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  1. amillet

    Completely Confused

    He might want to check with Buzz Lightyear
  2. amillet

    Today's flight for 2018

    Come on over to Sequim. We have a couple of spare bedrooms you are welcome to stay in
  3. amillet

    Today's flight for 2018

    Engine rust prevention flight today over Olympic National Park
  4. amillet

    M20J Muffler

    Let us know if you see any performance change
  5. amillet

    Today's flight for 2018

    Did you try your key in the ignition lock? that was supposed to go in Todays Flight thread!
  6. amillet

    Landing Lights?

    I believe the maintence manual has specs for aiming. I made marks on the inside of my hangar doors (my lights are in the wings)
  7. amillet

    Medeco/Janco replacement keys

    I tried the 1 mm at a time movement. No joy.
  8. amillet

    Medeco/Janco replacement keys

    Thanks Lance. I’ve included your photo in an email to LASAR.
  9. amillet

    Medeco/Janco replacement keys

    It slides into the lock, but won’t turn.
  10. amillet

    Medeco/Janco replacement keys

    After three weeks my spare replacement ignition keys arrived direct from Mooney (ordered from LASAR). Packaging had correct key code number. Drove to airport to test; neither new key would turn the ignition lock. 1st photo shows old key (that works) on right; two new keys on left (neither works). Notice lack of shoulder at top of old key at base. 2nd photo shows old key lying on top of new key. Subtle differences in cuts. Next step is call to LASAR tomorrow.
  11. amillet

    Today's flight for 2018

    Flight back home from Wenatchee, WA (KEAT) climbing over Cascades. Smoke from wildfires in the air.
  12. amillet

    JPI EDM Questions

    Can you post a photo or spec on the USB adapter. I am tired of hauling the laptop to the airport too.
  13. amillet

    NW Training

    The newly formed Pacific & Mountain Northwest squadron of the Mooney Caravan invites you to our first NW Advanced Formation Clinic in Yakima, WA (KYKM) September 28 – 30, 2018. The clinic will be open to Mooneys, Bonanzas, RVs and other airplanes of similar performance.
  14. amillet

    Anyone owned a Van's RV6 or RV7 before?

    Maybe it was the bottom of the panel. My knees were hitting something