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  1. That’s the airport our J was based at when we bought it in 2005
  2. M20A specs posted above show 35’ wing span. 1978 M20J POH shows 35’ wingspan. Our 97 J has 36’1” due to fiberglass wingtips
  3. My formation flying partner’s 201 has been AOG in Bremerton for over 1 1/2 years waiting for cylinders
  4. Our KLN90B installed at the factory had this control panel
  5. Here is a real life example of a flight I made on Labor Day weekend to pick up my son, his wife and a granddaughter
  6. Mt. Olympus 7,969’ elevation. Smoke layer top about 7500.
  7. Welcome. I see yours is the first 1996 J model. Ours is the first 1997 J. You’re going to love it
  8. I checked the price at Edgley (51D) a week later and it was $6.89
  9. Our 97J model is serial number 3394. The partial flap speed does not apply to the latest model of J’s. stopped at 3078
  10. Another photo Battery Minder plug ins peeking out
  11. Agree.. I know who your shop is
  12. My KX165 #2 nav/com usually requires several pushes of the swap button to swap frequency from standby. Is this a common problem? Cost to fix?
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