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  1. Are clearing turns required for this maneuver?
  2. Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    My comment was really a complement to the OP. Sorry if it came across otherwise or some type of dig on mooney, that was not the intent.
  3. Imron paint job cost?

    For an Ovation, 18k is what I found to start. I'm sure you can spend more for a more involved scheme. That does not include issues that need to be addressed before the plane is refinished.
  4. Looking for some upgrade advice

    There's a thread around here where someone was commenting that there are mid continent AI's available sub 1k prices due to swap outs for glass panel work - check barnstormers etc. If I was selling the plane in the short term that would be the route I'd look at.
  5. Don't mess with the paint geeks - they take their business seriously and engineer their products for the specific application. For a more involved discussion in a different environment look at Porsche's process for ordering a custom color on a new car. Just for the color it's a 7k option and could take 3-6 months for approval testing. The short version is that each requested color is tested on all the surfaces(composists, aluminum, steel, plastic etc) of where it will be applied and evaluated after being exposed to each possible environmental factor over time - heat, sunlight, cold and whatever else they think of. Remember this is just for a non-factory color - the same paint formulation is being used - just a COLOR change. Like any specialization - the geeks know their shit. If Porsche takes its paint this seriously for just color, I would not waste a second on putting a paint formulated for another environment on my plane. Btw - google irish green 911 - my personal favorite.
  6. Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    Very nice work. That's going to piss off the factory - can't have the earlier models looking nicer than the new ones. Quick question, my quotes for ovation paint work were in the high teens - I'm assuming this was mid to high 20's - is that about right?
  7. Icing encounter

    Great post btw. What do you consider your limits for the top of weather you are comfortable with in the bravo?
  8. Icing encounter

    Yup - I coat all the toilet paper in the house with rain-x - nothing sticks to it, you can reuse the same sheet forever.
  9. Twin Comanche- Partnership?

    I appreciate the numbers - thanks. What's your incentive to have a non-equity partner - seems like lots of risk to absorb on your part. Is the partner flying enough to offset your fixed costs to make it worth while? Just wondering as I'm considering this model. I don't think it would be worth it to me without some type of escrow in place - say 10k to cover some of the check writing for stuff that just happens - to me the reserve concept does not cover that risk.
  10. Twin Comanche- Partnership?

    @KLRDMD how long are you keeping your airplanes? How many hours do you purchase them with? Just wondering because I think the engine reserver concept is probably not well thought out. You should be targeting a point in time where you want to sell the plane and adjusting your reserve based on that. Assuming you may need to do a top overhaul mid time, you should be reserving for that expense. I don't think reserving for something that may happen beyond your ownership end should be considered. Yes, you may need to OH an engine early, but you can't adequately reserve for that. It seems to me the best plan is to get into a plane with one or two engines below 800hrs and get out before 1300hrs. I maybe off, but the strategy is to use the engine time where it depreciates the least and forget the reserve as its really just depreciation and that is as much due to market head or tail winds as your use of the plane. In this context I think reserving is just a waste of money. my 2 cents.
  11. Bad day for Mooney’s on Spruce Creek

    The last question on that site mentions an apple watch app - now that might really help
  12. Bad day for Mooney’s on Spruce Creek

    Thank you.
  13. Bad day for Mooney’s on Spruce Creek

    Not doubting these numbers, but is just seems very high rate of occurrence. @kortopates where are you getting your gear up reports from? Right now there are 12 M20's buzzing around per flightaware. So average flights per day 24 over 365 days (just wild ass guess). Given 104 gear ups(2 per week) divided by 8800 flights per year gives you a likelihood of a 1% chance that your flight will land on its belly. What's a gear up cost - 20k on average? With this math that's 2mm per year that premiums need to cover. That seems like enough incentive to somehow solve or reduce the likelyhood of these. My numbers are a complete guess, pick whatever you like.
  14. 1981 201 AUSTRALIA (NSW)

    pictures please.
  15. That rudder looks so small btw.