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    LOP again

    I use it to ensure my TIT is within limits. I try to keep it below 1600.
  2. Wish I could make this. Maybe next year. It would help if it were a couple of weekends earlier. I may already be in CA the weekend of May 16 - 18. 2025
  3. Now being held up by the interior guy. But did spend some time with the plane yesterday, in the hangar, and found a couple of things that need to be addressed. One was that the manifold pressure was reading 34.8 inches with the engine off. And the landing light is not working properly with the pulser. One thing I wish Garmin would fix with a software update is that the com/nav colors don't match between G3X and GTNs. On the GTNs, the active frequency is green and the standby is white. On the G3X, the active is white and the standby is blue.
  4. I just contacted him with a link to this thread.
  5. Hmm, if you can close it after opening, you could use the open door as a relief tube, as per Gordon Baxter
  6. Stupid is when things start with "Hey watch this" or "Hold my beer."
  7. I was going to say, the 3rd picture shows a stud that was about half gone before it finally broken. Possibly the same for one in the first picture, or it may be some contamination. Where the metal is frosted looking, that is a fresh break
  8. I was around those days also. Some wild discussions. And many people telling them their engines would be trash in 10s of hours.
  9. Remember, unusable is for any normal attitude. Straight and level may be able to use some of that, but there may be the possibility of fuel not being supplied if you went nose up or down.
  10. It is not just what is POSSIBLE. I learned analog without an HSI. I thought I was in heaven when I had an HSI and DME. I have flown ADF approaches. But it is SO MUCH nicer with good glass panel. Heck, it is so much nicer with any glass panel you can buy today.
  11. Old is 15 years older than I am. No matter what age I was or will be.
  12. FYI, he is a good guy to talk to. He was at Mooney Max and I had some comments about a couple things he said. Had a very nice talk with him and he explained his concept, but acknowledged my points and we came to a mutual agreement.
  13. I setup financing before I found my plane. I had a date that the rate was locked in until. I also put money in escrow with Aerospace Reports so I go do a deposit instantly. It helped that I was able to close immediately
  14. I was planning on KY, and it was perfect. Do 2 days of training at Garmin on my new avionics, then do the PPP. Then they moved it a week earlier. And the avionics install is taking a bit longer. VT would be nice, but it conflicts with Mooney Max. So that leaves me with Ft Worth.
  15. Pinecone

    LOP again

    While APS has not restarted live classes, you can still do the online version. Same info, but not immediate Q and A with instructors. I did a lean find early on. So now I know where I need to be to be sure I am LOP. I do a big mixture pull to an LOP fuel flow, then fine tune by slowly richening until a cylinder peaks. Then I lean back from there.
  16. Still no answer to which airport. I would like to know, as I am planning on being there.
  17. From what I understand, the first day is all classroom. Second day you get 2 flights, each 2 hours. First counts as FR, if you fly well enough. Second will be Instrument be an IPC, or a second VFR flight if you are not instrument rated.
  18. I recall the shift starting in the 90s, but not taking firm hold until the early 2000s. So you could have a new CFI telling you to do something that was debunked before they were born.
  19. I leave the power up and put the nose down a bit for more airflow for cooling.
  20. And many of them have no experience in a complex aircraft these days, as the Comm requirement allows a TAA. So you have have a multi hundred hour CFI that has never flown anything other than a C-172 or Cherokee.
  21. 25/25 climb is VERY old school. It is what I used in the 80s. More up to date is to climb full throttle, full RPM. For turbo, full rich. For NA, lean to about the same EGT as take off once at a moderate altitude'
  22. IIRC (I fly CAP 182 G-1000 a bit), yes.
  23. I run 63% for 175 KTAS. No reason to run higher power. Remember, you can make a 252 into an Encore and get the 230 pound weight increase. And the 252 converted is slightly lighter than a true Encore.
  24. MT has prop for 114. Also there are IO-390 (112) and IO-580 STCs for the Commanders.
  25. The whole series is also on Peacock streaming. Fun to watch. Some interesting real life footage.
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