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  1. rpcc

    A&P payment

    The first question you should be asking is why you hired someone you don't trust enough to pay for the work performed on their terms. If you have any doubts he'll stand behind his work than you are at the wrong shop. If he's a good guy that stands behind his work I bet this will be the last work he performs for you. Is that what you want? where do I find the shaking my head emoji?
  2. rpcc

    Turbulence + V = chicken

    I'm glad you are not worried. Just saw the number you stated and thought it was lower.
  3. rpcc

    Recommendations on Selling Mooney

    I'll sell it for you Sam.
  4. Yeah - don't do this, unless you are marrying your flight instructor. There's only room for 2 + fuel. Just a guess, but your wife will get sick of you flying very quickly if this is the choice.
  5. rpcc

    Turbulence + V = chicken

    Skates - I really enjoyed reading this book. The discussion on Va was interesting. I'm sure someone here will comment on how accurate this is for M20 airframes. In the thread I reference, polito mentions 120kts as a guideline for light weight Va. https://www.amazon.com/Flying-Beech-Bonanza-John-Eckalbar/dp/0961654430
  6. rpcc

    Turbulence + V = chicken

    Skates - Your plane is 54 years old right? Personally I'd be on the conservative side of Va. This is an interesting thread on the topic -
  7. rpcc

    Bravo Conversion

    Thanks for the updates and glad you are back in the air.
  8. Will the noise reduction capacitor remove noise from all parts of the electrical system. I've had problems with noise introduced from my Ipad charger plugged into a cigarette lighter ? I would start by turning off all electrical componets other than com one and try that - is there still static? Turn off com one and then turn on com two - is there still static on the second radio. That should isolate your issue to something related to the radios and not some other issue. If you get there the conversation with your mechanic should be much shorter. Good luck.
  9. Hi Tracy - Looking forward to sending you some money. Any idea when your books will be printed? Best RPCC
  10. rpcc

    Daytona Gear Incident

    Glad this worked well for you. Thank you for such a detailed report - I learned from this.
  11. rpcc

    Mooney spar design

    Is there a washer between the spar and the top right bolt in this picture? Maybe it's just the angle of the picture but does not look to be present.
  12. rpcc

    Mooney spar design

    @carusoam As always, thank you for your thoughtful posts. My posts regarding the accident plane are from my perspective which is at best, little more than a naive aviation consumer and in no way an engineer, examiner or maintenance person . From my perspective I'd like to believe that through the hard work of all the smart and diligent people involved, that wings should stay attached to planes provided the the plane is being flown within its limits. So again, no offense to anyone and you all have your right to your opinion, but I believe the system of designs on this plane are flawed because the wings fell off. Regarding the mooney wing and corrosion - again from my naive consumer position - this thread I've provided a link too below is an interesting read - good news is it ended well. However, the design choice to use the spar as one side of the wet wing fuel tank requiring sealant that covers the rivets and gaps between aluminum layers makes the inspection you are suggesting very difficult.
  13. rpcc

    Mooney spar design

    seems like snowmen are very detail oriented
  14. rpcc

    Mooney spar design

    Thanks for the picture and that looks like a robust structure. The failure likely began from the bottom part of the spar where the top set of bolts in this pictuer pass through it. Is it possible to inspect the bottom part of the spar for cracks/corrosion or other signs of weakness? When I speak of a design flaw I'm useing a very wide interpretation. I expect that certified planes, when properly maintained and operated within their intended environment and design limits should never fail. If the plane fails within its design then the "design" failed. By design I mean everything, material choice, inspection access methods and process, robustness of structure to handle abuse, certification process. It is simply not acceptable to have a part in a certified aircraft fail when operated within limits and properly inspected. If it really is a time limited part - then say so. If it needs to be inspected more carefully then say so. I'm not trying to start an argument about one manufactures wing is better than the other. Reading about the guy who went to get his tank resealed and found the spar corroded under the sealant wasn't good either. Since the aircraft is certified and properly maintained the wings should never have fallen off on takeoff at 900ft. Again thanks for the picture.
  15. rpcc

    Mooney spar design

    it is very much a design flaw - 7k hours on an airframe should be nothing. just crappy design that killed a couple of guys.