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  1. Today's flight for 2018

    Beautiful weather in the Pacific Northwest but my flight today to go to my granddaughters softball games didn’t happen because I forgot to order oil filters last time I changed the oil. Drained the oil on Wednesday, removed the filter on Friday, then realized I didn’t have a new filter to put on. My engine uses the CH48110-1 that has the male threaded fixture, which none of my hangar neighbors have. Ordered a batch from Aircraft Spruce that should be here Thursday.
  2. Today's flight for 2018

    Return flight from PPP in Henderson, NV. My longest nonstop flight ever. Still had legal reserve of fuel. You can see from my ground speed fluctuations that I was in mountain waves. VMC until OR border, then between layers until I crossed the Cascades, then solid IMC until about 50 miles from home where I broke out at 6,800. No turbulence
  3. IO-360-A3B6D to A3B6 Conversion

    Wow. In Aug 2015 it was $29,963 for me. Inflation.
  4. Intercom

    Traced the wires as far as I could into the bundles under the glare shield. Nothing obvious. Time for a trip to the avionics shop
  5. Intercom

    Thank you. I’ll check it out when ai get back home. Hoping it is just a loose plug .
  6. Intercom

    My factory installed Symphony intercom quit in the middle of my PPP flight today. I’m looking for your input on repairing it or getting a new audio panel wit intercom built in. Garmin or PS Engineering? I have a GTN 750 in the panel already
  7. Sun n Fun 2018

    Why don’t aviation companies make all their hats without the top button?
  8. Quick Cross Country

    It is a prostate, not prostrate. I know because mine was removed 19 years ago because of cancer.
  9. Today's flight for 2018

    I took Friday PM off from work and did a couple of instrument approaches in actual IMC. Tops about 3000, bases around 1100.
  10. I still have not been signed off yet four months later! @SAMFOX I also have a 97 J. (24-3394). Just curious as to what issues you are dealing with?
  11. Yoopers Rocketman's Lancair

    Remember to let me know when you’ll be in Port Angeles.
  12. Okay, so now what

    I have FS 210. It allows transfer of flight plans from ForeFlight to GTN. Updates to database require SD card
  13. Sales tax?
  14. Paying LASAR or Top Gun $120/hr is cheaper if they can diagnose and solve the problem in less time, due to their experience. I have used both and find them to both be very efficient and fair in their pricing. As a lawyer with 37 years experience I can perform tasks in 15 min. that took me two hours 35 years ago.
  15. GA-friendly airports in Seattle/Vancouver

    Sequim (W28) and Port Angeles (KCLM) are the gateways to Olympic National Park. The Olympic Peninula is one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Victoria, BC is only 15 miles away