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  1. geoffb

    Avionics cover sealant

    The 3M Strip Caulk works great, but that is the most tenacious product ever manufactured. If you want to ensure the covers don't leak AND you have black fingerprints and grime everywhere for the rest of your life, use that.
  2. geoffb

    1967 M20E parting out

    Is it at all practical to ship a flap? Looking for a clean, straight right flap. Also need a good left hand main gear door.
  3. geoffb

    Mooney crap for sale....

    Alan, PM sent looking for a good, left hand, main landing gear door.
  4. Western at Troutdale does them quick, on the ramp. Always been satisfied with them
  5. geoffb

    M20E wanted

    PM sent
  6. Mine sat for 3 years without me flying. Busted the rust off pretty quick.
  7. geoffb

    Oily Lower Plugs O-360

    I feel reasonably confident saying that If it came from Lycoming in this century, it got new nickel cylinders. I'd bet it's valve guide leakage. My #4 does that same. Good compression, runs fine. These engines do not have valve seals so it doesn't take much to get a little oil down the stems while it's sitting.
  8. I'd think it should take more than 20K with a corrosion free airframe with 300 hour engine and prop. But who knows. If it was me and I could get it cheap, I'd buy it and dump the Tiger. For whatever reason, Mooney values seem to be low compared to comparable traveling airplanes. You'll go farther, faster, on the same fuel as the tiger.
  9. geoffb

    PC system hoses

    Good thing nobody asked you. Also, I'm not sure there's such a thing as "certified" medical tubing as originally installed by Brittain. If his mechanic will supervise and sign off him replacing his tubing, he's legal.
  10. So the whole idea of a Private Non-Commercial category that was proposed is now dead?
  11. geoffb

    Need advice on this plane

    Nice paint and interior, but lack of a functioning autopilot is a real negative. I'd rather have a working Brittain and no GPS than on inop AP and a fancy navigator. And does a '71 have the hard to fix gear actuator?
  12. geoffb

    DG Precession

    One other thing, when I still had the original, bent, instrument panel my DG had significant precession. Sent it to TGH for checkout and they said it was fine. The problem was that it was a 0 degree unit and the angle of the lower panel was causing trouble. Not that I have a flat panel in, it's much better.
  13. geoffb

    DG Precession

    That looks like my alt static source valve. No idea why something like that would be attached to a vacuum line. Unless the picture is showing the back of your VSI, in which case it makes perfect sense.
  14. I've got similar leakage. I'm convinced it's some valve guide leakage on the intake valve getting into the intake port. I foul the same plug if the plane sits for a week a so. Living with it.
  15. Clarence, Yes that's the stuff. Pricey, but it did the trick. It's a shame they don't sell it in a smaller bottle. McMaster stocks it.