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  1. You may be a little over gross on the way back. Goldwings are not all that light
  2. We love being regaled. No worries!!! :)
  3. It's only a matter of time. Good luck.
  4. In his post, he said that the man was ordering them so he was misled. He only figured out the age after he called Bose.
  5. The poster says he is only offended by the attitude at Bose. Said it more than once.
  6. @Parker_Woodruff Parker is probably not all knowing and all seeing, but maybe he has experience?
  7. Welcome to the Forum. Please go to General page and post a hello. Please stick around and see how incredibly useful and entertaining this family is. @Parker_Woodruff will be around shortly to assist you with any insurance questions. Thanks for joining.
  8. You guys are scaring me.When I win the lottery tonight, it is straight to the TBM, after an Ultra of course. No cabin class twins for me. On the serious side, I went to the airport and the locals are pretty bummed. Evidently this pilot was well respected. I hope the NTSB report is a full report and not just a cursory investigation. It would be nice to know specifics.
  9. That photo was taken after the first responders took off the roof and door. Can't help but notice how the wings look a little askew from the fuselage in that picture. @peevee is probably on to something.
  10. Cabin was flattened pancake style I am sorry to say. Come to find out this happened next to my parents acreage right over rhe fence, so went and took a look. No skid marks, plane was basically intact, minus 24 or more inches of height. Prayers to all the families of those involved.
  11. Not far from the airport, coming in from a trip, no fire at impact, the plane looks like it just plopped down, no large debris field, from the pics I've seen it looks survivable but no one did.. armchair quarterback tells me it ran out of fuel but what the hell do I know.
  12. Yes the flyover was spot on. Not only did they flybover, they also circled the complex and set up for approach to the nearby airport, which I didn't expect. Good on the "Old Bloke" The entire attitude of the spectators changed to the positive immediately when he took over the lead. The bumps at the track are a result of the area. All, and I mean all the surrounding roads in the area are wavy and bumpy.