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  1. Tom, I am sorry to hear about your loss and my prayers are with Steve's family as well as yourself. I would encourage you to write down your stories, not to publish a book, but for you and your family (and Steve's) to look back on. There have been times in my life where I was very good at keeping a journal and times where I wasn't. I am surprised by the number of times I can open up one of those journals and flip to a page, start reading, and realize I had completely forgotten about a certain event. It is easier now than ever to keep a journal as typing is faster than writing and using voice to text is getting better and more accurate all the time.
  2. I don't know the regulation, I would second what DBX and Steven said and if just ask "Am I cleared through xxx?" Always when in doubt ask. My experience has been that I can fly through the Class C when on VFR Flight following but the Class D they either tell me to stay clear or hand me off. In the Phoenix area going into or departing KIWA they will tell me to remain clear of the Class D at KCHD. Coming back into SoCal when I was at KAJO I would be on descent and they would let me go into the Class C of March ARB (KRIV) airspace but restrict me at or above 4,500' until past the runways. Sometimes they would hand me off to the tower at KRIV but most of the time they just kept me on their frequency. Now based at KFUL they will let me descend into KONT's Class C airspace but hold me above the Class D at KCNO until I am past it.
  3. Yes, that is exactly what I did when I removed the Loran antenna and put in the GA35 for my ADS-B Out.
  4. As far as I know they have not opened registration, however from Seth's earlier post above it looks like it will not have a limit on attendees.
  5. That's your problem, you are too good at spelling and keep trying to spell track correctly!
  6. Or you can open, cancel, close it via text message on your phone. If you are using it is easy to set up, you get text/email alerts to your phone prior to the flight, you get a text 30 minutes before that you just respond to if you want to open/modify/cancel the flight plan, and there is a text before your scheduled landing that you can just respond to and close the plan. If the cellular connection works on a tablet/iPad it is going to work on the phone as well. Pretty cool feature if you haven't tried it yet. A couple screen shots of text messages, one of alerts and one where you would open the flight plan. You can also amend your departure time through the text messaging.
  7. I haven't checked with ATC or another plane but I have listened to archive recordings on and my trasmissions were very clear.
  8. I haven't done any searching about Samsung tablets overheating because I have never had that issue, I'm just speaking from my experience. It is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 that I've had for about 3 1/2 years, have run both Droid EFB and recently iFly GPS. Brightness almost all the way up, screen/app always on, connected via wifi to a Stratux getting traffic/weather fed to it, direct sun where the outside temp up at 10,500' was still in the upper 70's, and have not had it overheat even on 2-4 hour trips from SoCal to Phoenix and Salt Lake City. It is also in a case which sits in the ram mount on my yoke. I do know that I constantly hear about the problems with iPads, glad it is not an issue you are dealing with.
  9. Sidebar discussion... In addition to not worrying about facial recognition and how to unlock my tablet, I have never had my Samsung tablet overheat and shut down, even with it in direct sun for hours flying during the summer in the southwest heat... (Our IT company calls i-phones "Fischer-Price my first smart-phone") We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming and discussion of all things i-related.
  10. Not a lot of time for flying as we are in the home stretch of marching band season for my youngest son. One more week and we get our Saturday's back... For those of you that are freezing, it was a cool 60°F here this morning. We wanted to get in an early flight before it got too warm, topped out at 90°F today. A short little hop from KFUL to KRAL for some breakfast and 100LL that was 50 cents a gallon less than my home base. We did enjoy our meal outside on the patio where even though it was in the shade it was still comfortable.
  11. What Hank says here. Pull the foam cover off the mic and take a look, make sure you have the flat side for talking facing your lips. I always just squeeze it to make sure I have the flat side facing my lips when I put it on. Also, check the stereo/mono switch and try it in both positions to see which way the sound and side tone sound best. Mine works best on the mono setting, but I have an ancient audio panel and intercom. Play with the volume control on the headset as well, I had once where I started noticing an annoying buzzing, turns out I had the volume on the headset turned up and the actual radio volume down, the headset was amplifying some electronic noise. Turning the headset volume down and the radio up fixed it. Hank, my wife loves hers as well, they were a birthday present for her I think a year ago.
  12. It is on my list and has been for quite some time. I thought it was going to be done last year, but in the time since I put it on the list of "to do's" I've: Replaced the governor Replaced Carb Replaced oil cooler lines Replaced oil cooler Replaced exhaust Replaced carb heat box Re-sealed prop Replaced transponder (Narco 150 replaced with GTX 335) Replaced throttle/mixture/prop cables The electric step is still on the list, hopefully the beginning of next year.
  13. I actually just replaced mine. Call Dan at LASAR for the gasket, should be part # 652158, $1.49. For the wire to the bypass we used a section from the old mixture cable that was replaced a few months ago. Not sure it's right, but for the bracket holding the cable to the bypass on mine it is an Adel clamp around the bypass tube with a smaller Adel clamp around the cable. I can take a picture when I'm out at the hangar later this week.
  14. Yes, there are some parts that I will put aftermarket on my car all day long, and others that I won't even consider going aftermarket on. I guess the part of the equation that annoys me the most is the parts that are apparently good enough for the experimental fleet but not good enough for the certified fleet. If those were legal for the vintage fleet I think you would see downward pressure on the pricing similar to what the aftermarket auto-parts do for the pricing of OEM parts.
  15. True, that is where the aftermarket parts industry plays a big role in keeping down the pricing on the OEM parts. It is apparent when you look at the OEM price of a part that is also available aftermarket as opposed to those that are only available from the manufacturer. We just don't have the same competition in the airplane world.