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  1. Another flight Wednesday night. We flew the RNAV GPS approach to 29R at KTOA down to LPV minimums. My accuracy and scan continues to improve but still a long way to go. Still trying to get used to the radios for IFR work even though I'm more than comfortable even in the busy LA Airspace on the radios when on flight following, it's just the extra brainpower required to fly instruments doesn't leave a whole lot leftover for the radios. It is reminiscent of when I first started flying and it took most of my brainpower to just fly straight and level or make turns while VFR leaving little left to w
  2. This would be right in line with my previous prediction. The AV-30's were approved once I gave up and within a week of me tearing apart my panel to put in the Dual G5's. My plane is scheduled to go in for the GFC500 on April 26th so expect the TruTrack to be approved within a few weeks of that date! You're welcome in advance.
  3. My RPM will do about the same. I don't mess with it during the roll, I just give the prop about a 1/2 turn back before taking the runway which usually puts my RPM at 2,690-2,700 on take off. With a regular tach on the far right side of the panel no way I'm noticing that 10-20 RPM but with the 900 flashing red right in front of me I take notice.
  4. The GNC355 can be used as primary NAV in our planes for IFR, as long as you have a second COM at a minimum. Whether you want to have only GPS in your plane or retain ground based NAV is another discussion and Paul brings up some very good points. Here is a post in a different thread which may be the one you were thinking of. I included the information from the GNC355 Installation manual for the GNC355 along with links to an FAA notice from 2013 and the current AIM.
  5. I would do it. I had my information passed along to them but didn't hear back. I'm not sure how many planes they were given contact information for, I'm thinking that proximity to them plays a lot into their decisions. You're much closer than I am, I hope it works out for you and you get a new prop out of the deal.
  6. Lot's of flying recently. IFR training flights on the 20th, 24th, and 27th. You can read about those flights over in my training thread or on my blog. In between I squeezed a short 15 minute flight on the 26th over to KRAL after work for some less expensive fuel and to see what it looks like outside the plane when you are flying. Yesterday afternoon after my morning IFR training flight my wife and I took her sister-in-law for her first small plane flight along the coast down to KSEE for a late lunch. The smallest plane she had previously been in was a 12 passenger puddle
  7. We went the opposite direction Saturday afternoon, going down to Gillespie for a late lunch.
  8. Flights 2 and 3 were last Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. Flying at night with foggles is great, there are no shadows from the sun to give you any outside reference. We just did more basic maneuvers (turns/climbs/descents/straight and level) along with some more unusual attitude recoveries. The first couple were easy, the third one after a couple turns I lost track of what he was doing and had no idea what I was going to see on the AI when he said "recover." That was a great experience. Saturday we flew a practice approach into Long Beach and did some partial panel work before going ba
  9. I can't play the video. When I redid the panel and removed the vacuum pump I removed everything on both sides of the firewall. No vacuum pump, no vacuum system, no reason to leave anything behind that is only related to the vacuum system.
  10. Is anyone paying for the Premium version of Windy? Did you notice any significant differences in the quality of the forecast? It says the difference is "Standard Data with 2 updates a day" and "Precise Data with 4 updates a day." At less than $2 a month I was going to sign up and see.
  11. I do as well and have found it to be pretty accurate. I look at a few different sites but Windy is one of my favorites, not just for winds but it does a pretty good job with clouds/ceilings as well. You can set favorite airports and easily see the current and past Metars as well as what Windy is forecast.
  12. If I had an SL30 in the panel I would have kept it. The Narco 12D had display issues and static issues, the SL40 is rock solid and so is what stayed in the panel. The installation was not complicated, but requires going slow and attention to the details (as anything electronic. The installation manuals and wiring schematics are easy to follow once you are familiar with them. However, in all honesty there were a few times with everything torn apart and wires everywhere that I wondered how much it would cost to have someone put it all back together if I couldn't get it to work....
  13. I think yours is the same as the one I took out of my 65D. It's at home in a box, I can take a look and see if I can get any numbers off it when I get home. The fuel gauges on mine were sticky too, I had to tap them every now and then to get them to work. If you want I could send it to you and you could either send it out for overhaul or stick it in your plane while yours is out to avoid down time.
  14. I took my first flight 5/28/2016 and my check ride 10/15/2016 with 46.7 hours in the logbook. We bought the Mooney a couple months later when I had 58.6 hours in the logbook. Insurance required 10 dual and 5 solo before flying passengers. By around 8 hours dual I felt ready to fly on my own and by the time I had the total required hours I felt ready to fly my family. Since then I've averaged over 100 hours a year and we have had many adventures. Regular trips to Salt Lake, Idaho, Phoenix, and even coast to coast in June 2019, all VFR. It can be done, just requires good planning and flexibility
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