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  1. When I know where the oil leak is it doesn't bother me as much, it's the ones that I can't figure out that make me nervous... Yes! It is easy to set up and once you do if you go to instead of it will prompt you to go to the smile site. It does not work if you are using the app on a phone, but that is easy to work around. Just put everything in your cart with the app, then open the web browser on your phone and go to It will all be in your cart, you can place the order, and the Mooney Summit gets the benefit. Either I order too much on Amazon or we need to get more people using the smile link and setting up the Mooney Summit as the charity. I shouldn't be making up close to 5% of what has gone to the Mooney Summit...
  2. I got mine off Amazon Prime. I use a lot more of the Blue so it was nice to get the gallon jug to refill the spray bottle.
  3. Skates97

    ATC Professionalism

    I'm not sure how up to date this list is. The only thing I can find with a date is a report they link that was given in 2012 so perhaps the data is that old as well. It provides some place to start anyway.
  4. Skates97

    ATC Professionalism

    I'm moving to Fullerton KFUL this weekend so went to their monthly Fullerton Airport Pilots Association meeting last night. The presenter was the ATC Air Traffic Manager for the Airport. He has a long pedigree working all over SoCal. He gave a great presentation and did mention that they are getting paid because they are a contract tower. It is also the reason he is still able to work because he had aged out. Great guy, very professional, very helpful. There was also a controller there who works at LAX. He got up and spoke a little at the end, also very nice and professional. @M20Doc mentioned the pizzas, one of the comments that was made last night by the conrollers was "Send pizza up to the tower." I'm thinking that even when the shut down is over that they would still appreciate some pizza.
  5. Skates97

    Check Gear!

    I do the same. They must have changed it sometime in the late 60's. My 1965 D/C is the same 120mph for gear and 100mph for flaps.
  6. I'm wondering how many crashes there will be when it opens with pilots that have never been there and haven't done their homework on the differences between landing there and a runway that isn't at the end of a plateau. I know all the local places that rent require a checkout to fly one of their planes there, but I'm sure there will be a number of pilots who will be making the trip for the first time in their planes, including those that don't fly very often at all. I see so many that like to drag it in low and from what I have read and been told that causes a lot of problems at Catalina. I have not been myself because of the poor runway conditions but am looking forward to going. I will be paying very close attention to the winds and also my approach to make sure I don't end up a part of the pieces of planes out there.
  7. I did see the thread. I didn't make it out to California until the very end of 2002, after the heyday of the My Dog Spot commercials.
  8. Skates97

    New to forum, re-starting my PPL

    I loved all of my training for my PPL, and was glad I was doing it in something slower than a Mooney, and something that didn't belong to me. The brain only works so fast and it takes time and repetition for it to become acclimated to new tasks so that it can then take on additional and more complex tasks. Learning things at 110 mph in a Cherokee is easier than at 150+ in a Mooney.
  9. The parking brake cable should operate smoothly, if it is difficult at all to push/pull you can unhook it at the valve, pull it out some, and spray tri-flow inside the cable housing. Mine was stiff to operate, I just thought that was how it was. I think it was just because it hadn't seen any lube in 50 years. With the lube it is nice and smooth now.
  10. Skates97

    Paper Logbook #3

    How do you handle sign offs? I quit using my paper log shortly after my check ride. I use myflightbook, download it regularly, as well as print off paper copies of it, just in case they should go belly up or something. I too find I write more if I can type it out as well as adding photos to it. I know there is the option for a CFI to digitally sign, but my last flight review was with an older CFI (75 years old and had been flying since he was 17) and the digital thing wasn't going to happen. I just had him sign my old log book.
  11. Skates97

    Can't Post Replies

    Have you tried in Chrome? It is working fine for me in Chrome, I rarely use IE. You only post at lunch? I should probably work more and spend less time during the day on MS...
  12. Skates97

    2018 Hours

    106.4 hours, including my first time ever in a Cessna. That was just under two hours flying around Maui, Lanai, and Molokai. Checked Hawaii off the list of states.
  13. Skates97

    Today's flight in 2019

    I was waiting for you to post this up. One of my resolutions is to take a couple of pictures every time I fly and post them here. I missed posting about quite a few flights last year, time got away from me.
  14. I just used tri-flow on it.
  15. The brake valve was not the problem. The cable (which probably was never lubed in its life) got stuck about halfway in when I pushed to release it which was not enough to release the valve. With the cable unhooked from the valve it operated very smoothly. After some TLC the cable operates smoothly now. There was always quite a bit of resistance operating it from the time I got the plane a couple years ago. It would push in and it would sort of stick halfway and then pop through and go the rest of the way. I thought that was just the way the brake released (you don't know what you don't know). I didn't know that the valve is smooth throughout its range of operation.