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  1. You can use your phone as a wi-fi hotspot to connect to your tablet. I cancelled my 4G Verizon subscription to the iPad's when I figured this out
  2. I've been up to 15K a few times. It takes a long time to get there.
  3. Thank you. Good news
  4. I've not pursued a VC compass as I'm leery of needing the "balls".
  5. I have a WX-950. From what I can find online the WX-500 is a 950 without the dedicated display. Can the 950 be connected to display on the GTN-750?
  6. Sequim, Wa link please & thank you Alan Millet
  7. You mentioned setting up an LLC. Unless someone else is flying, it will not offer any protection from liability.
  8. My first airplane (N201XG) was a three member non-profit corporation. Bylaws provided that each pilot was priority pilot for 10 days (I had 21st to end of month) if you wanted to fly any other time you just called the priority pilot for permission. In five years there was only a time or two there was any conflict.
  9. Your ground speed is not from a tailwind. It is because your Foreflight's current location marker is a jet and not a low wing.
  10. My wife and I completed this aviation egress course years ago.
  11. Post oil change flight seeing. Flew west to most northwestern point in continental US (Tatoosh Island) then returned thru Sol Duc Valley, over Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park. Port Angeles Harbor going & returning. KCLM is in foreground of last photo. One hour flight time.
  12. The foam goes between the bottom of the compass housing and the glare shield.
  13. STC pending approval
  14. I bought a pool noodle at Walmart, cut off a small piece then cut it in half. Almost the perfect shape.
  15. I have placed a small foam block between compas and glare shield to dampen vibration