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  1. That's great! I know it is posted around here somewhere else, but how far behind them starting on your F was the E that they are working on? I'm just trying to get a feel for the timeline on the short bodies.
  2. What I have read (it was on the internet so must be true) is that leaving the hydraulic flaps full down can cause issues if there is a temperature increase leading to the fluid expanding and putting pressure on the seals. I am thinking about times I have flown into AZ and it was nice and cool in the morning and significantly hotter in the afternoon. I suppose if they were left in TO position that would alleviate that problem as there would be room for het fluid to expand? That being said, part of my pre-flight checklist is to lower the flaps and then check them on the walk around. They st
  3. They are a beautiful car. Between our two Chevrolet stores we have sold 38 this year, they are gone almost as fast as they come in. (Almost all were pre-sold) They are coming in for random issues but no patterns to it, yet...
  4. I've spent the last 26 years in the automotive dealership industry and whole heartedly agree. It is like the first year is just put out there to let the new owners troubleshoot issues. The same thing can be said if it is a previous model and they have come out with a new engine or transmission. Give it a couple years for them to work out the issues.
  5. Maybe it needs to be adjusted, but before doing that take a look at the prop cable and the travel. Always check off the simplest things first. I had a problem shortly after getting the plane where I wasn't getting 2,700 RPM. From this post in a thread I started follow on down to @M20Doc's suggestion and then the subsequent easy fix. The prop cable had slid up in the clamps and was not allowing it to hit the stop.
  6. It's interesting, I think I have about 15 hours now with the dual G5's. I find that for altitude and vertical speed I look at the G5. For airspeed I still tend to look at the ASI, I think it is a combination of habit and also it is easy after all my time in the plane to know at a glance what my speed is by where the needle is positioned. I imagine over time I will probably transition more to the G5's for all of that information.
  7. This is why we have the Mooney. Worked half a day on Friday and then flew to Salt Lake to surprise my sister for her 50th birthday. Then we got up Saturday morning, picked some raspberries for my dad from her garden and flew from Salt Lake to Phoenix to see my parents whom I haven't seen since Thanksgiving. On the way we flew over the tiny mountain town where my dad was born and the farm that was in the family for 100 years and took pictures and video for him. We also flew over Bryce Canyon and Lake Powell. We visited my parents and then had dinner at my sisters and stayed at one of my other s
  8. This weekend were the first flights with the PMA450B that I put in which my son came along. My wife had flown to Phoenix and back with me a couple weeks ago and loves the new audio panel. My son is a fan too. I had it on crew mode because my wife likes listening to the radios but later in the flight I had it on "All." After a little while my son said "Can you push whatever button it is so that I don't hear the radios anymore?"
  9. I think you are probably correct here. I just recently upgraded my panel and doing the online stuff to get ready and take my written IFR so I have no basis for how helpful they are to the GA IFR pilot. From reading about Rich's experiences they sound "Not so helpful..." For the VFR guy tooling around what is some very busy and congested airspace they are very helpful.
  10. I do the same thing although I don't turn the fuel pump on. I leave the mixture at idle cut-off like you, I have found that if I pump the throttle or leave the mixture rich it takes longer to start. If I have the throttle all the way out I will push it in about 1/4 inch or so. Once the starter is engaged I start advancing the mixture and it will usually fire up by the 3rd or 4th blade.
  11. I haven't flown as much as a lot of other folks, only a little over 4 years but I will tick over the 500 hour mark in the next week. I do fly into Salt Lake and Phoenix fairly regularly, have been up to Oregon and Idaho, and last summer went from SoCal to North Carolina and back. I'm not saying there aren't helpful controllers in other areas, but I have been consistently impressed by the controllers here.
  12. The controllers here in SoCal I think are some of the best and most helpful in the nation.
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