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  1. Request the log books and review how many hours it has flown each year to start out.
  2. I don't know if the heat gun would have helped. I had a similar logo on mine and tried taking it off with a heat gun, it didn't accomplish anything. Tried solvent, that thing wasn't coming off. I ended up using a rubber eraser wheel which did a pretty good job but there was still a little hint that it was there. She's getting painted right now so it's "all the way gone" now.
  3. Nice video, that's the same setup I have and I love it.
  4. I guess my google search is getting lazy. I was looking on Amazon for them... Thanks for pointing that out, I'll update the article. The Hero 3 was a leftover from many years ago but after finding out that the Drift Ghost will pull the audio with the same cable the Hero 3 has been relegated to the dust bin.
  5. Published in the April 2021 edition of The Mooney Flyer and just recently on my blog. https://intothesky.com/2022/09/24/cameras-mounts-and-cables/
  6. I've been using https://myflightbook.com/ since my PPL. In addition to all the regular stuff you can add pictures for each flight, route of flight, notes, etc... CFI/CFII's can digitally sign it. When I went for my IFR checkride I just printed it out, no issues at all. I regularly will download a PDF copy of it "just in case." Oh, and it's free.
  7. When my AP/IA taught me this trick it was life changing.
  8. I wrote this article for The Mooney Flyer in April 2021 but updated it with some more information after another year + of recording and trying out another camera. If you are looking for a less expensive option that buying that GoPro, Garmin Virb, etc... then read on. https://intothesky.com/2022/09/24/cameras-mounts-and-cables/
  9. Same experience, the standard gasket was always loose. The silicone one has been great. As others have mentioned don't overtighten the tube with the silicone gasket. I've found that just tightening the tube by hand and then putting safety wire is enough to keep it from leaking. The threads are very coarse which contributes to the problem with them coming loose.
  10. I like this guy's videos, less trying to grab attention and more just offering information. He has a M20C that he flies all around CO. Here is his video of Leadville.
  11. It's at ArtCraft, dropped it off Saturday morning. They have been professional and a pleasure to deal with starting with the first email inquiring about a price. They took me on a tour of their facility when I dropped it off, very nice operation. Their design guy was great to work with on the paint scheme taking my ideas and turning them into a reality. Their base price was about 40% higher than another local shop but I've seen a number of planes from the other shop and from ArtCraft and the quality appears to be much higher from ArtCraft. From the estimate (we'll see what it is in reality) they are talking a 30 day turn around as opposed to 6-8 weeks from the other shop. Also, they were able to get me on the schedule and in the shop within a month of the first inquiry, the other shop was scheduling out in next March. They paint on average 13-15 planes, a big operation. Add everything together and the additional cost made sense to me. This is probably the only time I will get it painted. "Buy the best and cry once"
  12. Make sure the rollers are in good condition. Over the years they get worn down and then they start to gouge out the rails resulting in replacement of the rails. I recently replaced the rollers and while the old ones weren't in terrible shape and the new ones made a big difference. I have never used any lubricant on the rails, they roll very nicely. The new rollers came from a fellow Mooneyspacer, @flyingchump.
  13. Get a utility knife with a snap off blade. You can extend it out enough to cut all the way through the element. Start by the metal bar that goes across the element and go all the way around along one end of the filter, then go around it again on the other end. It won't cut all the way through but far enough that you can pull it out and it will rip through the last little bit of each pleat. https://www.homedepot.com/p/DEWALT-25-mm-Metal-Body-Snap-Off-Knife-DWHT10045/202710467
  14. Interesting, Agua Caliente L54 is a dark sky viewing area. No night operations at the airport and so no effect on viewing. Haven't been there for a couple years but the runway was in good shape at the time. There is a campground within walking distance of the airport and a little general store. It was at the beginning of Covid so not sure what the store hours are, they were closed at the time.
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