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  1. Ok, put new plugs in (the old ones were very sad) and it runs much nicer/smoother. I put in the Tempest REM37BY plugs. The mag checks on run-up are cleaner with the right mag dropping about 50 rpm but the left still drops more, about 100 rpm. I did use the digital tach and at low rpm it is dead on, but at higher rpms it seems to read about 80-100rpm lower than the mechanical tach. So when I'm seeing 2,550 the digital is reading about 2,450-2,470 rpm. Either way I am not getting 2,700 rpm. And, I'm starting to question my memory about getting 2,700 before. I know when we first started my CFI made a point of having me look for 2,700 on the tach when we went full power to take off, so I'm fairly certain we were getting it, but the mind and memory is a funny thing... Anyway, after coming back I pulled the sides and cowl off and took a look (now that you guys told me what I'm looking for). With the prop cable forward it does not go all the way to the stop. I think it is about a 1/4 inch shy. So, Monday when the A&P is there I'll put in a call to see what he will charge to adjust the prop cable.
  2. Makes sense, thanks for the clarification.
  3. If you file as VFR on either 1800wxbrief or DUATS for the flight type will that accomplish the same thing by generating a "strip" and then use flight following? Just curious or if it has to be IFR and then put VFR + Altitude in the altitude box. I'm not IFR but I will file VFR flight plans and use flight following on longer flights I've done. Just wondering how it works on the controller side, or if they never see anything if you file the plan as VFR.
  4. Congratulations!!
  5. I don't know what it is like there now, but we lived there from 1980-84 and my dad flew HC-130's out of Elmendorf with the Air Rescue Squadron (before the Coast Guard took over Search and Rescue stuff). He's told many stories about searches for downed planes, hearing the ELT, and making multiple passes over the area until they found it. Without the ELT they never would have found the plane. He just recently finished reading a book called "Looking for Alaska" and in it the writer talks about a plane wreckage up on the side of a mountain in Miller's Pass. My dad was flying a training mission through Miller's Pass when they heard an ELT. They made multiple runs up and down the pass looking in the bottom before noticing the plane up on the side of the mountain. They called in the helicopters and PJ's and the pilot was saved. Without the ELT that pilot would have died up there, nobody was even looking for him at the time. Of course back then there wasn't any technology like the spot units. I'm all for using every bit of technology there is available. Not sure what Paul uses, but if you sign up and file it on you have the option of opening and closing a flight plan through text or email. I have an Android tablet and use DroidEFB which will send my plan to, I don't know about Apple and Foreflight but I would assume that it integrates as well. You can sign up for alerts about your route and get them sent via email or text. You also will get an email/text prior to your planned departure time with a hotlink in it that you can click to activate and then close your flight plan. It's a pretty cool service.
  6. I got to be Mike's safety pilot last Sunday while he shot approaches for his IFR currency, it is a very nice, clean plane.
  7. Anthony, Terry, thanks for the ideas. It gives me a direction to go in. I'm going to put new plugs in later this week and will take a look at the travel of the control cables while I have the cowl off. Plus by that point I will be able to check the rpm's with the digital tach as well. The MooneySpace education continues...
  8. So last night I pulled the plugs and took a look at them. Some of them had some deposits in them that I cleaned out with a pick. The bottom plug in the #2 cylinder had some oil in it. It had a compression of 79/80 at annual at the beginning of December so I don't think it's rings. I have been reading on here about possible valve issues that can cause the oil, but the plug also had some deposits in it so perhaps it was just not firing well and burning off the oil. I don't have anything to test the resistance of the plugs, but from the looks of them I am thinking that I need to put new plugs in anyway. Cleaned the plugs and reinstalled. It was quiet at the airport so I made a few full power runs down the runway, pulling power just before reaching take-off speed and rolling out. Still not showing 2,700rpm. I have the digital tach that is supposed to be delivered today but won't be able to check that until Saturday. I had another question. In the Cherokee's I flew when you pushed the throttle all the way in it would actually go "all the way in." On this plane it stops and there is still another 1/4"-1/2" of shaft showing, like it could go in farther but it just won't. Is there a set screw or an adjustment somewhere that controls where the cable stops? Just thinking out loud here (with very little experience...) but I wonder if it is just not allowing the throttle to open all the way. If it had that extra 1/4"-1/2" that might be the 100-150rpm I'm missing. I've also read a couple old threads here about throttle cable failures and want to make sure this isn't a sign of impending failure somewhere down the road.
  9. It's where I did all of my PPL training so I'm used to it there.
  10. The next time I go up I'm going to hop over to Chino with it's 4,858' and 7,000' runways where I have plenty of room to try holding it off longer. I know that Corona is plenty long with its 3,200' runway and I generally just tap the brakes when exiting at the end where my hangar is, but there is something subconscious about watching those trees at the far end come closer while still floating along... Just need more practice.
  11. Thanks guys. Hank, in looking back on it while driving home I saw that if I would have just held it off in the float I would have been fine. The problem was I tried to let it touch down at the higher speed. The going around wasn't that I was embarrassed, it was more annoyed at myself for not being set up right. I was pleased with the go around and working through cleaning up the plane quickly. There was only one other go around that we did in my transition training and that was when I was coming in high and fast and made the decision early while still on short final. Making the decision and executing after a couple bounces was different that that, but I was happy with the way that I handled it.
  12. Finished up my dual time and got to fly solo in the Mooney yesterday. Then today I got to go flying again this morning, this time in the right seat of @MHemperly's "E" as the safety pilot while he was shooting approaches for his IFR currency. I was glad he asked, I had a great time and learned a lot. Here's a few pictures from this morning.
  13. Thank you, always appreciate the ideas and things to look for. I have one of those digital tachs coming, you have to love Amazon prime, $23 and free two day shipping. It arrives on Tuesday. Now I have to find the time to get out there this week to hopefully have it resolved so I can go flying next Saturday.
  14. Thank you for all the ideas. I will check on these. I'm also going to pull the plugs, check them, and hook the wires back up and test it out. If it is still reading low I'll move on from there. I don't think it is an issue of the tach reading incorrectly because it was reading 2,700 prior to changing the plug wires. I'm not sure how changing them would suddenly make the tach inaccurate.
  15. I don't think it sounds any different, however I only had about 5 hours in the plane before changing the plug wires so not much to go off of. It is a mechanical tach so may not be entirely accurate, but it was reading 2,700 on the nose before on take-off. I would back it down to 2,600 shortly after take-off for climb out. I can't say for max cruise speed, again not enough time in the plane prior to changing the wires and we were just working maneuvers, short hops, and pattern stuff previously so nothing to compare it to.