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  1. Tigger, Karma & our 15 year old grandson Xavien will be there
  2. 4 Mooneys met at Bremerton on Sunday and did some 4 ship practice with Velcro @FlyingAg14 leading the training session. Video taken by my wife Brenda as I returned home with Bolter as my wingman.
  3. I did then. Updated to 406 at 2018 annual
  4. My first Mooney (N201XG) @adverseyaw was with two other partners. We each had 10 days of the the month ( I had the last 10 days) when we were priority pilot. The plane was mine those 10 days unless I gave consent for the others to use the plane. It worked well for 5 years.
  5. Flew to empty the leaking tank do reasearvh level at which the leaking starts. Last time I filled to 20 gallons and saw a drip. 15 gallons this time didn’t show a drip. Photos taken by airport owner who was mowing along runway (25 minutes from low fuel warning light til empty at 65% power.
  6. Pinch & zoom helps a little
  7. Dropped the one piece belly pan this morning. Fuel lines all looked good. Blue trail of fuel residue is coming from the wing root/feel tank area.
  8. Thank you. I will check that
  9. I have found that to be true when flying the downwind side of the Sierra Nevada Range
  10. A few years ago on a flight from Mesa, AZ to Burley, ID in VFR conditions and smooth air my ground speed was over 200 knots almost the entire way at 10,000 ft. 40 to 45 knot tailwind
  11. I had that checked last month during annual. No evidence of leak there. The leaking fuel is ending up dripping out of the belly pan
  12. Its my turn. After owning N1084L for 14 years, the left tank has started leaking. I have an appointment with Advanced Aircraft Services in Troutdale next month. Greg seemed confident he could patch it without a complete strip and reseal.
  13. Three Mooney’s met up this morning at KPWT for breakfast and some formation flying. @adverseyaw and his friend Jeremy @FlyingAg14 and @amillet flew their planes. @FlyTester and @av8or rode with us.