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  1. Mcstealth


    Goo luck. Patience is a virtue.
  2. Mcstealth

    Need Mooney Ferry Pilot (US to Germany)

    Aw man! I wanted another relief tube the fleet.
  3. Mcstealth


    good luck.
  4. Lance, that did not help. You're still too fast on your approach. :-)
  5. Mcstealth

    Ra-Jay Turbochargers

    Saw the new RayJay guy on YouTube. Seemed energetic and passionate.
  6. Well, not quite. I have an ancient Android (CB) but you are semi correct. I turned on my HP laptop, and boom, I saw @LANCECASPER coming in hot!!
  7. Mcstealth


    I don't believe that is Nicky, but I could be wrong. Definitely not his helmet design that I am aware of,, and wrong brand bike. Number is correct obviously. RIP Nicky, Americas last champion.
  8. Mcstealth


    To all that have never done this, or any iteration of this, two wheels or four, it is a top of the line blast!!!
  9. Mcstealth

    Had a pretty awesome day yesterday

    Trees? What trees? Or this one; Where did all these damn Indians come from?
  10. Mcstealth

    Mooneys on our ramp this evening!!!

    We have a winner!
  11. Mcstealth

    There is something you don't see everyday

    And it leaks like a sieve. Hopefully it didn't leak in the flight levels :-)
  12. Mcstealth

    There is something you don't see everyday

    The unique shell door, Mooney had a patent on it.
  13. Mcstealth

    Need a lift from W. Texas

    Lance, I knew you might respond, but I knew your plan was down. Hope everything works out. You're doing the full Bravo on it correct?