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  1. Now that is troubling. Four screws failing, not just one.
  2. Talked with Jonny and Barry this evening. Completely cordial and forthcoming was the conservation, to a point I came away with the feeling that they are really trying with the limited resources that they have. They both seemed energetic and enthusiastic. If there were some defeating thoughts within them, they did not escape. They did mention the need build a modern aircraft............. Did they just implie that maybe an investor was in the works????? Maybe, maybe not. I make an assumption here. They do not want to announce anything, obviously, untill pen is to paper (if
  3. Funny you say that. I don't know how to find my espionage thread. Maybe @carusoamcan help find it? I got a C&D letter from Mooney once.
  4. All quiet on The Western Front I am sorry to say. Nothing to report. I can say with factually that every other month or so, Mooney orders from my Popeyes a large lunch for the crew. That knowledge and a $5 bill will get you a cup of coffee at your favorite bistro.
  5. And two or three 231's and an O3-310 with A/C and..........
  6. I believe all of this has taken a backseat to the UL development upgrade.
  7. Cleaning out my in-laws workshop, I came across this unique looking tool. It does not appear to be homemade given the way the handle seems of a manufactured type. Not aviation related, but I figured some of you senior engineering types may form an opinion or even an answer. If I gave it a thought or two, I could most likely come up with an Aggie/Longhorn joke for its purpose.
  8. I do not have the link, but what would be the first guess that would make that plane fall? Don't read about many of them in the accident reports. +
  9. Grappling hook style? What is the desired functuon?
  10. I disagree with the 231 comments. An updated K with the waste gate and intercooler upgrades for reliability purposes would most definitely be a step up in speed, with the same depending on altitude caveats as the other turbos mentioned, along with similar UL to the F model.
  11. There is something wrong with your hanger. Nothing on the floor, walls, or hanging from the ceiling. I think this is a set up.
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