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  1. rpcc

    Hit by prop

    for the bad p lead check is it - master off, mags off, mixture cut off? As for hand propping - that's just silly honestly - do you hand prop your lawn mower? I don't like touching the thing durring pre-flight never mind trying to pull it through a couple of turns.
  2. rpcc

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Ugh. One comment, I think this is not your insurance companies problem but your vendors insurance companies problem. In this case, I believe they should make it right for you. I would seek some advice from an insurance professional and possibly an aviation attorney. They should provide you with a plane durring the downtime as well. Good luck with this.
  3. rpcc

    GFC500 Update

    Is the 500 as capable as the 700? Anyone know the major differences - flown them both and have any comments?
  4. You'd have to have a business that needs to write down a bunch of money to make this purchase sensible. With that said, if I was shopping for something in this range, I'd be looking at a turbine with a pilot to fly it for me.
  5. rpcc

    LASAR maintenance review

    I hope you realize your post likely hurts their business. That is exactly what you do not want to do if you hope to get more professional service from them. It seems you got your plane back better than ever and - other than the communications was a little lumpy, that should have been the end of your post. Yikes - this is a small business - reputation is everything to them your problem should have been handled by walking into the owners office and saying thanks and offering some feedback - not blasting them on a public forum.
  6. rpcc

    Engine Troubles???

    Hey Nick - just wondering why you are not cutting the filter? You are flying the snot out of this now and is sat for a number of years right? Glad nothing happened though - looking forward to hearing what the reason was if you ever find out.
  7. rpcc

    A Surprise with the G500 TXi

    Really - well I build software systems for a living and I would feel terrible if I built a system for a client and they still used something 12 years older because what I just built wasn't as good. Say what you will, but hey I have pride in what I build.
  8. rpcc

    A Surprise with the G500 TXi

    I don't doubt the usefulness of the 796 and you should continue to use it if you find it informative. My comment is really that the garmin guys should have made the need for that go away.
  9. rpcc

    A Surprise with the G500 TXi

    Just a comment and of course you need to use the tools that most efficiently get you the info you need. I guess if I was a Garmin engineer or sales person Id be bummed out tha I guy that spent 100k on his panel still needed a yoke mounted gps. If your saying your 796 does the job better easier quicker whatever, that's what you are going to use and great that's exactly what you should do. If this is the case the garmin dudes screwed up.
  10. rpcc

    A Surprise with the G500 TXi

    Not a good or bad comment, but it's Interesting that with - guessing 100k of panel work - you still find a portable useful on your yoke. To me that says Garmin has really missed something .
  11. If you are referring to my comment - I was not suggesting that it be hard wired. Just install a temporary ipad mount under the throttles and you can add or remove it whenever you like. As I said, I like it there and not in front of my instruments or blocking outside visibility. Have you ever flown with foreflight and adsb on an Ipad?
  12. The Ipad Pro 12 with cell service is the bomb - its twice the size of the gtn750. I use the MyClip kneeboard mount when renting. I'm useing foreflight and the sentry gps - the traffic is really great. I've never had any issues with it so far. I only use this durring cruise and it put away before I'm in the pattern. Best place I've seen to mount any of them in the Mooney is below the throttles on some type of adjustable mount. Not to far out of the way to be a problem to see and not a projectile in a bad situation either.
  13. rpcc

    interior detailing

    Also, headliner as dropped in a few places - not a big deal at the moment, just want to head off any issues down the road.
  14. What products do you use to detail the interior? carpet ? side panels (1999 model year)? Windows, Panel - grime near switches.
  15. rpcc

    Mooney down @ Baker City, OR

    Ok I get it - but these fine people and many others didn't have the training or currency they needed to avoid their fate. I'm hoping, perhaps unrealistically that some type of tech can help.