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  1. Mcstealth

    *SOLD* 1993 TLS for $99,000

    Yeah, what he said!!
  2. Mcstealth

    Resurrecting a J

    Not to beat a dead horse, but I would look in the log books and see when if ever the Jack screw had been completely disassembled, cleaned, and lubricated. You certainly do not want 40 year old grease back there. This forum is sprinkled with stories about planes being Jack screw neglected, or worse bad accidents.
  3. Mcstealth

    "SabreCowl" Update

    Did you buy a kit or free hand it?
  4. Mcstealth

    Officially in the Market

    A 45 minute plus drive to the closest airfield?
  5. Mcstealth

    "SabreCowl" Update

    Anything to report gentlemen? And I use that term loosely
  6. Mcstealth

    Resurrecting a J

    I would think your plane is a prime candidate for the Jack screw to become non-responsive. At a minimum please open the access panels and at least visually look at the lubrication. if it is dried and Caked Up, that is a killer.
  7. Mcstealth

    any help would be appreciated

  8. Mcstealth

    Resurrecting a J

    @Bartman beat me too it.
  9. Mcstealth

    Resurrecting a J

    I didn't see it mentioned but I am sure the jack screw got some attention?
  10. Mcstealth

    Mooney + Porsche

    "week" ? Couldn't resist. Sorry C
  11. Mcstealth

    Should I buy in?

    Thanks for those numbers. I was wondering what/where the break was. Do you have experience with these numbers, or did you do the math with others?
  12. Mcstealth

    Acclaim-Ovation Ultra or...?

    Smokin' panel, spectacular paint job, all the bells and whistles including air conditioning, yeah. Nice Ovation.
  13. Mcstealth

    History Buffs Might Enjoy

    Good luck work it. Sounds fun.
  14. Mcstealth

    "SabreCowl" Update

    I believe he meant after the ducts were installed, performance difference before and after duct installation. Maybe not though? df