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  1. Mcstealth

    2019 Aviation Goals

    I just want to fly.
  2. Uh uh. No difference whatsoever. The The $20,000 airplane part buyer may feel he/she is more entitled because of the dollar amount, but that is all it is. A feeling. There is zero difference in the customer service aspect. $20 or $20,000 has no relevance. Bad service is relevant, as is any service needed to fix an issue.
  3. Being in the hospitality business all my life, I can usually placate a dissatisfied customer within moments. That being said, in the airplane industry that is usually not possible. The owner most likely has to exercise patience in her or his bid for satisfaction. What gets to the hospitality industry the most, or at least the ones in the industry who care, are the folks that you bend over backwards for but they will not accept anything you say or do. There are people that just want to be dissatisfied and then make sure everyone else knows that they are dissatisfied. Though you can still value that person as a customer, you just have to accept there is no satisfaction with or for them. You just hope the people that they are complaining to, about you, knows there are always two sides to the coin. Rant over
  4. Mcstealth

    Going It Alone

    (Shameless plug alert) What!!!!! Blasphemy!!!!! That's okay. Come into the Cowboy Steak House in Kerrville where we have awesome flame grilled veggies.
  5. Mcstealth

    Going It Alone

    I hope to be in your shoes someday. Welcome to The Forum.
  6. Mcstealth

    New to forum, re-starting my PPL

    Welcome. Good luck.
  7. Mcstealth

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    We'll, that was easy spending someone else's money.
  8. Mcstealth

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    Steve. The Forum is in full agreement. You will need the 900 if you desire a healthy engine. You will add the intercooler and waste gate if you desire optimum engine performance for the model. Speed brakes are secondary to all others. If the plane is down for an engine now, keep it down to add the engine goodies!! Money well spent.
  9. Mcstealth

    Austin Area Hangars

    Oh. Your in Smithville. Now I get it. I should have looked that up on the Mooney Map.
  10. Mcstealth

    Austin Area Hangars

    Maybe not in the Pro side, but surely some man points awarded by the wife? So you live in Austin. Austin International I would guess is roughly the same time frame to get to San Marcos? Maybe 10 minutes less?
  11. Mcstealth

    Austin Area Hangars

    I have asked this before. How far is too far till it is not feasible?
  12. Mcstealth

    2018 Hours

    I bring the average down obviously. No Mooney hours this year. I'm happy going around the pattern anymore.
  13. Mcstealth

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    I was wondering about that. How much was metal, how much is paint?!