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  1. @Cody Stallings you have probably already seen this, but just in case.
  2. And the UL??????? Well Mr Casper????
  3. What brand? Please post your pirep. Most who use the BCool have positive reviews. Thanks.
  4. Im sorry to hear this. Very surprised she has not sold.
  5. Welcome to the forum Go to the vendor section. Sometimes there are posted specials on what you desire.
  6. Don't mind him. He thinks he knows it all. Well, he does know most.
  7. Come by the Steak House please. Buy you a drink. David
  8. If your significant other sits in the other options before she sits in a Mooney, your decision will be made for you. Usually.
  9. Welcome to the forum. Please stick around and engage.
  10. There are many on this site that advocate exactly your experience, and include the time and travel expense as part of the deal in finding the right plane for yourself.
  11. Welcome to the forum. Good luck on your purchase. When you can, please post a hello and tell us about yourself and your mission. Don't be shy. David