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  1. Tach Time just hit 4001 on Saturday. It was just inspected in July 2021 as well.
  2. FYI: Put on by Dave & Ruth Our next event is this Saturday, September 10, at Pyper Kub Cafe at Williston (X60). Fuel price yesterday was $4.81 self serve. All events start at 11:30.
  3. My gear is the only way not to over shoot the runway. If my gear is not down I'm not slowing down period. It takes substantial effort just to drop down to gear extension speed. Maybe people should try coming in hotter, then they will have to use there gear to slow down. I wonder if these pilots are using their speedbrakes on touchdown. 3 miles out I drop down to 900 AGL while reducing power, pull-up to get into the arc to drop the gear and then configure my approach. Half the time I drop the power to low and the gear horn sounds.
  4. Noted, thanks for sharing the Service Bulletin. I was aware of some leeway but not that much, good to know. Me being me will want to go through the torture of getting it exact because what else would I do with my time.
  5. What crazy bent flat head screwdriver or miniature hanger elf do you use to adjust the stop screw on the governor? The lock not doesn't seam hard but the clearance for the screw is tight. My RPM currently will go to 2750+ if I let it. Part of my per-departure check is to pull the prop back a touch before taking off. I was going to wait to adjust this to when I get a three blade but who knows when that will happen. So... Procedure seams pretty easy: Fly WOT everything forward, reduce RPM until 2699 , land without touching prop, adjust stop screw to close the gap, and go fly again.
  6. Dang it… This sounds like insider betting now. LOL
  7. I would bet my bill fold someone didn't get written permission for this one....
  8. The phone call to Mooney alone would be more harmful "in the sense of wasting someones time" than just engraving a logo on a panel. I own my plane and if I wanted to put a Gulfstream logos embroidered on the seats, I'm not asking.
  9. When they are flying missions you can take a look at the storm data. Pretty cool stuff... https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/recon/
  10. Simple, I sheered one off trying to adjust my seat in a Piper back in flight school. Try flying with you seat not locked into the track, it makes for a fun time. I probably couldn't do it again if I tried but its always in the back of my mine.
  11. I'm looking to go to a new MT 3 blade prop and was wondering... Whats my current prop worth? Best place to sell it "MS"? McCauley 2-Blade B2D34C214-B HPSCAN_2021072316151134_2021-07-23_161600096.pdf
  12. I'm going to look further into this now... I know I have a boost pump and not a "continuous fuel pump", POH says its for Starting, Take Off, & Landing. I tend to use it for any flight under 1000 agl and in moderate turbulence. Only in turbulence because it just makes me feel better. I have to admit though, I do forget to turn it back off sometimes.
  13. Thanks for the info... How about the mechanical fuel pump? Any potential signs of diminishing reliability?
  14. Can anyone tell me if its feasible to clean the foggy glass on there gauges? Is it serviceable?
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