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  1. Today’s flight just to fly and support the fossil fuel industry. Mount Baker and San Juan Islands
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aero_Commander_100 Aero Commander Lark
  3. Check the invoice to see if he charged you for a new belt
  4. Impressive fireworks or chafe C859D4F1-FA5D-4680-AE6F-37AD93948CA1.mp4
  5. It looks like a mat that lays on top of the factory carpet (like mats that come with new cars). I don’t see anything like that on SCS’s website
  6. Where can I order a personalized carpet floor mat shown in the photo?
  7. A friend had an MT prop on his M20K. It was starting to delaminate after about 3 years if I remember correctly. Any history on durability of the composite propellers?
  8. And, having been treated for atrial flutter in the past, the EKG monitor is attractive
  9. Be careful when you pet the Buffalo.
  10. Yes, that’s the same plane. The last one in the row of three
  11. @FlyTester owns a C model based at KRNT; is a CFI and airline pilot.
  12. Welcome. I’m 3 hangars down from Delray in #8. He got me into flying I got my PPL in a Cessna 150 he owned in 1989.
  13. It looked the same, but this is a photo from the internet
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