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  1. Just curious - Is there any way to put pressure on the FAA to do their job in an efficient and responsive manner? Is there anything like the FAA Ombudsman (in that arena) to help push things through the bureaucracy? Its not like this is the first application for a TT autopilot system. Its already approved for other airplanes, This is not rocket science (and I once knew a for real rocket scientist!). I once had a request in for 2 years to get a VOR Check Point surveyed at our airport and finally made a squawk to the Ombudsman Office for that service and got it done in 3 weeks.
  2. The "PITCH" button you pull to activate the pitch portion of the Brittain for alt hold.
  3. How many hours/years on the engine? Tear down and inspect vs full overhaul All the spinning components on the engine should be looked at also (mags, alternator, vac pump) With proper, documented repair, you may not take too big a value hit. First is to determine WHY it happened. Figure right at 5 to 6 months down time if you start today. Damn, sorry to hear it happened to you.
  4. Anyone know how to run the numbers of gearups that happen throughout the entire GA fleet every year? Is the problem centric on Mooneys or is it homogeneous across the board of all brands? Do we have a Mooney/Mooney pilot problem or do we have a pilot/airplane problem? "Imagine if you will" (Rod Serling?) you are one of the handful of underwriters in the field of aviation insurance watching this unfold every week!
  5. There is an article by Don Maxwell on shimming the engine mounts to get a good fit.
  6. Just tryin' to raise the level of conversation and education :-) :-)
  7. I know of a CJ Citation that crashed after takeoff with the fwd bag door open BUT the crew got distracted and got too slow on the turn to final (probably trying to save the door from blowing off) and they did a half roll to inverted into a a smoking hole.
  8. An idea not proffered yet would be to design a wind activated vane like the DB Cooper vane that kept the rear stairs closed in flight on 727s. Shouldn't be too difficult a task (as a minor alteration even)
  9. Just a note of good service by an MS'er I bought something from Alan recently and it came fast, exceptionally well packaged and just as described in his ad. I won't hesitate to buy from him again if my needs indicate.
  10. I've been waiting 2+ years for the TT A/P. Get in line! :-) I used to fly a Navajo with a Brittian A/P and it flew very well. My AccuTrac works well also.
  11. I think the baggage door exit is used more if the door handle falls off and you are stranded at night at a closed airport! :-) Not everyone carries a set of pliers to open the door if the handle breaks. Needless to say GREAT JOB OF FLYING! Tough stabilizer! Can you imagine the force of the impact on the tip?
  12. Be sure to check carefully to see if you have enough weight to hold the tail down as you AND another person go to sit in the airplane. Usually only one is needed inside to do the gear check but sometimes 2 wind up in there You don't want any surprises when it happens. I once saw the aftermath of a 707 dropping off the jacks It ain't pretty.
  13. Find the clunk and fix it before you fly it! The controls should not be restricted one way and not the other.
  14. I'll start the bidding for your Brittain Autopilot with a bid of HOW much do you want for it! :-) :-) Looks like this could be a good airplane after a proper PPI.