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  1. Just calling it like it see it, Clarence. I’ve been here from the beginning and have read most if not all of your posts. You often are the first to politicize otherwise apolitical threads with subtle criticisms of U.S. politics. No one here is bashing on Canada or instigating Canadian political discord. Why you do it I have no idea. And no one here wants to hear how your Comanche is better than our Mooneys, either. Even if it is. You like to stir that pot, too. I only commented at all because you posted that this site is often anti-Cirrus. I never say anything negative about any airplane, personally, but this is in fact a website for Mooney enthusiasts. It is THE place on the Internet for Mooney enthusiasts to brag about the virtues of their airplanes. If you continue to struggle with remembering that I will continue to remind you. Jim
  2. Got it. I’ll PM you my address. Please do the same and mail me a check. I’ll get this in the mail to you on Tuesday. Thanks! Jim
  3. I bought these M20J wiring diagrams years ago and no longer need them. They are printed on 36” x 22” paper and are broken down into serial number ranges. Most serial number ranges just have one sheet but some have two. You will get the wiring diagrams that apply to your serial number only on a first come, first served basis. You will not get the entire M20J set. Thanks, Jim
  4. Ha! PM received. Thanks very much, Rob. For now at least I’m just planning to carefully strip, prime, and re-paint black the lower portion of my Johnson Bar, in situ. The chromed handle itself is in pretty good shape. That has a way of changing, though, when everything around it starts looking like new. Then the old stuff really stands out. I know you know the drill. Thanks again. Most helpful. Jim
  5. Hey, guys. I wanted to thank all of the contributors to this thread. I’m in the process of dialing my dad’s M20C in a little bit and one of the things that bugs me is that his gear warning horn comes on at just under 18” MP. Flyable but obviously too high. The annual is coming up and we will address it then, but this thread and especially the attached photographs gives me a very good idea going in of what I am dealing with. Thanks again! Jim