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  1. Skates, can you tag me on this thread?
  2. Southern or Central CA Fly-In - Location?

    I would love to join! MAPA PPP in Las Vegas is April 13-15, so any weekend other than that should work for me.
  3. M20G Maybe a good deal.

    That might be an amazing deal if it all checks out. I would never look down upon on a G model. It might be a slightly slower Mooney, but it still blows the doors off any comparable brand C or P product. Curious to hear the backstory on why it's so cheap, why it hasn't flow much and how it's been stored. Fresh prop & motor = $$$$$. Good luck, hope it works out.
  4. Looks like a great airplane, well done! Just curious, what did you end up doing with the red, super low time M20J you recently resurrected?
  5. oops

    It looks like they had very little space to work with, managed to miss trees, autos, structures, people on the ground, and made it in one piece without injury in a predominately wooded area. Seems the pilot did very well here and flew the airplane through the crash. I'm glad it worked out the way it did. Curious to know about the mechanical issue that put them in this bad situation.
  6. Acclaim Type S market value.

    Awesome airplane & my dream machine. I'm curious what the useful load is with FIKI and AC.
  7. It's a 40 minute flight to LASAR. Take it to Robert Brown and have him and his guys do a PPI.
  8. N201XG comes home


    I'm in my 30's and a long way from retirement, but the way I see it: I would rather have a job and a Mooney than no job and no Mooney, if it ever comes down to that.
  10. Aspens with low frame rate

    I've never had an issue with mine, it's been awesome. No delays or jerkiness in the display, never noticed a slow refresh.
  11. Opinions on This M20R

    Looks like a great airplane. You will love the Aspen!
  12. New Mooney Owner

    Yes, in my opinion absolutely train in your Mooney. Especially if you have a good instructor with Mooney experience. You can do it.
  13. Why love our Mooneys

    I'm very offended by your post. Oregon State is in Corvallis ;-)
  14. Family pressures?

    Sorry to hear that. I hope they get comfortable with the idea of you flying as a family. I count my blessings everyday that my wife comes from a GA family. Her father flew L-19 Bird Dogs in Vietnam, which makes getting $100 burgers in the Mooney sound like an extremely safe hobby!
  15. From retro to basic

    If you plan to spend time in the soup, I highly recommend a reliable autopilot as well.