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  1. Sorry, you were referring to my comment on last sale. Agree that if buying a plane you are also buying seller so the FAA data base is your best friend under those circumstances to learn about plane and pilot/owner
  2. Here is an example (one of many) where 1980 provided excellent information. No name associated with pilot. Just good detailed accident information that was helpful.
  3. No Ross. I could care less. THAT is why I share the experience. What I don't like is reliving the experience by seeing other Mooney's broken on a runway. What I don't understand is what is learned/gained by sharing their names? If someone wants to creep on an FAA databae, whatever gets them through the day. To what end I ask? Just because you can does not mean you should. I still remember a Mooneyspace member saying "well you shared info on a public database so" when he discussed a purchase I was going to make and that some would come in between the deal, i.e. make a better offer to owner. WTF say I. Humans.
  4. One of my worst experiences in life and definitely in aviation. Seeing another Mooney on its belly just makes me have empathy and sadness for the others that experienced the event. Reliving that visually is not great.
  5. On the deleted thread I gave detailed information (for the third, fourth, more?) again on my gear up while under instruction. I personally outted myself. I didn't have someone else out me on a public forum by name.
  6. What benefit is gained? Making them uncomfortable is the goal to create behavioral change? Please explain. Again, I am all about telling the story of what happened and what contributed to learn and hopefully not do the same.
  7. I didn't say don't do it. I said I do not like seeing it. It is my opinion and I stand by it. I see nothing gained in showing a Mooney on a runway on its belly with bent prop. I see no benefit in doxing a Mooney owner on a Mooney site. Tell the story. Learn the lessons. Making it personal? No thanks. I was doxed here years ago out of pettyness from another. I personally could care less as it reflected more on that individuals character than my own. Ross you told the story of other incidents, but you did not share names or show photos. Leave that to the news and the legal system imo.
  8. I think 1980, like Mooney Doc took his ball and went home. I stated that I did not like having pilots names or Mooney's on their belly in a thread that did both. All that and apparently other threads are gone.
  9. I just want to know your wife is O.K. The Mooney is just a machine and unlike those we love is replaceable. I wish you and yur family health in 2024.
  10. Yes, the controller for both my accu-flite and accu-trak will be mounted on pilot sidewall or on firewall.
  11. I replaced yoke pc disconnect (now a push to talk) with a panel mounted disconnect.
  12. Yes it would. I am putting the heading bug where your tc100 is (bottom left of six pack). Aspen is just a horizon and nice dg that doesn’t wander. It is a vfr panel. I have an electric horizon in hole now. Don’t need it. Value the brittain accu-flite. Wondering if I can drive an accu-trak with my Aera?
  13. I am saving panel hole by NOT having a t&b. I have an aspen. The dg with heading bug (accu-flite) will go in that hole.
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