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  1. Hey guys, I’m looking for a Mooney CFI to do a ferry flight with me from Blairsville, GA to Jacksonville, FL or Miami. I need 10 hours of dual instruction for insurance purposes. Ideal dates would be Nov. 29 - Dec. 2 M20J 201 I’m familiar with Mooney Flyers and the other CFI list on this forum. PM me if available and interested.
  2. Let me get one thing straight for you— No one is trying to be malicious or misinformed people here. If you would like I would happily willing to talk further over the phone but not to debate, just discuss in detail. I’m a very open minded and caring person. Your choice? Oh, I’ll even fill you in on my back ground.
  3. I second that! Great opinion… “Please, everyone. Stop doing your “research” while sitting on the toilet with your smartphones while lamenting the lack of fiber in your diet. Talk to medical professionals about medical issues and don’t get your medical facts from random people on the internet.” — I’m not going to get into what my medical background is. My opinion— It’s far better to know what your aircrafts ambient cockpit O2 level is so you can supplement with O2 if needed or not, rather than just blindly plugging in. Let’s just use plan old common sense, low SpO2 level in your body is do to a lack of O2 in your blood stream. Lack of O2 in your blood stream is do to lack of O2 in the cabin an obviously because of the lack of O2 at altitude. I hope we can agree on that. Wouldn’t you rather know ahead of time that the O2 levels are dropping in your aircraft and then start your supplemental O2 or lower your flight level? Rather than wait until your perfectly manicured, thin skin, non callused, non painted, warm, with perfectly perfusion finger tells you that you need O2? I rather forgo the headache and risk of being hypoxic but that’s just me. You might say the rule is to start supplementing prior to getting to O2 depleted flight levels. If thats the case why in the world do you in a PlusOx? The reality is people rely on what that little number says to tell them if they need to start using O2 because they do want to waste there valuable O2, if they don’t need it. The next time your around your friend with a PlusOx at sea level, see if all four or five of you have the same readings. Then wonder what all of the readings would be at altitude. Do you go off the guy with the lowest number and let him or her dictate the need for O2? Just thoughts here… have fun and be safe!
  4. P.S. - Those little SpO2 or Pulse Oximeter you see people use or even install in there planes are not as accurate as you might think. More like they can be very mis leading and I would say more harmful than beneficial. SpO2 machines detect the saturation of your Hemoglobin. The misleading part is that most people think that O2 is the only thing that attaches to Hemoglobin so when you see a 99% saturation you think, yay I'm a OK! I'm full of Oxygen! On the other hand your Hemoglobin just might be saturated with CO rather than O2. FACT- A freshly dead human who fell asleep in his car in the garage with the door closed will have a 100% SpO2 reading with hardly any O2 in the body. I apologize for getting graphic. A multi meter that fireman carry is probably the best tool you can have. It shows CO, O2, LEL combustable gases. So, true O2 levels of the aircraft at altitude, meaning don't waste your supplemental O2 if your don't have to. CO level which we just covered and LEL maybe you have a fuel leak. Not to mention it also has H2S reading incase you transport stuff like fertilizer.
  5. Yes, your correct! Your more susceptible to CO at altitude because you have less O2 at altitude. CO binds to hemoglobin easier than O2, meaning that free floating O2 has nowhere to go. Side Note: Supplemental O2 is only beneficial if your in a Oxygen depleted environment. It has no benefit other than maybe a placebo effect on the ground or after a CO exposure.
  6. Yes, I'm in the same dilemma. Paint, Avionics, Interior, etc... My order of operation is not lining up with the multiple shops scheduling as well. Not to mention my work is getting done in three different states. Uhh
  7. Good read... I'm learning something everyday on this forum!
  8. This might not help you out now but I will have one for sale in mid December. 2 blade McCauley
  9. Agreed… A man can wish. My dream is to build a Kitfox and have reverse trust turbo prop. I’m a in the closet bushpilot not that I have ever built or flown a bush plane but it’s in the near future. Just trying to figure how not to work anymore.
  10. After watching one of the MojoGrip YouTube videos on this, I couldn't be more excited. I like different an innovation. Just wondering if this could really be a possibility?
  11. Nope on X51, I live on Key Biscayne and its a little far me. I’m 23mins from HWO on most days.
  12. I know what design I want, I just want to play around with different colors combinations. Ideally would like something I can print out and color in with markers or sketch I can play around with in photoshop. Not that I know how to work photoshop... LOL! I want to create something like this on my own--
  13. Scheme is around $1200 to get started with their design team. I'm pretty sure they don't let you play with the program.
  14. Ya, I'm familiar with that one. I'm looking more for a CAD drawing.
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