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  1. Ok, I maybe the ultimate CB, and do understand that airports require upkeep and that costs money. But...what I don’t understand is why there is any charge if all I want to do is park my airplane for a couple of hours/day on an airfield that has received federal dollars, state/local tax dollars for upkeep. I don’t want any service, I’ll buy fuel if need be (fuel tax), and don’t even want to use the facilities, just a gate to get of the ramp to a waiting car. I feel there should be a limited number of spots available for this purpose. How, or why is there a charge for dropping of a passenger that just walks through the FBO because that is the only way off the ramp (which is how the FBO ensured it would be) ok let me have it, I got thick skin.
  2. thomas1142

    GFC500 Update

    I’ve seen that puff of smoke first hand, not fun.
  3. thomas1142

    Option that KFC 150 is fried

    1.5 is where I am leaning also. The cost seems a bit high based on option 1. Sarasota Avionics has a special on a 750 swap with a 530w for $8.5k installed. I have other quotes for just 2 x G5’s in stalled for around 9k, so that would seem place the GFC 500 at about 20k installed, seems a bit high also.
  4. thomas1142

    Option that KFC 150 is fried

    PM sent
  5. thomas1142

    Option that KFC 150 is fried

    Where did you go for your quote?
  6. thomas1142

    Option that KFC 150 is fried

    What’s the shop? Maybe they can price out some estimates for me also.
  7. thomas1142

    Option that KFC 150 is fried

    The way I was looking at it is that I don’t know/think if it is cost effective to spend that kind of money on a used system that is old in the “tooth” and definetly does not have the capability on newer units. All the other components of the KFC are just as old, so their day is coming also. I saw on some other thread that keeping the KFC 150 unit components functioning (rebuilds as required) would cost more than option 1.
  8. As some might know, my KFC 150 unit got fried. I received a rediculos quote for a replacement which included a core charge that was higher than most avionics units of any sorts. Anyway, I started my search for doing some upgrading. Here is my first reply...(used Bonanza pricing for the GFC 500 since not approved for Moonies yet). Option 1. 2 x G5 plus the GFC 500 $28k Option 1.5 (2) G5 plus GFC500 GTN750 GPS/NAV/COM (trade in the 530W) $ 42k Option 2. 10” TXi, GFC 500 and 1 x G5 with EIS approx. 75K Option 3. 10” TXi, 7” TXi, 1x G5, and the GFC 500 with EIs. approx. $85K What do you all think? Option 2 and 3 are a bit more than I’m willing to go for right now. Any other ideas, and shop suggestions? Thanks
  9. thomas1142

    GTX 345 installed, KFC 150 fried

    Ill definitely keep it in mind, thanks.
  10. Just had a GTX 345 installed, turned the Avionics Master on and smoke started coming out of the panel. Turned out the KFC 150 got fried. I know that the two are not necessarily connected and stuff happens, but what would make the KFC 150 go up in smoke? The avionics shop also installed a GMA 340 and connected all the necessary wiring of a new ELT. All tested good when they finished. It was about three weeks after when I stared the plane that my issue happened.
  11. thomas1142

    Make an offer

    OK, just let me kno. Still available.
  12. thomas1142

    Make an offer

    These items were removed for upgrades. All were in working order prior to removal, the transponder just went through an IFR checkout. Highest offer by next Friday, gets the item.
  13. thomas1142

    Mooney down @ Baker City, OR

    May their memory be eternal
  14. thomas1142

    1 Year Mooney-versary

    Let me also jump on the anniversary band wagon....i have owned my mooney for a bit over a year. In that time frame We traveled to Houston for the birth of my 8th grandchild, was able to visit again for his 40 day blessing, then again before we left the country for the summer. We traveled to Virginia Beach, twice, to watch over our grand daughter for a week while parents attended a Naval reunion in San Diego. We traveled North to see teh eclipse A quick op to the Embrey Riddle graduation Took a friend to Sarasota for a job interview, then flew her to Savanna to meet with her husband Many local trips for lunch (Mobile Alabama is local now) Fantastic year!!!! Best decision I have made in a long time.
  15. thomas1142

    Installation Costs

    I’m considering installing a GMA 340, GTX 345 and a vertical compass card in my 1997 M20J. Current equipment includes a 530W, KT76A, KMA 24 and a whiskey compass. I have been quoted around $4k for install. Is this a fair price? New to the ownership game so I have no idea. Pic of panel to get an idea of what I currently have and what I’m trying to do.