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  1. Lots and lots of info here on this topic! One thing I would add is how you arrange the pre purchase inspection with your mechanic. Make a no go list with him so those items are checked first and if they are ok proceed with the rest of the inspection- that saved me a bunch. Good luck!
  2. Id just love to see this company build a cash flow model that works somehow. This hand the factory the keys and send me the bill model works for some and probably would work for Mooney.
  3. Look at Hinckley Yachts as an example of what I am talking about this company building. It works, and can be a cash monster for mooney and help them develop something new. https://www.hinckleyyachts.com/yachtcare/
  4. IMHO it's a parts business first and foremost to start. Focusing on what existing customers want, the g1000 upgrades seems like a great idea as well as the UL improvements. I'd love to see some type of subscription plan where owners pay mooney some significant $ per year for low or no cost upgrades as they become available. Would be great to get someone to figure out how to improve the landing gear and put a parachute in there before wasting more $ on trying to sell airplanes again.
  5. There are many who say if you can't pay cash for the plane you shouldn't buy it. That's fine, but if you think in those terms, eg how much per month will it cost me to get the money to buy this or that plane it helps. If for example it costs $200 a month to buy a much newer plane with the right electronics, paint, engine, fuel tank condition, shock disks and all the other little things sorted out, I think you would be way better off to spend the $200 and have the new plane than the one you are going to have to bring up to speed. I learned this looking at a low priced eagle with nice elect
  6. Looks like it should remain a parts business for the foreseeable future. On the bright side at least from a business case perspective, they proved that they can't sell the current model against new cirrus and their own high quality used options. I feel bad for the employees.
  7. Over on beech talk there is a long thread about tks and corrosion - anyone with tks on their Mooney have any issues in this regard? https://www.beechtalk.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=104984
  8. there has to be a young person a the airport with some spare time and and iphone that you could pay $50 to photograph them for you. perhaps he would agree to that.
  9. From my inexperience... use the rental and flying club rates as your base line for your model. You might ask this group - what are their experiences with engine issues, overhauls etc, new electronics costs, autopilots, paint, interior and everyone's best buddy corrosion, and a tank leaks just for yucks.
  10. this looks like it may help you. https://preciseflight.s3.amazonaws.com/doc/106NMAN0001A.pdf?Signature=aQL1SUvpp0g0jBA3b0G8pTlG82A%3D&Expires=1545589047&AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIQJHHF2UOD3ZQP7Q
  11. I don't agree with Jetdrivens style of response, but I do see his point. This is the same argument style as rain-x. If someone as an ounce of bull crap in them, it's hard to tell what is the truth. That is the hard part because obviously this person has a huge knowledge base. There was a thread about these drains a while ago and it generated similar feedback.
  12. So hey all - this thread just sucks. Brings the Mooney community down - Mr Jose is has control of the yoke I'm afraid.
  13. How can these shit clamps pass an annual inspection. I'd hate to be trusting my life to one of those worm gear based clamps.
  14. I'm guessing you could achieve the same ridges with a vinyl wrap - why not try a wrap in similar configuration on a friends plane. Do some pre and post speed tests. Should be an easy theory to prove/disprove. I wouldn't touch the paint until I proved it was causing the issue - my 2 cents - best of luck.
  15. anyone have a link to the original accident thread?
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