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  1. Fuel smell in cockpit

    A word of caution. I would not want to have fuel in or below my cabin where a short could ignite the vapor. This could be an issue durring preflight as your electrical system is energized.
  2. I do think there is room for criticism. The "Dude's" video establishes a timeline of only about 30 seconds until they were on site after the crash. Given the conditions described at the site, I'm sure all of you posters here would have been in the water trying to help. If he didn't die from impact injuries, he most likely drowned probably right near the cockpit in 4 ft of water with 6 people watching from two boats.. TMZ, likely paid the "Dudes" for this video and broadcast it. Not sure how any editor approve the end of this footage. It's one thing for the Dudes to make the video, it's completely different for it to be broadcast nationally by a network - but what can you expect these days..
  3. Roy Halladay/Icon A5 Crash

    This link is worth the read - I especially like the theory that shifting product liability from the manufacturer the pilot will reduce the accident rate. read down to the discussion of moral hazard - https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2016/march/31/icon-gambit
  4. my cousin vinny flash back....
  5. ovation engine monitor ideals

    Looks like it was designed by the factory. Do you have a name for the hula girl?
  6. Nav/Com Advice

    I would look at trading your current plane for one configured the way you want it. From reading about your plan you could be into a 20k investment. Add 20k to your planes market value and see what that could buy.
  7. Any ovations around socal

    These observations are from information I've read on this site - so since I read it on the internet, take it for just that info from the internet.... The g1000 is certified with the plane. Electronics you add to a non-g1000 planes can be replaced/upgraded at your discretion. I don't believe there is a way to upgrade the g1000 planes until mooney and garmin certify an upgrade. Does anyone know if the g1000 could be removed and replaced with the latest garmin gear or something else? Problem is these g1000's are computers and they are a 15 year or so old design now - when is the last time you used a 15 year old computer. Honesty, that's the problem with all of the electronics - rapid depreciation. As you can see from the comments above, people who have them seem love them. However, there is a recent post from a guy with a nearly new acclaim with the g1000 who misses his g500 garmin gear - but looks like he flys for a living and that may be noise most folks. Also, the g1000 planes are newer and have a lower panel - there seems to be a dx version that has the lower panel as well. Read this for some ideas about what people have done to upgrade their panels.
  8. M10 is on the move

    Not sure why all you guys are grousing - this is the best marketing mooney has ever done. I'm not even sure they are doing it. Maybe I missed it - but has there been any video evidence of the new certified mooney's flying around doing interesting things?
  9. Bravo Roll to the Left

    Engine mounts?
  10. Prepping for Harvey

    Glad that worked out ok.
  11. Prepping for Harvey

    Yeah Dude - its a cat 3 now - been through a cat 1 - if I had an ovation - I'd have waited it out in Montana.
  12. Prepping for Harvey

    If it was mine I'd move it rather than leave there.
  13. This is for the OP.
  14. Well, not good reading.

    Here is the scorecard - https://gama.aero/wp-content/uploads/2017ShipmentReport-Q1-05122017.pdf
  15. Well, not good reading.

    Yup - build the same product at 1/2 the price - wait till the source country market is destroyed and raise your prices.