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  1. Horrible situation. Look on bright side you don’t have to pay for removal of the stolen items when new panel goes in. Name of the field that transient folks should avoid? We’re you the only 1 hit?
  2. What about safety? No contribution to there? Don’t get it twisted, manufacturers are in business for business not safety. Only 1 professional will hold them accountable. Im not a products liability guy but kudos to them for uncovering a defect with Tempest.
  3. May not be listed, but a working engine is required equipment for IFR so no you cannot legally fly the app. If glide advisor says you will make Rnwy, come in high and land, if not gonna make Rnwy, inform ATC, get ground contact ASAP, Still have ur AI, know what degree gives you want you want. Set a shallow descent get below and assess your glide distance and landing options.
  4. There is no comparison. She tells you to check the gear repeatedly and does not stop until you add power if in slow flight or lower the gear. she is meant to be annoying and plays the part well. It’s impossible to gear-up from pilot error with this unless you are deaf. Cheapest insurance out there at 675. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/avpages/voicegearalert.php
  5. 1st clue, everything is well below market value. 1st item sells for 1500 easy and fast. It’s a 2 month wait for new, No way he has 1 at 1k unsold. Or a 430W for 4, comon Alan can’t even beat that. when it’s 2 good to be true…
  6. That’s a personal decision, If Paul was around here still, he would say—- No, it’s been flying for 40 years after the repairs.
  7. I hope he gets his asking. Looks to be a good platform to do your own thing. Also makes 205J at only 100 more a great bargain for new buyer.
  8. Run out, analog J asking 184, and the new market standards must be low IF that’s a 7 outta 10 interior https://www.controller.com/listing/for-sale/215902333/1997-mooney-m20j-piston-single-aircraft
  9. Yes, oil cooler failed at 5.5 as a student on a night XC, Instructor landed. Being glued to the six pack as student, never saw the oil pressure drop which happened quick, fortunately for us HE did. the little Lycoming gave us 2000-3000 rpm’s all the way down, no need to pull dipstick as the oil was all over lower half cowl, wings belly etc… Oil sump was dry. I asked the only mechanic on field how long could that engine could run without oil, he said he didn’t know cause we were first to make it back. He had a warm hanger with his P51 and M20J All goes back to private training and the quality of ur CFI some prefer to pound things in the students over worked brains. During your patterns in random spots, Ask yourself if I had engine out, could I make the Rnwy if NOT you are too far away.
  10. Yes inform you insurer, but my 2 cents, do not put a claim into your insurance, unless and until you cannot get $$ out of FBO ins. which is unlikely if coverage was good at time. There is no reason to make a claim on yours. Liability is crystal clear and you have none. This is only a damages case, not IF it’s gonna cost them, but just HOW much. Can’t imagine that a 18” displacement to nose wouldn’t cause some hidden damage only trained eyes are gonna see. Nose gear doesn’t act independently so I would be surprised not to find damage to other parts of gear that were not impacted directly. Remember the question on your renewal that asks “Have YOU made a claim in past X years?”
  11. Get an estimate from nearest trusted MSC, submit to FBO insurance Co directly not FBO guy, they will cut you a check. 18 inches? Holy smokes. I would pay Clarence to do the inspection, I don’t give a shit how much it would cost to fly him from Canada, if anyone can give a thorough inspection without missing anything it’s him. If you had better pics, you would see what I mean.
  12. Use it, sanitize it, send it back to me. Pay it forward.
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