C pilots sometimes talk about. Not sure if the cowl helps that, but I have heard it does.
  14. That's a great looking plane! Congrats! I didn't realize you were a ND fan, Brian! I am currently a Notre Dame grad student. (Makes for a lot less flying than I was doing before.)