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  1. amillet

    Darned Swiss Watch

    1000 hours on Bramble overhaul and still working
  2. Photos, website, prices, how to order?
  3. amillet

    ELT going off

    I got a similar call a few years ago. Went out to airport to check. Turns out it was an airplane two hangars away
  4. amillet

    Gross weight for a 1989 J MSE

    24 V battery, electric standby vacuum, BK autopilot system?
  5. amillet

    Gross weight for a 1989 J MSE

    1997 J. Empty weight 1957. Useful load 943.
  6. amillet


    I sky dived once in about 1997. I didn’t like the 200 mph wind in my face, but after chute opening it was enjoyable. Once in a lifetime was enough for me
  7. amillet

    Insurance up 20%

    $2105 for 2019. $2297 each year for 2016-2018. $200K hull. $1M smooth
  8. amillet

    Today's flight in 2019

    Still snowing. 19 inches at my house. My brother in law works for the power company.. he just finished a service call 30 miles west where ther is 30 inches.
  9. amillet

    Today's flight in 2019

    Today’s weather in the PNW. I was scheduled to fly the Mooney to Bellingham today to drop it off for annual. I was able to to it on Wednesday when it was sunny. My friend Del flew up in his 201 and picked me up.
  10. Dan, thanks again for calibrating the Sensorcon at OSHKOSH last summer.
  11. amillet

    California / West coast Fly In's

    I’m old enough to have landed at the old “aircraft carrier” airport up on the mesa at St. George. Seems like the new airport just opened
  12. amillet

    Fallstreak Clouds

    According to some TV shows I’ve watched that is caused by alien space craft
  13. I’m still a member of the iPhone 5 club also
  14. amillet

    Insurance up 20%

    Falcon - USAIG. Premium went down about $25. Age 67. 110 hrs last year. PPP.
  15. amillet

    Eye bolts

    I have to crawl under the wing to tie it down anyway, so I usually leave them out to gain that extra 1 knot.