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  1. Spray electrical contact cleaner in the micro switch attached to throttle. I wiggled under and sprayed liberally exercise the switch.
  2. Only personal experience to support but I think there is a magical 100ish hour mark TT # they use. I remember my policy dropped by alot. For discounts, Falcon gives them for doing a Flight review in last 12 months. Basically the discount pays for the FR Discount for IR, Glider time, not sure what else but 5% discounts add up quick. Bang out the 40 hours, I would guess it would drop by 20-25%
  3. AOPA Real Pilot Stories are worth watching
  4. GA pilots and our small planes always help out when disaster strikes. Compassion, Angel, delivering supplies.... So keeping your plane ready to go and your skills current is a necessary critical function should you be willing to provide assistance. With the caveat that you are alone as @gsxrpilot said. and don't contact anyone on way to the field.
  5. If you just need a spare this guy in ebay sent me 2 and they worked perfect.
  6. Share your Youtube Channels The few I watch Niko's wings--Cirrus guy but great pilot and videos Pilotfun101--a MS'er Mooney Ranger 310 Pilot-Cessna 310 The Finer Points
  7. I hear guys up here in the NE talking about 6 year waiting lists for a hanger in FL, no shortage of demand so they can keep jacking the rent on you cause they are lined up to take you hanger.
  8. Yes! and last I checked the videos are free. Which is why I always let the Ads play thru on Channels I watch, only fair the producer of the content makes a little something.
  9. I think he just updating his viewers on his choices, and lists what he has so doesn't have to answer questions from non pilot viewers about what is this and what is that what shop did you use ect..... He's not pushing any particular product in any video I have seen. Barking up wrong tree with @PilotFun101 . He does talk about how good Garmin products are in other videos but chose Dynon as personal choice. The few bucks, he makes probably goes back into camera equip, and editing software. My point is he has a few thousand subsribers on Youtube he aint getting rich.
  10. What's that going from 911 to a Lambo? Must have been a great day.
  11. Post a couple ads, Barnstormers, Controller, Trade a plane. And save the Broker fee as @epsalant said. Only thing broker will do for you is post ads himself. If your are on MS you can post an ad. Price it right, she will sell just fine without a broker. I see broker fee appropriate where they are hunting down a specific bird for you that may be difficult to find, or actually showing the plane to a prospective buyer in a town which you no longer live, but plane does.
  12. Guess FAA needs to update their Compass Errors in include "i-errors"
  13. I am assuming you had the boost pump ON. Hand fly the approach to eliminate the GFC500 servos are not the cause. Highly doubt it, but easy to eliminate. VCOA duplicate conditions then test mags. Let sit on Left and fly her. Switch Right fly her. When you get on ground before shut down do another Mag check for a hot P lead. No change then get A&P to check timing.
  14. As a student pilot on a dual night XC, cold night, little heat in trainer, we experienced complete loss of oil pressure, we diverted--at my insistence my CFI was busy trying to diagnose, so I spoke up, CRM. We landed with power but when it was gonna quit was anyone's guess. On the ground at KMMK we found oil all over the fuse and floor. I did notice a slippery feeling on the bare aluminum floor, but my attention went to holy sH&% are we taking on ice, confirmed no icing anywhere, and wrote it off to cold floor (should have just taken out my flashlight to confirm or not. Found a mechanic Russell who was working late (on a Mooney) at the filed he confirmed in a few minutes it was cracked seam in the oil cooler and there wasn't a drop on the dipstick. So I asked Russell how long can a Lycoming run without oil he responded -----------"I don't know, you guys are the first to make it back."