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  1. Can the E5 replace the BK KI256? Why is the 1000 ProMax $5000 more than the E5? What additional features does it have?
  2. I’ll pay you Henry’s standard $120 fee if you’ll guarantee the FAA will accept your Medexpress filing
  3. Can you perform my 3rd class medical due in December via the iPad?
  4. Thought about going out for a short flight today. Checked the airport webcam and decided to stay home
  5. My 1st three cars. Wish I would have kept all of them
  6. Weight in the baggage compartment and nose up trim helps (sometimes).
  7. They stopped making P51s. They’re worth north of $2M each now
  8. What features/ equipment does your new M20J have that the ‘79 doesn’t have or could be added? I know the interior was upgraded beginning with the ‘96 models
  9. Press release says it is slide in replacement. I can’t find an upgrade price anywhere
  10. What is the cruise speed on a stock M20D?
  11. @PT20J do you know how many Mooney’s have the recognition lights?
  12. double the speed of a Mooney for 7X fuel burn and ???X the purchase price (just read Aviation Consumer article which listed $2.75M price) Wish I could afford one