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  1. Zero calories for sitting in a plane for 3 hours? I think you got ripped off...
  2. A lot of people use the same password for everything. If they can get a password out of someone they can often get into their email, banking, etc...
  3. Flew to Big Bear on Saturday for some lunch. Met up with another Mooney owner who I don't think is on here. Was hoping to meet up with @xcrmckenna but he was polishing up for his upcoming, and successful, IFR check-ride on Monday. It was a beautiful day, under a broken layer, up through a hole in the clouds to come in over the lake. Big Bear, Clouds, and Poppies Last night after an oil change I took it for a trip around the patch. Flying to Phoenix this afternoon to visit family.
  4. I have heard these rumors... I moved to a new airport/hangar in January and there is a very active group of pilots in the hangars around me. Great folks. Going to start getting in some simulated time with some of them hopefully over the summer. I still want to put a GPS in the panel before jumping into the training with a CFII. Right now I just have the one Nav with a VOR and GS which is doable, but not preferable. Second radio is Com only.
  5. Thanks, I didn't know that. I guess I've been lucky to have the correct flat side going the right direction, if I ever have a mic problem I will try to remember this.
  6. Not sure about other headsets, but with the Halo's you can check without removing the foam. If you squeeze the mic a little you can feel the flat sides, just make sure one of the flat sides is facing your mouth.
  7. Hmm... sounds an awful lot like the certified pre-owned vehicles we sell at our dealerships and pretty much every other new car dealership out there.
  8. I had about a 30 minute drive home from the airport after each flight during my PPL. The first thing I did when I got in the car was call my dad to talk about the flight on the drive home. It was great to share that experience with him, and I got to hear a lot more stories of his Air Force flying days that I had never heard before. It was truly a blessing.
  9. But if you throw enough money at it there is the possibility of weighing it down so that it can't move...
  10. I love my Halo's, and after about a year of flying my wife had me buy her a pair. I think I'll give these custom ear molds a try, for $26 it isn't much of an investment if it doesn't work like I want. Some good reviews, including one person who converted one of the ear plugs to work with his two way radio. Decibullz - Custom Molded Earplugs ( for the Mooney Summit)
  11. If it was 18 yo me with a fresh cert, I agree with you. However it was 44 yo me with a fresh cert and I'm a much different person than I was at 18. I didn't think I knew everything at 100 hours and still feel like I am learning every time I go up, but that's just who I am, always trying to improve. There are pilots I know with a lot more hours than I have and I still wouldn't want loved ones to go up with them, they just have some character flaws that I think lead to bad ADM, and stories they have told of some of the decisions they have made scare me. I have a really good friend who has been flying for 30+ years, but I know some of the chances he still takes and I worry about him. I think blanket statements like hours needed to be safe are not helpful. Are there some that need more (sometimes a lot more) hours? Absolutely! However I think that telling all new pilots they need to reach xxx hours will discourage some, and we want more pilots, not less. I think a better thing to tell them is what you just said, that there is always a lot to learn about aviation. We should try to instill in both new and old pilots the need to be constantly learning and trying to improve, that is what will improve safety. I see you just joined MS, welcome aboard. I noticed you have a thread asking about tax advice on a purchase. Consider starting a thread to introduce yourself so everyone can get to know you better.
  12. So DPE's are just turning loose unsafe pilots who have no business flying someone else for another 50 hours or so, really? I would fly with them, and depending on my experience, yes. I'm glad you're not in charge of determining hours required to be safe and fly my family, we would have missed out on a lot great flights and experiences. Maybe you didn't feel like you were a safe enough pilot to fly your family for 100 hours, good for you.
  13. 100 hours before putting your family on board? Maybe they should just up the requirement to get your PPL to 100 hours... Took my check ride with 46.7 hours and my next flight was a week later with my wife and son. A month later I rented a slow Cherokee for a cross country with my sons from SoCal to Phoenix just so I could take my dad on flight. I still consider myself a new pilot with just over 300 hours (most of which were with family in board) but I just don't understand why the suggestion that you shouldn't take someone until you have 100 hours. Am I a better pilot now? Sure. Was I a safe pilot after I took my check ride? I think so, apparently the DPE thought so too.