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  1. So you can let a named insured fly your plane and he's covered, but if have some sort of arrangement to pay something it becomes a rental and there's an insurance hit?
  2. The blue ones..... So the bore is case-hardened steel?
  3. 337MC? Looks nice in the photos. 673 since 2001 isn't terribly low usage. That period from '17-'20 could be concerning. Factory reman should have gotten new nickel cylinders, new cam and lifters. Probably not a roller rocker engine. This based on my E had a 2001 factory OH in it and they weren't converting all to rollers yet. All engines are a crapshoot. In my mind 3 years of sitting are better than 15 hours a year of 20 minute trips around the patch with an annual oil change.
  4. Oil pressure was normal? Was it the bottom half shell or top? Sorry if I missed those details above.
  5. If you can spend $75k and need more room than an E, when it comes time to sell, you'll be glad you bought the Deb. With shrewd shopping I'll bet you can by a whole lot of C33 for $75,000. Earlier than that, Bonanzas don't really seem offer that much more space. Particularly in the baggage area. If you don't need the speed, then the PA-32s would be good, or a strut braced 210 even better. With those you can take the wife, kids, kids friends, dog, your anvil collection...
  6. No high flying yet. Still shopping. But wow has the advertised inventory dried up.
  7. So, now that I'm planeless and chose to not pursue the earlier object of my affection, if you have or know someone who is ready to part with a nice 231, please let me know. I'm assuming there is some unlisted inventory out there waiting for a new home. Ready to act right now for the right plane. Would also consider a clean 201 with a KFC or CIV autopilot. Of course I want it to look like new, with a fresh factory motor, lots of shiny displays and endangered species hide seats. But I'll settle for clean, used regularly, decently equipped and well maintained. Budget is around $100 for
  8. I assume the cost of storage in CA drive the cost to some extent, but operating an IO 360 powered Mooney 100-120 hours per year doesn’t cost me anywhere near $20k. Get a decent 201. Fly it. If you decide you want more capability later, sell it and go turbo. The 201 will retain value well while not costing much to operate.
  9. I don't think many will disagree that the Lycoming nickel cylinders are superior to most Continental cylinders. With angle valve Lycomings, I think the only source is the factory, so the cylinder kit prices are high. But there's only 4. Bottom ends on both engines are supposed to be quite durable. The fuel injection systems on Continentals is superior to the Bendix on the Lycomings. Lycoming starter is much cheaper and simpler. Pluses and minuses to both. The 221 conversion is neat. Not sure how many they did. Also not sure it it's really superior in any tangible way to a good
  10. I’m on #3 and none have worked. My first, before the A, was junk too. I hadn’t had any Sandia products previous, but through this Dennis has shown little if any good faith.
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