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  1. Seems like "oversight" of sub-contractors may have been missing. If so, I would think from here on the factory would place a rep at the paint shop to oversee all paint jobs from here out. When we had airplanes go to Costa Rica for heavy checks we had our maintenance employee on site the entire time to verify the quality of the work. When I was in the corporate jet world companies had their maintenance department parked at the paint shop during a full repaint just for this reason. This is not a good thing as any prudent FAA inspector will say to himself- "what other inspection items are we missing here" (in any arena not just paint)? This may open a can of worms after the shut down. The work BTW was very good down in Costa Rica.
  2. cliffy

    True airspeed not what book says

    Don't forget a good wax job is worth @10kts :-)
  3. cliffy

    Gear rigging tools

    OK but then he's trying to take advantage of someone at that price.
  4. cliffy

    Seat foam "Re-do"

    For CAR3 the regs posted above are correct and if you use auto or even restaurant fabrics the manufacture will list what national reg the fabric conforms to and that is what is needed to be referenced in the log book. CAR3 only requires the fabric outer covering to conform, not the padding. All household carpets sold in the USA now have to conform to a national fire standard. Again, the manufacturer will have the reference.
  5. cliffy

    Gear rigging tools

    Doesn't pass the smell test on eBay Might be a scam.
  6. cliffy

    SabreCowl Gen2 preview

    Man! You do good work!
  7. cliffy

    Repaint Cost

    Notar? Notar? I don't see no stinkin' Notar :-)
  8. cliffy

    Elevator Balance Issue

    ThnX for the doc I don't have a copy close at hand right now.
  9. cliffy

    Elevator Balance Issue

    Mike- Thanks for your input and effort. I didn't know the problem had made it this far yet. I tossed the question out as I had never seen anything close to 10 oz. needed between one paint job and another. It doesn't pass the smell test to me. As to the bondo, If it was removed and not replaced that would make the balance weight lighter not heavier, I would think, as the bondo would be behind the hinge line. I asked how the other surfaces came out but have not heard back yet. If they had no issue with rebalance on them then I told Russ that I'm still skeptical of the procedure and not the surface. I suggested that they really review the manual to make sure they were using the correct one and not from another model Mooney as the balance limits change from model and production block number quiet often even in the same model. Can't use a J model balance limit on a K model. I think Pieter Mol is pretty sharp but I also think something is being missed. Its all coming to Pieter from the pint shop. They, not him, are doing the balance. I don't know anything about the paint shop or their experience with Mooneys. I've asked for the torque figures the paint shop has come up with. I'm thinking they are going for perfect balance and not the underbalance called for in the manual. I'd like to see the torque figures. I'd prefer to see a picture of the balance rig with the elevator in it. Don't know if they have the control horn on or off during the weigh either. I have seen 1 -3 ozs on other airplanes at times but not 10 oz. Some people have actually used slugs of depleated uranium to balance as its heavier than lead. Thanks again. Story to continue after the holidays as the factory is closed.
  10. Have a friend I'm talking with who has had a new paint job done and he says the elevators are way out of balance. He says the paint shop figures they need new balance weights that are 10 ounces heavier than the ones that came on the airplane. 49 ozs. vs 39 ozs. About a 25% increase in weight. This is a K model. We've gone through all the normal stuff, stripped to bare metal, correct balance procedure, etc etc. I've never seen nor has anyone I have talked to seen a 10 oz weight difference after paint. Now the paint job is fantastic and they say they put 4 coats on the entire airplane. Maybe 4 coats on the elevators would do it. At this rate maybe he needs to reweigh the entire airplane for the weight of the paint. :-) Has any of you ever seen this much weight change? I'm suspect of the figure they are touting.
  11. Ya I retired 13 years ago. Was doing 600 RVR in 727s 25 years ago with manual throttles. Did the 600 stuff in an Airbus also. 600 taxi for real was bad enough can't imagine trying to find the terminal at KDEN in 300. :-) WOW!
  12. This is going way of course here. Not trying to prove GPS WAAS or anything else just looking at the treatment of a new Mooney pilot who wants to get his IR and needs to keep his costs low. Most of what was "offered" was to get a 430W instead of the affordable (for him) non WAAS 430 he was looking at. My feeling is given his new status and his need to keep costs low so he could keep flying he could do a lot of IFR work with what he had picked out and didn't need to be hammered to get the WAAS unit above all. His choices were good for what he was doing right now. He didn't need to be told he was wrong for making them. There is a big difference most of the time between flying into weather that is consistently above non-precision ceilings and going into low IFR of 200 or 300 feet for a newly rated IR pilot. Sure judgement is needed but to push that he HAS to spend the extra money for a WAAS unit right away was not needed. My point was that WAAS is nice to have but its capability isn't used that much in real life by most pilots (and yes I have owned WAAS equipped airplanes) and the necessity for having it when he was just starting out just wasn't there. He was looking for encouragement on his choice and we let him down by telling him it wasn't a good choice. For his current situation it was a good choice. To infer anything else from my post is way off the mark Over and out
  13. So not many who have invested in full LPV capability use it so why all the histrionics about a guy wanting to save money by using a non WAAS GPS to keep the costs down as a new airplane owner? He could do a lot of IFR training with his ILS, VOR and non WAAS GPS. For some (a notable few) the full WAAS capability might be needed but it isn't really required especially for a new IFR guy trying to keep costs down and stay alive at the same time. Again, nice to say you have full LPV capability but if you don't use it regular what did you spend the money for? Bragging rights? Think again about a low time, new IFR rated pilot trying to "learn" IFR work and thinking he can go into <500 ceilings all the time just because he has a WAAS GPS. Not the brightest thinking to promote. Maybe I've just seen too many smoking holes in my career BTW, done all the 200& 1/2 and 600 RVR Autolands I ever want to do.
  14. With all your installed equipment and expensive data bases, how many ACTUAL LPV approaches do you do, per year, that are lower than NON-precision ceilings?
  15. While its nice to say you have LPV capability with a WAAS 430, start asking around (here too) how many IFR pilots ACTUALLY file into weather that requires 200/ 1/2 or 250 LPV approachs. How many of those type flights do they actually do every year? Will YOU as a NEW IFR rated pilot WANT to file and fly into that type of weather to use the capability enough to justify the cost at this time? I think not. How many on this thread ACTUALLY routinely file and fly "actual" 250' LPV approaches? Come on- how many times do you REALLY do it? And how many times that you actually did it could you have done an ILS at the same airport? See new thread! Give long thought to filing IFR in a single engine airplane, with low ceilings everywhere (no way out if you have an issue) and you with a brand new IFR ticket in your pocket. Think long and hard of your options. You will be maxed out enough going into 600-1 weather until you get some real experience. You will have full ILS to 200/ 1/2 , VOR non-precision AND hundreds of GPS NON-PRECISION approaches (down to about 600') available to yourself with the non-WAAS 430. This may be all you'll even need or want once you really start your IFR flying and gain experience. Skybeacon is the easiest and cheapest way to go ADSB Out. Virtually no install cost. Use your tablet for the in and Wx. KISS- keep it simple (and cheap) stupid!