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  1. Cruise RPM

    Me too. After installing a factory reman & new Top Prop it is smoother at 2600 than 2500 where I always used to cruise following Bob Kromer's advice of wide open throttle 2500 RPM.
  2. New pup

    Sadly Rasta passed away last night. We think she was about 13. Normal day until 7:30 PM. She was lying under the kitchen table where two grandkids had been eating. She got up and walked around the end of the table and had difficulty walking with some bladder leakage. Brenda got her outside onto the lawn where she laid down and was very weak and lethargic. Our next door neighbor is a recently retired vet who came and examined her. First suspected a stroke, but then internal bleeding when pulse was weak. The nearest animal hospital that was open was 1.5 hour drive. X-Ray revealed massive internal bleeding probably from ruptured spleen. She passed peacefully just as we had made the decision to put her to sleep. Life is fleeting and precious.
  3. Thinking of straying from the fold

    Mine do. Seat pads are velcoed on. Seat backs slip off the vertical adjustable tilt rails. I took them out for my Oshkosh flight.
  4. West Houston Airport Aerial

    I was there last fall
  5. Today's flight for 2017

    I looked up the N number. Turbo 182, not a Cutlass 172.
  6. Today's flight for 2017

    Today I flew Bright & Claudia from Sequim to Bremerton for lunch. Bright stayed with us as an exchange student from Ghana, then came back & got his bachelors degree then a doctorate in physical therapy. Claudia in an RN. They both work in the Dallas area. They were scheduled to leave on a Caribbean cruise last Sunday from Galveston. Came to Seattle instead. I parked next to this Cutlass RG at Bremerton that the RG aparrently did not extend.
  7. Check the pocket of your other jackets. That's where I found mine after it disappeared for 3 weeks
  8. Going around the Trump TFR

    I don't know why but it bothers me when I see Mooney pilots using a jet for "current location marker". If you don't want to use the low wing at least use a fighter jet or tilt rotor.
  9. Do they even sell Flight Guide anymore?
  10. Today's flight for 2017

    I had to take both wheels and one pedal off but I got the bike in
  11. Today's flight for 2017

    Photo that didn't make it to my post
  12. Today's flight for 2017

    I flew 1 hour across the Cascades to deliver my daughter's birthday present (3 six packs of Leinkugels Sunset Wheat that I picked up while in Oshkosh). Also delivered the stuff that didn't fit in her trailer when she moved 6 weeks ago to her new job at Daroga State Park on the Columbia River. I fit it all in the Mooney moving van. Landed at 2S5 Waterville, in the middle of wheat farming country. Only other airplane on the ramp was a 231. It was gone when I came back 4 hours later. Photo of river is view from her front door. Aerial photo shows island campground at her park. Breakfast at quaint cafe. Good Sunday flight.
  13. I have flown into Chandler, Scottsdale, Mesa Falcon & Phoenix (Mesa) Gateway. I prefer Falcon. FBO has rental cars. An historical tidbit:. My mother worked on airplanes (grease monkey) at Falcon when it was a WW2 training facility for British pilots. I just bought her a Rosie the Riveter T -shirt at Oshkosh. She just had her 90th birthday.
  14. Today's flight for 2017

    Flew.a friend to Friday Harbor (15 min.) to pick up his C182. Victoria, BC Harbour & Strait of Juan de Fuca sunset
  15. do you really want to win?