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  1. Thanks all for the great comments. Of course my mechanic will troubleshoot/ diagnose/ advise. However it is so much better to understand what is going on. I have learned tons on this thread from U Mooney friends and I am very grateful.
  2. The Garmin Gi275 certainly looks nice! I am considering it as of now! Thank U for the suggestion!
  3. Thank you , Lance Casper. I guess I'll be sticking with the Bendix King mechanical AI then. I was happy with the current set-up and would like to resolve the sqwauk issues. Ur expert commentary has been much appreciated.
  4. LanceCasper (or anyone else who cares to comment): If I replace my Bendix King mechanical AI with a Dynon D10 AI, can my KAP 150 get the attitide info. from the new Dynon D10 AI? If my Auto Pilot is getting the attitude info from the mechanical AI (and not the Aspen) everything has been working nicely for me - so maybe it is okay. The Dynon D 10 looks really nice and would be a great back up AI to my Aspen AI. What do you think?
  5. I checked my logbook for the Aspen installation. I did not see any mention of an EA 100 adapter. I live in Manhattan and my airplane is at Caldwell N.J. Airport . I won’t be able to go to the airplane until Tuesday. I now worry my KAP 150 gets the attitude info from the mechanical gyro which seems inferior to me.
  6. LanceCasper: Thank you for educating me to that. I will find out. I can't remember the exact cost all those years ago. I don't know now where the autopilot gets the attitude info. If I pull the circuit breaker on the mechanical attitude indicator, and do the auto-test on the KAP 150 auto pilot, and the KAP 150 passes the self test, will that demonstrate that the KAP 150 auto pilot gets the attitude info from the Aspen? (Just as a quick way to make the determination without consulting mechanic or aircraft logbook.)
  7. P20J: I think I’m 99% sure that the Aspen is coupled to the KAP 150 auto pilot. The GPSS (GPS Steering) on the Aspen works with the auto-pilot. I would never get the Aspen and not have it work with the auto-pilot, and my avionics installer does things right. I kept the mechanical AI as a back-up, as I had room on my panel. I got the Aspen I would say like 10+ years ago, pretty much when it first came out. You’re right I should know 100% and I will definitely verify. Thank you so much for your comments.
  8. Gacoon and Vno: Thank you for that advice. I will definitely do the trouble-shooting by pulling the various circuit breakers. I have owned my Mooney 28 years, but I am still learning about my own airplane.
  9. PT20J: Thank you for the comprehensive trouble-shooting instructions. I will absolutely check all that out. Thoughtful commentary and much appreciated.
  10. LanceCasper: I believe the autopilot works off of the Aspen, not the mechanical Bendix King AI. Yes, I have two Aspen units (PFD & MFD) but only 1 has an electronic attitude inidicator - by my choice. I did not go for the electronic attitude indicator for my Aspen MFD - so it is called the Aspen MFD 500, not the MFD 1000. Thanks again for your thoughtful comments.
  11. I would guess, bet, and hope that the autopilot gets it's info. from the Aspen AI - and not the mechanical AI. A good question I can't confirm, but I would imagine. I will find that information out, obviously.
  12. Hmmmm. I may be reporting inaccurately on my own airplane. I bought the Mooney MSE new in 1991. (1997 Missile Conversion.) I had the original Bendix King six-pack instruments that came with the airplane. Some years ago I got the Aspen PFD and MFD. (So two Aspen units.) Only one electronic attitude indicator though. (My Aspen MFD does not have an AI.) They moved my Bendix King mechanical AI over. Then the Bendix King mechanical AI failed some years ago and I got a replacement overhauled Bendix King mechanical AI. I know today when I turned on the Master Switch the mechanical Bendix King AI was dead, but turning the Standby Vac on caused the mechanical Bendix King AI to "boot up" although the nose was a full notch below the horizon. I agree I need a good back up AI for instrument flying. I am willing to replace for a new back-up AI - any type or brand you recommend. I guess you recommend the Dynon electronic AI as a back-up. I will probably get that or a similar unit from another manufacturer. I have the Bendix King KAP 150 Auto pilot and dual Garmin 430w GPS units. In addition to the Aspen PFD and MFD + some original mechanical turn coordinator, airspeed indicator, Altimeter, VSI and the back up mechanical AI. Also I have the Garmin ADS-B transponder, I think the 330X if I am not mistaken. I do not know the AI model # off-hand, although it is the very typical one you would see with the light blue back-ground.
  13. Thanks for the thoughtful reply regarding the avionics cooling unit. Much appreciated. I will investigate that possiblity.
  14. Thanks for your thoughtful reply. The bad gyro is a back-up bendix king overhauled attitude indicator. My primary attitude indicator is my Aspen unit. I guess I will replace the bad attitude indicator with a new overhauled attitude indicator? Will that cure the problem?
  15. I never knew my gyro to be going bad, but I guess now it is?