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  1. Locknlube also has that zerk under grease fittings. I think on page 2 for .99 each. I picked up some along with the grease gun.
  2. Gann did my IO-470 and he does great work. I had to replace my oil pump housing because the motor made metal (spalled lifter).
  3. Guy’s gaskets are first class. With that said Griggs aviation has the stc to install bladders in Mooney aircraft. They replace the fuel cap when you do it. They probably have what you are looking for.
  4. If your that worried about the engine why not overhaul it where it sits? with that said It’s hard to find a project cheap enough to be worth it.
  5. I think a Mooney is more likely to have lived outside than a Beechcraft. But beech has the magnesium tail so I think it’s a wash.
  6. Contact the company that does the bladder installation. They get removed when you this and will most likely have them.
  7. I think that is a sign the diaphragm in the pump is going bad. I’m sure others will know for sure.
  8. I thought you could only push the bolt in one way?
  9. I went with the bladders. I’m coming from Beechcraft and I’m used to them. I have been into the wet wing 2x now and if I never do it again that will be fine with me. Bladders are just easier to deal with. I’m taking the weight hit for them.
  10. I fly off grass all the time and thought that was hard on sealant. The weight hit is 36#. I pulled out the vacuum system and did a avionics upgrade. My useful load will be about 1000# still.
  11. I have been cleaning sealant out of my wing for what feels like a lifetime. I’m getting close to having it all cleaned out. While working on this I start thinking maybe the Griggs O&N bladder stc was a better way for fuel storage. I have looked over the instillation instructions and been thinking about the 4 tank per wing solution that retains 64 gallon capacity. I see this has only one fuel sump shared between 4 tanks. The Baron I had used one sump per fuel cell. Any of you guys running this stc have concerns about this setup? I feel like bladders have less of a chance of leaking but this has me rethinking it.
  12. I’m currently balls deep into stripping the sealant out of my wing. I’m swapping out my wing because of spar cap corrosion. The wing is on a stand so it’s about as accessible as possible for stripping. I’m honestly thinking about putting in bladders instead of the wet wing. The money from the cost of stripper and sealant goes along way to paying for them and I will never have to do this again.
  13. I’m 6’4 and 250. I don’t fit in any sports car. the Mooney fits great and I have more head room than I did in my Beechcraft B55. I will admit that the Beechcraft is a better built plane and it’s easier to work on but for the money you can’t beat the Mooney.
  14. I used Gann Aviation but I’m in Georgia so it was close and has a good reputation. I dont know the shop you are looking at. Sorry I can’t help.
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