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  1. News sources are reporting the pilot to have been Nicholas Masters from Ocala. If you are here, Nicholas, I am glad you're ok. Jim
  2. I flew my Mooney into CDK for the weekend a few years ago. I remember seeing multiple sets of skidmarks off the end of the runway and presumably into the water. 2355 feet runway length, I think it is. It was uneventful the weekend I was there but on a gusty crosswind day I bet things get interesting. So sorry to read this. Thanks for posting.
  3. Let's see. A new Ovation currently costs how much? This J is a relative bargain, IMHO, and is well worth whatever wiggle room Justin probably built into his asking price. Again, GLWS. I wish I could justify the expense and needed the added capabilities this J would offer over my own.
  4. She is stunning, Justin. GLWS. Jim
  5. Hey, Chris. Great! This (almost) falls squarely within Andy's the-wife-will-never-notice-less-than-$100 exception. I will mail it out to you tomorrow via USPS. Jim
  6. If you own a bladder-equipped Mooney with these caps installed you might want to have a spare on hand in case one gets lost, damaged, or stolen. They now cost several grand new. This one is used but has been repainted and a new high dollar flourosilicone o-ring installed. $110 shipped here in the U.S.