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  1. Lots of opportunities for LPV approaches in coastal California and Oregon. It's especially useful at fields with no ILS.
  2. Bug Smasher

    Almost good bye

    In spite of the high CHTs during climb, it sounds like the longevity of your engine has not been impacted since you are still going strong at 1950 hrs. Glad to hear you're keeping her. Good luck with upgrade and please post some good pics when it's done!
  3. Bug Smasher


    Nice useful load for a Bravo.
  4. Estimating 28 years x 12 months x $300 = $100,800 paid to the airport in hangar rents. Whoops!
  5. Bug Smasher

    Bluebook, VREF and Mooney Values

    Jimmy, your issue with lenders applies only in cases where the buyer needs maximum leverage and the bank's valuation comes up short, right? In many cases, I imagine the buyer would bring in additional cash to make up the difference. If the buyer is unable to scrounge up an additional $10-20k for an increased down payment, they may be unprepared for airplane ownership.
  6. Bug Smasher

    Bluebook, VREF and Mooney Values

    I agree with the idea that Mooney buyers tend to be heavy researchers. That's why they have zeroed in on Mooney types in the first place. Speed, efficiency, safety, capability, value = Mooney.
  7. Bug Smasher

    Mooney M20J owner experiences

    I usually see 160+ TAS, but I fly ROP. 10.5 to 11.5 GPH.
  8. Bug Smasher

    1991 KI Mooney TLS/Bravo

    Just curious, what is the useful load on this FIKI Bravo? Looks like a great airplane.
  9. Bug Smasher

    Smoke tops

    Coast is more scenic and clear air. Worth the extra time in my opinion.
  10. Bug Smasher


    This looks like a great deal. I was quoted $14k plus 80-90 hrs labor for a 64 gallon system back in January of this year. I suppose that was a terrible quote...? Anyway, it made a proper strip and reseal with a warranty seem like a bargain, so that's what I did.
  11. Bug Smasher

    1978 Mooney M20J

    Flown only 129hrs over the past 16 years?
  12. Hate to miss it. I'll be at the MAPA PPP in Las Vegas. Bad timing! Have fun.
  13. Bug Smasher

    Mooney down in Petaluma CA

    I'm just commenting on the weather as I witnessed it here yesterday. RIP to the pilot and condolences to his family and friends.
  14. Bug Smasher

    Mooney down in Petaluma CA

    I live in the area, we had very heavy precipitation all day yesterday and several road closures due to flooding. Terrible flying weather. It's nice and sunny here today. If only he had decided to delay his flight until morning....
  15. Bug Smasher

    Avidyne marketing methods...

    If Garmin wants to protect their huge market share, why don't they develop a slide in replacement for the 430W/530W units? It can't be that hard if their competitors have already figured it out. People may be more inclined to fork over $$$ for new technology if they can bypass the labor expense and lengthy downtime.
  16. Bug Smasher

    Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    !!!! That turned out nice! Well done.
  17. Skates, can you tag me on this thread?
  18. Bug Smasher

    Southern or Central CA Fly-In - Location?

    I would love to join! MAPA PPP in Las Vegas is April 13-15, so any weekend other than that should work for me.
  19. Bug Smasher

    M20G Maybe a good deal.

    That might be an amazing deal if it all checks out. I would never look down upon on a G model. It might be a slightly slower Mooney, but it still blows the doors off any comparable brand C or P product. Curious to hear the backstory on why it's so cheap, why it hasn't flow much and how it's been stored. Fresh prop & motor = $$$$$. Good luck, hope it works out.
  20. Looks like a great airplane, well done! Just curious, what did you end up doing with the red, super low time M20J you recently resurrected?
  21. Bug Smasher


    It looks like they had very little space to work with, managed to miss trees, autos, structures, people on the ground, and made it in one piece without injury in a predominately wooded area. Seems the pilot did very well here and flew the airplane through the crash. I'm glad it worked out the way it did. Curious to know about the mechanical issue that put them in this bad situation.
  22. Bug Smasher

    Acclaim Type S market value.

    Awesome airplane & my dream machine. I'm curious what the useful load is with FIKI and AC.
  23. It's a 40 minute flight to LASAR. Take it to Robert Brown and have him and his guys do a PPI.
  24. Bug Smasher

    N201XG comes home