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  1. I bought mine about a year ago. How much of a hassle is it to re-calibrate?
  2. 97 J has only Hobbs. No tach
  3. Congratulations! We also have a 97 J. Similar panel too. We've had N1984L for 12 years. You'll love it.
  4. When my wife is riding with me in my truck and I check the right side mirror, she sometimes asks "are my boobs in the way?" This young lady clearly would be.
  5. My old eyes don't usually find the called traffic until 1-2 miles. Sometimes ATC will advise of traffic 10 miles out. What are they expecting you to say to acknowledge hearing the call?
  6. Do you say "negative contact"? What is the preferred response to let ATC know you heard the call?
  7. In reviewing this incident I noticed that Foreflight's "aerial" map is outdated. It shows the runway at KSNA as 19L instead of 20L
  8. I replaced the KLN90B with a GTN750 a year ago. I'd love to have. G500 but the $25K cost will be a big factor when the KI256 next needs to be overhauled or replaced. Hopefully the G3 will be an option then.
  9. Does the G500 use the KFC 150 autopilot?
  10. HSI (King KI-256) overhauled by Bob Bramble in 2009. 1330 TT & 12 years. It's been working great since then - almost 600 hrs. $1995 overhaul cost.
  11. Our rescue dog Rasta. First flight she tried to crawl in my lap on take off.
  12. Years ago I had this issue. Lake Aero reversed the collar at the top of the nose gear donuts, increasing the caster angle of the nose gear. Solved the problem
  13. E6B

    I remember when I knew how to use my E6-B. KLN 90B and now GTN750 make it easy to calculate TAS and wind speed & direction.
  14. +4 at 6500
  15. Monday I picked up N1084L from its annual. On the way home #1 CHT set off the JPI alarm, reading 457 before I noticed. I flew the rest of the way home with partial cowl flaps to keep the CHT below 400. I called the shop and found they had put on a new CHT probe under the spark plug. All the others are under the Tanis heating elements. Yesterday I flew to KTTD to have it replaced. On the way home I flew at 6500 ft. 2600 RPMs WOT. CHT on #1 was 350, similar to the others. TAS was 167 knots, 4 to 5 knots higher than I before annual . Altimeter setting was 30.67, almost an all time record for Seattle. Would the high pressure make that much difference in TAS or is it the adjustment to gear doors that was done at annual?