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  1. Should we bring this topic back to the forefront here? I would very much enjoy a west coast mooney meet up.
  2. gi275 would let you keep current AP. A g5 would render some AP functions inop. I was deciding between g5 vs gi275 last month and went 275 so I could keep my century IIB AP for now.
  3. just PM'd you. Thanks for all the info!
  4. Wow, thank you to all of the replies here! I am indeed talking about winter trips as I'm originally from New England and used to snowboard 50+ days a season but due to my career I am now in LA and maybe get out 7-10x a season. I miss the mountains. With that said, it seems that given my aircrafts capabilities and the West Coast winters, I should just scrap any flight plan that would involve any IMC/IFR conditions. The general consensus here seems that VFR during the winter is feasible but those days are probably few and far between. I don't really fly with anyone aside from the girlfriend so I'm always pretty well under gross. I've never been up to Tahoe but I have been to SLC and am somewhat familiar with that flight into U42. As always, i'll watch the weather. I'd definitely like to get up to KTRK as I hear its a beautiful scene with the mountains overlooking the lake. @Ragsf15e I'll certainly give Mammoth another go this fall once it cools down a bit. My J is also in ABQ until end of month so I'm just in a holding pattern until it's done unfortunately. Despite the IFR rating seeming to be a non factor in my winter flying endeavors, I'm still looking forward to putting it to use getting out of KSMO and the marine layer that graces us with its presence so frequently. There's nothing like being an excited new pilot with a plane and wanting to fly it on the weekend but being grounded due to OVC at 1200' almost daily for 60+ days. Any more feedback here is greatly appreciated. I love the wealth of knowledge thats conveyed/shared within this community. Thank you all!
  5. Thanks for this! From what I'm gathering It sounds like I should only fly to the aforementioned destinations via a VFR flight plan as an IFR flight and the incurred risk is not really worth it.
  6. How so? I fly well over 6000' relatively often at 10-10,5 gph and 155-165kts, no problems. My last flight to ABQ was 9500-11500' (to get over some mountains right before reaching abq), 10.5gph, 160-175kts, 3 hr 54min: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N201XQ/history/20210609/1958Z/KSMO/KAEG/tracklog
  7. I pulled the trigger. Getting the duals installed now! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Hello and happy post independence day! I've been enjoying my '78 M20J for about 6 months now and am getting pretty familiar with it (110 hours logged in it thus far.) My home base is KSMO but I got into aviation and a Mooney because I'd like to have more access to the mountains this winter. My desired destinations are SLC, Tahoe, Jackson Wy, Mammoth occasionally (not a big fan of mammoth. Its been extremely windswept every time Ive gone) - basically I want to fly to anything larger than Big Bear. I'm working on my IFR cert now and I'm also getting some panel upgrades done by Air One Systems in NM at the moment. Upon completion of their work I'll have the following equipment in the panel: - Dual gi275s (Dual GI 275 w/GMU 11, ADAHRS & ADAHRS + AP; GTP 59 included) - GNC255 Nav comm - MX170c (which was in the plane when I got it) - GNX375 GPS/Transponder - GMA 350c audio panel - GA35 WAAS - The Original King Bendix CDI (not sure the model #) - The Century II AP- will upgrade to gfc500 next season most likely. I believe that's all. I'd like to see if anyone here has any tips/suggested additions/suggested routes for me and my winter endeavors. I don't have de icing boots and I don't plan to fly during weather like that. I'll plan my trips before any storms. I just want to be sure I can get to these destinations safely with the equipment I'll have as well as the type ratings I'll have. I've flown to SLC end of last season for some spring skiing, super easy v21 flight. I haven't been to any other destination's mentioned though. Also, if there are any lesser known ski destinations within reach, I'd love to hear of those as well. -TR
  9. Lets see it! Im thinking of getting dual GI275s in my J this month. Id love to see how they look in the panel.
  10. Well hello! Just seeing this now. Where are you based out of? Im at KSMO and would love to learn some good flights around SoCal as Im pretty new to the skies here. -Tedd
  11. Do I need to drain any fuel before removing the screw(s)? I’ve got about 20 gallons in there.
  12. Hey there all, I just picked up a 1978 m20j and while cleaning today I noticed a blue stain. I know it’s a fuel leak but I’m curious how immediate of a fix this needs to be and how big of fix. Can it be patched? Is there a way I can inspect it while there is fuel in the wing? Or is this a full reseal? Can I fly/build some hours for a bit or is this an immediate fix? It’s about 1.5” in diameter. Photo below. I’m in SoCal so if this is a full reseal I’d be curious if anyone has a good recommendation as to who can do it. Thanks all!
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