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  1. Skates97

    Today's flight for 2018

    "Where much is given..." What a wonderful service you are giving. Happiness can be found through serving others, in doing so we forget our own wants and gain something greater.
  2. Skates97

    Oil Change Tool

    Just changed my oil last night. Let the oil drain while removing spark plugs, cleaning, reinstalling them Put rag under oil filter Remove safety wire from filter Loosen filter with wrench Put Aircraft Spruce bag around filter up against the case (I used to use gallon ziploc bags but this is big enough to get my hand inside) Spin filter off quickly and turn up so nothing leaks out Easy-peasy, usually get away with a few drops on the rag.
  3. Skates97

    Today's flight for 2018

    Flew to Santa Maria for a birthday lunch. It was a beautiful flight and the food was pretty good (even if they only had Pepsi products...). We were given vectors for traffic four times as we passed through the Burbank area. Once was a vector and altitude restriction on descent for a 737 landing at Burbank that had to go around. The comment the pilot made to ATC was "We were too high and unstable," even the big guys go around.
  4. Skates97

    First Year Cost of Ownership

    I drive past AS every time I go to the airport which saves the shipping charge.
  5. Skates97


    That is beautiful!
  6. Skates97

    I flew in this yesterday

    Not sure about rider projections but they were originally saying it would be a 2:40 trip (it's about a 6 hour drive) from San Francisco to LA and if everything was completed on schedule it would have services beginning in 2029. They are starting with the "easy" section in hopes that if they build it and sink enough money into it that future governors won't abandon the project because they are already in too deep. Then they are hoping that fares from riders using that first segment (middle of nowhere) will provide funds to complete it to someplace actually useful. Sounds like a sound business plan to me... (Meanwhile you can fly commercial LAX to SFO for about $100.) Here's a couple articles if you feel like reading. One from the Orange County Register and one from the San Francisco Chronicle this year. I think this quote sums it up. "We’re ten years into the wasteful and impractical effort to build a bullet train from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and the first 119-mile segment — the “easy” segment — is already 77 percent over budget."
  7. Skates97

    I flew in this yesterday

    Actually it is supposed to be up the Central Valley with the initial segment from Bakersfield to just past Fresno, because there's all kinds of people that want to ride a bullet train between those two metropolises. They call it the Bullet train to nowhere...
  8. Skates97

    Today's flight for 2018

    Awesome, congratulations!
  9. Skates97

    This looks like fun.

    From the article: "I flew Hurricane Maria when it was a Category 5 at night, and it was completely clear in the eye with a full moon above us." That must have been quite the ride to get to the eye.
  10. Skates97

    Lost a Mooney pilot today

    Exactly, just hold the bank angle and don't kick in any extra rudder. The one thing to be very careful of is when dealing with parallel runways. KCNO where I did all my PPL training had two very busy parallels. It was not uncommon to look over and see another plane flying final next to you. I would err on the side of turning base to final early and drifting into lining up so as not to overshoot and end up on the approach for the other runway.
  11. Skates97

    Lost a Mooney pilot today

    I've miscalculated more than once and blown through final. I had it happen recently on a flight to Big Bear. When it happens I just hold the bank I had, keep the ball centered, and let the plane come around. If I have overshot so far I can't line up I'm going around. I watched this video a couple years ago when I just started my PPL. He gives the best explanation and demonstration that I have seen about a skidding turn and the forces at play.
  12. Skates97

    Lost a Mooney pilot today

    When I was working on my PPL I would sometimes fly 30 degree turns in the pattern. My CFI would say "there you go with your fighter plane turns." He was careful to point out the dangers of too much bank along with loading up the wing. We spent some time at altitude with him showing me accelerated stalls, how you can end up in them, and what they felt like. He didn't have a problem with me flying 30 degree banks in the pattern but did say perhaps I shouldn't on my check ride just in case the DPE didn't like it. I still fly them sometimes in the Mooney, nothing wrong with a nice descending turn downwind to base and base to final. As you said, just don't try to keep the nose up.
  13. Skates97

    CHT Differences

    I have an O-360 with the lower cowl enclosure and see the same spread. #2-4 all run within about 5-10 degrees of each other but #1 is consistently 70-80 degrees cooler. I have just attributed it to the difference in the sensors supplying the data.
  14. Skates97

    Never Had a Mooney

    This is what I did for about six months. Throw in any E's and F's that fit your price range too, although for the same price you will get a better equipped C. Oh, and include those a little above your price range too. It will create a bigger picture for you.