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  1. From retro to basic

    If you plan to spend time in the soup, I highly recommend a reliable autopilot as well.
  2. Good point, I forgot to include a picture of my bikini chaser:
  3. N201XG

    The useful load is on the low side for a J but they will probably get some lbs back after removing the old paper weights from the panel during the upgrade (ADF, old coms, transponder, etc.). Paint and interior are very nice. High comp pistons... no idea. I see experimental guys using them in Vans RVs sometimes. Check out the Vans Airforce forum and see what they say about it. I bet there has been plenty of discussion about pros & cons. Are they 10:1 or 11:1 pistons? Hot rods aren't always known for longevity. Nice airplane though, and I think the bladders in a J are a big plus if they are the 64 gallon system.
  4. Look what showed up at our field today

    John Elway paint scheme?
  5. Abandoned Mooneys

    This old bird was abandoned in Brookings, OR (KBOK) many years ago. It's a 65 C. Registration was cancelled in 2013. The harsh coastal climate is not doing it any favors, but hey - at least it's covered! Rumor mill says it came into town and suffered a mechanical issue.
  6. Nav/Com Advice

    You may want to do a modern audio panel while you have the stack apart. Good luck with the upgrades!
  7. Very tempting, especially since many parts of my city burned down last week. Even so, it's hard to leave Hotel California. Besides, I heard they have mosquitos the size of Mooneys down there!
  8. M10 is on the move

    I like the concept of a fast, economical, turbo diesel RG with BRS. I think it looks good too. I hope it works out.
  9. Fly-in at LASAR! Who's Coming?

    See you there!

    See you there, I'm signed up.
  11. Not the best landing

    The best landings always happen when nobody is watching. That's the key.
  12. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Wow, he's a true American hero! He certainly knows a thing or two about airplanes and that's surely why he chose a Mooney. I grabbed a couple more of your shirts on Amazon - thanks and well done! Good luck with the plane purchase.
  13. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    I say do it. If we all relied strictly on our common sense, none of us would have an airplane in the first place. Put in the time and do your research with your A&P. If it looks good, follow your dream, take the plunge. I'll order more T-shirts!
  14. 1990 MSE for sale

    Great paint scheme!