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  1. New Member Introduction

    Beer, in Utah? Heresy. . (From a former Mormon)
  2. But, there is no “hitman client” confidentiality privilege
  3. Demo flight north of Seattle

    I’m in Sequim, WA between Port Angeles and Port Townsend. I’d be glad to provide you a ride in a J. It’s in Troutdale now getting it’s annual, new LED nav/strobes, 406 ELT, update to JPI software, etc. @milotron is based at Victoria and has a K model.
  4. Yoopers Rocketman's Lancair

    The fine print confirmed interest from date of purchase. Maybe they have different programs, but this was the card they sent to replace the AMEX. I use my Alaska Air Visa and collect the air miles
  5. Yoopers Rocketman's Lancair

    I shredded my Costco Visa after I got my first statement and found they were charging interest from the date of purchase. The fuel rebate may make up for it but it is the principal. Every other card I have is no interest if paid by due date of statement
  6. N201XG comes home

    Jim Murphy flew in the Caravan in 2002, my first Caravan. I was surprised to see our old Mooney there. It was in very rough shape compared to when I last flew it in 1994, delivering it to the buyer at Paine Field (KPAE) in Everett, WA. I’m happy to see that someone has made her better than new and glad to see her back in the Pacific Northwest.
  7. Today's flight for 2018

    Flew N1084L to Troutdale, OR and left her with Greg at MSC Advanced Aircraft for annual. 1.4 hour flight with 25 knot headwind. Surface winds were light except at KTTD, 25 G 30 right down runway fortunately. Strange funnel effect down Columbia River gorge. My hangar neighbor picked me up in his RV 7-A. Not a comfortable fit for my 6’3” body. Cascade volcanoes in photos.
  8. N201XG comes home

    I owned N201XG (with 2 partners) from 1989 to 1994. I’m just a short hop away in Sequim. I’m taking our current “J” model to Troutdale’s Mooney service center today or tomorrow for its annual, and installation of LED strobe/nav lights and 406 ELT. We’ll have to meet up when I get the plane back.
  9. What is current price to upgrade JPI 700 to 730 or 830?

  10. Both strobes stopped working in past 3 months. I’m installing Aero LEDs during annual in a couple weeks per @donkaye recommendation. Hope to gain a little useful load with removal of 3 power supplies.
  11. I took our airplane to the Avionics Shop for the biennial IFR certification. Passed all tests just fine. I asked them to update the GTN 750 software. I was told that I had the latest version that was approved for certified aircraft , that the new software was only approved for experimentals. Here is what I have. I suspect I was “mis-informed”.
  12. Does upgrading from a King KMA 24 require a new tray?
  13. We have made the FL to WA trip once. Bought the plane in Ft. Lauderdale and flew it home in Feb. 2005. The coast hugging route was to avoid winter crossing of the Rockies. 24 hours flight time.
  14. To those of you who have a Sensorcon, do you have it calibrated periodically as recommended? I have not yet done so and I’ve had mine for at least 1 1/2 years.