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  1. rpcc

    Mooney down @ Baker City, OR

    yes exactly - it should be much harder to stall/spin if the ap is providing the dope slap as you start to do something stupid due to distraction or whatever.
  2. rpcc

    Mooney down @ Baker City, OR

    Here are a couple links to what I was referring too regarding envelope protection - on the new autopilots from avidine and garmin. It seems the garmin unit can operate when the pilot is flying the plane. That is probably better than the stall horn. Anyone have any experience with this? https://www.avidyne.com/products/dfc90/envelope-protection.html https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/604258
  3. rpcc

    Mooney down @ Baker City, OR

    They have some type of envelope protection I believe. I hope that would prevent this type of situation. ADD runs strong in my brain and boy the last string of accidents really scares the crap out of me. Seemingly landing areas you'd be lucky to have in an engine out emergency, yet for whatever reason loss of control won out. very sad for all. The scariest part of all of this is that these were all qualified pilots and I'm sure better than I am.
  4. rpcc

    Mooney down @ Baker City, OR

    Terrible really and very sad for the families involved.
  5. rpcc

    1988 Mooney 20J Turbo Bullet

    Read this the other day - paraphrasing - pilots don't like change and they don't like things the way they are. Do what you think is right and never worry about making everyone happy - can't happen.
  6. rpcc

    It might be overhaul time...

    Thanks Clarence !
  7. rpcc

    It might be overhaul time...

    Can you do this on a 520 series as well? Looking at a B brand now that's been sitting for a while.
  8. rpcc

    It might be overhaul time...

    Thanks and good luck. Please keep us posted on your progress.
  9. rpcc

    It might be overhaul time...

    Well that sucks! This is a good thread on the subject. How many hours did you put on it since purchase and where was the planes home base for the previous owner?
  10. rpcc


    Way to treat the kid dude.
  11. check out mailgun.com for email delivery - I've had good luck with them and their site explains what your issues could be. To be clear, I'm suggesting you offer these brokers additional listings but not try to change their exiting practices - eg, stop useing controller or trade a plane any more. Until you've built some momentum that won't happen. You just need content - so ask them - Would you mind if i copied your listings to my site at no cost to you? You'll get the emails/contacts for all of the leads I generate for free - who can say no to that.
  12. I didn't think he was selling planes, just providing free lead generation services - who could say no to that? Good call on the MSC guys - maybe provide free listings of service for them.
  13. call all american and delta as well as some of the brand b and c respected brokers and offer them free listings for a few months and offer to enter the listings for them. All about content baby - just give it away for a while. once you get a few hundred listings up there is should start to get interesting. Good luck
  14. rpcc

    Vinyl Detail / decals

    Good thread on this but no mention of the ramp check https://mooneyspace.com/topic/22538-putting-vinyl-decals-on-your-plane/
  15. rpcc

    Vinyl Detail / decals

    @HRM the op mentioned an m20f