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  1. In my opinion, if you are having real anxiety prior to a planned VFR cross country it can only be because you are not affording yourself the flexibility that that mission absolutely requires. There are many reasons, mostly work related, why this type of flexibility might not be an option for you. If that is the case and you bought your Mooney to go places it is time for you to get your instrument rating. All of that having been said, as a 1500 hour happily non-instrument rated pilot, I personally couldn’t disagree more with the often heard statement around here that Mooneys were made
  2. Clean, supple, and no leaks. It looks like an old leak was repaired at some point with a dab of epoxy. See photos. $200 shipped in the U.S.
  3. Flight efficiency is a topic that is also near and dear to my heart. The CAFE Foundation and EAA Triavathon were my initial sources of inspiration back in the 80s as I was learning how to fly. Carson came a little later, or at least my knowledge of his contributions. I actually spent several years back in the late 2000s actively test flying these profiles in my previous M20J before eventually deciding that a full power ROP target EGT climb at Vz followed by a 8.5 GPH LOP cruise was usually all I really needed to know. Keep it simple, stupid. Anyway, Norm’s truly excellent work not wit
  4. As recently removed from my ‘65 M20C. Three (3) are leak free. The one that has obviously been taped appears to leak slowly and probably needs to be re-taped. $150 each shipped in the U.S.
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