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  1. I is not official with smiling pictures.
  2. Yeah, well, Mr DK will need to be under the hood till roll out for that to be impressive.
  3. The kit does not include the cable needed complete the actual install? One needs to manufacture your own cable?
  4. When it comes to fully commercial name brand tequilas, I am usually wary AND skeptical of promised attributes. Well, I have been proven wrong. This close to $200 bottle was not purchased by me, but was a gift to my wife from a friend. It now goes to top of the shelf over all my other sipping tequilas.
  5. Congratulations on one hand, and good luck on the other.
  6. Nice write up, pictures, and prices. Good luck on finding the right partner. That is exactly what I am looking for, nearer to me of course.
  7. I am assuming that was a frozen lake? And possibly your house?
  8. With the Modworks, STC, does the procedure change?
  9. I was in the front seat of one. As one would expect, it jumped off the ground quickly and climbed like it longed for the sun. Felt quick and stable on the controls. Was not as jumpy in the thermals as the trainers were that I was flying at the time. Did not do any aerobatics but the plane wanted to. Fit and finish? Well, it was not built to be a cross country machine but I was not uncomfortable. Sure could see everything out of the canopy. If I could afford a second plane(much less a first one) to have fun in, it would be on my list.
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