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  1. How much did you get for the Stratus2, Ned? Where did you sell it?
  2. I started to change mine, but quickly determined I didn’t have small enough hands or dexterity, and didn’t know enough swear words to get the job done in the time I had allotted for it. I added that to my sqwak list for annual. MSC says bulbs are installed. Still waiting on Hartzell to ship the new spinner
  3. Maybe that was the inspiration for the twisted wing M20F
  4. I signed up but had to scratch because of cracked spinner discovered during annual. Wish I was there
  5. Thanks @PT20J. The MSC that is doing the annual seems to be on top of this and advised that it had not been properly shimmed.
  6. I scrubbed my PPP plans as it is this coming weekend. I had ordered it before I posted here. May be best to get a new one anyway after FloridaMan's experience.
  7. Thanks for the report. Maybe I won't spend the money to repair the cracked one. I already ordered a new one.
  8. Thank you. I’ve been wondering about that but never asked
  9. Thank you all. I ordered a new one but will get the old one repaired
  10. MSC doing annual reported “cracked spinner”. Is this the spinner or bulkhead? Hartzell has none in stock with AOG 10 day out shipping. I’ll have to cancel Santa Maria PPP next week. Not properly shimmed Only 300 TSNEW
  11. N201XG.. My first Mooney. Sold it in 1994
  12. Our J model was dropped off for annual on 2/6/19 (3 month prior reservation). Not done yet. No major sqwaks. Hoping to get it back this week
  13. I'll have to remember that one. "I'm not anal, I'm attentive to detail"