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  1. From Tanis FAQ: Resistance heat cannot create moisture. Moisture is always present inside your engine and specifically within your oil. Use of our system will NOT result in corrosion because a Tanis preheat system keeps all of the metal parts that are above the oil level above “dew point” and as a result condensation cannot occur on these parts. Tanis preheat systems are not to be cycled on and off as this could cause the engine to go through “dew point” (timers and thermostats are not to be used).
  2. amillet

    Today's flight for 2018

    Approaching right downwind to 32R at Boeing Field KBFI
  3. I’ve been leaving mine plugged in. Tanis says it’s OK as well. With insulating cover over the cowl the entire engine compartment and engine stay comfortably warm. From FAQ on Tanis website Yes, Tanis preheat systems can be plugged in continuously.
  4. amillet

    See and Avoid

    My closest encounter was several years ago (pre-ADSB) on a right downwind to runway 16 at Friday Harbor, WA. I was mid-field at pattern altitude when I glimpsed a Cessna at my 9:00 o’clock which passed over me about 20 feet above. He (or she) busted right through the traffic pattern with no radio calls.
  5. amillet

    Recommendations on Selling Mooney

    Thanks for the tip
  6. amillet

    KFC 200 Auto Pilot - Servo issues

    Does that include new servos?
  7. amillet

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    pro hac vice?
  8. amillet

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Litigation attorneys love clients who want to fight on principal, no matter the cost
  9. amillet

    For Sale: McCauley 3 Blade prop

    Dave was my dentist before he retired
  10. amillet

    1978 M20J

    Aircraft has been sold to local buyer
  11. amillet

    Flight tracking

    That column didn’t appear on my iPad. Thank you
  12. amillet

    Flight tracking

    My friend’s phantom flight (N1279X) in Van Nuys doesn’t seem to show source of data
  13. amillet

    Over torqued drain

    I would think the threads would strip first?
  14. amillet

    Flight tracking

    Last week I saw a friend’s E model on Flightaware in California. It was safely in its hangar in AZ.