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  1. What's the old country song lyric? I'm not as good as I once was but I'm as good once as I ever was"? Will be 66 in a month.
  2. I am scheduled to attend the PPP. I invited a fellow Mooney owner, who is not on MS, to join us for lunch.
  3. My first M20J (N201XG) purchased in 1990 with two other partners, from an estate, had this engine. We flew it for 5 years, 500 hours with no problems and sold it for $10,000 more than we paid. Not long after that it had an engine failure ( Henry "Black Cloud" was on board).
  4. Do only Britts & Cannucks need applying? (cheques)
  5. I think Janet is based at North Las Vegas. A search reveals that she works at elite flight training
  6. Janet Denton lives in Las Vegas, owns a Mooney and is a CFI, and is active in the Mooneycaravan.
  7. The PPP is done by noon on Sunday so it would not interfere in my opinion, if it was noon or after
  8. Consider Sunday April 9th. The MAPA PPP is at SMX that weekend & you would have a dozen or so Mooneyspace there already
  9. Mooney Summit is > 2,000 miles from me. Won't make it this year.
  10. Looks like you flew to Victoria, BC. I'm 15 min. Flight south of there.
  11. On the GTN 750 track & distance are in the top ribbon. The 4 user defined fields don't need to be set on those.
  12. Florida flight was one way picking up newly purchased N1084L and flying home to WA. Flight stopped in Flora IL was to drop off a different 201 for tank reseal. They then delivered it to OK where it was painted and I picked it up there. Dallas flight was picking that airplane up at purchase.
  13. My computer graphics skills are almost non-existant. This is my attempt to map all the places I have flown. I used Google Earth and Google Maps. My Flights.pdf
  14. I bought mine about a year ago. How much of a hassle is it to re-calibrate?
  15. 97 J has only Hobbs. No tach