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  1. I'm trying to get caught up on my writing. Here are three more flights, one filing and flying IFR and the other two flying multiple practice approaches. With the exception of about 10 minutes en-route on the one flight the GFC500 remained off and everything was hand flown. Even on the short flight where it was used I disconnected it to hand fly the approach. Pushing buttons is easy, but the training is about stretching abilities which happens when you push yourself to the saturation point. I have two more flights to write about and even got in an approach and departure in actual. It was o
  2. This one has gear doors which means it has been converted to constant speed prop and retract as @bluehighwayflyer mentioned above which makes it essentially a C. You can also see the Johnson Bar and down lock block in a couple of the interior pictures. When I was looking for a plane I skipped over a D a few times until I realized it wasn't a fixed gear/prop at which point I gave it a closer look and bought it. The difference between mine and this one is that mine was flying regularly and had some updates that had been done along the way. Also as Jim mentioned there are only three D's that
  3. What a great flight, brings back memories of our Coast to Coast a couple years ago in our D. I had no autopilot either. I just had a GFC500 installed and after some flights with it I can't wait to do another Coast to Coast.
  4. I bought my D for $36k and the plan was for it to be a forever plane from the beginning. It fit my mission then and will fit it through retirement which is hopefully about 12-15 years off. It wasn't everything I wanted but was what I could afford and it has a clean airframe and a decent interior. That was 5 1/2 years ago and since that time as I had the extra funds I have overhauled the panel and just had a GFC500 installed. Even though I did all the panel overhaul myself I still have more invested in the plane than the purchase price but I know I'm going to fly it for hopefully the next
  5. I checked, forgot that I had already sold it to another Mooneyspacer last year.
  6. Reading that it makes me feel even better about my self installation. I put in dual G5's, a GNC355, and a PMA450B and I think probably had about 120 hours in the job. An avionics shop I'm sure could do it quicker but I went methodically slow and haven't had any squawks from the installation.
  7. I think I still have the one out of my plane, I'll try to remember to look and take pictures when I'm at the hangar tomorrow.
  8. It will also roll wings level. On an approach if you are going missed hit the go around button and add power and clean up the plane like @toto said. On your GPS you will have the option to unsuspend the approach or leave it suspended. If you are going to be flying the missed approach procedure then hit unsuspend and the GFC500 will fly the missed approach including the hold. If you were given instructions to fly a vector after going missed (which often happens around here) then leave it suspended and dial the heading in and press the HDG button. Set your altitude pre-select and you are on your
  9. They lost me. I was on a waiting list for the TruTrack install. I finally gave up, put in G5's last year and picked up my plane last Wednesday from a GFC500 installation. Flew from SoCal to St George and back last weekend. After 500+ hours hand flying without even the wing leveler I felt like I died and went to heaven. I'm sure I would have been happy with the TruTrack, but I don't regret spending the extra for the GFC500.
  10. I went through the same when I had the 830 installed and then when I replaced it with the 900. I have times where it is dead on and when it is off by up to a gallon, which isn't bad when I'm adding 40 gallons. I have found a lot of places I'm am not parked perfectly level at the pumps and it doesn't take much to change whether I get the full 26 in a tank or 25.5. I should add that I always stick the tanks before every flight, I don't rely on what the gage is showing even though I have the CIES senders which are very accurate.
  11. Go to @donkaye's website linked below and spend the $25 for his DVD and watch it a few times, then review it as needed. It is worth your money and time. https://donkaye.com/landing-video
  12. Unless it is gusty you shouldn't have to add/remove power on final. In an E you should be trimmed so you are at 80 mph hands off. As Hank said, if you are touching down at 80 mph you are flying it on and too fast. You should be able to pull power when you have thru runway made, flare out, and touch down smoothly. It will take practice. You should also be able to hold the nose off if you aren't releasing pressure on the yoke when you touch down, of course if you are touching down at 80 mph and trying to hold the nose off you will balloon back up. When I was first flying my Mooney (with ab
  13. I wonder what is a "high turn rate." Apparently steep turns at 45° bank angle doesn't count.
  14. Nope, not sure what it was picking up as returns on flight awarw, there wasn't even much of a marine layer yet that evening. However we are in the May Gray/June Gloom time of year so should be able to get some actual on Saturday morning flights. We're going to St George this weekend so next IFR training flight is scheduled for the morning of June 5th. Crossing my fingers for some actual.
  15. I can't answer the first one. For the battery backup just select that option, it is an internal battery backup. It adds $180 to the price. I haven't been able to find anything saying how long the battery backup lasts. I should just pull the breaker on it on a flight and see how long it will go. I have pushed the button to have it go to battery after shutting off the master and just let it run for a bit, from a short test and watching the percentage of power go down I am inclined to believe it is only about a 1 hour backup battery. I think I will give it a test on battery Friday when we fly to
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