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  1. OK I'm a little punchy after driving all day and dead tired but I just got on here for the first time in a week and I'm confused. Why the trash talk about an autopilot for a 40K 50 year old airplane that is fully digital, full LPV, selectable decent and climb rates, alt hold, safe recovery from inadvertent IMC, dead simple installation and all for @7k+ install? You can always go spend 3 Xs that for a full on Garmin if you want. How much more will it give you? You can't hand fly from the outer marker down a G/S on an ILS? WOOS! Give me a break or maybe I've been around too long and have seen what we had to deal with 4 decades ago and thought we were in tall cotton then. Maybe 50 years in this business gives me a different perspective. I didn't have anything this good in a 727! If your concern is that it won't use your servos then you have no understanding of what "design and certification" entails. What do we want a full flight control system from an Airbus 320 all for $2500? There are still things it can't do that would surprise you. Again I'm dead tired and maybe missing something.
  2. Got an email from Paul Odum at Trio wanting to know who REALLY is willing to put money where their mouth is and belly up to the bar. He is looking to assign engineering in a couple of weeks for the next airframe to get the STC. He needs 25 firm orders to allocate the effort for us Mooney owners. He's got 4 confirmed so if you really want to see a digital autopilot in your Mooney for around $7K + install (@$2K) let him know within 7 days Here's what he said minus the names of those already on the list- Do you really want a good autopilot or not, that is the question? Mooney drivers ! We had a great meeting last week with the FAA to kick off the Trio Pro Pilot autopilot STC approval project. The STC Group, is holding an engineering meeting next week to decide who gets the resources for the next couple of A/P install kit design projects. I’ve got three (3) of you on my Firm commit list. I need at least 25 to 30 of you on the Firm list in order to throw engineering team members at your Mooneys. It’s time to step up to the plate and get on the list everyone.
  3. Larry, what are you smoking? :-) :-) I have one handle that says- 727737757pilot! On all of those, both control columns move in unison and if you push the go levers all the way forward the engines go all the way to max power with no questions :-) :-) :-) I know you're just pulling my leg Now back to the originally scheduled program
  4. OK, how about a point of pure speculation? If one goes back to my posts of over a year ago you will see I was speculating on what the factory was going to bring out when we had the last round of "who knows". At that time I mentioned that at a flyin Mooney showed a picture of a Mooney but with perfectly smooth skin (a la composite material). I said then that once you have the outer surface defined in CAD/CAM, to fill in the structure is easy. Also, once you have the outer surface defined, refining it for best fluid dynamics is only a computer away before build. SO my point here is- Could the M10 have been a prelude to something else just to get the process nailed down? Say like a composite airframe Mooney? We already have a composite cabin surface now with 2 doors, structure and tail cone can't be that hard of a leap. Composite wing design has been around since Rutan and the VariEasi. At some point, to be competitive financially and aesthetically, they're going to have to go composite. That's where the market is. 1930s and 40s bent aluminum and rivets won't cut it anymore in this class. But then you have certification issues. Now, maybe with the easing of Part 23 it might be feasible.
  5. Given the same price point, Mooney has less profit, more man hours to build than the big C. Think how the big C marketed when they first came out. Can any of you remember? They went out looking for reps that would fly their area in a new big C to any air show, demo flight, airport weekends gatherings, anywhere pilots gathered. They showed the airplane around all the time in several areas of the country at once. They capitalized on the chute! They made it THE BIG ISSUE. Do I think Mooney needs one? YUP, because the new market thinks that way. The 2 doors and new interior help in a big way but its not enough for the younger lookers. One big item they have to overcome right now? They need a different paint design on the one airplane they keep showing around. Its a looser right from the first look by anyone. Who ever decided on that abortion needs to be demoted. Another big area of concern for the market is longevity of production. Are they going to be around if I buy one? That's something only good marketing and sales can answer. Maybe I'm just stating the obvious.
  6. Nice! I got the double reduction working and came across another little issue with the China clone machine. Its a challenge but interesting. Had a glob of iron casting inside the cover that was dragging on one of the moving parts causing a hard to turn issue. I'll grind it off tomorrow and see how things go. Still having fun with the project even with the machine issues. As I said its a challenge . I'll post some pics maybe tomorrow.
  7. Only the FAA guys can get access to the ASOS stuff. IIRC
  8. Sad to hear. Sorry for those involved. When it hits close to home it gives one a different perspective on what we do for fun or work. It can always have serious consequences. Fly safe.
  9. $$$$$$$$$+ a hamburger :-) Been there done that.
  10. I'm not smart enough for a smart phone and they gave me one at work. I'm a 10 button flip phone type. I can barley make a call and read texts and its one of those i thingys and I don't know i stuff.. But, I'll try for it.
  11. OK for those of us who are Luddites in the electronic gadget world- how do we find that chart for our airplanes?
  12. For what its worth I've got 55 years flying and 16 in my M20C. I've crossed Colorado, Nevada, Caif, Montana, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico and have done just fine up to 12,500'. After that the climb rate and cruise speed suffer. As an A&P for 50 years I went C for the cost to get in and on going costs. The extra 20 HP will get you 5-10 kts (depending on the airplane) and maybe a little better take off but not so you would really notice it. The E will cost more to overhaul but probably near the same to just maintain. I went with manual gear to avoid all the issues with the electric gear. For my kind of flying the difference in speed really didn't cut it vs costs. Find one with the electronics you want (or can live with) as its cheaper in the long run than to reradio the panel later. Who will be paying the technician for annuals and repairs? You? I would recommend a manual gear C to keep the costs to a min. and still have good performance. Now, don't by any means, buy a Mooney without a good knowledgeable Mooney mechanic to look it over before the purchase. Search on this forum for what to look for that are the big items. Glad you signed up here. We were all your age once. Keep up with postings so we can help when needed. Welcome!
  13. M- Do you have any idea how much the male "seamstresses" make here at Lake Powell doing boat interiors? Just my sidewalls will save me better than $1,000. And, they are easy. :-)
  14. Not bad on the stitching I just got my extra idler pulley in so I'll be working on my speed reducer this week.
  15. If you look at the Title Pages of the J manual you will see where it says that that manual superceds other manuals and it lists which models it covers (at least mine does), and I have both the C manual (it sucks) and the J manual. Just for my clarification, you are not trying to balance these surfaces so that they do not move when released while being held level on the knife edges, correct? They are supposed to drop down with a certain amount of force to be "in balance".