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  1. bluehighwayflyer


    Count me in. Jim in Panama City, FL
  2. bluehighwayflyer

    UPDATE: Help w/201 LASAR Windshield Mod ...

    That is an especially clean installation, Dave. Very nice. Jim
  3. bluehighwayflyer

    New Engine Cowl Plugs for ARI Cowl Mod

    Very nice. I keep my cowl plugs installed even in the hangar. Mine are very similar to yours but don’t have the little flags that stick up but instead have a “remove before flight” banner that hangs from the strap that attaches them to each other. I eventually figured out that by parking the prop vertically rather than horizontally, as had previously been my custom, and then by draping the strap in front of the prop rather than behind it, as had also previously been my custom, it would be impossible for me to take off with it installed. No, I have never forgotten to remove it, but there is always a first time. I don’t think you need to worry about that as much with your little flags that stick up. Jim
  4. bluehighwayflyer

    7 Antenna

    +1. We did this not too long ago on our C for this same reason but even more so just for aesthetics, and another unexpected benefit was a noticeable reduction in noise.
  5. Just as I purchased them new from Mooney in 2009 as spares because I thought they were going out of business. $700 each with immediate shipping. I paid more for them eight years ago. I'm sure they are still more now from Mooney and probably have to be custom ordered. Jim