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  1. Let's talk about tires...

    Wow, quite the dust up about tires.
  2. Another annual survived

    As an fyi - the nipple on the zerk fitting can snap off if the grease gun doesn't release properly.
  3. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Look at your W2 and Bank statement. Take 20k each year out of your W2 for expenses, and 80k out of your Bank statement(for the purchase and make ready cap ex) - are you good - can you eat, entertain that yet to find beautiful girlfriend who will soon want a house and kids that need to eat and go to college. Don't forget Jimmy, your friend who has a great idea and wants a friend to partner with him in business - just needs 200k - can you still do that. Dude, there's lots of life in front of you. Plan well. Rent now, build for the future. Buy the plane when you have the important things in life secured. Or - just say screw it and buy the thing remembering that the above yet to happen things will be affected.
  4. I hope the mooney marketing department picks this up - its a great story on the capability of their product.
  5. Engine Time Considerations When Buying

    There is much written about airframe corrosion as well on this site. I'd consider that a research item when looking at a an aircraft build in the Kennedy/Johnson era. One frequent poster here found it under tank sealant on his wing spar.
  6. New Mooney Sales

    Hope they sell lots of copies.
  7. Insurance scrapping newer mooneys

    To clarify, there is confusion between the web page information and the actual bid sheet - the web page mentions removal of the data plate, but the bid sheet does not and the adjuster confirmed that the plate stays with the plane.
  8. Insurance scrapping newer mooneys

    I just called the adjuster on the ovation and acclaim - the data plate is intact and will not be removed - they just add logbook entries. So, what would it cost to repair the ovation? The damage is listed as prop, cowl, nose gear, left wing, all wing controls both h-stabs, tail tie down area and lower rudder cap. I assume you would need to include engine inspection and maybe some broken internal parts as well.
  9. Painting Wheel Wells

    Somebody either missed their medication this morning or forgot to wear their mask in the paint shed.
  10. Donation Drive 2015

    done and thanks for all of your work on this.
  11. Thanks for the detail. How has your ownership experience gone - are you still happy with the bravo vs the ovation? At the end of the accident report you posted there is a list contributing factors - have these issues been addressed with design improvements etc? Contributing factors in the accident were the inadequate design of the plastic brake line in the cockpit adjacent to the firewall by the airplane manufacturer, and the inadequate certification of the airplane by the FAA for failure to take into account radiant heat when designing components aft of the firewall.
  12. Mooney down off Myrtle Beach

    Here's a reference to the alloy used in at least some mooney's - And a link with more information - http://www.experimentalaircraft.info/articles/aluminum-corrosion.php
  13. Mooney down off Myrtle Beach

    some of the best yachts in the world are built in aluminum. I'm sure anything electrical is junk but the rest of if should be fine. check out this builder - exclusively aluminum construction - and many millions per copy - if they could find something better for salt water than aluminum they would be using it - http://www.royalhuisman.com/
  14. New owner of M20M N763RC

    Any idea if the work was done by Maxwell, or was the work done in the current owners hanger by someone who worked at Maxwell in the past?
  15. New Mooneys, any interest at all?

    gsxrpilot - with respect - if the m20r for example is certified without a chute, what is the problem with adding more safety as an option to the aircraft. Maybe the chute has to be a bit larger to account for the small landing gear on the Mooney, but what else could be the issue?