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  1. Why do you think you'll need an overhaul in 300 hrs?
  2. There was a time when smaller numbers we being put on younger airplanes and that's where the :repaint: confusion comes in. It was required at repaint to go to larger numbers if it was a younger airplane. Our old stuff comes under a different set of rules.
  3. revwatch- That's the problem NONE of them are published and the charges change from day to day or counter rep to counter rep. Some won''t even quote their fees over the phone. Some of the worst even have airnav not publish any info from customers visits on their site. Lots of times when you call and get a quote it changes when you get there.
  4. When I bought my Mooney it was in Calif and I lived in Nevada. It was delivered to Nevada. It was never based in Calif after I bought it. They chased me for a year and finally accepted my tie down receipts for 1 year in NV as proof that they didn't have a case for sales tax. But that was 16+ years ago.
  5. I'll be going to OSH this year and you can bet I'm going to the AOPA booth and bracing them on this very subject! I want to know their position.
  6. So you say I walk into a shoe store and turn around and leave and they say I owe them $10 just for walking in with no signs in place and I refuse to pay, that they have a case for collections? I'm not a barrister but I'll bet that's a hard one to collect and for less than $100? No way.
  7. I wonder what would happen if we all just refused to pay those charges?
  8. Now here's a kicker I checked Montrose county minimum standards for FBOs and see where they require the rental of 350,000 sq ft of ramp and hangar footprint (250,000 in ramp alone) to be an FBO at the airport. Clearly looking to provide only Taj Mahal service stations on that airport so only the big boys can play and then only one will build. A monopoly by any other name. Set the bar so high no one can enter the game. Now, I have no idea what the rental rate is but pick something and multiply it out and see what the monthly nut is just for the land! I'm not advocating for the FBO by any means but it might also be the county sticking their sticky fingers in the pot also. Greed and politics make cordial bed partners. As I said all along, access will need to come through Grant Assurances and the FAA before this ever stops. You take Fed money, you provide a minimum service for the money- tie down, rest room, access gate with tie down fees after so many hours on the ground. Whether the FBO has to provide it or the airport sponsor, it makes no difference but this will only happen through the FAA. The AOPA is on the wrong track with just looking to lower fees. It goes much deeper than the FBO sometimes. GA is dying
  9. Will someone PLEASE tell me what the H&*% a "Security Fee" is supposed to cover? It's just stick it to'um because there is no other way to access the city. I can't tell you how much this c&^% ticks me off and I run an airport! This stuff is rapidly going out if control! AOPA! Get off your butt and do something effective rather than "write a letter" or collect data!
  10. To throw a little levity into this discussion- Two of you here are talking Star Wars s*&t Way beyond us mere dinosaur drivers And for one prolific contributor- "Antennae" refers to insects and "Antenna" refers to airplanes Now back to our regular program! Smile! You're on Candid Camera" :-)
  11. Having read this thread may I chime in a little bit? It got too long so a PM was sent