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  1. Seat adjustments

    We have the newer adjustable seats, but Brenda wanted the seat back even more upright. Years ago when the Mooney factory was doing maintenance work, we were at Kerrville for homecoming. We asked them if they could adjust the right seat back to be more upright. They ended up reversing the threaded block that the adjustment rod turns in to pull the seat back farther forward. We had them check and adjust rigging at the same time.
  2. Mooneys at Jewell Aviation

    I recall hearing that the Mooney annual checklist requires about 24 hours labor to complete. Which items are they skipping?
  3. Effective way to get people to become supporters Craig
  4. How did u resolve the high fuel pump pressure?


    410 302-2021

    1. amillet


      It has always been in the green, but bordering the red. It has come down about a needles width after 150 hours use.

  5. I find myself practicing formation flying skills maintaining precise distance with the car ahead of me
  6. Foreflight Icing Forecast

    I recently suggested to ForeFlight that it use the animated wind depiction like Windy uses instead of wind barbs. They said they'd look into it
  7. Changing airport elevations

    Neither of those have occurred.
  8. When I learned to fly in 1989 our airport elevation was 144 feet. Nearby Port Angeles was 288 feet. Easy to remember. (2 x 144=288). Yesterday while doing some approaches my safety pilot mentioned airport elevation was 291. I have no idea when the reported elevation changed. Just checked my home airport (W28-Sequim, WA). It too has changed to 151 feet. Is it continental drift/uplift? More accurate measurements?
  9. A MILD birdstrike

    Sea gulls poop in flight. My Tundra got bombed last week.
  10. N201XG

    201XG was my first Mooney, purchased with two other partners. We flew it for 5 years and 500 hours (1990-1995) then sold it for $10,000 more than we paid. It did have the FF 210 hp engine with 10:1 pistons. A year or so later it had an engine failure returning from KOSH. I last saw it in 2002 in the Mooney Caravan. It was based in the Northeast at that time
  11. Today's flight for 2017

    Return route: Tonapah, NV for fuel; overnight at Klamath Falls, OR. Tonapah was WWII P-39 training base. FBO owner who fueled us said the Russians still hate us for sending them all those Airacobras. Flew right over Crater Lake.
  12. Mooney Wake

    Thank you Maruader.
  13. Mooney Wake

    How about labeling everyone with their user names and real names for those of us who couldn't make the party?
  14. Today's flight for 2017

    We flew to AZ for a mini-vacation on Sunday 10/9 and returned 10/14-15. Visited our grandson & stayed with our good friends Dave & Colette who own an M20E. My usual route is V165 thru Reno & past Vegas. Decided to try the more direct route & stopped in Winnemuca for fuel. Central NV is EMPTY. Had decent tail winds most of the way but even at 15,000 had some waves that had ground speed varying from 199 to 100 and approaching stall speed a couple of times with the autopilot maintaining altitude. I requested a block of 15 - 14K and rode the waves up and down. It made Brenda much happier. Always smooth though. New route only saved about 50 KM. We had booked a flight on SWA but I was able to convince Brenda to fly the Mooney when the weather forecast was so good. I hate the commercial airline/ TSA routine Love the Mooney. 6.5 total flying time.
  15. Aeroleds Landing and Taxi Lights

    The position light is separate from the strobe & nav light . Is there a LED replacement?