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  1. High FBO fees.

    Been into South Valley a few times now. The old FBO closed but it is open again and run by the City/County? They waive the tie down fee if you buy fuel. Found out last time I was there that full service is the same price as self service, after getting the self service to save some money... (I think it was $5/gal) They treat you well, tie the plane down for you, give you the gate code if you need to leave before they open, have cold water bottles if you leave while they are open. I can't comment on rental cars. I have family that lives 15 minutes away and they either pick us work I grab an Uber to their place if everyone's too busy to get over to pick us up. I flew into Spanish Fork earlier in July because South Valley had the runway closed for resurfacing. They are great there too. Friendly, provided tie down straps, waive the overnight parking if you buy fuel which was reasonably priced for the area.
  2. New pup

    So sorry to hear this, glad she passed peacefully. The loyalty and love that dog's give is why they are man's best friend. I love my dogs.
  3. Cruise RPM

    My '65 C Manual says avoid 2,100-2,300 rpm in cruise. Performance charts have data for 1,800, 2,300, 2,400, 2,500, and 2,600. The '77 C Manual says avoid 2,000-2,250 rpm in cruise. Performance charts have data for 1,950, 2,350, 2,400, 2,500, 2,600, and 2,700. I'm not sure why the change in the red arc range or the data that they have in the performance charts. I would be interested in hearing people's thoughts on that. For cruising around it really depends on how much of a hurry I'm in. Usually it's either 2,400 or 2,500. I may try out 2,300 to see what the sound difference is and if I like it better.
  4. Nice to have you drop by. That was quite the busy summer. I got in a little over 60 hours of flying from June through Labor Day Weekend. We still need to meet up sometime. I've been flying to Phoenix quite a bit to visit family there so maybe when the weather cools down we can work that out. If not maybe meet up to catch Spring Training next year since it didn't line up this year. Looking at your stuff due I'm glad I went the Mooney route. It's not as new or fast as your plane, but I spent less on it that just what you had coming due.
  5. Thinking of straying from the fold

    My short list consisted of a Comanche or Mooney. I found a Mooney that I liked before I found a Comanche that I liked. I think he must mean true airspeed. I see 139 knots true airspeed at somewhere right around 9.0 GPH.
  6. New drop-in LED bulbs from Whelen

    My understanding is that at night you have to have the red/green solid. Not flashing. Is that correct?
  7. New drop-in LED bulbs from Whelen

    What are the options to adding wingtip strobes on an old 1965 M20D? Every time I see someone with strobes on their wingtips and top of the vertical stabilizer I'm a little jealous because I know they can't see me as easily as I can see them.
  8. Sad Mooney

    I have seen a few on the ramps at various airports. The saddest one I saw was back in March in Mesquite, NV. I think it had been there for quite awhile.
  9. Today's flight for 2017

    Labor Day Weekend trip to UT. CA to UT Race – Mooney in the Morning Just another day with the Mooney time machine, giving you back what Winston Churchill once said is “one thing that can never be retrieved,” time. (I guess he didn’t have a Mooney…)
  10. Can you explain the soft side velcro around the glareshield a little more? Maybe a picture?
  11. Take cotton balls and rub Vaseline in them. They will squish down very small, when you need one fluff it out really well and one spark will get it burning and it will burn long enough to get a fire going. In Boy Scouts I had one of those silver waterproof match cases stuffed with about 10 of them. That along with the standard magnesium fire starter made started many a campfire for me.
  12. Thanks guys. The first time it happened months ago it took me a while to get it started. Once I figured out that I needed to leave the throttle out and mixture at idle cut initially to get it started it hasn't been an issue. I figured it was the heat causing the fuel to expand but I wanted to make sure it wasn't indicative of a problem.
  13. I have seen this a few times but happened twice today. I have a O-360-A1D in my plane. My shut down procedure is out of the POH. Increase RPM to 1,100, pull mixture to idle/cutoff, as engine dies pull throttle out. On today's flight I stopped at a fuel stop, shut down, fueled, (took a restroom break), and got back in to start up to see that the fuel pressure gauge was showing about 7 PSI. I finished the flight to my destination and refueled before parking so I wouldn't have to when I got ready to fly home. Upon getting in after refueling (about 10 minutes) the fuel pressure gauge was showing a little over 9 PSI. When it does this if I leave the mixture at idle cut off and crank the engine while advancing the throttle it will start up, the fuel pressure drops into the green, and I can enrichen the mixture to keep it running as the fuel pressure drops down to normal levels. (Similar to the flooded engine start procedure) This only seems to happen when it is hot outside and it is not consistent. Any ideas?
  14. Tint and carpet

    I had put tint on the front windows this time but decided to take it off. While I could see out, even at night, it made things a little hazy, which I didn't like. I went back to having just a strip across the top of the window to help with the sun coming in which doesn't affect my view. I also have a strip along the top of the windshield because I don't have any sunscreens. The windshield one is an elliptical shape. I put a piece of blue painter's tape on each side and one in the middle so I had a straight line across, then laid the tint on and used a piece of string to get the shape. The pictures make it look like it the tint on the windshield goes lower than it really does.
  15. Today's flight for 2017

    Made a quick weekend trip to Chandler, AZ (KCHD) with my son to visit my folks. Had a great time, got out of town ahead of a big thunderstorm. Its Hot in Phoenix