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  1. Well, a plane would help. Hehehehe
  2. Big, newish white Dodge Dually drove into the drive thru at my QSR today. Mooney symbol and "not for hire" on the drivers door. Two men inside. I did my usual, asked them the "how things were going" question I ask every person in a Mooney shirt, then asked the "how does the mock up look" question. They looked at me and wondered what I thought I knew. I took his card and ran it, written on the card was Jonathan Pollack. I asked if he was Johnny? He said yes. I wished him and his crew luck. Said thank you for what they were attempting to do. Seemed nice enough. About my age if I
  3. Neat videos. Thanks for the tip.
  4. I am sure you are disappointed. Please be patient. They may still figure it out.
  5. I quit snooping into Mooney business after I received that C&D letter a few years back. Maybe I should take up that hobby again now that all the old guard is gone?
  6. Yes. Here at my steakhouse.
  7. Briefly met Don Jr and his spouse at the restaurant this past weekend. We were busy, and I was covering a shift on the floor so I didn't have a lot of free time. I caught sight of the Mooney emblem on a Polo shirt, said hello, and learned it Was Don Jr and spouse. And that was it. Not sure if I even got the name of the spouse. Please pass along a proper hello to them from me if someone would please.
  8. No, the Encore will have the best UL, but rockets have spectacular performance, as do the others. Screaming Eagles should be on your list if UL is your 1st priority. If best in class turbo efficiency is the top of the list, then Encore is the goal.
  9. Good luck, sincerely. Maybe consider finding a 252 that is the correct serial # that can upgrade to Encore specs. Might be faster in aqusition, but not less expensive.
  10. Hit you while on the tarmac I assume?
  11. Do you happen to know if this is the original UL, or was it recalculated after all upgrades and paint?
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