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  1. Hmmm.... I could agree with the "finish you training in the rental 172" part of his advice. It will be faster to finish it in the 172, but I can't agree with the rest of it. When I was finishing up my PPL (all of it in Cherokees) I was talking to the owner of the flight school and telling him I was planning to buy a Mooney. He basically gave me the same advice, to wait a few years, maybe buy a Cherokee first and get a couple hundred hours in it. Mooney's are fast, more difficult, etc... The school owns a Mooney and he has a lot of experience flying it, so he was coming from a position of knowledge, not OWT. I appreciated his advice, but did not follow it. I did make one long cross country from Southern California to Phoenix in a Cherokee, it was so slow I sometimes feel like I am still flying that trip... I had a total of 58.6 hours (all in Cherokees) when I bought my Mooney. I received my complex endorsement after my first flight in my Mooney. I had 10 hours (required) of dual transition training in the Mooney before flying solo. It did take me about 8 hours before I was feeling comfortable in it and by the 10th I was ready to fly on my own. Mind you not feeling like a pro, but feeling like I could safely fly it on my own. There was another 5 hours of required solo before flying passengers. With my 15 hours in the Mooney under my belt I took my wife and son on a short flight to French Valley for some dinner. With another 6 hours under my belt I flew my wife and son from SoCal to Lake Havasu for lunch and then took a long sightseeing flight back over Anza Borrego. A week later we really stretched our legs and flew up to Mesquite for my wife's father's birthday party. Since then we have been all over. Frequent trips to Phoenix (which is a lot faster in the Mooney than the Cherokee), frequent trips to Salt Lake, multiple trips to the Idaho Falls area and as far north as Yellowstone and also up to Redding in northern California. The highlight was this past Summer flying from California to North Carolina and back. When I look at the almost 350 hours I've flown the Mooney in the past 2 1/2 years, all I can say is that I'm glad I didn't follow his advice and slowly putt around the skies for a couple of years before buying my Mooney.
  2. Thank you for posting the pics anyway, love seeing those smiles! Long before I ever flew on a commercial plane or GA I spent a number of hours in the back of KC-135's, C-130's, and C-141's. No headsets, just the foam earplugs if you could get kids to wear them. When I was very young I am told by my parents that I refused but as I got older I wore them. Only 47 yo now but no tinnitus yet, thankfully.
  3. Yes, but I don't believe that line goes to the fuel pressure gauge. On mine the line to the fuel pressure gauge comes off the carb and goes through the firewall over on the rh side to the gauge.The EDM 900 would eliminate the line to the fuel pressure gauge as well as the one to the oil pressure gauge, but I don't think it would eliminate the one you are talking about.
  4. While my AP has the exhaust off I am replacing the baffles around the guppy mouth and redoing the seals around the generator and starter. I noticed that there seems to be some play at the bottom, got looking in the Parts Catalog and notice that I am missing a support which would keep it from moving forward and aft. You can see the support which is #8 in picture, 600035-002. I also have an empty hole there where the bolt goes through to mount it at the bottom. My question is where does it mount at the top? The catalog is not very detailed...
  5. I did the same thing, Excel is great for it. Found some things that had been removed but never updated in the W&B entries. Others that were added but never updated. A few math errors as well. Took a lot of time, even so after making all the changes it amounted to a pound and a difference of 0.04 in the arm. Interesting that all the errors almost cancelled each other out. I have a few things I'm going to get done to the plane over the next bit and after they are done will get it weighed. If it means I lose some useful load I'm okay with that. I would rather work from a good number when doing my planning. Those that obsess over it, I wonder if they get on the scale and weigh themselves and all their passengers every time along with any bags, purses, etc... Depending on what I ate and am wearing my weight could be 5+ pounds more or less (big dinner, winter jacket, tennis shoes or boots, etc...) Seems we obsess over a few pounds here and there and then just assume that we know how much we actually weigh ourselves when getting in a plane.
  6. I never did fly fishing for Silver's, almost always used spoons or spinners for them. We used to fly fish for Reds on the Russian River, good times. If you haven't read it you should check out a book by Lynn Wyatt, Memories from my Logbook: A Bush Pilot's Story. It is an excellent read.
  7. I understand this all too well. Living in Southern California I need a distance option instead of time. I'm either 15 minutes or 45 minutes away, depending on traffic. Plus side to the new location is that one of the dealerships I work at is about 5 minutes away, I usually spend my lunch on those days at the hangar.
  8. Love the pictures, where were you fishing? I lived up there as a kid from 80-84, it was like heaven to me.
  9. My intent is to continue pretending to be a CB until I no longer have to...
  10. Fill in some info in your avatar like what model you are flying. It will help to know what engine you are behind. Some with more knowledge than I will be along soon. Not to knock what you are doing looking for low fuel burn, but why fly at 105kts? I didn't buy my Mooney to go slow, I bought it because it takes me along at about 140kts IAS on about 9.5+ gph, the O360 won't really run lean of peak. Even so, I feel like for the speed that I'm flying the fuel flow is very economical. The sweet spot for my NA engine seems to be between 8-10,000'. Depending on winds and temps (hot out west in the summer) I am typically at 8,500, 9,500, or 10,500.
  11. Yes I did. The kit came with a GA35 antenna which I needed because I did not have a WAAS source for my plane. The GA35 went in where the old Loran antenna came out. I did have to have my AP/IA put a doubler in because the old Loran antenna was installed without one. I was going to put the GA35 in myself but the AP offered to do that while he was putting in the doubler. I also had to make new RG 400 cables to run from the GA35 to the transponder and also from the transponder to the transponder antenna. There are some great videos online on how to make the cables and I think I went through 3-4 connectors "practicing" but it was fun to learn how to do it. The installation was actually very easy and straight forward. Moving things up/down in the stack to make room for it took more time then the rest of the install put together. I put in a new breaker for it but it replaced the breaker for the old transponder so no new hole was needed for it.
  12. I bought a GTX 335 with the harness already built. Talked with my AP/IA who agreed to let me install myself, (good working relationship with him) wrote up the 337 with a few wording changes from my AP/IA, and he signed everything off. I then scheduled a transponder check with a local guy who came to my hangar, did the test and gave me a log book sticker. It's not impossible to meet the mandate.
  13. Here's an old post with some information about the center spar splice. It is common for it to see some corrosion. It looks like it has also spread past just the splice? Searching Google with mooneyspace in the search is also often very helpful, I find it is usually better than the search function on the forums.
  14. I didn't finish mine. My son did put down all but one bite of biscuit, but then at his age I could get away with eating whatever I wanted...
  15. Short Labor Day flight to get in the air and eat some good food. Total of only about 40 minutes of flight time, but after that breakfast I didn't need to eat again until dinner! Labor Day - Riverside