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  1. Went out to get night current. All exterior lights are LEDs except red belly beacon
  2. After doing a VREF aircraft valuation and seeing the hull value was higher than I was covered for, I was able to increase hull coverage mid policy year through Falcon Insurance for a relatively small additional premium
  3. I’m assuming you have the flat wing end. The sculpted tips make the width 36’1”
  4. My 97 J is noticeably quieter than my friends 78 J
  5. Advanced had a no back clutch bring in stock, that was ordered for another aircraft. Greg said, for some reason it didn’t work in that aircraft and neither he nor Mooney could explain why. It worked fine in our actuator.
  6. I too questioned why it made any difference with the gear down. This is Greg’s explanation: The gear actuator is the biggest issue we seem to have. The reason the gear horn is sounding intermittently is because the gear actuator is turning backwards releasing the gear tension. The reason for this is the No Back Spring is slipping. When the tension drops off, the gear actuator kicks on to gear back up against the stop. Not the best thing for the motor or the actuator.
  7. I am picking up aircraft from annual tomorrow. One of the squawks I listed was the gear horn and gear warning light would chirp occasionally while taxiing. Advanced Aircraft Services fixed it. In the process I got a new no back clutch spring that I didn’t intend to change out. The one removed had about 1400 hours on it. The invoice describes the fix as follows : Discrepancy Landing gear motor momentarily actuates un-commanded when master switch is turned on. Corrective Action Complied with Mooney SB M20-282-A per Mooney Service Manual and Eaton instructions by installation of new No Back Spring. Landing gear system was functionally tested for proper retraction and extension. Manual extension check was performed and down lock tensions were verified and adjusted as needed.
  8. I’ve been waiting for a year for them to be in stock
  9. I opened it on my PC and could see the political boundaries, on the iPad just a big white globe with the color coding
  10. How do you tell where on earth it depicts? When I open it there are no land masses showing
  11. Our 97 J has the “Ovation interior “. I believe the 96J was the first to have this
  12. After reading this thread, I ran a V ref report on my aircraft. Using that value, shows I am close to $40,000 under insured! I just sent a message to my insurance company to see if I can increase the hull value mid way through the coverage period.
  13. To fix this, I had to drill the pop rivets out of the right console side panel, remove all the screws from the console front and the controls on the front of the console so that I could pull the console forward to get access. I had Advanced (Troutdale, OR) fix mine. A couple of years ago. Same process
  14. I first noticed the ultralight about a half mile out to the west heading for the airport. As he was approaching to land, I believe he was heading for the grass runway 9L, adjacent to the paved runway (where he eventually landed). I then noticed the single engine aircraft approaching for a landing from the opposite direction on 27L.
  15. One of the Comanches in the Caravan is “Gizmo” who has joined the Caravan for several years
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