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  1. Lessons learned

    Checklists are there to keep us from forgetting or overlooking things. If you're switching between different planes I think that they become even more important.
  2. I recently learned that at 2,700 on my tach it is actually only at about 2,610-2,615 based on the strobe the shop put on it.
  3. Hmmm... Where did I see this before?
  4. M20E First Upgrade

    You beat me to it.
  5. M20E First Upgrade

    My understanding is that the C lacks the structural support to put shoulder belts in the back seats. Glad you have them in the front now. Hopefully you never need them. According to the FAA "Using shoulder belts in small aircraft would reduce major injuries by 88% and fatalities by 20%." That was reason enough for me to spend the money on them. seatbelts.pdf
  6. passenger seatbelt of doom

    I did that a few times with my CFI in the plane during my transition training. I didn't have shoulder belts so when I got them I got the ones with the push button release and problem solved.
  7. Looking to Buy Mooney M20F or J

    With the Johnson Bar you can't use the space on the floor between the seats for anything, but I haven't missed not having that space.
  8. EDM830 - New Install / Erratic RPM

    It is wired to the mag. It could very well be a bad/loose connector. That would explain the erratic behavior. If it was picking up interference from an ignition wire which is one of the things they list as a possible problem on the JPI website I would think it would have shown constant interference. Is there a ground involved that would effect just the rpm sensor? Just thinking out loud. With the number of these that they've done I'm guessing they've seen it before. I'll see what they say Monday morning.
  9. Many of you have read my other thread about the high RPM after take off. I was hoping the 830 would give me some hard data to use. The shop put a strobe on it and the tach reads about 90 rpm high. They checked everything out and couldn't find anything wrong. They also installed an EDM 830 and today I got out to the airport and checked the plane over and played around with the 830 a bit before taking it for a couple turns around the patch. First take off the 830 was reading 2,630 rpm and the tach was showing just over 2,700 which is consistent with the readings that the shop was showing (tach reading about 90 rpm high). The second time I took off the 830 started jumping around showing 4,000, 8,000, back down in the 2,000's etc. I checked the tach and it was at 2,800 which would be 2,700 given the error the shop measured. Obviously something wrong with the rpm's on the 830 given there were no great fluctuations on the tach and engine sound did not sound odd/fast. (Not sure why it would make higher rpm the second time around, I have read on some other forums that fluctuations in the tach could be due to issues with the tach cable?). Did my best to ignore the bright red warnings on the 830 in the corner of my vision and concentrate on the tach on the right side of the panel. Landed and while taxiing back at 1,100 rpm the 830 started jumping all over the place again. Stopped and just watched the instruments for a minute, no change to throttle or MP, no change in the sound of the engine, and yet the rpm's on the 830 were all over the place. I took a picture of it showing 4,840 and the tach showing 1,100... I'll give the shop a call on Monday, they have installed a lot of 830's but appears there is something wrong here. Here is about a 3 minute span why sitting with the tach idle at 1,100 and rpm jumping all over the place on the 830.
  10. Especially along the coast. Congratulations!!!
  11. Strip & Seal Fuel Tanks

    Not picking on anyone, but that would be hard to miss on a pre-flight. Those look like they've been around for a while. I would have made sure it was on the list of squawks that I wanted the shop to take a look at, long before I even got to my annual.
  12. Cost of ownership "budget"

    No, I'm saying I don't understand what kid's college tuition has to do with whether or not I can afford a plane... I'm not paying their way...
  13. Cost of ownership "budget"

    I'm still not quite sure why college tuition for kids comes into play... My kids knew that if they were going to college they better get good grades in high school and test scores to receive scholarships. If not then they were going to learn how to be a poor college student and work their way through school. I haven't added up my costs through my first year (11 months) of ownership. Here are the rough ones: Loan - $233/mo Hangar - $400/mo (Like others I consider this a necessity) Insurance - $1525 (I had zero complex/retract hours, under 60 total hours, renewal after passing 200 total and 140+ in type came back at $1005) Fuel - $6,300 (Approximate, I haven't catagorized everything in Quicken yet but that would be 140 hours, 10 gal/hr, and $4.50/gal) Shoulder Belts - $1,000 (Some might consider it optional but I considered this a necessity. I did the install and I think paid my AP/IA $20 to look it over and sign it off.) Oil changes - $240 (Approximate, $20 filter plus oil, I did them myself, three oil changes) 500 hr Mag Inspection - $1375 (They were at about 430 hours when I bought it) Misc - $2000? I have not kept track of little things here and there on the plane That puts me right about $20,000 and does not include the first annual that is due next month To that you can add in some other stuff that was completely optional. I just had an EDM830 installed this week and I have a used SL40 going in next week to replace the Narco Escort II that was my #2 Nav/Com. I just fly VFR but plan on putting in a GPS/Nav/Com next year and starting on my IFR which will add to the bill. Contrary to some advice I bought the plane even though I could not have afforded to pay cash for it, nor pay cash to put an engine in it. I could if necessary do that using a home equity line of credit if needed. I looked at my finances and decided that I could afford $1,500 or so a month to chase down the dream of flying so I did it. I can't put a price on the memories and experiences that we have had since owning the plane, which I guess is why I don't really keep track of expenses to the penny. I am blessed to have a wife that not only enjoys the plane but encouraged me to get it. She also has never had any concerns about upgrades if it is to make things either safer or more enjoyable. She just flew commercial to UT to visit grandkids this week and was really wishing she was in our plane instead of wasting time in the terminal and then getting crammed into a seat next to whoever. It cracks me up when people say our planes are cramped inside, there is more room than flying coach class, even in the back seat of a short body...
  14. Today's flight for 2017

    Congratulations! I find it fun to look back at the track after I have been out doing maneuvers or just messing around.
  15. AD Search

    I got a price quote from last month of $170 + $20 shipping and handling for their complete package. After that it is $38 a year for the subscription service. I haven't decided yet if I want to spend the time doing it myself or just pay for it. I realize that may put my membership in the CB club at risk but then some future projects on the panel are probably going to require that I turn in my membership card anyway... Annual is coming up next month so I need to make a decision one way or another.