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  1. The front windshield (wind-screen) of my Mooney Missile needs replacement. What would be the approximate cost of the new windshield (wind-screen) and how much would it cost to install - approximately? Any comments appreciated.
  2. Thank you, Carusoam. Much appreciated. Yes, last year I consulted CAV and the proposed solution was to overhaul the TKS pump. My mechanic sent the pump to CAV at the annual last year.. My mechanic at the annual, then received and installed the overhauled tks pump, and tested the system and said Yes - all the panels fill out. I have observed all the panels fill out during my monthly exercise of the system, but recently half of the left horizontal stabilizer panel did not fill out. Perhaps I could have ran the system longer. I only gave it about 15 minutes. I will definitely follow up with CAV again, or hopefully the panel will somehow start filling out. I don't like the intermittent problem, because I would want full confidence if I ever need the system in actual icing conditions. Perhaps a filter change would help, as I have never done that? Also thanks all for the helpful comments on this topic. Regards - RonM
  3. Yes, I have been pretty diligent about running the system monthly. Not always, say the airplane was in service, but otherwise Yes. I think from what the guy at CAV said - who overhauled my TKS pump, the panels should not "dry out" so easily if the system has not run for a couple of months or longer - as is commonly believed. However, I most definitely make a point to run the system monthly. Maybe the suggestion to do that while the engine is running is a good one? All the other panels fill out to the end , except the one horizontal stabilizer (on the left side of the airplane.) I guess it is an intermittent problem because I have seen it fill out.
  4. I have a Mooney Missile (Converted M20J to 300 hp airplane). I had a TKS system installed about 15 years ago. All well but in the past few years I have a problem. On one of the horizontal stabilizers, the TKS panel doesn't get wet all the way to the end. Sometimes about 18 inches short, but i just did it in very cold temps and half the horizontal stabilizer did not fill out. I did have the CAV ice protection place in Kansas rebuild the TKS pump a year ago. Yes - I was thrilled to see the TKS panel filling out when I tested it, but the old problem comes back. I have had the repair shop purge the system and they said my panels were filling out all the way. Same thing when I had my annual last year - which was when the re-built tks pump was installed. I have never gotten a filter replacement, but was told my low pressure light is not coming on , so I don't need it. I find it annoying that the one horizontal stabilizer does not always fill out (just on one side). I also wonder what if my other leading edges were free of ice, but the left horizontal stabilizer had partial ice on the leading edge. Would that be a workable situation? I am a very conservative pilot and have rarely used my TKS in actual icing - so i know the system is meant to be used to get out of inadvertent ice encountered. The TKS is not certified into known icing - but that just means I have one tks pump and one alternator. Any commentary appreciated.