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  1. Most tools have some adjustment for accuracy available also. If not and out of calibration buy a new one
  2. How come no mention of temperature of the fuel has been brought up as far as "calibration " of a wooden stick? Fuel expands quite readily as it heats up :-) :-) )its a joke OK?) Reminds me of my Father's machine shop joke- Measure with a yardstick, mark with chalk and cut with an axe
  3. If I'm not mistaken all factory engines are run in on their test cell after an overhaul and the test cells have calibrated gages. That suffices for that requirement The factory certifies that the engines are performing as required before delivery. A field overhaul an run in is a different animal.
  4. You are correct The CG moves way fwd with the 3 blade
  5. Just a caution to run a real good W&B with that much weight in the front seats You might be fwd of the fwd limit
  6. Question- If you haven't even sat in one as you say, how do you know you will be impacted by the panel? I'm 6'1" and 250 and I have to be 2 or 3 holes fwd to reach the pedals.
  7. Who wants to put a tape measure next to the stick so inches per gallons determined by others :-)
  8. Not quite- Lets just look at the crankshaft journal as one test For Lycoming O-360 A models the Limits Table says that the NEW crankshaft journal can be 2.2485 to 2.250" dimeter The wear limits are determined by the "fit" of the connecting rod to the crankshaft journal The Overhaul manuals states the the "FIT" of the bearing to the journal can be -0.0025 to -0.0055 loose for a NEW part fit Now if the bearing fit cannot make NEW fit max loose of 0.0055 loose on a used journal (allowing some journal wear) THEN maybe it can meet "SERVICE MAX" of -0.0060 loose (1/2 a t
  9. Watch the forward CG limits if you have the 3 blade and you are a more "portly" body shape especially with someone else in the right front and no rear baggage or people. I moved my battery to behind the rear seat for that reason.
  10. Didn't mean to infer that it was a problem just something to take into account if a PF is put on. It gets missed a lot.
  11. How does it fly with the PC/autopilot system off? Make sure the AP AND the PC systems are off and unpowered (no vacuum to the PC system) and make another flight. You're grasping at too many variables at one time right now. With all of that stuff unpowered and no vacuum to the PC fly and see how well it holds a straight and level heading. If it falls off quickly 1-4 seconds then you have a rigging problem If it stays straight and level for 10 seconds or more look to see if your ailerons are faired with the rear edge of the flaps. If one is way higher than the flap tr
  12. What about the LUBE requirement every year on the Power Flow?
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