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  1. The C is a little more nimble at the controls and the J is a little more pitch stable and easier to hold altitude in. We are talking nuances, though. Not major differences. Jim
  2. Sorry, maybe it is just an attempt at humor but I don’t even understand what you are saying. All bladder installations (54 or 64 gallons usable) have more capacity than they came originally equipped from the factory (48 or 52 gallons usable). Jim
  3. Great. Thank you very much, but I think you are right. And the E’s say Super 21. The Mark 21 branding is a part of why I want to reinstall it. On my plane, at least, that name has been completely lost to time with the exception of the owner’s manual. Even a lot of folks here on MooneySpace don’t seem to realize that they didn’t become Rangers until 1968. Thanks again for your help. Jim
  4. Anyone got one of these? Our C came with one installed but my dad removed it and it has since been lost. I would like to reinstall. Thanks! Jim
  5. Ha! PM received. Thanks very much, Rob. For now at least I’m just planning to carefully strip, prime, and re-paint black the lower portion of my Johnson Bar, in situ. The chromed handle itself is in pretty good shape. That has a way of changing, though, when everything around it starts looking like new. Then the old stuff really stands out. I know you know the drill. Thanks again. Most helpful. Jim
  6. Hey, guys. I wanted to thank all of the contributors to this thread. I’m in the process of dialing my dad’s M20C in a little bit and one of the things that bugs me is that his gear warning horn comes on at just under 18” MP. Flyable but obviously too high. The annual is coming up and we will address it then, but this thread and especially the attached photographs gives me a very good idea going in of what I am dealing with. Thanks again! Jim