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SOLD: 1977 M20J with Modern Interior, LoPresti Mods, 750/Aspen/STEC-55x

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The time has come - I finally found my Turbo/FIKI Mooney to upgrade to, so I must list our first child, Rojito "Jito" ... I hope to find a good caretaker for him here rather than posting to Controller or elsewhere. I've taken meticulous care of it and have had very clean annuals. We've been across the country multiple times and it's as good of a cross country J as any out there - trues at 155-160 ROP of 145-150 LOP depending on OAT/conditions.

I love that it has the modern Mooney interior with split removable rear seats to extend storage space (how I flew it most of the time). I also was drawn to it originally due to the centri-lube cam STC that was added before my ownership ... helps keep the camshaft/lifters oiled at all times.

I've upgraded the panel a bit with a new GTN750 & PMA450B to go along with the Aspen & STEC-55x, but it still has redundant steam gages as well for peace of mind in IFR flying.


1977 Mooney M20J
Serial #24-0253
Price: $140,000 USD

Airframe: 6262 TT (flown actively so times will change)
Engine: 832 SMOH – Lycoming IO-360-A3B6D (Major overhaul to new limits 8/2003, IRAN 6/2008)
Propeller: 510 SNEW – McCauley BlackMac B3D36C424/74SA-0 (Factory new 9/2008)

Max Gross Takeoff Weight: 2740 pounds
Basic Empty Weight: 1844 pounds
Useful Load: 896 pounds
Usable Fuel Capacity: 54 gallons
Empty CG: 46.659 inches


·       Aircraft located at Sporty’s Clermont County Airport (I69)

·       LoPresti Super201 Cowling & Speed Mods (step removed)

·       Always US-based

·       Annual inspection due 2/2023

·       IFR certification due 2/2023

·       ELT battery due 12/2025

·       All FAA AD’s in compliance

·       2/2022 compressions were 72/74/70/69

·       GAMI Injectors – runs deep LOP without issue, 0.1-0.2gph GAMI spread

·       Firewall Forward Centri-Lube Cam STC installed – introduces continuous flow of oil between camshaft and lifters to reduce friction/temperatures and extend engine life

·       Blackstone oil analysis history available … no anomalies


·       Aspen EFD 1000 Pro PFD (with SVT, AOA, & STEC-55x Integration/Altitude Pre-Select/GPSS)

·       Garmin GTN 750 #1 WAAS GPS/NAV/COM

·       Garmin Flight Stream 510

·       Garmin GDL69A SiriusXM Weather & Radio Receiver

·       Garmin SL30 #2 NAV/COM

·       STEC-55x Autopilot with Electric Trim

·       Garmin GTX 345 ADS-B in/out transponder (displays ADS-B traffic and weather)

·       JPI EDM 830 color engine management system

·       PS Engineering PMA450B audio panel – 2x Bluetooth antennas

·       Garmin CDI slaved to NAV2

·       Davtron digital chronometer

·       Back-up airspeed indicator, turn coordinator, altimeter, vertical speed indicator, attitude indicator, and heading indicator

·       Ameri-King AK-450 ELT



Additional Equipment:

·       LED Nav Lights & Rear Position Light

·       LoPresti Boom Beam Landing Light – much brighter than LED

·       Whelen strobe

·       Sun visors

·       Tinted rear windows

·       Working ram air system – adds ~1.5-2” MP at altitude

·       Precise Flight SVS standby vacuum pump system

·       David Clark powered headset modules for pilot/copilot

·       BatteryMINDer 12v system included with sale – quick connect kit installed with access through ground power door on tail of fuselage

·       Tanis engine pre-heat system

·       Cowl plugs & pitot tube cover included with sale

·       Bruce’s Custom Cover for aircraft fuselage included with sale

·       O&N Fuel Tank Bladders – no more leaking tanks, can add one more cell to get back to 64 gallons (Griggs Aircraft)


Miscellaneous Maintenance:

·       New oil cooler 1/2022

·       Muffler overhaul 1/2021

·       New spark plugs 1/2021

·       New left main tire 10/2020

·       New wing walk painted & paint restored/waxed 8/2020

·       New Donaldson air filter 6/2020

·       New intake pipe for Cylinder #2 3/2020

·       New main gear shock discs 3/2020

·       Battery box cleaned/painted 3/2020

·       Rigging of all control services reset to factory spec by MSC 3/2020

·       Gear travel, trusses, bushings, and hardware serviced & adjusted to spec by MSC 3/2020

·       New brake linings 12/2019

·       New Concord battery 9/2017

·       Overhauled fuel boost pump 2/2017

·       Prop Strike 3/2008 – sent to Firewall Forward for IRAN & new prop installed



·       Fuselage/Tail re-painted 6/2007

·       Painted by Mena Aircraft Painting 5/2004 – 7/10 condition

·       Matterhorn White with Red Baron and Outer Space Gray Trim



·       Full modern Mooney interior installed at Mooney factory 3/2007

·       Grey leather interior with grey carpet – 9/10 condition

·       Split, removable rear seats – opens up tons of storage room (not a Mooney option until ~85 model years and later)

·       Modern plastic side panels replace older style

·       3-point inertia wheel seat belts for pilot and co-pilot























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Sure thing - see some below from when I bought it - hasn't changed since then, other than in some pics you'll see the panel as I bought it (but as shown above, it's been updated).

Photo Nov 03, 15 05 17.jpg

Photo Nov 03, 15 05 12.jpg

Photo Nov 03, 15 08 11.jpg

Photo Nov 03, 15 08 03.jpg

Photo Nov 03, 15 07 57.jpg

Photo Nov 03, 15 07 55.jpg

Photo Nov 03, 15 06 43.jpg

Photo Nov 03, 15 05 52.jpg


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1 hour ago, Tx_Aggie said:

Did you pull the interior from an ovation? Look awesome. 

It was installed by the Mooney factory directly, so never was in another plane - just custom fit to this plane! But yes using the modern Ovation style of the time.

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  • PhateX1337 changed the title to SOLD: 1977 M20J with Modern Interior, LoPresti Mods, 750/Aspen/STEC-55x
On 7/28/2022 at 10:44 PM, good2eat said:

Will be me - with proper prebuy results should close end of next week - fingers crossed.

Sold - congrats to the new owner and hopefully involved here to learn a lot!

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