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  1. Add a space heater in the cabin for 10-15 minutes when cold outside during preflight. New electronics are sensitive and prefer a preheat also.
  2. Yes, but in positive way. I see the price of used Mooney continuing to rise as long as there is demand for a non SR plane.
  3. No retooling, its Robotics now. The recent Group invested heavily in robotics to streamline the processes.
  4. Agreed with all. Those small areas near ASG / RZC-VOR where the Charlie and Delta overlap blocks 2500-3900 and 2900-3900--When approached cleared you into the Charlie you ARE cleared into those altitude blocks where the overlap occurs if from your present position your flight path takes you there while you are under approach control. He sees your track and knows. Those altitude blocks (where Charlie and Delta overlap) are controlled by Approach and not the Delta's tower. Loose example. After all the codes, and ID's, Approach says "fly direct present position Razorback VOR maintain 4500" Am I cleared into the C? She never said I'm cleared into the Charlie airspace, BUT I cannot get to the RZC VOR without entering the C, so Therefore I am cleared into the Charlie.
  5. https://www.planeandpilotmag.com/article/mooney-ceasing-production/#.XcxeXW5Fx9A Not producing anymore Mooney's for now anyway.
  6. https://www.planeandpilotmag.com/article/mooney-ceasing-production/#.XcxeXW5Fx9A There is still value in the Name and assets i.e. Robotics they bought, not so much in the patents and plans now that the Chinese have them. Someone will eventually purchase the company as soon as the price makes sense.
  7. I have always been cleared through the Bravo. You may want to specify Kennedy VOR as your waypoint and it’s nice to let them know HDG after JFK VOR, but not required.
  8. If unable to duplicate issue, I am going with under inflated tire that had a flat spot. Get up on jacks asap to verify as @carusoam said.
  9. Cirrus had 443 year to date not that it makes a difference. They crushed Mooney.
  10. Wow, 14 sold in 2018. Very surprising, thought they were doing much netter. Not sure how much longer they can stay in production with those sales, since already have a trimmed down skeleton crew.
  11. Went to 1B1 for the cheap fuel. Thanks for the info. Great smooth/long runway, not an easy field to spot though. Actually hidden very well this time of year anyway.
  12. Same here. Gill for me was garbage for me. Probably bad batch. Have 3 years on current Concorde--no issues, and its sealed so no worries about spillage. I did have to buy the Concorde specific charger though.
  13. Just a thought, if you run AHRS from Stratus on Foreflight and measure the difference in deflection of ball if any. If ball is centered in Foreflight, then couldn't we eliminate the rigging as cause? Seems may be an easy test to eliminate or confirm rigging issue. If you don't have the synthetic vision subscription I am sure someone at your field would loan you an Ipad for a day. I would.
  14. 10 bucks on ebay 15 shipping https://www.ebay.com/itm/202812856530
  15. I have 3 Whelen Power supplies removed in good condition. 60 bucks on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/202813488035