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40 minutes ago, FlyWalt said:

I would really like to hear of your experience here. 

There is not much to it. The contract for the prebuy says that the shop will not assume any responsibility in excess of the total amount of the prebuy itself (2kUSD). Even more, as I did not specify anything specific for the prebuy, they say that there is no standard for a prebuy and for them corrosion is not something to check on a prebuy.

I did ask them (on the phone) to do the inspection part of the annual as prebuy, as I would continue the prebuy into an annual as soon as I took posession of the aircraft. The discrepencies at the prebuy were 8k, total discrepancies after annual 35k.

I tried sending a letter to them, to ask for the insurance company and they replied (with mroe fancy words) "We didn't do anything wrong, so no need to talk to our insurance company".

I could have continue sending a special type of letter (I don't remember exactly the name) that some how would push them to give the contact of the insurance company or otherwise face the possibility to pay 3x the total damage. But that letter was 500usd, with the risk of still not getting any response, for the remote possibility of getting back just the 2k of the prebuy inspection?

Next time I would try to push to have a contract that is not so in favor of the shop, but I wonder if any shop would actually agree to sign a contract that says that they are responsible for any air worthiness discrepancies in the first, let's say, one month after the prebuy.

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