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  1. skykrawler

    Mag overhaul 1978 J model

    After I purchased my M20J with 1500hr engine I replaced the original wires and sent the dual magneto to for an inspection. Shaun replaces anything that needs replacement and will let you know beforehand. I've used him for a C172N dual mag and now my IO360 dual mag - last was ~$900 including distributor block replacement. He supplied several new gaskets. Excellent turnaround time. It's nice to have options.
  2. skykrawler

    Well, not good reading.

    Nobody is talking about maintenance expense with SR22s. The annuals tend to run very high. I don't know about the later model Mooney but the 82 J is not all that bad.
  3. skykrawler

    M20J Electrical Troubleshooting

    For the wagging ammeter It is still possible that the master switch is the culprit. You say you have cleaned the contacts but I think you mean the lugs. The internal contacts can accumulate resistance over time and the solution might be to replace the switch. Since you have recently replaced the master relay (assume it is good) and you say you hear it audibly engage there must be a connection problem somewhere between the master relay and the bus or somewhere in the ground path to the air frame. If the master relay is dropping out it seems like a possible problem with the ground circuit back to the relay which includes the master switch. The master switch provides a ground to the master relay to turn on.
  4. skykrawler

    How stable is your ammeter needle?

    There is a connection from the alternator side of the master switch to the input of the voltage regulator. This input is what the regulator uses to control the output to the alternator field, thus controlling the alternator. So....a poor connection there adds resistance and makes the control circuit unstable because it is the feedback. It can also be any of the connections on the way to the regulator. There are several places to read about that on the web. And I don't think one must be an A/P to fix it.
  5. Managing the noise seems to be the issue. I managed the noise in C172 and C182 aircraft with Lightspeed 20XL. Still after 3 hours, headset clamp and noise fatigue. When I started flying a DA40 (360, two blade prop, aerodynamically clean) the 20XL would no longer do the job - I couldn't hear/understand ATC with take-off power. Lightspeed Zulu helped, barely. The air vents on the DA40 (older and newer) make tremendous noise - I always close them when I can. Fiberglass airplanes like Cirrus and Diamonds seem to transmit the noise more than metal - have not flown in latest Cirrus models. I have several hours right seat in B350 with active cabin noise damping and Bose headsets - beautiful - a very solid airframe, well insulated, turbine engines turning props at lower speeds than piston airplanes. Aerodynamic noise is drag. I have flown in a M20F once and I thought it was noisy like the DA40. I'm considering a M20J but I am concerned about the noise level.
  6. skykrawler

    1981 Mooney M20J 201 For Sale

    Your ad disappeared from trade-a-plane. Did you sell the airplane?