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  1. Over on beech talk there is a long thread about tks and corrosion - anyone with tks on their Mooney have any issues in this regard? https://www.beechtalk.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=104984
  2. there has to be a young person a the airport with some spare time and and iphone that you could pay $50 to photograph them for you. perhaps he would agree to that.
  3. From my inexperience... use the rental and flying club rates as your base line for your model. You might ask this group - what are their experiences with engine issues, overhauls etc, new electronics costs, autopilots, paint, interior and everyone's best buddy corrosion, and a tank leaks just for yucks.
  4. this looks like it may help you. https://preciseflight.s3.amazonaws.com/doc/106NMAN0001A.pdf?Signature=aQL1SUvpp0g0jBA3b0G8pTlG82A%3D&Expires=1545589047&AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIQJHHF2UOD3ZQP7Q
  5. I don't agree with Jetdrivens style of response, but I do see his point. This is the same argument style as rain-x. If someone as an ounce of bull crap in them, it's hard to tell what is the truth. That is the hard part because obviously this person has a huge knowledge base. There was a thread about these drains a while ago and it generated similar feedback.
  6. So hey all - this thread just sucks. Brings the Mooney community down - Mr Jose is has control of the yoke I'm afraid.
  7. How can these shit clamps pass an annual inspection. I'd hate to be trusting my life to one of those worm gear based clamps.
  8. I'm guessing you could achieve the same ridges with a vinyl wrap - why not try a wrap in similar configuration on a friends plane. Do some pre and post speed tests. Should be an easy theory to prove/disprove. I wouldn't touch the paint until I proved it was causing the issue - my 2 cents - best of luck.
  9. anyone have a link to the original accident thread?
  10. Quality data? The only samples you have are your own results. From that you could say, if I sold your plane here's what it was worth and if that is the type of guide you are producing then I think you do have quality data. If you are trying to extrapolate your results to the general market I don't think your data would be considered quality for that purpose.
  11. yes there is junk there but there have been some quality aircraft sold - recently a clean low time eagle sold there for example. I remember the bravo you are referring too so yes there can be ones to stay away from. List it there and set your reserve to your ask price - that should give you a very good estimate of market value. just look at the listings on controller - most sit forever 12 months or more - its hard to find a buyer for these planes - value is really what the buyer in front of you is willing to pay for it - or you wait for the next one to come around. This is my problem with a value guide - these transactions are mostly on a personal level - not like say buying a 2016 suburban from a car dealer for example.
  12. Well - I think its a better estimate of value than vref or other options - basically its saying this is what the buyers here are willing to pay for the airframe - kind of wholesale pricing if you will.
  13. Well your position is to produce a guide correct? When there are many things of like type and configuration trading frequently a guide makes sense. Trying to apply this strategy to an incredibly small market makes no sense at all - IMHO. Too little pricing data available and too few sales to have any confidence in the value. In addition it takes a willing buyer and willing seller to make a transaction happen - many things on both sides of the deal come into play for these one off sales. Life events for example - loss of medical... may make a seller more willing to trade out of the plane at a lower price than a actively flying pilot who is looking for the new wip. If you want a great estimate of value - throw it on ebay - that will tell you what buyers are willing to pay for that airframe and configuration. Good luck.
  14. Well - from a buyers point of view IMHO, I think a Mooney value guide is about as useful a concept as a Future wife value guide. These are not Hershee bars. From what I've learned, these machines are each unique - from equipment, condition, operational history, and time to make whatever changes are needed - electronics upgrades, paint, tanks.... and to be quite honest how the machine works with the owners objectives and how attractive the complete package is to the buyer. Agreed it does drive the financing market and in a sense help support the value.
  15. for the bad p lead check is it - master off, mags off, mixture cut off? As for hand propping - that's just silly honestly - do you hand prop your lawn mower? I don't like touching the thing durring pre-flight never mind trying to pull it through a couple of turns.