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  1. Skates97


    Yes, hull value and sub-limits affect rates and I stated that I had not changed any of my coverage limits. I was mainly pointing out the % decrease/increase year over year while maintaining the same coverage limits. I find that it is fairly pointless to compare my rates with someone else's as the algorithms/matrices that the underwriters use are fairly complicated. However, seeing how much someones rate changed as a percentage while they kept the same coverage seems more applicable in my mind. (Then again there are a lot of things floating around in my mind...) For what it's worth, hull is $36k and sub-limits are $1M per occurrence, $100k per subject, no deductible.
  2. Skates97


    I also just renewed through Falcon. Mine changed from Starr in 2016 to Global in 2017 and is with Global this year as well. The free Global Breakdown Assistance with SavvyAviation was also included as a nice extra. I have read of other's rates going up and mine did slightly, although possibly due to not as many hours flying this past year, I only flew a little over 100 as opposed to the 140 the previous year. For what it is worth, here are the rate changes, the percentages are probably more applicable as everyone's hull/liability amounts are different. I have kept mine the same so any rate changes were not due to changes in coverage. No additional ratings gained, thinking 2019 might be the year for the Instrument Rating. 2016 - 58.6 hours total time (all in past 12 months), new PPL, no complex time or time in type $1,525 2017 - 201.2 hours total time, 151.1 in past 12 months, 142.6 retract and in type $1,005 (apprx 34% reduction) 2018 - 303.9 hours total time, 102.2 in past 12 months, 242.6 retract and in type $1,070 (apprx 6.5% increase)
  3. Skates97

    FlyQ 4.0 thoughts

    I back it up regularly as well as printing off new pages. If they go belly up the most I will lose is a month of flights which I can easily reconstruct from my notes on my knee board and EFB.
  4. Skates97

    FlyQ 4.0 thoughts

    If you are looking for a digital logbook, I have been using since I began flying 2 1/2 years ago. It has options for instructors to sign it digitally, keeps track of currency, airports visited, routes, distances flown, etc... You can pull up analysis of flight times, landings, just about anything that you want to put into it. You can print it off, print off an 8710 form, start and stop flight times on the phone/tablet app, and best of all is that it's FREE. It does not have the social media aspect, but I don't need that. If I want it I just post on my blog or FaceBook. The see where your friends are flying may have an appeal to some, but I can't think of where it would be useful to me. I'm not going to be looking and say "Hey, looks like Bob is flying around near xxxx, maybe I'll head out to the airport and try to meet up."
  5. Skates97

    $100 Burger

    KAJO Corona Municipal Corona CA Corona Airport Cafe KCMA Camarillo Camarillo CA Waypoint Cafe F70 French Valley Murrietta CA French Valley Cafe KRIR Flabob Riverside CA Falbob Cafe L52 Oceano County Oceano CA Rock and Road Diner Filled in the blanks on the CA ones. French Valley has some of the best food I've had at a decent price. The portions are large and the prices reasonable. The Travelaire – Grilled chicken, swiss cheese, bacon, and avacao The food at Camarillo is very good as well, just a touch more expensive. Norm's Hangar Coffee Shop at Brackett Airport (KPOC) in La Verne CA is pretty good too.
  6. Skates97

    Electric Fuel Pump Abuse

    Like Anthony said, it flips to the off position. I had it happen with my landing light. Had some work done on the plane and when they buttoned it back up they had left the wire for the landing light too loose and it melted to the exhaust and flipped the switch. Tried turning it back on and it flipped back off, left it that way and investigated once on the ground. I don't turn it on for switching tanks in my plane either, switch tanks, watch fuel flow on the EDM, and fly on.
  7. Skates97

    M20C Oil Filter

    Wow, zombie thread from 7 1/2 years ago! I use this wrench, never had it slip or strip the filter.
  8. Skates97

    The AV 30 Looks Good

    Yep, I was planning on doing @takair's conversion already but there have been other things like the governor replacement that took priority. Now it's looking like a prop reseal will set it back just a bit more. Here's his thread on it and there is all the information on his website.
  9. Skates97

    Light Grease on Prop Blade

    Thanks, I was chatting with Cody via PM over the weekend and that option is at the top of the list.
  10. Skates97

    The AV 30 Looks Good

    That's the same place I am planning on putting it.
  11. Skates97

    Touch and Go in a fire breathing turbo... 252

    Exactly! I took my oldest daughter and her two kids, (8 yo grandson and 5 yo granddaughter) flying for the first time a few weeks ago up in Redding. (Yes I am far behind on my blog posts...) I explained all the rules to them about when they could talk and when they couldn't. I also told them that if they tried to talk when they shouldn't I would switch off their headsets. On takeoff they did well and were quiet. They loved the flight! I called up tower on the way back in and told them they had to stop talking now. That instruction lasted about a minute. I gave them one more reminder. On about a two mile final I reached up and switched off the intercom. I think they were still chatting but I couldn't really hear them anymore. We cleared the runway and as we were taxiing to the ramp my daughter said "I wish I had a switch like that in my car!"
  12. Skates97

    Touch and Go in a fire breathing turbo... 252

    It really is interesting how the brain works. Cognitive overload is an interesting experience that I have not had very often. In fact it really caught me by surprise when I was first working on my PPL. The first time it was the radio call that I couldn't make. I knew what I wanted to say but couldn't get the words to come out right. It got a chuckle out of my CFI who proceeded to make the radio calls for me. More time and experience and the radio calls come naturally now. On a recent flight as we were descending into the Sacramento area landing at Davis they gave me 5 frequency changes/handoffs in the last 16 minutes of the flight and I didn't think anything of it. Visiting my folks last week my dad said "Did I ever tell you about the formation touch and goes we did in training?" He then told the story of how he and another trainee were flying formation in T-38's. Their instructor pilots, a couple of guys that flew F-4's in Vietnam, asked if they wanted to do some formation touch and goes. It sound fun, they said sure. They flew the first one with my dad as wing-man and then switched and my dad was lead for the second one. It was uneventful and they didn't really think anything of it but after they landed they were called in and asked who had authorized it. They said their instructors had suggested it but to their knowledge there weren't any regulations against it. (There really wasn't, yet). The next day the instructors had to meet with the officer (can't remember his rank) over the training wing and they were read the riot act. Turns out he had been out at the runway watching at the time they did the formation touch and goes and was not pleased. By the end of the day there was a regulation in place for the training wing that there were to be no formation touch and goes.
  13. Skates97

    The AV 30 Looks Good

    I've had my eye on these since the first time I saw someone post a link to them. I actually like that it keeps the traditional look of the panel, not that the big glass panels aren't nice, but these bring functionality while keeping the nostalgia of the classic panel.
  14. Skates97

    Light Grease on Prop Blade

    Mine was new 11 years and about 600 hours ago. Nothing on the cowl and windscreen as of now. Researching options.
  15. Flew about 2 1/2 hours today and upon landing have some very light grease coming from the root of the blade. Last time it was greased was annual last December so it's not a case of grease coming out after getting serviced. @Cody Stallings White line in the picture is not a scratch, just the way the light caught that spot.