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  1. Can you describe the great success you’ve had with the power flow exhaust and garmin 300xl?
  2. Tx_Aggie

    M20B gear up restoration

    Wow great so all of you have experience putting B/C gear up airframes back to flying? I appreciate the sentiments, since most all of the older fleet have gear ups, surely someone on here has experience going through the costs from a personal standpoint. Thx
  3. There’s a well preserved m20b at one of the local airfields I’ve flown in and out of, just sitting on flats. It had an apparent gear up, either that or the guy forgot to lock the Johnson bar... either way, what ballpark costs would it be to get the airplane back up and running? The prop is bent and some belly plates are missing. I’m in western Texas, with 0 humidity. Looking for answers from those who have actual experience repairing these, not dreamers! Thx
  4. What does a PPI cost with a knowledgeable inspector run these days? Like what does Don Maxwell or someone similar run?
  5. I’m well aware of the monthly maintenance and expenses in my region for hangar/insurance/fuel/ gps subscription etc. My purchase price was based on the C I flew that sold as well as others in similar shape that are currently listed. 35k is what I’m willing to pay for the purchase price and isn’t all I have for monthly expenses. Not sure where some of the responders are getting that information. The enticement towards the C and F are the efficiency in the 4 cylinder engine. If my purchase budget was more I’d consider a bird more capable of 170-180 KTAS and UL over 1000 lbs. thanks for the concern however. I didnt realize the install if an autopilot was so steep however. Almost the 75% of the price of a C. Yikes.
  6. Have anyone of you installed an autopilot recently? I realize the costs of the units but how much is it to install all in for something like an STEC 55x?
  7. Yeah I thought about limiting my search for aircraft that already had atleast a waas gps and an autopilot. I’ll probably have to save a little more and increase my budget for a plane with those already included.
  8. I’m considering two potential options for ownership. With about $30-35k to spend on ownership, there are a handful of decent looking M20C’s on the market. I also currently fly with a friend who has a 1970 F model. Here’s what my finances allow for: 1) 100% ownership in a C model or 2) possible 50% ownership in the F I’m currently flying. I flew a 1967 C for about 6 months to keep the plane running for a friend with multiple planes. It was a great gig until he sold it. I wasn’t in a position to buy otherwise I would have. My thoughts are the following on both options. I’m an IR pilot with about 550 hours. My flights are mostly just me, some angel flights and occasionally my wife and I on weekend trips. 200-400 mile trips max, mostly across Texas. This is my first time to own an airplane. The downside to the partnership is I know this won’t be my last airplane - the C’s I have my eye on don’t have any gear up/damage history. While the F has had 3 in it’s lifetime, even though the last one was 22 years ago. The F is professionally maintained by a knowledgable Mooney mechanic. It doesn’t have an autopilot and has a VFR only gps while the C’s I’m looking at have either an Ifr equipped gps or decent autopilot. Having both is preferable to me as I fly into imc conditions especially on angel flights. What pros and cons of the options do you see? I like the extra room of the F, I’m 6’2” and I can’t fit in the back seat of the C, so my passengers in the back will have to be small, however it’s not very often that I need that extra space right now. If I bought a C, I’d eventually try to install the new garmin autopilot 500 or perhaps an STEC 55x or maybe 60-2, which ever will be cheaper. Also the planes I’ve seen on the market with multiple damage history reports largely don’t get sold. Not that I’m a sales pro, but I’ve followed the listings for the last few years while I rent, and there are planes that have continued to occupy listing space for years. I’d hate to buy into a plane that I couldn’t sell to move up and that’s what I think would happen with the F. Is that concern valid? Thanks for the opinions.
  9. Tx_Aggie

    M20J Speed Improvement?

    This is awesome, what a feat in a C. When you say all the speed mods, what exactly are you talking about? No doubt best bang for the buck in general aviation.
  10. Tx_Aggie

    M20J Speed Improvement?

    This is a well thought out, robust list. Please let us know what the results are when you get yours back in the air. I flew a great working C for several months recently and with the four headings referencing the gps and cross checking with FlightAware, I determined my TAS at 9000’, 2400 rpms and 21” was about 138 KTAS. A good 10-15 knots slower than the 145-150 crowd. When you mention rerigging, what exactly does that mean and entail? Had I known I could’ve turned that C into a 150-155 KTAS airplane I would’ve bought it for myself and done the same thing as you’re doing.
  11. Tx_Aggie

    Thoughts on this M20C?

    Is this from myairplane.com? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Tx_Aggie

    Bring new life in old hardware

    Nice so what “basic” tools did you use? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I’ve heard that with the Bonanza folks also. What’s so good about Millennium cylinders? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. What does a round of new cylinders cost these days? Assuming this is all that needs replacing? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk