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  1. I agree. Tigers seem overpriced to me for what they are and relative to the M20C market, which makes it all the more interesting to me that glafaille was able to strike a deal on one but couldn't on a Mooney. A Cheetah with long range tanks, though, can be had for a song and is the model that would interest me in that end of the market. They are useful load limited, though, compared to my old speed modified Cherokee 180. For two with bags, though, a Cheetah with long range tanks would be a great low cost choice.
  2. Four of the five airplanes I have purchased were more than 500 NM away. I have even purchased high end used cars sight unseen from farther way than that. Perhaps that is where you went wrong? Regardless. Enjoy your Tiger. Dating back to the 70s as a child when they were new, I have always been intrigued by them. Jim
  3. Agreed completely. That just means, though, almost by definition, that you as a buyer are out of touch with the market. Keep looking for that deal that will never come.
  4. Plus one, Paul. Exactly same here. This is called a Steelie mount. I absolutely love it. With it a Mini fits the yoke in landscape but is even better in portrait. Get the magnet for the tablet, though. It is bigger than the cell phone magnet that is pictured. Jim
  5. Same here, with five aircraft purchases and three sales and a whole bunch of used car transactions. Never an issue or delay, inspite of the fact that, with both cars and airplanes, I have a penchant for the unusual for which there is both limited supply and demand. As a seller I personally have no patience whatsoever for either tire kickers or for dreamers.
  6. Thanks guys. I rarely use my dimmers but if memory serves they have never been very linear either, cnoe. Helitim, I have the wiring schematics, too, and have reviewed them. These resistors do not appear to be included, but if you'd be willing to review them and verify that I would be most appreciative. I am, unfortunately, no electrician or electrical engineer. Many thanks, again, guys. Jim
  7. OK. The next clue in my mystery. The resistors installed on both of my pots are the same and are 5W 200 Ohm units. They are clearly not original, however. At minimal expense I purchased and applied shrink tubing to a number of 5W 750 Ohm resistors. See below for a comparative photograph. The factory wiring diagram does not provide the specifications for these resistors. Therefore cnoe's photograph above is my best indication of what is supposed to be installed. I am starting to believe that cnoe's may actually be 72 Ohm resistors as EricJ cautioned above. I could always reinstall 200 Ohm resistors because that was what was installed previously and I know they worked. What would the most conservative course of action be, however? Looking for additional guidance from the experts.
  8. I like your theory and it should be easy enough both to confirm and to repair. Yes, I had to rotate the entire assembly to take this photograph so I could have caused additional damage. Will report back. I can't thank you all enough.
  9. You are a handy guy to have around, Anthony. Thank you for the excellent research. I have been tracing some of those same steps. Plus one for LASAR. Dan will be my first call when I feel like I know how it should go back together and I think I know what parts I need. Just day before yesterday I received my ram air delete SI compliance kit from them. What a tremendous resource they, the factory, and the other MSCs are for our aging fleet. Jim
  10. Thanks again, Anthony. What about the red butt connector in my photograph with the short black wire to nowhere spliced off of it? That doesn't look original to me. More to the point, however, since the top pot in my photograph already has a resistor with a broken lead attached to it I am guessing that the the unattached resistor with the red shrink tubing goes to the same terminal on the bottom pot. But if that is the case where is the wire that broke off of the top pot, and why were my "radio" lights working fine? Only my "panel" lights failed. I am looking forward to getting back up to the airport to take a closer look with cnoe's photograph in hand.
  11. Thanks again, gentlemen. The support you are offering and providing is invaluable. Particularly your photograph, cnoe. Clearly my wiring has been "touched" before whereas cnoe's looks original. The resistor part numbers don't even appear to be the same. Let me work with this for a while. I will report back. Jim
  12. All, My glareshield lights just failed and this is what I found when I opened her up. Can anyone make sense of this mess? Obviously there is what I assume to be a resistor there with nothing connected to it and also a stray wire coming off of what I think is another resistor. Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide. Jim