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  1. So with all the gear up accidents we have recorded right here on this tread WHY do we have all the histrionics and hype when a gear up landing is contemplated and the news media is involved? "DEATH IS IMMINENT-PLANE HAS TO LAND WITHOUT LANDING GEAR!" Additionally- As far as I know/remember there has never been a passenger ever injured even in a Boeing jet (any Boeing) that had to or did land gear partially or fully gear up. If you are under control at touch down you're probably going to walk away from the "accident" site talking on your cell phone
  2. On dark days think- "The longer you go without a bite the closer you are to the next one" A Confident Angler Just remember- You chose your position in life today by what YOU did yesterday!
  3. And the answer is? UH Yah!!!!!! When do I leave?
  4. One thing about Mooneys though is the distance made good vs time is much better :-)
  5. For those who have sailed, want to sail or do sail its an interesting recount of travels Very well done. Thx To keep with the purpose of the thread though- you gotta TRIM those sails for best efficiency just as we do in the Mooney :-) Watch the tell-tail, pull or loosen the sheets and hold a steady course. We fly around weather and you tack to avoid the terrestrial effects of weather and wind (rounding the cape at Cabo, been there, done that). Weather is the common denominator in our ventures!
  6. Ya know ur correct!!!!!!!!!! I completely blew off the C registration OOPPSS! EH?
  7. "It was a dark and stormy night" Oh wait that's another story :-) Good job under stressful conditions Gazing into my crystal ball is see a top overhaul in the future. Or at least change out all the other studs.
  8. Jordan G'day to you! Have you joined the Australian Mooney Pilots Association (AMPA) yet? If not do so right away. They offer a lot of good help and info and they have travel boards available to members for maintenance issues. GREAT PEOPLE to be friends with and FRIENDS is what they are. I did a couple maintenance seminars for them a couple years ago and it was the best experience I think I have ever had in aviation maintenance. Those folks are held dear with me and my wife. Don't place too much worry on your trim indicator until you can check the actual throws. Basically you are going to have to jack the airplane level fore and aft (using the top of the skin splice at the radio rack panel access left side) Once level you can check LE up and down degrees of the stabilizer with the travel board. The degrees are serial number specific and as you didn't mention the year of your airplane I can't be more specific You will find the required degrees in the Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS) (I tried pasting it but the format got screwed) on page 11 under C models. (Google it) Once you verify or reset the stabilizer up and down degrees then you will check the elevator trim assist bungee settings These "bugees" are the spring assist units at the back of the elevator connection to the push rods. This is why the elevators can be moved up and down a little at the back by compressing those springs and why the elevators always project up when parked. In the "zero spring travel" position (that means just letting them seek their balanced position, 2 springs opposing each other) with the elevator stabilizer set for 3 1/2 degrees Leading Edge down, the elevators stick up at either 19 or 10 degrees DEPENDING again on serial number of the airplane. These bungees are adjusted at their forward ends by loosening the jamb nut on the HEIM joint and rotating the bungee in or out of the HEIM joint. Make sure you check the witness hole in the HEIM joint for full thread insertion of the rod and then tighten the jam nut. Your AME will be able to do all of this easily. Once you have the stab/elevator setting correct then adjust your trim indicator You can't do this without a travel board! Hope this helps explain the process a little bit for you. As with all things Mooney on rigging, you need to start at the beginning and not just drop in mid-way in the process. Same goes for the other 2 axis of the airplane. Again join AMPA if you have not already done so. They're neat people. An aside, sailing around the world- I've followed "Gone with the Wynn's" for years now on their voyages through Utube.
  9. "Why all the negativity, man!" Donald Sutherland in Kelly's Hero's" 1970 The original "anti-negativity" persona. BTW For many years I thought Jimmy Stewart was the real Lindberhg! :-)
  10. As a temporary measure I've seen 1/2 inch vinyl tubing from the A/C parts Depot that slides right over the OD of the Nyla-flow with a tight enough fit to be usable. I've seen people using 3M tape to further seal the ends of the Nyla-flow Might be a good trouble shooting method
  11. Dr Brix (Fauchi's partner) said many months ago that they were taking a very "broad" course on coding COVID deaths. In Utah the raw numbers are 274 dead by 7/26/2020 (Hopkins Tracking number) That divided by the total population of Utah 3, 300, 000 equals a risk factor of dying from COVID in Utah at 0.008% 8 one thousands of one percent. In Arizona where we have a large population of Navajo Indians (they have one of the highest infection and death rates) the factor is 0.04% in relation to total population, four one hundredths of one percent. Those not of Navajo decent are much less in risk factor. I'm not saying its can't be bad if you catch it but 70+% who do, show no or little signs of it and by relation to total population the risk is very low. Of those dying , the vast majority have underlying health issues. Per the CDC 1.300 people die of smoking related disease every day in the USA. Right now COVID is doing about 870/day I'm just showing the raw numbers. Draw your own conclusions. Quite possibly the two doctors in Bakersfield CA back in March (who were taken down by Facebook and Utube) were right on the money.
  12. The people wearing gloves all day long know not what they do!
  13. As I said before- At some point someone is going to have to say that X number of deaths per year due to COVID is an acceptable number for the world to go back to normal operation. There will ALWAYS be deaths due to this disease even with a vaccine. It will never completely go away (just like ebola is still around). People die of the Flu every year and we accept a certain number of deaths every year from that and we just go on with our lives. 20,000 to 60,000 die of the flu. What number of deaths from COVID will be acceptable? Pick a number because it will always be with us from now on. At some point the world will have to move on and accept the inevitable - people die from a variety of reasons. COVID is just one of them.
  14. Pull off the power :-) The engine does idle doesn't it?