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  1. This thread has gone on far too long without any thread drift... I just made one out of some scrap aluminum that I had around the hangar along with a rivet and washer in between the two arms for spacing. The first go at it was a little rough but it is fully functional. I'm planning on making a better one, taking a little more time.
  2. The instructions said that you can install it on any line experiencing interference. The easiest spot for me was in the avionics bay so I cut the power wire that goes to the beacon/strobe and ran it to the filter and then from the filter to the beacon/strobe.
  3. Last year I went for a short flight for fun and stopped at a nearby airport to top off the tanks (cheaper fuel than home base) knowing that I was taking my wife and a couple youth from church to the Camarillo Airshow that weekend. It would put us near gross taking off, but not over. Well, the ones that were going to go couldn't and the others that we were going to take were a bit heavier so I told my wife I would "have to" go fly and burn some fuel off. It was terrible just going up to burn fuel, but I suffered through the flight knowing that it was being done for the greater good!
  4. When is it? I think I saw you post that picture once before and like Paul would love to land there.
  5. Nope, went through @Jeev, but he put the order through right away. JPI did have their rebates going on so perhaps increased orders stemming from the rebates is increasing fulfillment times?
  6. Honestly I don't remember exactly how long the roll was. It wasn't so much longer than normal that either my CFI nor I really noticed. If he did, he didn't mention it, but then again, if something wasn't going according to plan or I wasn't doing something right he would let it progress as long as it wasn't presenting a significant safety of flight issue. It was after that he would bring up the error and talk about what should have been done differently and what I should have been seeing or paying attention to so that I would have recognized the issue. Those were the lessons that really stuck.
  7. What about the flat Trutrak? I don't know the dimensions, would it fit under the 900? No idea on the exact time frame. I ordered mine January 17th. The cies senders arrived last week, still waiting on the EDM900.
  8. When I was doing my transition training my CFI had me do a takeoff with full flaps to see how the plane acted. The ground roll and take off seemed fairly normal,but when it came off the ground it did not want to climb, I think I was seeing a couple hundred FPM and should have been seeing close to 1000 FPM (winter time). There was not any excess force like on a go-around but I had trim set for take-off where on a go-around I have almost full up trim. If you forget to reset your trim and then try to take off with full flaps I think you would have your hands full.
  9. Is there room to move your lights to the left? Would that allow you to mount it portrait there but flip the other way from what you showed in your initial post, so it doesn't cover the bottom hole? That's how I'm planning to locate mine, but my warning lights are over above my AI. I don't think you have room above your G5, but maybe above your Altimeter?
  10. My recommendation would be to have payments sent in to someone and track it. Once you have money from at least 10 people to meet the run then have them made and sent out. (Should allow for a price for shipping. Not to disparage anyone that has posted that they want a set, but sometimes (myself included) we think we are going to buy something but then put it off. Better to have the money in hand before having them made instead of someone shelling out the money and then stuck selling inventory.
  11. I'm in for a set as well. I think I have the originals in my plane...
  12. I see both of those statements as true. I can say that my experience has been that I've never been stuck as bad in a two wheel drive as I have been in a four wheel drive. Of course that is usually the result of thinking "I'll bet I can make it through that, I have four-wheel drive..."
  13. I'm not a professional writer by any means but have been documenting my experiences from beginning my PPL through present day on my blog. Some posts are better than others. I would be happy to contribute. There are additional posts just sitting in draft status waiting to be polished up and published.
  14. What model is that for? Have you checked the Downloads section?
  15. When my old coffee grinder died I put in a new strobe that produced a whine just as Anthony described above. I put this in the avionics bay in back and ran the power line going to the strobe through it, got rid of the noise.