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  1. I've been wanting to go my whole life. Going to MAKE it happen.
  2. Take away the first vowel and you have the description of GA.
  3. Well, it is power for her. I said the same thing, it would need to be a sail for me. But.......
  4. Wow. Thanks for the comments. I did make an error in judgment. I had my wife read all your funny and informative comments, and while she was amused, it sort of made he dig her heels in the sand. Hahaha
  5. Please give me advise on how to handle this. My wife has it in her mind to purchase a live on 40ft or bigger used yacht down in Corpus Christi, and go float around the Gulf of Mexico and live in it.... I was speechless. Of course I am saying, "yes dear", and obviously all I want is a Mooney.
  6. Check with these guys in Midland/Odessa Texas. http://www.florisflightservices.com/
  7. Is that flange between the bolts supposed to be bubbled up like that?
  8. Negative. We did not call SAT for anything. This was pattern work only, not going anywhere. I remember him in training saying we are legal as long we are clear of clouds, and not go higher than 1200 and to listen for any incoming IFR traffic as they may not be listening for us doing pattern work. Was I legal?
  9. My CFII did train me to monitor IFR traffic/radio when he and I were training with low visibility. I don't remember the FARs he said were applicable while training at KERV in low visibility, but I certainly did train in the pattern just below the clouds on several occasions.
  10. Did you save the sediment for analysis? Put it under magnification. Is it organic or no Congratulations on the O1. Anthony will be proud. Please post pictures of your new acquisition. Welcome to the Forum.
  11. Good idea using the Rotax as fuel should be less of an issue compared to 100LL
  12. Congratulations to my Brother-in-law Rick Rising who just passed and earned his CFI. He has had his commercial endorsement for a few years, but finally took the plunge and earned his CFI A lot of his hours came from helping this group. https://www.girlsinflight.org/meet-the-staff.html Congratulations Rick.
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