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  1. From what I remember the head of the bolt is milled down on the Mooney part. I’m thinking a regular AN will not fit. I think that what is on the main struts.
  2. Also if you have J baffles I could trace them to make copies. That is what we did to make new baffles for my F.
  3. Both of you are in Georgia so anything I can do to help you would help me too. Let me know if you ever need a hand. I want to get a better idea of what is needed to do the swap. I wasn’t sure if the old cowl flap handle would have enough travel for the J cowl flaps. The J has the in trail middle stop that we don’t have.
  4. It also looks to me like only the front end of the baffles where the air box is need to be changed. I made new baffles for my F cowl so I can bring the old part to see if it’s different.
  5. Is your cowl flap handle from a J or can you use the old cable and knob?
  6. If you do owner assist mx I would like to give you some help the next time you take off the cowl. I want to take pictures of the firewall. I’m in south Fayette county so it would be easy for me to get over to you.
  7. I have the M20J cowl. I want to get a list of what the rest of the parts are. I think over time I should be able to get the factory parts off wrecked J’s. Sabermech’s cowl looks great and I would be interested. I don’t have details on it. He has other business interests and who knows when it will be available. The M20J swap was a stc so my thought is it may be easier to get one time approval. I would like to gather the parts needed to do a swap.
  8. What are all the parts? I would like to move forward on the cowl swap.
  9. I’m just over 6’4”/250#. I fit in a 67’ M20F just fine.
  10. Thanks for posting pics. I have never seen a M22 in the wild. That gear looks like it came off a piper to me. Not at all what I’m used to seeing on a Mooney.
  11. EI tech support has been great. They pick up when you call and have been most helpful. I used the lower number resistor on the tach. It is a bit jumpy below 1000 rpm. I think I’m going to let it ride for a bit. I tried not to use the EI wire crimps if I didn’t have to. I did use them on the egt’s and don’t have any problem with that yet. I had the prop IRAN inspected and wasn’t sure if I was getting enough rpm static. I fly from a 2400’ strip and want to be sure I’m getting full power. Also did the 500 hr. Mag inspection. I will do a compression check and verify the timing
  12. When I moved the audio panel up it hit the roll cage. I will end up putting a plate over the hole.
  13. I’m wrapping up some major upgrades to my M20F. I added an EI 30 P+C. I have a couple issues with it. During full throttle run up I got 2550 RPM. Is that about normal? The other issue is high fuel pressure. Pressure is jumpy in the high 20’s and will hop up to 30.2 psi. I don’t think it’s adjustable. I know the pump is a new one from Tempest. The plane is new to me and I am wrapping up the upgrades and can’t wait to start flying it!
  14. I was thinking too lean at low rpm. I would check intake to see one is hanging down a bit.
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