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  1. Lycoming Ad received last week

    Because they sell 6 million instead of 12/yr
  2. Is it inside? You didn't mention that part? I'd take it to the desert southwest and find a hangar out there rather than stay where you are. 3 years is a long time to sit no matter how well you preserve it. Finding someone you trust to fly it (keeping full insurance and annuals) may be your best option, if you want to keep it. If something happens to it, its insured. Me? I've got a C too and if I was going away for that length of time I'd sell it and find something else when I got back. No telling how your situation or wants might change in 2 or 3 years (and I've had mine for 16 years and I'd still sell it).
  3. August 2017 total eclipse

    Airports clogging up for the event? YUP!!!!! Casper is full, no landings without reservation, all full. They even have international arrivals for Customs. The Hole, full Driggs might be an option, and cheaper than The Hole. All of eastern Oregon is full I don't know about further east. All hotels within a 4 hr drive of the path center are sold out in the western US. I got the last room in a town about an hour by Mooney from the path. Roads are forecast to be gridlocked. There are a couple of smaller airports out west that are not full yet but are first come first served on the 21st. Most parking will be on grass or dirt off of the taxiways. Watching the weather day by day.
  4. In answer to the OPs question- All wind farms flash in synchronous at night. This is the only synchronous wide area pattern in the book right now. It sure cuts down on scud running though!!!! On the other hand, try finding anything abut the financials of wind farms. How to invest and what the profitability is is information not published. You won't find it anywhere. I've been searching for years. Someone is keeping it quiet.
  5. Flying to see the Eclipse

    Actually the "Douglas" airport is closed and the other one near the city is Converse County KDGW. I talked to them a couple days ago and they are parking all small stuff on the grass (they just mowed it) and the big stuff on concrete. I hear Lusk is full (second hand info)
  6. Flying to see the Eclipse

    Most all of eastern OR is full and Casper is topped out, no more reservations. I'll be in Douglas WY or wherever the clouds aren't in that part of the country. All hotels along the path in the western half of the US are full and the rates for what's left are running $500 or more for 1 night (usually $80). We're in Craig, CO the night before. An easy 45 mins to the path but the rooms are affordable. Check out tripadvisor for room prices, it'll scare ya. It'll be a zoo. We're getting a cab to town for a long lunch after the show. We're also bringing drinks and food to the airport along with folding chairs :-) Casper has arrivals from many countries wanting Customs there to check in. Its a 1 man outpost. Every airport along the path will be like leaving OSH at the end.
  7. Not the best landing

    Come on, its still just an airplane. We did touch and gos in 727s and 737s. Change the flaps setting, reset the trim, add power and go. Same on go-arounds. Pitch easily as power is added slowly and keep your airspeed under control. Go-arounds are not an emergency type maneuver. Why does everyone get so excited about them? There's nothing here to get excited about. Just fly the airplane. Ain't no big trick to it.
  8. Not the best landing

    I'm not quite sure about the above comment. What do you mean? He was doing knots on the A/S indicator. Everything seems safe to me speed wise. Did I miss something?
  9. Not the best landing

    It is possible to flare for landing, touch down nose high (main wheels only) and then keep pulling back on the control wheel and keep the nose wheel in the air until you lose airspeed and the elevator becomes ineffective and the nose wheel settles to the ground. Just like any other airplane. It all has to do with speed control and elevator control. One can hold the nose off or let it fall. All depends on what airspeed you touch down at. Doesn't matter if its a Boeing or Mooney, they all fly the same. They're just airplanes. Trim for 75-80 on final and flare by hand, pull. Its easy. Also makes go-arounds a non-event even at 5 feet.
  10. Not the best landing

    No different in a 727 It was noted for that!
  11. And to think I threw my old LORAN in the trash can Better keep 1 VOR kiddies!
  12. Another annual survived

    Some grease has a propensity to break down a little and have some of the oils separate and then flow down the prop blade. Some MU2s do this a lot in hot weather.
  13. Another annual survived

    YUP It was always to keep the prop in balance if it rained. Didn't have 3 blade wood props back when this was taught. Obviously its not taught today. New 3 blade have epoxy coatings that really lessen the chance of water soaking into the blade cores. \ It also makes it easier to hang "For Sale" signs on the prop at OSH :-)
  14. Another annual survived

    Nope keep tyin' Yup a few specks right after servicing. Not unusual