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  1. One is sold but I have one left. The part number is 202814. Thank you, Jim
  2. Price dropped $75 to $575, including shipping, to reflect battery that after charging overnight only accepted a 76% charge. You can buy a new battery at Spruce for $90 and fly with confidence and have this one as a spare. I always had it hardwired and wasn’t aware that the battery had lost capacity. Jim
  3. Two (2) 1/8” thick (part number 600364-003) and two (2) 1/16” thick (part number 600364-001). Enough to raise your sagging engine by a total of 3/4” according to Don Maxwell’s article linked below. Already slotted and primed and ready for installation. $65 shipped in the U.S. Jim
  4. These might be the last two (2) NOS Hoskins strobe tubes for late 70s and early 80s vintage Mooneys in existence. I scrounged them over the years and stored them away. Expensive, I know, but I paid about the same years ago. $110 each shipped in the U.S. Jim
  5. If your M20J has ram air this is the kit you need if you want to remove it ICW Service Instruction M20-93. New. $65 shipped. Jim
  6. This is a pretty slick custom control lock for M20Js and Ks that connects the yokes to secure the ailerons and utilizes a preexisting screw in the instrument panel to secure the elevator. As new. Weighs next to nothing and takes up very little space. $25 shipped in the U.S. Jim
  7. This is the prop governor bracket you need if you want to convert your M20J’s engine over to the one with two separate mags. New. Part number 660235-001. $145 shipped in the U.S. Jim
  8. Factory made in 2003 and shows very little wear. $125 shipped in the U.S. Jim
  9. I love this little box when combined with Garmin Pilot. $575 shipped in the U.S. Includes all factory accessories and box in excellent condition. Jim