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  1. It’s funny. One of our daughters did a science project very similar to this when she was in the 7th grade after reading about two-liter water bottle “light bulbs” that are being used in some parts of the world to bring light to dark rooms during the day time. She wanted to see if the light distribution pattern could be improved by varying the shape of the water bottles. I don’t remember her conclusions, but she won a regional award for her efforts and all I had to do was buy her a light meter on Amazon for less than $20 and collect clear plastic containers of varying shapes and sizes that would have otherwise been thrown away or recycled for a few weeks. I’ve got a set of red and green TSO’d Sextant nav light LEDs but have thus far been reluctant to install them because of the question of their legality. It’s a shame because with the tailBeacon I am getting ready to install I am going to have to leave my nav lights on all of the time and the wingtip LEDs would be a nice improvement. I don’t fly at night anyway so the question of their luminescence really is academic to me. I’m more concerned about amps, heat, and lifespan. And legality, obviously. Jim
  2. Very interesting. It sounds like the best use for my Gold Cup, then, is exactly the one that it is currently serving. It looks nice in my gun cabinet. If 1911s are that flawed I am surprised that they are still in use by as many tactical teams as they are. I have always suspected that they were just a status symbol for the operators and maybe that is true. The Glock is not my favorite handgun either. It is lightweight, stone cold simple, and reliable, though, and the bullet always goes wherever I aim the sights. After so many rounds the trigger reset and I are one and I feel very comfortable with and have great confidence in it.
  3. I bought these M20J wiring diagrams years ago and no longer need them. They are printed on 36” x 22” paper and are broken down into serial number ranges. Most serial number ranges just have one sheet but some have two. You will get the wiring diagrams that apply to your serial number only on a first come, first served basis. You will not get the entire M20J set. Thanks, Jim
  4. Ha! PM received. Thanks very much, Rob. For now at least I’m just planning to carefully strip, prime, and re-paint black the lower portion of my Johnson Bar, in situ. The chromed handle itself is in pretty good shape. That has a way of changing, though, when everything around it starts looking like new. Then the old stuff really stands out. I know you know the drill. Thanks again. Most helpful. Jim
  5. Hey, guys. I wanted to thank all of the contributors to this thread. I’m in the process of dialing my dad’s M20C in a little bit and one of the things that bugs me is that his gear warning horn comes on at just under 18” MP. Flyable but obviously too high. The annual is coming up and we will address it then, but this thread and especially the attached photographs gives me a very good idea going in of what I am dealing with. Thanks again! Jim