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  1. How about $581.75 shipped? $100 off current Aircraft Spruce retail. This is an excellent unit and would be a great addition to an auto step conversion for any vintage owner who is going vacuumless. This one is brand new and is being offered at the best price anywhere.
  2. I wouldn’t recommend a G for your mission. They have the legroom that you will need to carry four young USAF studs but they have a 2525 pound gross weight versus the F’s 2740 pound gross. The F probably weighs a little more than the G empty, but not much, giving the F a far superior useful load. On the order of a 200 pound delta. Even the C, which weighs less than the G empty, has a 2575 pound gross weight, for reference. I don’t know why Mooney handicapped the G in this regard, but they did. It’s a shame because in most cases it really makes the G incapable of using all of it’s extra rea
  3. I purchased this 14V Whelen Orion 360 red LED beacon (model OR36R1W) from @OSUAV8TER and the matching mounting adaptor from Aircraft Spruce last year with the intention of replacing my OEM rotating beacon, but have since decided to go in a different direction. Together they should bolt right on, so to speak, to many of our Mooneys with existing belly rotating beacons or strobe lights. The current price at Spruce for these items is $681.75. I’ll sell them for $600 shipped.
  4. Correct. Ensure that the FWD arrow on the serial number tag is pointing in the direction of flight.
  5. I had the same mount. I don’t think mine lasted two months, though, before it lost suction. I’m glad your experience has been better. I know your Mooney is a TAA and you should never need to use either of your portable devices’ AHRS capabilities, but would that even be possible using your current mounting configurations?
  6. I, too, am a big fan of Garnin portables, but at least for now I prefer the size of the Aera 660. I admit, though, that I am tempted by the 760 and might eventually end up with one. I tried mounting my GDL-50 the exact same way and in the same location that you have, but occasionally the RAM mount suction cup would fail and the thing would end up laying on my back seat. Hopefully you won’t have that problem.
  7. A lot of laymen believe that, but under the doctrine of subsequent remedial measures it simply is not true.
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