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  1. I'm the recent "mid-life" guy as @carusoam so aptly put it so I'll chime in here. I have been reading your thread on and off so I can't remember, but have you ever flown in a small plane? I think the first thing to do is find out if you even like it... I wanted to fly my whole life, so when I was finally to a point where I could I jumped on it. I have enjoyed every minute of it along the way. I have a friend who years ago was taking lessons and when he got to the cross country part he quit. He "sort-of" liked flying, but when it came to navigating he was too scared that he would get lost along the way. If he had loved flying I think he would have still pushed forward and gotten over his fear of getting lost. As it was, the motivation was not there for him. Look up some schools and take one of their "Discovery Flights." It will give you a chance to get into a small plane, see what it feels like, and figure out if you enjoy it. If you love it then move forward. At that point even if it is a wash between driving and flying, you'll choose flying because you'll be doing something you love.
  2. Looking forward to that signed/numbered copy showing up in the mail in the coming weeks.
  3. I always double check the floor and make sure that nothing is in the way of the Johnson Bar travel before taking the runway as well. With my CFI in the transition training his lanyard from his keys was often hanging down there. I double check on descent as well, just in case something has fallen down there or somehow gotten in the way. There is a price to be paid for purity... Not all are willing to pay it.
  4. I don't have any shimmy and it tracks straight as can be, but it does make a clunk sound when it's bumpy.
  5. I can get you the LS6 at or below cost, benefits of working as Parts Director (soon to be Controller) for three GM Dealerships... I'd be happy to do that in exchange for a ride in it after you've built and tested it.
  6. I'll have to add it to the list for AZ. I'm always looking for someplace to fly family to when I am out there visiting and it's not a long flight from Chandler in a Mooney. Funny thing, when he posted and revived the thread it took me a few minutes to realize it was the old 2016 thread. I was looking for the recent posts and was thinking something had gone wrong on the forum and they had been deleted. I was about to post a "What happened, where did they all go" post when I noticed the "2016" in the thread title.
  7. Once you select your runway this is how Droib EFB shows the traffic pattern. As midlifeflyer said, it comes down to personal preference and what you are familiar with. The latest and greatest gadget/app is a negative if it's distracting the pilot who is trying to figure it all out.
  8. Droid EFB does the same thing with the traffic pattern barbs, handy to have the little visual reminder. It also marks the extended center-line green or red (depending on current speed, if less than 30 knots it shows the departure green, if over 30 knots it shows the arrival) along with has marks every mile on the centerline out to 10 miles.Helpful if on straight in and tower asks you to report xx miles out, my visual distance measuring in the air always seems to be off by about a mile...
  9. If you have thought about changing them to LED's, @Raptor05121 has done that and provided a good write-up on the process.
  10. "Too bright" as in distracting, or nice to have a decent amount of light?
  11. Droid EFB does that as well, but it gives me the required descent rate based off arriving at airport elevation, not pattern altitude so unless I'm on a straight in it is saying I need to descend a little faster than necessary. However, it is fairly close.
  12. If I have the time I like 3-500fpm. However if I am coming back from the NE over the mountains by Big Bear/Lake Arrowhead I have to do around 1000fpm or there is no way I am getting all the way down before getting to my home airport. The first time I was coming back from Big Bear I had to make some turns over the local practice area to drop down.
  13. Used Uber when my wife and I were in Washington DC a year ago and it was very convenient. (I think it was almost always a Prius, but then we aren't Yetti's...
  14. This is the same math I use, nice and simple and gets me close enough to what I want.
  15. 44, I'll be 45 in September. Having grandkids makes me feel older, so does getting out of bed in the mornings sometimes... I've wanted to fly as long as I can remember, I guess part of growing up on Air Force Bases with a dad that was a pilot. Been flying since last June, PPL in October, bought the Mooney in December, can't figure out why I waited so long to get started.