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  1. I had that problem when we purchased or J model in 2005. The factory service center said most of the issue was the turn coordinator was not centered in the mounting hole. They also adjusted all the rigging
  2. That is an argument I make to myself against buying a new truck to replace my 2003 Tundra. WA sales tax (8.2%) on a $50-$60K vehicle can buy a lot of maintenance and accessories for the old Tundra (which has only required routine maintenance).
  3. Got up early this morning, looked outside to see stars/clear sky. Needed to get night current so drove out to airport, flew to Port Angeles (KCLM) did 2 landings there and returned to Sequim (W28) by 6:15 AM. Cool nights here prompted me to begin my winter routine: 1) plug in battery minder 2) plug in Tanis heater 3) place Golden Rod dehumidifier on cockpit floor and plug in 4) put in cowl plugs 5) close cowl flaps 6) throw old sleeping bag over cowl keeps the engine compartment toasty warm
  4. Our '97 J is SN# 24-3394. We have the retainers. Looks like the change occurred midway through the 1997 production year (-3393 to -3412).
  5. I had an RF ablation in August 2009 for “atrial flutter”. Had to repeat again in September 2009. Special issuance for about three years, then cleared for normal third class. I take metoprolol daily now.
  6. @StevenL757 What drives your BK autopilot? I don’t see a KI 256 in the panel.
  7. This weekends Pendelton clinic
  8. To Wenatchee on Friday to see newest granddaughter and back home today. Missed all the Labor Day traffic.
  9. I have replaced the housing a couple of times. The compass slid out easily. I have since placed a foam block between the bottom of the compass and the glare shield to dampen the vibration that I’m sure is what cracks the mount
  10. I won’t take offense that you imply that I am a liar
  11. I flew with a friend to drop his Mooney off at a broker to be sold. The broker flew us to a nearby commercial airport in his V-tail. I climbed aboard first to sit in the back seat (225 lbs.). The nose wheel lifted off the ground and the tail dropped to the ground. Very delicate balance point.
  12. I ordered a new one as mine is giving me the “calibration required “ message on start up. Dan calibrated it at OSH last year but I missed him this year while busy helping out at the Mooneyspace pizza gathering. When I looked up the $45 fee and factored in the hassle to ship it to them I decided to get a new one and get the old one calibrated later and give it to a friend
  13. Welcome. Beautiful Mooney. I lived in Brazil in 1970-1972. I’ve forgotten most of my Portuguese