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  1. New Bartman

    Well Bartman, it seems no one has an opinion one way the another. You are free from any social pressure. He he he.
  2. New Bartman

    Will Bartman be missed? That would be the heading from a left leaning publication? Bartman would be missed! This would be the other leaning persuasion.
  3. Stocking Stuffer

    Do we consider this a positive or a negative about our brand?
  4. Stocking Stuffer

    Double post.
  5. Would that be Middle C? Which clef are we in?
  6. 1970 M20F for sale with REBATE

    That's what my weak memory was thinking. Thank you
  7. 1970 M20F for sale with REBATE

    Hmm. I thought there was a way to use Brittania parts to make it full Auto. Will search this site.
  8. Mooney for Business Travel

    Here you go. No need to shop further.. First page had two birds that fit your mission.
  9. Stocking Stuffer

    I'm sure most of you have already seen this or have made yourself one. David
  10. 1970 M20F for sale with REBATE

    What does it cost to turn that leveler into a basic autopilot?
  11. Saw this. Just sharing.
  12. I know the Mitchel has had more press and recognition, but the B-26 was a more capable twin.
  13. New to Forum

    Welcome, thanks for helping your friend. We don't question choices of planes, much..... I'm happy that you are flying.
  14. Speed Mods

    I would start with rigging.