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  1. Sunday flight to Yakima to meet up with @xcrmckenna, @Jer and @Bolter for some formation practice. 4.7 hours added to the hour meter
  2. Paul, @gsxrpilotplease move to the Pacific Northwest so I have a chance to hold you to your pledge
  3. I like Foreflight’s time keeping. It’s always more than the airplane’s hour meter. The higher time goes in pilot’s log. The lesser in airplane’s logs
  4. Although, Al Mooney was self taught and had no engineering degree if I remember correctly
  5. Yes. The downwinders weren’t so fortunate
  6. I fly right over Hanford descending into Pasco when I visit my son who lives there. The thought crosses my mind every trip as to whether any of that radiation leaks up
  7. I ordered one each of all three 1x16x18 for each bottom cushion from Wicks. The local upholstery shop replaced foam in both seats in one hour. Noticeably harder on first contact but warmed up quickly
  8. Got in two approaches in actual IMC today
  9. There was a Mooney pilot at the last Santa Maria PPP (2018?) that had a KSN770. He was from NorCal I believe
  10. I have a client who is the widow of a deceased local pilot. The estate has a Pipistrel Sinus 912 for sale. https://www.pipistrel-usa.com/sinus/
  11. I am 45 years older than my Mooney. It is approaching 25 but still seems new to me
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