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  1. I remember feeling the exact same way. Unfortunately, I am not near my log books right now and cannot find the service bulletin number for you. I promise you, though, that it exists. Do some searching on the terms “rear spar cracks” or something similar and you will probably find it. I think it is about a 20 hour installation job, which is a lot but way less than pulling the wing! Good luck!
  2. You are in luck. That is a routine problem and there is a doubler available from Mooney in the form of a service bulletin kit to correct it. We had the same problem and had to install the kit maybe 10 or 15 years ago. I will try to find the applicable service bulletin for you.
  3. My tailBeacon came with one size smaller mounting screws than were already installed my my C, which required me to re-drill and re-countersink my tailBeacon’s mounting plate to accept the larger screws. I also had to run a new ground wire as my C didn’t originally have one. Finally, I had to make a few adjustments to my tailBeacon’s transponder monitor threshold setting in order to get it to reliably pass a PAPR. Even with these complications the installation was a snap. I found the blog entry linked below and Uavionix’s qualified installers manual to be most helpful during the installatio
  4. In that case you would have saved yourself a fortune by immediately accepting her initial offer. But what is done is done. Just kidding ... but not really. Jim
  5. As recently removed from my ‘65 M20C. Three (3) are leak free. The one that has obviously been taped appears to leak slowly and probably needs to be re-taped. $150 each shipped in the U.S.
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