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  1. Don Maxwell Aviation Services West?
  2. I use an old sleeping bag and cowl plugs. It's in a hangar, not outside.
  3. Our 97 J has a red belly strobe. Annoying as it makes a noise in the headsets as it cycles. You can see it if you zoom in on this Caravan formation shot
  4. 12 years, 1000 hours and countless $ on 1997 J.
  5. Preliminary NTSB report.
  6. Me & grandson Caleb

    From the album Amillet

  7. ForeFlight also has web based flight planning
  8. Where is GOFFS intersection? I am familiar with GOFFS (GFS) VOR just west of Bullhead City, AZ. It's on my route to Bullhead City when the MAPA PPP is held in Bullhead.
  9. 51.1 GPH?
  10. I covet the steam engine's ability to reverse. We could back right into the hangar
  11. On Thursday evening at 6:45 PM PST one of my clients died when his C182 crashed. His fiancé and two of her grandchildren also died. It appears that he ran into low ceilings (dark night) and lost control. He departed Boeing Field (Seattle) for KCLM (Port Angeles), a 40 min. flight. Departure weather was marginal VFR, destination VFR. Enroute the closest reporting station KPWT (Bremerton) was worse though. A great tragedy. Be very careful out there.
  12. Oops. Wrong photo. The one I posted was approaching Portland. This is volcanos
  13. Flew from NW Washington to MSC at Troutdale, OR today to drop off 84L for annual. 1.4 hours with a stop at Tacoma Narrows to drop a friend off to retrieve his C177. Photos are Cascade volcanos and Toutle River with Mt St Helens ash flow.
  14. 1997 J:. 2900 gross. Empty=1965; 935 useful
  15. You've got a lot of shoveling to do before you can taxi out. My rotator cuff hasn't been the same since I last had to shovel that much snow 10 years ago (W. WA)