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  1. I'm more interested in when flying on a long X country and you get hungry how does one find an airport along the way with food near by? ay apps or such to have the wife peruse while airborne?
  2. What do you use to find airports with restaurants on the field or with in walking distance of the airport? I can see "some" airports that have courtesy cars also on AOPA Directory but it seems spotty. Planning a long X country with no particular schedule so just wanting to find something while in flight to stop at for meals
  3. His models flown with data recording show a trust vector fwd INSTEAD of a drag vector from adverse yaw. Granted no free lunch but it seems the "winglets" remove the adverse yaw and its intendant rudder drag. His theory is that one can have a flying wing without adverse yaw in roll. maybe one "drag" polar replaces another but no adverse yaw is a move fwd in aerodynamics. He uses a lot of observational studies from birds in his research (overlapping wings in formation cruise to get the correct length of the outboard "winglets" etc. I have read a lot of his studies Its very interesting
  4. I think what he is promoting is using the higher washout to produce a vector FWD so as to eliminate adverse yaw (especially in a flying wing). His models have been instrumented for years and he has gathered data to indicate such an outcome. Eliminate the adverse yaw and tip drag panels are not needed (weight savings) and the entire tail is superfluous.
  5. Here's some food for thought for any higher math guys or aero dynamic guys on Tip Vortices I found this fascinating Maybe a new paradigm for aviation For nearly a century Ludwig Prandtl’s lifting-line theory initially points to the elliptical spanload as the most efficient wing choice, and it has become the standard in aviation. Research in bird flight has increasingly generated data in disagreement with the elliptical spanload. In 1933 Prandtl published a little-known paper presenting a superior spanload. We argue this second spanload is the correct model for bird flight
  6. Being the OP here I'm going to throw some more meat on the aerodynamics fire in another thread as this one has been very fun and most informative New thread- More New Aerodynamics
  7. For those who need a refresher? I saw this several years ago GREAT presentation
  8. Lose not thine airspeed- Lest the earth come up and smite Thee ! To paraphrase someone we know- We all fly through the same air
  9. HUH ????????????? They're coming to take me away, away, they're coming to take me away. :-) Gotta put my brown shoes back on I guess.
  10. Agree and understand the above with respect to how the Mooney tail and bungees work. Including the elevator counter weights being on different sides of the stabilizer (in cruise) on later models. Ingenious. My question deals with the change they made when they changed the throws AND then changed the amount of up elevator on the bungees at the same time (at the same stabilizer depression of 3 1/2 nose down)They cut 9 degrees out of the up mode. I'm wondering what they "found" that let them lessen the angle and still have enough authority. I'm wondering what changed aerodynamicall
  11. Well we need more dylithium crystals to power our airplanes!!!! Mine are burnt out.
  12. I'm in full agreement with your postulation. More down = better pitch out of a spin Again memory fuzzy that far back BUT now that your mention it - some of the fuzz is falling away. It didn't make much news even back then and I think it was portrayed as "it just barely meets spec" so a change was made. Bill Wheat also told he got caught in a 5 turn spin from which he almost didn't get out of and said he'd never do that again but I don't know what year airplane it was in. I'm still left to wonder about the change to the bungee spring angle and what that meant to the trim drag as Moo
  13. Louie the Lip will meet you and guide you down the block to where the money transfer will take place. Louie gets nervous so he'll probably pat you down for weapons and wires
  14. Meet me at the corner of Poplar and Henry tonight at midnight and we'll discus it :-)
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