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  1. Glad to see this thread resurrected. Ended up picking up a 1980 M20J and love it! Useful load is on the lower end. But took the copilot seat out and it’s become our preferred means of traveling for a small family of 3, bags and all! Thanks for all the help here!
  2. Exactly - I should have been a little more specific about seeking experience with those who have the EI engine scanner as the sequence is not as automatic as it is in the JPI. See the photo attached. Documentation from ~1988.
  3. My ‘new to me’ M20J came with an electronics international sr8 engine monitor. It has 8 channels that are programmed for the four EGTs and the 4 chts. It was installed in 1988 and is still working well. In a previous older model I flew, the owner told me as long the chts were below 380* everything will be good. Now that I own my one I really want to be efficient with my low time engine to get the best out of it and make it last. The instruction manual says to press the ‘peak’ button and an arrow will display over the hottest cylinder as slow precise adjustments are made to the mixt
  4. This is great! I just had my copilot seat out taken out for an upcoming family trip and it really opens up the cabin a lot!
  5. Gents - thanks for the help. After your comments plus reading through the M20J maintenance catalogue and the POH, I was better able to understand how the correct mechanism works. I went out to the hanger, simply pushed the tab forward and the front of the latch fit perfectly into the slot. Happy to find an easy fix after spending quite a bit on panel upgrades/fixes!! Thanks for the help here.
  6. Arrows showing what I'm talking about.
  7. I'm curious to see what other J's look like. My photo is not the best, but on the bottom side of the latch, on either side, the underside edges are in sort of a curved/hooked position and appear to 'hook' into the slot to 'latch'. I know this is different than the Ovation i've flown in the past. Any other J/Ks out there to confirm this?
  8. Yikes that's a lot of crap! You found that underneath the carpet? Below is a photo I took yesterday of the latch up. Makes me think the latch hoop or, not sure what to call it but the hole the latch connects and locks into might be a little to angled? I plan to have it looked at tomorrow.
  9. I just bought a J with ~870 useful load. We’re a family of three with a toddler. Wife sits in the back with the little guy/car seat . We put the wife suitcase (heaviest) + pack and play (baby bjorn, a little pricy but folds up easy and light weight), uppababy stroller and lightweight diaper bag in cargo area, my bag and baby bag in front seat. Still allows for 3-4 hours of fuel burn at 11.5 gph. It can be done, and not as uncomfortable as you might think. It could be difficult in a small body however.
  10. Just found this post. After a fuel stop and then on to final destination While enroute I found my gear down with the breaker out. I put the breaker back in, latched the emergency gear latch back in place and landed. While on the ground the latch kept popping up. Is this just a spring issue or is this something more serious? Thanks!
  11. Thanks all, didn’t realize the usefulness to be honest. I’ll plan on keeping it in for now!
  12. Not sure what a Charlie weight is. I’m just planning to have the GTX feed weather onto my Garmin 480.
  13. My new to me M20J is getting a GTX-345 installed. I’m considering the list of ‘while we’re there’ items and that includes possibly removing the DME and insight strike finder. It also has an 2nd extra attitude indicator (3rd inidicator if you include the Aspen as the 1st.) Has anyone else removed these items and if so what was the resulting UL increase? I appreciate it.
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