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  1. Welcome. Beautiful Mooney. I lived in Brazil in 1970-1972. I’ve forgotten most of my Portuguese
  2. I’m 6’3” 220. I fit just fine.
  3. Flew an approach into KCLM (Port Angeles). Cloud bases 2300, tops 3800. Two turns in the holding pattern. 4 way speed run afterwards.
  4. The Mooney Flyer valuation tool says our J model value is Total Valuation for the M20 is $198580. I hope it is somewhat accurate
  5. Video taken by grandson Xavien and wife Brenda
  6. Glad you made it home safely. It was a pleasure to meet you at Oshkosh
  7. Ask controller for clarification?
  8. I’m waiting for photos of the inside of those thunder eggs
  9. Pacific Northwest 4 ship on the way to Madison yesterday
  10. It looks like the VFR/IFR database is for the portable devices. I was able to update my GTN750 on 7/16
  11. Does anyone know why the IFR/VFR charts aren’t available from Garmin until the day before they become effective? ForeFlight has them several days in advance. I’m leaving for Oshkosh early on the 17th. It would be nice to update everything effect 7/18 today instead of tomorrow before our planned 6:00 AM departure. When Garmin says it’s available on the 17th, is that Zulu time? (5:00PM PDT)
  12. And it is a pain in the a$$ to change as you have to pull the unit out of the panel and change some dip switches to adjust, then change the dip switches back and reinstall it in the panel (several times before it is fine tuned) (Mini-Flo)
  13. 25 minute flight to Paine Field (KPAE) to pick up my grandson Xavien who will be my co-pilot in the Mooney Caravan. He flew in from Phoenix. Much more convenient than KSEA
  14. Received “overhauled” motor (all new parts) Just in time for Mooney Caravan flight