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  1. Nvm

    Try the moderators action tab at the top to delete your entire thread. I wish more people would make of this feature in all of the Trading Post forums when their items are no longer available for sale. Jim
  2. kpaul is right on. If you are going to be stationed at Eglin I would also strongly consider living somewhere other than Destin for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is reasonable access to a GA friendly airport. Destin in the summer months becomes a parking lot that can be a real pain to get around in if you are a local just trying to get to work. Niceville is, well, nice. There are also other less congested options if you are willing to commute a ways. I live on the edge of Tyndall's Class D in Panama City. Let us know when you get here. It would be fun to meet and show off our Mooneys. Jim