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  1. I'm thinking when it comes time to time, start 1 year out and have an annual done completely by someone else and then a complete new annual by someone else prior to sale, 2 annuals by someone else should distance me from most anything. I'll look into the LLC aspect also. Time to call the lawyers in.
  2. Interesting observation to categorize someone by the airplane they fly. Maybe some just keep a low profile. Many of the millionaires that I have known (and I've known a few) also drive non- descript pick up trucks for a reason. I've known a few who were flamboyant but several who were incognito so to speak. Also posted, I too, would like to know of any first hand cases of after sale suits but I have no info on that hence this thread,
  3. Not that I'm ready to quit aviation or sell the Mooney but the thought has me wondering about the liability after sale. Specifically. as I do all my own maintenance (A&P since 1967) Has anyone given this a thought or been down this road? I haven't read anything about it here. Might be different if the new pilot makes a smoking hole and the previous owner had ALL the maintenance done is shops I guess but in the case of owner assisted annuals and owner preventive maintenance maybe a different set of circumstances. Maybe going through 2 annuals with no owner maintenance in the logs might be enough? I don't know. Anyone want to postulate?
  4. There is a plan in the works to take it somewhere to have it done.
  5. I still wonder how much of an impact the Boeing fiasco might have on this?
  6. Just a thought Has anyone tried a repair by sleeving the hole and welding the slot?
  7. Don't think ice only accumulates up in the high clouds, Once, in another life, I was going into MDW in a 737 in the clear. MDW had a low layer of stratus at @ 2000 tops, 400' ceiling. No reports of anything happening. Just low stratus. Turned onto the ILS for 31C and entered the clouds about the FAF. From that point on we gathered ice like I had never seen before, all of it clear ice. Windshield heat didn't keep up within 1 min, ice on the wiper nuts was 3" or better half way down. Went from 6000# total FF to 9000# (50% increase) in 2 mins. I knew we were NOT missing this approach and going around (couldn't bring up the flaps because the ice filled the flap gaps). When we got down and taxied in everyone came over to look at the Popsicle. We called ground and reported sever icing encountered on final. And remember, no one had experienced it before I got there. No PIREPS, no nothing. What I suspect happened was a slight drop in temperature just as I got there causing that lower layer to go freezing fog or drizzle and it all stuck on me. Super cooled, not frozen water droplets, due to low wind velocity. Ready at the least disruption to freeze. IF you ever see FF or FD in the Wx report DON'T FLY. We were grounded by Ops Specs if it was there. What looked like an uneventful trip turned out to be something else in the end.
  8. For those unfamiliar an AN4-21 bolt means that the 4 is the diameter in 1/16ths of an inch and the 21 is the length call out. With no other additional letters attached to the call out it means that the bolt has a cross drilled cotter pin hole in the threaded end. With IPC calling for an AN4-21 I would make a well founded guess that Mooney wants a castle nut and cotter pin on this part and not a self locking nut only. Maybe for the very reason that the OPs part failed?
  9. Agree completely. I told him I would at least try to find someone but that he would probably need to take it somewhere. I know of a couple of places ( yes MN and TX) but I haven't heard of any out here, Maybe there is one or two but I don't know hence pulling on the combined knowledge base of MS! :-)
  10. Yes understood the problems doing it in place. He's been advised but still would prefer it to flying it somewhere if at all possible.
  11. We have a local Mooney (G) in a hangar here that has developed what can only be described as a HUGE tank leak on the right tank and a much smaller one on the left. The owner wants both resealed and knows generally what its going to cost. I looked it over and told him to drain the right and not use it. I would have no problem with him flying on the left only to get it to a repair shop. The owner is preferring, if it can be worked out, to have someone come out here (KPGA) and do it in his hangar, if not, he'll fly it somewhere else. He would really prefer to have it done in his hangar, if at all possible. Anyone in the group know of a repair shop out here in AZ, NV, UT, or CA (maybe even CO) that would come out here to the middle of nowhere to do this job? He's aware of expenses for hotels, travel and food, etc. How about any knowledge of who can even do it in their shop out here in the wild west? Anyone had a complete reseal out here? I would be most appreciative of any leads at all Thanks
  12. Bankruptcy 101 Have seen it many times in this business for the 50 years I've been in it. We still have no real facts on what has/will/is happening so its all just speculation right now
  13. One item no one ever mentions is? ??????? Wait for it- Where is the CG sitting when the speed checks are done? Also, What is the Gross weight? None of the speeds are comparable model to model UNLESS the CG and the weight is the same. Think "trim drag". How much from full FWD to full AFT? Might be interesting to see, light to full gross? Because I'm not dainty :-) My CG is always way forward with up trim evident because of it, lots of up trim drag My D (with a 3 blade) is a rock solid 137 - 139 KTS TAS, Measured many times, I'll bet if we all calculated our CG and Weight then gave the TAS we might have a better idea of what is normal model to model. I've just moved my battery to the back and calculated the CG shifted 1 1/4 inches aft, I"ll be weighing mine on scales next week to see how accurate my calculations were. If your flaps and ailerons match in cruise and the aileron tip weights are near fared you're pretty close in rigging (hands off of course). Later this year (when it warms up a bit) I'll be doing some speed checks with weight in the baggage compartment trying to get a full aft CG position to check with.