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  1. cliffy

    Best Cheap ADSB Solution

    I'm in OSH they sat 2 to 3 months on the. right side and a combo discount if you have the letter side Getting both approved at the same time was too big a job for a small company Just the left side had 5 TSOs to coply with and prove compliance
  2. cliffy

    Best Cheap ADSB Solution

    As long as it's on when you start to taxi you're ok It can't be shut off after that until stopped in parking I'm just passing the letter of the law What others may try is up to them If you go 1200 with it you won't get any services from AT C
  3. cliffy

    Best Cheap ADSB Solution

    Legally speaking once you install an ADSB system it is legally required to have it on from start to stop of the engine The OSH issue may require an official FAA waiver
  4. cliffy

    Best Cheap ADSB Solution

    Just bought mine. RT side IN is being done now Only 12 v or 24 volt is needed to each unit Strobe power supplies can be removed Separate power required for Strobe function (12v or 24 v) Nav lite power runs nav lite and ADSB Second power line to Strobe 3 screws & 3 wires And install complete. App does all the configuring on your cell phone. Strobe sync when right side is available? Wait for it. Wait for it Each unit takes the time from the GPS and they talk to each other and sync the flashing App will be Android and iPhone
  5. Just certified and for sale online or at OSH (I have no connection except I'm buying one) $1895.00 The most innovative, and easy to install certified ADS-B solution is now available for order. One year ago we announced a breakthrough ADS-B solution at AirVenture. The response to the concept was overwhelming. After months of flight testing, independent lab analysis, exhaustive environmental testing, and a lot of all-nighters, the uAvionix team is excited to announce the certified skyBeacon is ready. Units will begin shipping to customers August 2018. Free t-shirt with your purchase online or at AirVenture! Back of t-shirt Stop by booth 3082 with your order number or purchase a skyBeacon at AirVenture to receive a free t-shirt.* Purchase skyBeacon If we're slow to answer, we've just had our final FAA review today and we're down at the bar (except for Kurt). The uAvionix Team *Free t-shirt promotion requires in person pickup at booth 3082 while supplies last.
  6. cliffy

    "SabreCowl" Update

    Top of cowl vents = windshield anti-ice system. :-) :-)
  7. Getting the "eyeball" for the trim indicator is the big issue according to the folks before Jerry passed. If it doesn't line up static its bad. There are 2 models and only one is a good one (IIRC its a brass bellows). Until someone can take over the company AND get certified to repair them we will be SOL. I'm going with probably a TruTrac in a month or so if they get their STC done. I'll be at OSH looking into it next week. I will then have a perfectly good working Accutrac for sale. No alt hold.
  8. Change one preload and they all change in unison. BUT it should only take 4 hrs to reset EVERYTHING from scratch. One MUST get the correct position of the main bellcrank correct before any of the 4 rods are adjusted. Once done correctly it should really never change much except for injury to the system.
  9. cliffy

    Landing at El Mirage dry lake bed

    Landed there many many times but 45 years ago. Make sure it is DRY! If its the least bit wet you'll regret it. Watch out for deep car tracks made when it was wet. Lots of military drone testing around there.
  10. cliffy

    Cross the Atlantic with a Mooney

    The above is very interesting but I have absolutely no interest in flying in a poopie suit. My world is getting smaller with every day passing. Been there, done it (but with 3 engines and no poopie suit). :-)
  11. And are you bringing your saw? :-) :-)
  12. cliffy

    Cross the Atlantic with a Mooney

    Google up "Honey Mooney" to see a real around the world Mooney
  13. cliffy

    Cross the Atlantic with a Mooney

    Last time I crossed the North Atlantic I was flying a 727- don't intend to do it any other way. Going to the South Pacific soon but we'll have four burning underneath the wings on that one ! :-) :-)
  14. SHe doesn't get on my computer and MS ain;t on her's!!! :-)