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  1. Mine are removable and its great. I've laid two bags of golf clubs back there for a day trip - drivers in the bag.
  2. This list is not just gear up landings. Also it is accidents and incidents. And it says nothing about whether there was an insurance claim. I have Global and it went from $1279 to $2355. I have an additional named insured who is very experienced but 77yrs old. Do most people have only one named insured?
  3. Seems like the dorsal fairing has been removed and reinstalled and ended up shifted to one side. I assume that is a J/K or later. If it a modified F/E/C then maybe the installation was poor.
  4. I have a G5 installed. Its important to have all the information when someone says 'yeah it should work.' My G5 is installed with pitot/static and is cabled to a GNS430W via RS-232 with the data from the GPS configured as MAPMX (as specifified). I do not get a glide slope and I believe it is not available in the MAPMX protocol. I do get lateral deviation for both LOC and LNAV. The 430w outputs analog LOC and GS signals which connected to your KI-206. The 430w outputs an ARINC 429 data bus (digital differential, kinda like RS-422 but with a 32 bit word size) that has digital words for LOC and GS. In order to get this to the G5 you must have the GAD29B to input the ARINC bus and supply the data to the G5. If you add the magnetometer then your G5 ADI can show you heading instead of just track. So don't de-install the KI-206 yet.
  5. Thanks, seems like a definitive answer. I've been buying just the eastern half from Jepp - furthest west I have been is KOSH. But I have plans.... In the overall scheme of things, the difference in price is a pittance, but it will buy beer or whisky.
  6. I've been using Jeppesen for navigation databases for a number of years going back to my old GPSMAP 195. Of course Garmin now sells navigation databases (at a better value) and I'm trying to figure out if FlyGarmin application can download navigation data to the 430W card using the JDM device, or whether I need to buy the Garmin device. I read conflicting information. Does anybody know?
  7. When I helped with annuals on club aircraft (Cessnas) we always drained the low points in the fuel system, checked gasco, and Drained The Carburetor. Every year.
  8. Get a second opinion. Don't tell them what the first person said.
  9. Was looking at something like this: Andy95 - that was exactly what my thought was. I just looked up the above just now sitting here. But that is a nice low profile unit you found. There is all sorts of stuff out there.
  10. I wonder if that airplane is planning to taxi with the nose wheel chocked?
  11. Why not Lithium Ion? Real weight savings.
  12. How about an STC for mounting high intensity LED lights on the front of the main landing gear for improved visibility when taxing around the dark ramps at small airports.
  13. Point is.....relative to the the trim feels is subjective. I went to the trouble to make sure there was no problem. Do I regret it? No because I now know the condition of the system.
  14. I felt the stab trim in my airplane was stiff and needed attention. I read a number of forum postings and went after it during an annual. There is very little in the maintenance manual about removing the jack screw assembly bolted in at the aft bulkhead of the tail cone. For the '82 J the most difficult part is to get the separation of the square sectioned link that attaches to the jack screw shaft in the tail cone. Its like the system is designed so that if all the bolts fell out it still wouldn't come apart and would still work. I finally go it out and cleaned the screw thoroughly and opened the bearing box expecting slag and it was perfectly clean light oil and perfect bearings. Put it all back together - probably spent 6 or 8 hours on the job and the trim still feells stiff. But at least I know.
  15. The ARINC 424 format (there are series of versions) is an ASCII format file. The installed databases are typically in a binary format - which requires less space and is already in a form ready for computation. The FAA databases are not without error. The databases the airliners use are customized and don't include all airports - for example short runways are excluded. The expense of database subscriptions for Honeywell and GE FMCs used in airliners would stun you. Less familiar with Collins FMC (used with Pro-Line and Fusion). The FAA din't produce the ARINC 424 format until maybe 15 years ago - they originally used a hierarchical database format.