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  1. Not trying to hijack the post, but in high(er) density altitude scenarios and hot OAT (35-40*) in my J, if I lean for takeoff I notice very high CHTs until I’m able to climb out and get some better airflow across the cylinders. Am I missing something? This particular instance was at Lubbock, TX in August - not the highest elevation airport but hot temperatures simulated much higher altitudes. Thanks
  2. Resurrecting this post for a further observation: my IO-360 also favors 6 quarts also. how long after a flight would it be reasonable to wait for the oil to drain to the sump and measure the oil level? I’ve noticed after long cross country flights the oil will show ‘lower’ when that last quart might actually just be spread around the engine taking time to reach the sump, maybe a viscosity thing?
  3. Thanks Greg, I’ll have a look. But I file IFR every time I travel. It makes things much easier in my opinion. Having said this, it appears ATC routes most traffic from the west through the corridor you mention, and it appears to be part of the approach path for the GPS 14 which is what I’m planning on requesting.
  4. Outbound I’m planning ODO-AEX fuel up at AEX, AEX-DTS with an overnight in Destin. Next morning DTS CORKY V198 SZW V7 NITTS V579 SRQ. I’m not out to reinvent the wheel, if there’s an airway already out there along the preferred route I’ll use it every time. Thanks also for the insight, Ross!
  5. Good evening folks, Circling up on this topic again, will be breaking the trip up into two days outbound to SRQ and really excited for the journey. Thanks to all for the advice on routing. Any pireps on FBOs between Retrix and Dolphin? Really appreciate it!
  6. I have QC15 + UFMs and they worked really well for about 3 years then the ANR started clicking on and off particularly when I transitioned the prop control from cruise to full in. Louder constant vibration in my opinion tends to wear down the effectiveness of the ANR, although I can’t definitively say that, I suspect that’s why A20s are a bit more robust. I’ve recently switched to the CQ in ear headset and it works really well. Ordered a set after someone commented how the Mike boom was a bit longer than the halos. It’s early for me but so far so good!
  7. Man good things to think about. Mine was hangered fortunately - that's a loose term - when I opened the doors, there was above 3-4 feet of snow between the door rails and my nose wheel - ugh. I'll have to check the rear static drain next time. The flight was turbulent, so the second occurrence would've happened following both gusts and turbulent flying, but the first occurrence was on the ground prior to taking off. I should've taken a photo, i believe there were two red X's over both the AI and the HSI.
  8. Good morning folks, Yesterday was the first day after Texas' Arctic blast I was able to pull my M20J out for some approaches. Upon run up, and before takeoff my Aspen showed the Red X screen against a black background for about 5-10 seconds, then restarted and all worked normally. After the second approach and landing, while still on the runway, the red X showed up again in the same sequence. I had the local avionics shop install the software update last August (Ver to supposedly remedy this occurrence for which an AD was issued last year. This is the first time I've actual
  9. Highly recommend the Muncy tug! Don - the one you made me in November continues to work very well! Thanks for building it for me and it was nice meeting you!
  10. +1 for SGR, easy in and out. Very hospitable FBO too. While HOU is closer to downtown/medical center it caters more to the larger jets. Also cost of 100LL is several $/gal higher. If you do choose HOU, Wilson air has the cheapest fuel and most reasonable to deal with in my experience.
  11. Awesome glad to hear, flying over the beach sounds great!
  12. Sounds good thanks for the input, I appreciate it!
  13. I responded before looking back at ForeFlight. This is my point exactly. Hevvn is the fix before clamp and further down the airway is a little too far from shore in my opinion if the engine ever becomes a concern. This appears to be the route that everyone flies both big and small however. I’ve found when filing IFR into busy airspace, atc is generally going to give you the arrival they put everyone on. Over land, I’ve never asked for an alternative routing because I never felt uncomfortable but I suppose I could this time around.
  14. I appreciate it! Helpful to know it’s been requested regularly.
  15. Thanks for that, sounds good and makes sense to me.
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