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  1. cliffy

    My second annual

    Move to a "lesser' neighborhood :-) :-) ;-) More time to fly and you won't have to keep up with the Jonses! I gave up on yard work long ago. Haven't owned a mower in 20 years. Desert living means all crushed rocks in the yard and NOTHING to mow, trim, cut or water!
  2. Log book submission is used for qualification.
  3. cliffy

    My second annual

    Our local RV repair shop has a sign up on labor rates- $125/hr (no license needed!)
  4. It's quite a presentation and the FAA file is thick on us. I received the award a few years ago (solo'd in '62) and was impressed with the plaque and the wall certificate. Didn't think the FAA would sink that much money into a presentation. My fist flight instructor not only held the Wright Bros. Award but also qualified for the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award. Out of all the Master Pilot Awards only a handful also qualify for the Mechanic Award. I got my A&P in 1967 but may be a few years short of the 50 for the Mechanic Award as flying got in the way. Nice to have you join us Don.
  5. cliffy


    Mine is polished aluminum also Never had paint When I finish a touch up I use flour to final clean it.
  6. cliffy


    That brings up another thought :-) :-) Show me any "FAA approved" method to chrome a spinner? There isn't one to my knowledge. I once knew an FAA type who would ding every chromed spinner he saw for non-compliance to the TC without any supporting paper work showing the "approved" method for same. Just like polished props. No manufacturer of props has any approval for polishing for a final finish They all use some sort of protective coating. Yes, some FAA types are that anal! Always have been, always will. It all goes back to "maintaining as the manufacturer says to do it".
  7. cliffy

    Ra-Jay Turbochargers

    YIKES! Mighty big hole in that panel picture :-) :-) :-)
  8. cliffy


    2 items to add- If you polish aluminum and wipe it clean. if you then go over it with a soft towel and plain old all purpose flour sprinkles on, it takes off every last bit of residual "black goo" left behind by the polishing compound. When I wax my D/C "I" get 10 more knots :-) :-) :-)
  9. OK just a thought- Where is the legality in all of the above "fun" :-) I would think your IA will have a heart attack when he sees what is now installed and flying. I don't think there is any way he could sign off the annual with that stuff installed. I know I'm throwing a wet towel on things but really, every flight with that stuff installed could be considered a separate violation as none of it has any approval basis. Unless I'm missing something like you've taken the airplane into full experimental status or something. What am I missing?
  10. I've replaced mine by using a 1/4 drive. 1/4" deep socket on an extension and to use a hammer to tap it in. Press in type zerk in my case.
  11. cliffy

    Mooney has been sitting

    Make sure you get 6 ply rating tires for all 3 as called for in the TCDS
  12. cliffy

    Mooney has been sitting

    A little soap and water, a little wax and it would probably look pretty good for a while. You'll probably get 10 more knots out of it waxed than in its present condition :-) :-) Lube all the controls (everything that moves) per the AD before flight. 100% silicone on the rod ends so as not to attract dirt On all the rest I use Tri-Flow. I would suggest that unless you have jacks and can test the gear I'd fly it gear down to home base and then jack it there to test and lube the gear. Watch the max gear down speed if you do but that's what I would do to avoid any surprises on the first flight. I'd also do a good "in the pattern" test flight for 20-30 mins and then pull the filter and cut it open. Just me but it would give one peace of mind on the way south. Pick your route to allow easy landing if needed (even off airport). Think ahead You might also look at disassembly and lube of the gear transmission (when you get home) per the SB as it hasn't been run in a long time and the grease will be dried out and solid. This is what kills the gear transmissions. No periodic lube change out. Looks like a fun project.
  13. cliffy

    Mooney has been sitting

    No, I just know a lot of out of the way airports and hangars. Actually haven't been to DAG in several years. This hangar just came up out of the history banks of the mind! :-) :-) My mind is full of minuscule, junk information.
  14. cliffy

    Mooney has been sitting

    Just guessing Barstow-Dagget ?
  15. cliffy

    G-OBAL refit

    Yes, but did he wave a wand around? :-) :-) :-)