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  1. I’m still on the fence on the best climb and cruise settings. My impression is full throttle on climb but pull rpm back to 26 then at cruise bring rpms back to 24. Thoughts? ive also seen key numbers to equal to 48. @ 75%; 45 @ 65% and 42. @ 65% thoughts?... lastly I have Gami injectors so I’ve been told to alway leant to LOP +50 additional thoughts...
  2. With the airport restaurants opening... anyone up for a breakfast fly in at OBE one weekday?
  3. Just purchased the plane so this was my first analysis. Nothing in the screens, 38 hours between oil change. Guess Im not going to worry until the next one.
  4. Im flying a 1975 M20F that had an overhaul in 2018 and currently has 185 hours. My recent oil change showed high Iron, Copper, Nickel, Chromium, Aluminum and Tin. This is the first time... should I be worried?????? Plane is flown regularly and docent sit.
  5. it’s a Mooney M20F and the data is from a JPI 730 temps get to 230 on extended climbs
  6. I’m climbing around 100 and it’s a new condition. It happens on extended climbs above 4000’. The cylinder head temps are normal. I’m not sure about the oil pressure. The temp on extended climbs gets to around 230 degrees. It goes away quickly when I level off.
  7. I climb at 26/26 and I’ve noticed during the climb my oil temp has been going into the red around 230 degrees. Anyone experience this?
  8. What did you use to get such a nice shine?
  9. So I just replace my carpet and the problem I have is the Carpet is higher then the gasolatpr pull pin. The picture shown is before replacement, my pull pin is now lower then where the plastic meets the top of the pull loop. My issue is if I reinstall the pull loop it would hold the pull pin slightly open. Has anyone experienced this issue and if so what was your fix. My initial thought is to use a zip tie to make a loop I can pull.
  10. I am the owner pilot and I have 15 hours of instruction in this plane. 5 from the previous owner who is a CFI and also 10 hours from a local CFI and neither mentioned doing this ever time I start the plane. It’s also no in any checklist I have. Where is it written this must be done before every flight and why? I do drain fuel from each wing prior to flying to check for water and after each refuel.
  11. I’m replacing the carpet on the pilot side and I have two questions. What is the pull pin to the left of the fuel selection gauge and how do I remove it to take off the plastic cover to replace the carpet.
  12. Thanks... I likes this package and ordered it last night.
  13. I have grey leather seats in my plane that could use a good cleaning. Any suggestions on the best product to use.
  14. I just emailed Jaeger Aviation and they sent a great email explaining how 50% of the people who purchase successfully install the interiors themselves and 50% have issues , especially on when having to recondition items themselves. HE was very helpful and stated he's always available to help after purchase. As for Airtex they don't seem to have much listed on their website for M20F's and what they do, picture wise doesn't look that great.
  15. I have a 1975 Mooney M20F and I'm considering replacing the interior... are there companies out there that sell kits? Also any ideas or recommendations from others that have done it and the estimated cost?