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  1. $1.87 at Sams, but still $4.25 at the airport.
  2. Yup, Amazon carries everything. Just seems kind of goofy to order SD cards from Amazon. I guess its the way to go if there is no option for a larger card.
  3. Can you use a larger, 16GB, card in the G3X? Having a heck of a time finding an 8GB card.
  4. The shop contacted me, they still have the panel and will ship it to me, with some other stuff. PM your address, I’ll send it to you.
  5. Are you saying that you get 24" manifold pressure at 11000feet?
  6. All; the servos, TC, VSI and the 700 have people "looking".
  7. It stayed at the shop. If you like I can call them and see if they still have it around and would be willing to ship it to you.
  8. Have flown behind it twice, wow! The 500 is fantastic, and the info available at the “touch” of a finger is amazing. Almost have no use for the IPad.
  9. It’s a WX-950 Series II. Looks brand new, worked great.
  10. Just had new pane installed, removed everything and is now available for sale. Everything in the pic below is available, it all worked prior to removal with the exception of the oil temp gauge in the cluster. I also have the following Roll, pitch and electric trim servos for the KFC 150. The KC 192 control head is fried. Aero Safe Guardian I stand-by electric vacuum pump Replaced the fuel tank sensors with CiES, so now I have four fuel tank sensors available. If you would like more info please PM me, or email at Angelos
  11. Just had my first flight with the EDM 900, I love it. One issue, MP fluctuated from 22.5 to 23.8. Any ideas?
  12. Where can I find the install manual?
  13. Is there a checklist, or something, to aid in the initial checkout of new avionics after installation? My new panel is almost complete, I should be getting a call on the next couple of days that it is ready for pickup. The shop is test flying it right now. The new install includes a 7” and 10” G3X, G5, GFC 500, JPI 900. All this coupled to a GNS 530W, GTX 345, and a KX 155.
  14. Correct, 1997J. Excluding the battery, alt, and master avionics rockers, I only have two rockers left; boost pump and pitot heat. The annunciator provides info not available anywhere else.