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  1. Isn't there a picture around here of a wrench used to tighten the hard to get to back side bolt of the starter/mag/fuel pump/etc,etc?
  2. Sorry to hear about your engine woes. Good luck with the surgery.
  3. I know everyone has this story, and I've had more than my share so I have reference. Two days ago here in the Hill Country, we had the worst in terms of volume hail/thunderstorm we've ever had, ever. I was caught in it, driving, in the heaviest part. How my windshield didn't cave in, I don't know, but I don't ever want to do that again.
  4. No worries. There is just a serious funny to be had in that above post. thread drift. Please resume spending other peoples money, and it seems to me, that an older TBM in the 700 series would fit the bill.
  5. Come on @MooneyMitch. You are missing some easy ones.
  6. A man walks into a bar with a dog up North. The bartender tells the man that the dog cannot stay. Man begs for the dog to stay because that bar was the only bar playing the Cowboy's game, and that his dog loves the Dallas Cowboys. Right then the Cowboys receive the kick off and ran the ball back 60 yds. The dog jumped up on the bar ran up-and-down and gave everybody high fives. The bartender barked at the man. "Keep that dog in check. I'm not gonna let him stay here." Then there is a hand off that ran for 15 more yards. The dog again jumped up on the bar ran up-and-down and gave everybody high fives. The bartender again yelled at the man to keep the dog down. The man said he was sorry it is just that his dog loves the Cowboys. As the dog sat down, there is a quick pass 5 yd short of a touchdown. The dog again jumped up on the bar gave everyone high fives. The bartender was just beyond himself. He yells at the man, "what happens when they score touchdown?" The man said, "I'm not sure. I've only had the dog for a couple of years."
  7. I have that same picture of me for 30 years and on many different bikes. Hey guys, and Jolie, new guy Steve is OK
  8. Search for a Location map here on the site. It has most locations of our forum members. @gsxrpilotcan help with your search. Sorry Paul. Tagging you a lot today.
  9. @gsxrpilot has a cool map showing where a lot of Mooney pilots are located. Look for it on this Forum and more than likely, you will have an answer. Welcome aboard.
  10. Find a map here in the Forum. @gsxrpilot is the expert and curator.
  11. it takes Boolean logic, Kavanough Maps, and some kind of Smith chart to use the search function, so I'm told.
  12. I'm sure @jgarrison could confirm, or correct, your theory.
  13. That takes concentration to follow all that on a cell phone