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  1. I was at TTD Thursday to have prop balance check at Dash Air on the other side of the field. Greg's ramp looked busy.
  2. I haven't used a strobotach in something like 30 years. Fun artifact you have there. I'm going to put a optical tach on it as soon as I have time. My question is more related to adjustment of the tachometer if I find out it's really reading 8% low.
  3. Fresno for a couple nights and back. No photos. But can report the service at Signature at FAT was excellent. And merely expensive, not stupid expensive.
  4. Service manual mentions two options. 231s apparently used one that was counter based connected to the leads from the mag switch, not unlike a Horizon I assume. 252s apparently had one driven by a Hall sensor in one mag. Not sure which I've got with a 12V plane and a -MB engine with pressurized Bendix mags. Need to look more. And get another photo tach to check again. 180 rpm difference between my tach and balance rig has me concerned.
  5. Went for a prop balance yesterday and the phototach on the balance instrument was showing significantly off from my installed tach. Looking through the SM I saw no mention of an adjustment. But being electronic counters, how could it be off 8%
  6. Jeff, thanks for that. Mine could use all the lightness I could add. Guess the starter isn’t the place to look
  7. Now if I could just make time to get through that KI-256 alignment we talked about three months ago.
  8. There are two STCs. Mod Squad (MooneyMart) and The Mod Works each had there own. Only real difference is one used a vernier knob to actuate the cole flap and one used the motor actuator from a 252. Neither STC is available? I suspect getting the cowling and cowl flap hardware would make it close to impossible and certainly impractical to do another one. For what 252s seem to be taking, considered a Bravo?
  9. Agree with the above. Transition training for someone with several hundred hours of Mooney time seems unnecessary. I went from E to K this winter and like Paul, my first flight was solo. In fact, haven’t managed time to get my instructor friend in it. Flying it is the same except for the added weight. I actually think the K is easier to fly and much easier to land. At least with the 262 conversion, if you fly it around at low-ish power, low altitude and the cowl flaps open, I don’t think you can hurt it. And with mine, 120kt full power climb it runs cool. But engine management in c
  10. So far, I wouldn't trade the built-in system. For convenience it wins, hands-down. In fact, just sold my 22 cu ft portable to a friend to fund a small, emergency system. On 76 cubic ft I flew to Bakersfield and back in the high teens-low flight levels, then the wife and I flew to Palm Springs and back all above 15.5. Something on the order of 28 man-hours flying being generous with the flows. Still had gas left. Was going to build my own system until I found out the local maint shop would fill me for $35.
  11. Bonanzas that have a plain steel wire in the leading edge piano hinge have experience corrosion. Bonanzas with stainless wire in the piano hinge have not. There's an SB or similar describing this. Not sure it's been fully attributed to the presence of a TKS system or not. I'm sure the CAV folks will chime in. The fluid is water, IPA and ethylene glycol. The water would seem to be the most component most concerning for corrosion As a new TKS owner myself, my question is, is the plumbing in the system particularly fragile? I see some drips from the belly when I run mine.
  12. Coming home from Twin Falls yesterday. 35 kts on the nose gave time for sightseeing
  13. Pete, we were in there late August last year. Other than the parking area being a little soft because of the irrigation, it was fine in the E. Feels narrow on approach, but really not that tight. Have you been in there with the 231? Was thinking I'd take mine new plane. Probably take the inner gear doors off for grass ops.
  14. Cavanaugh is a fairway. As long as your comfortable with the length its no problem.
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