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  1. Hurricane Irma

    If you don't repair it someone will. I hope it is you.
  2. Aveo engineering wing tips

    Ha! I like his logic and totally agree! How many times have you restored an eyesore on your plane to then only reveal another eyesore that you had never even noticed before due it's relative insignificance as compared to the first? The story of my life, it seems, especially as both I and the majority of my stuff continue to age. I like these wingtips but agree that they would look out of place on an otherwise stock vintage Mooney.
  3. New M20J Muffler - $500 Shipped in U.S.

    Email sent. Thanks ... Jim
  4. Speed Mods

    As for the effectiveness of all of these speed mods, they must really work because several of you are claiming comparable or better efficiency out of your vintage Mooneys than I can get out of my 201. Our C must be a real dog in comparison. Just keep doing what you are doing and be happy because whatever it is you are doing it right.
  5. Speed Mods

    You probably have induction leak(s). Check that and clean and possibly rotate your OEM fuel injectors before investing in GAMIs.
  6. Thinking of straying from the fold

    Yeah, this Aviation Consumer article is right on about the R182. Even the negative comments about its elevator being notoriously heavy, it being squirrelly on the ground during takeoff and landing, and it suffering from damaged firewalls from nose gear first landings. All both true and entirely consistent with my experience and comments above. Jim
  7. Just as I purchased them new from Mooney in 2009 as spares because I thought they were going out of business. $700 each with immediate shipping. I paid more for them eight years ago. I'm sure they are still more now from Mooney and probably have to be custom ordered. Jim
  8. I'm trying to get out of the spare-parts-I-never-seem-to-need business. Currently $722 at Aircraft Spruce. $500 shipped in the U.S. Jim