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  1. While flying with bladders using a relief tube!
  2. You mean shareholders? I guess so. I am praying to keep all the younger customers I have never seen before. The chicken sandwich has brought them in. The share holders did not.
  3. We have done well. Since we are small market here in Kerrville, I knew not to expect the numbers bigger cities would put up. That being said, the weak point is and always has been is employees. What I would give for some people with a work ethic and half a brain for teamwork.
  4. The product to me, being a food nerd, is definitely superior to the major competitor. Without question. What it has showed me without a doubt how powerful social media is, ESPECIALLY with the younger crowd. The younger crowd seems to be driven by the entity that is their social media.
  5. Popeyes reintroduces its chicken sandwich tomorrow. I am starting to sell it today. Here is praying and hoping it takes off, and fly's off the shelf. We did a runup and all checklists boxes are ticked. We are ready for takeoff. (was that enough aviation related verbiage?) Wish me luck.
  6. Sorry for the late reply, I have been getting the store ready for the reintroduction of the Chicken sandwich, which is tomorrow by the way. Had to fix a fryer and get new employees trained. Not going to get caught with my pants down this time. Thanks for all the replies. David
  7. @LANCECASPER @gsxrpilot Hey guys, please tell me what you would do with this panel? Hope all is well.
  8. Well, there is a joke in there if I thought about it long enough but I think I'll just leave it alone. :-) :-)
  9. Welcome to The Forum. Please post a hello and let us know about yourself and all that you do Thanks for joining.