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  1. A couple weeks ago I landed at South Valley Regional (U42) in UT. I had called ahead a few days prior to find out exactly where their transient parking was. Landed, self-fuel, pulled to an empty space nearby and tied it down. After that a line guy came over and asked if my parking brakes were on. I told him no, and asked why. He said he was going to move it later because they get helicopters coming in at night to fuel and wanted my bird well out of the way. I told him I assumed he was going to hook it to a tug and when he said yes I asked him where he was going to put it and offered to start it up and taxi it over. (It was a couple hundred yards away which is more than I am willing to drag the plane by hand). He assured me that it was no problem for him to move it, but I've read/seen the stories here and didn't want any part of that. So, after assuring him that I didn't mind starting up and moving it myself, I removed my tie-downs, hopped in, started up, and moved to where he wanted me. Very nice FBO there run by the city. No fees if you get fuel which isn't terribly priced. When I went to leave they mentioned that they hadn't given me any fuel. I replied that I had done it myself when I landed and offered to show the receipt. They said that wouldn't be necessary, and then offered me some of the pizza they had on the counter.
  2. My wife has a visor that just lives in the plane...
  3. When you say it won't start is it turning the prop over or is the prop stopping when it hits the first compression stroke? I had a problem where when the engine was hot it would start to turn and then as soon as it hit the first compression stroke it would stop. Repeated tries would eventually get it started. I don't have a skytech starter but someone posted the link to their troubleshooting page. "The Bump & Run" described my problem exactly. I replaced the starter solenoid and haven't had any problems since in about 60 hours of flying and starts in all kinds of conditions, including after flying for hours, landing in 100+ degrees, fueling, and starting back up. (You can't get much more of a "hot start" condition than that...)
  4. I am of the opinion that as we get closer and closer to the 2020 Mandate that there will be more options at a lower price than what we have seen so far.
  5. If we could find the combination of my temp staying where it is and your pressure where it is that would be perfect.....
  6. If you're talking about N74770 it is a 1961M20B, not a J. I know there's someone here that flew it recently but I can't remember who.
  7. Mine seems to sit right at about 180° whether climbing, cruise, whatever... It has the oil cooler in the nose. I do have to adjust climb to help keep my CHT temp down (just the single monitor on the #3 cylinder), but the oil temp seems to stay fairly constant. The one thing I do notice is that at full power and 2,700 rpm on take off I see my oil pressure right in the middle of the green arc, but once everything is all the way warmed up and I dial the rpm's back the oil pressure sits at the bottom of the green arc.
  8. Hank, just to make you jealous... two things from my flight to Idaho Saturday. First one wasn't Bravo controllers but just SoCal Approach. I was on flight following and there was a guy that had been shooting approaches. He was just finishing up another one and had this conversation. SoCal: "Did you want me to box you around for another one?" Pilot: "No, but I have a check-ride in a couple hours if you want to help me out." SoCal: "Sure, just give me a heads up before you take off and I'll do what I can." The next one was with the Bravo guys in Vegas. I have always been cleared through heading north-east at 9,500'. I did hear them one time not clear someone through and tell him he needed to jump up to 10,500'. The pilot asked him "Are you okay with me going the wrong direction at ten-five?" The controller came back with "Not a problem, there's not much traffic and I'll keep an eye out for you." The pilot responded with "Thanks, I'll go up to ten-five and then just drop back down after I clear your space." But, Saturday I heard them giving a guy direct to somewhere, can't remember the fix. I was only half paying attention to the call because it wasn't my tail number... Vegas: "Did you want direct to xxxx?" Pilot: "Sure, if you can." Vegas: "xxxx, cleared direct to xxxx." Pilot: (read back clearance and then) "Wow, thank you." Vegas: "We're just here to help out whenever we can."
  9. Congratulations on the solo! It just gets more fun from there.
  10. If it's the one at DuBois it is a 1961 M20B. I did my PPL with them but never flew their Mooney. They did keep their Cherokee's in good condition so I assume the same applies to the Mooney. They have it listed as $148/hr wet rate.
  11. I slipped my M20D down about a 4 mile final to lose 3,000' going into Gillespie once. From what I have read here in the long bodies it is an issue but with a short body i think it's just another tool to use if/when necessary.
  12. I was using a Garmin Glo for awhile. I had a flight where my tablet got too hot and the Bluetooth lost the connection. (Didn't shut down like an iPad but for some reason the Bluetooth shut down, odd...) Anyway, I also got tired of trying to remember to turn the Garmin Glo on and make sure it connected, remembering to charge it, etc... For the price it was worth it to just have the GPS with the Stratux and not worry about it. I do have a Garmin Glo with the friction mount for sale if someone is interested.
  13. Instructions - Instead of the battery pack you can just plug it into the cigarette lighter with a charging cord. (Or buy one of these and find a spare circuit breaker) I used: Raspberry PI 3 Model B A1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CPU, 1GB RAM - Comes with the heatsinks, you don't need to buy them separately. Stratux Case with Fan, Clear Acrylic NooElec Dual-Band NESDR Nano 2 ADS-B (978MHz UAT & 1090MHz 1090ES) Bundle For Stratux, Avare, Foreflight, FlightAware & Other ADS-B Applications. Includes 2 SDRs, 4 Antennas, 5 Adapters. - Note that you have to pop the cases off the SDR's to get them to fit on the Raspberry Pi Stratux Vk-162 Remote Mount USB GPS - Add this and plug it into the Raspberry Pi if you want to have GPS sent from it to your tablet. Mine just sits on top of the glareshield and isn't noticeable. I didn't buy an SD card with the software on it. I have plenty of them laying around so just formatted one, downloaded the software, and put it on the card. It was easy to build. Depending on your IA, (or hangar elves) you can add these and then put the device behind the panel out of the way. The NooElec SDR's come with an antenna splitter so you can have one antenna going to both of them. ADS-B Antenna BNC Plug to SMA Plug Male pigtail Cable RG58 6' MADE IN USA
  14. I guess it will hang over the sides... It can't be much bigger than that in my plane or the landing gear is never going to come up...
  15. Short term, inexpensive solution to seeing over the dash. Got this and my 13 yo son uses it. It fits the size of the seat perfectly. Booster Cushion