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  1. I thought being # 3 meant that lead doesn’t trust you to land next to him in the element landing
  2. amillet

    Sensorcon CO Group Buy

    Add me to the list. I’ll be arriving at Madison late Wednesday. Thank you in advance
  3. amillet

    Sensorcon CO Group Buy

    Will there be anywhere to calibrate these units at Oshkosh?
  4. I’m beginning to appreciate those expensive annuals at the MSCs
  5. amillet

    Proper Fuel Flow for IO-360

    My home airport is 151 feet. I see 18.6 gph on take off
  6. amillet

    NW Training

    You should do some formation training with us and fly the Caravan next year.
  7. amillet

    NW Training

    Final practice session today. N1084L with Mt. Baker in background. Andrew and Ben heading for home. Met at Bremerton. Brenda saw us fly over our house heading to Port Angeles where we landed before returning to Sequim to debrief
  8. amillet

    Retirement location

    Do not consider the Nortwest. It rains all the time and is cold and there’s already too many people
  9. Anybody familiar with N120BD, a 1987 M20J 205 listed on Barnstormers? A friend may be interested, but is 3,000 miles away on the west coast. @Wildhorsesracing @RustyNance @bob865 @Bob_Belville
  10. amillet

    Today's flight for 2018

    Another flight to Pasco, WA across the Cascade Mts. 85 degrees when I left Pasco to return home. 60 degrees at home. Nice tailwind on the way over. 35 kt. headwind on the way back. Between layers Olympic Mountains & Mt Rainier.
  11. amillet

    NW Training

    Finale was a 15 ship Bonanza formation flight. No Mooneys. I did get to ride right seat in Delta 3 (#15)
  12. amillet

    NW Training

    She bought a big new tent from REI earlier this week
  13. amillet

    NW Training

    4 Mooney’s at the B2OSH NW clinic at Bremerton, WA this weekend. Myself ( Tigger) , Andrew (Sausage), first timers Ben (N477T) @FlyingAg14 and Dan (N201XG) @adverseyaw
  14. Here is last years route back from Oshkosh. In the summer the weather is usually great. May have to dodge or wait out a thunderstorm for a day.
  15. amillet

    Top Gun; Maverick

    The cover of The Peter Principle (1970 Pan Books edition) The Peter principle is a concept in management developed by Laurence J. Peter, which observes that people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their "level of incompetence"