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  1. I would love to see @bonal paint this one.
  2. Are you sure? The whole thing does move, but the yokes move forward/aft and the elevator does move up and down some as you trim. I will have to take a look and see where it is on mine when it is set for takeoff trim. I honestly have not paid that close attention to its position.
  3. I thought the skyBeacon was a logbook entry, not a 337?
  4. Would love to have lunch or dinner if you end up here in Southern California.
  5. I think the 29th, 6th, or 13th work for me. The 15th and 22nd I will be on our cross country adventure back to NC/VA. Just an FYI, my hangar neighbor flies to Catalina all the time so he told me he would get the low down on the ramp/dirt parking situation. He flew there Monday and I ran into him at the airport on Tuesday. They told him that Mon-Thur it is first come first served and if there is room on the ramp you can park there. However, Fri-Sun and holidays if you are flying a single you are parking in the dirt, regardless of if there is room on the ramp or not.
  6. Wow, just snuck in. I looked Friday and it said under 1,000 remaining. Spruce has the GTX335 with a package deal but @Aerodonbeat their deal so I ordered it from him and reserved my rebate. Working with my AP/IA, he's putting in the doubler for the GA35 and I'll do most of the rest of the work myself. GTX335 comes with the harness pre-wired for the GAE12 as well other options, most of which will be saved for future use when I upgrade the audio panel and put in some other instruments. Basically hooking up power and ground, and running the RG400 to the GA35 and transponder antenna. I think the most time consuming will be mounting the tray.
  7. Looks like the old site is back (at least for now) and I can see full information on the orders. I found the old orders. I initially ordered 5' (it is 48" wide) to do the ceiling while I was repairing the fresh air duct. It which was more than enough to do the ceiling. I probably could have done it with 4'. About a year later I ordered another 4' and did the sides and the ceiling above the baggage area. When it had SB 208 done the insulation that was used looks like a very thin styrofoam type material and it was only along the lower half of the sides. The upper part of the sides (just under the windows) had what was basically paper with some reflective material which seemed to provide little to no insulating properties. This made a huge difference in the comfort of the cabin and the temperature of the interior trim when you touch it. If you are wanting to do the entire cabin I think that 8' would get the job done, probably even 7'. It is really easy to trim with a pair of scissors and keep in mind that doing the sides you don't need a big continuous piece as you are going to trim it to fit in the spaces between the tubes for the cage so just keep all the scraps as you go along and you will have very little waste.
  8. I can see orders going back 2 1/2 years, order number, date, and amount, but only a few actually say what is in the order. I like the old site better, I think it was more functional.
  9. Looks like when AS updated their website you can still pull up your orders but it does not list what was on the order. I don't remember who much I ordered but I have the invoices at the hangar, I'll look through them tomorrow.
  10. Or end the day, or anywhere in between.
  11. Ok, completely off topic, but a funny story. My wife and I met online through (How better to meet someone you hope is compatible when you both work, you have 4 kids and she has 3?) Anyway, when I tell people how I got so lucky meeting her I would say there were only three guys online for her to choose from, one was in his 70's (this was when I was 36 and she was 40 so 70's was a touch old), one only had one eye, and then there was me. I would often tell that joke when people ask how we met. We had been married about 5-6 years and were at dinner at a vendor incentive trip and sitting with 3 other couples. Everyone was introducing themselves and telling a little something about themselves. I told my old joke about how we met and a guy across the table said "What's wrong with one eye?" Yep, he had a glass eye...
  12. I'm glad I have a 65 instead of 64D, it has the Camlocs and easy to take the cheeks off. I still don't pull them on every pre-flight, but I do take a flashlight and shine it down in both the oil and battery access doors to look around for leaks or odd looking stuff everytime.
  13. Mine was born a fixed gear/prop, can I still use it for comparison?
  14. I put this in my plane, 1/2". I'm not sure about the properties of reducing sound, but for temperature it makes a difference. Flying in the summer the plastic panels would be hot to the touch on the side the sun was shining from, with this they stay cool to the touch. Edit: 3M makes a spray adhesive which is probably easier to work with than weatherstrip adhesive or the like.
  15. I have a 65 that was converted to retract and I don't have that one either, checked when I was at the plane last night. Just 7 per main gear. My question is how do you lube that one? Spray tri-flow on it like the rod ends?