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  1. Great point. Probably half ours.
  2. That was my understanding too. On schedule for mine in spring. Permitted to activate GFC500 at 800 ft. So ESP protection may not be on before that, but I am not clear on that. My understanding if the pilot tries to overpower the ESP instead of disengaging it, ESP will fight you opposite and pilot will loose.
  3. I agree, a little full disclosure. He is not a Garmin dealer from what I could see on his website. I have G5 HSI and have been very happy with it. Micro usb and Software updates are simple.
  4. Cover the rodent entrance point in the mains wheel well. Heard story of guy couldn't figure out why yellow dust was appearing. Discovered rodents nested in wings and their feces corroded and made a 30k mess.
  5. Works great on my J. I use a Welding glove from Harbor Freight to keep my arm away from hot exhaust when connecting the hose then slip hand out and leave glove between hose and exhaust until exhaust cools. IMG_4515.MOV-1.mp4
  6. My understanding is that the actual EXAM does not begin for purposes of reporting to the FAA unless and until the AME logs in to the MedXpress system. So, if you are in doubt keep that Airmen MedXpress paper in your pocket, take the full exam and if you fail any part pay the AME and leave no reporting is required by the AME.
  7. Do what you gotta do for the safety of you and passengers and worry about your ticket later, you get due process, they cannot just come yank it for the type of violation you described. How would the FAA know if you didn't have me or someone else with a Class III Med acting as PIC for that period you were above 18? My point is that "even if" our ADSB is connected to our Medical (which I doubt, comon' its the government) oversight would be difficult for them.
  8. I say its a NO GO for a trip across the country. Buy decision is up to you, but I recommend sourcing a replacement sooner than later. You are buying it to fly the thing. Last thing you want is the crack getting worse and now plane is grounded for who know how long. If it can be repaired and is cost effective then great.
  9. Agreed. I had a good experience with Dana at Chief. Bought new Gtx335 from him. He emailed me few days later to to say it was discounted by Garmin NOW and gave me the disc. I had no idea.
  10. Honeywell Micro Switch V3-2451-D8 is what I got off ebay.
  11. Switch to LED and leave the Landing Lights ON all the time, who wouldn't want to BE SEEN more easily? There is value in the safety aspect of leaving the Landing Light ON always, especially for me, I'm in busy airspace. I added about 5 lbs to my useful load removing all the power supplies. The wingtip LED's are about 100 times brighter then OEM and suck up much less power. LED Landing light not crazy bright, it is sufficient to illuminate the Rnwy at night for me, added safety, and never replace made it a no brainer decision.
  12. I get a 5% discount on insurance as MAPA member, so they actually pay me. I get a net gain.
  13. This little guy works great for inside the cabin. Nothing to drain, just plug back in for 12 hours to recharge after medium changes color. https://smile.amazon.com/Improved-Eva-dry-500-Renewable-Dehumidifier/dp/B00BD0FN8A/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=dehumidifier+portable&qid=1575127348&refinements=p_89%3AEva-Dry&rnid=2528832011&sr=8-3
  14. By 83' Mooney had things somewhat figured out after 81' modifications to J. This 2000 Cirrus is very early model. SB's, may loom. 15K to repack.