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  1. How long did it take for you to adjust to all the glass v steam?
  2. I don’t think the panels are exactly the same. The area around the gear switch is different. The gear safety bypass button is to the side of the “wheel”. When I measured it the G5 would go below the gear. The avionics shop thought it was workable, we will have to see.
  3. Only what I have read on Garmin of the G3X, GFC 500, and the G5. From my understanding the 7” G3X will revert to a PDF/MFD if the 10” fails. The problem, or not, that is see is that both the 10” and the 7” share the same ADHRS units, so if that fails both units are out of commission. That is when the G5 comes in, with its independent ADHRS and 4 hour battery. I also have back up for getting on the ground in weather, if 530w, with the KX 155. Next years plan is to change out the 530w and the 155 with a GTN 750 and a GNC 255.
  4. Dropped airplane off at avionics shop yesterday. Three to four weeks for all work to be done. Will make a great Christmas present.
  5. I’m dropping of my M20J next week for an avionics package similar to the ones discussed in this thread. Is there anything particular that needs to be done in terms of keeping everything straight so there is no misunderstanding and everyone is happy in the end?
  6. Has there been any discussion on the impact new avionics on premiums? A couple of G3Xs, a GFC 500 and a GTN 750 provide a huge margin of safety and situational awareness that is amazing.
  7. From what I have read, it is not.
  8. I’ve seen that demonstrated in a couple of videos, cool. Would you say that the quality of the sound is comparable in both units?
  9. Here’s a question for the guys with mostly a Garmin panel. What capability (if any) do I loose if I go with a PMA 450B versus a Garmin GMA 350?
  10. Hey Anthony Naw, everyone, one of a kind, great meeting all.
  11. Only 384 pages for the G3X. Read more than once, still digesting all the options. From what I have read, multiple split options are available, 4 different types of inset windows, even a g meter over the HSI ( why you ask, beats me). Also the HSI can overlay Certain data.
  12. The G3X is compatible and will “drive” the 345R, at least that is what I was told.
  13. I have some time to consider this conundrum, seems like there is a backlog of more than six weeks for all my stuff. I really don’t want to keep the 155 and indicator, but have to draw the $$$ line somewhere. I’ll check on the sl30, don’t know anything about it.
  14. Just pulled the trigger deposit made on hardware. Now the true design phase begins. Installer did not see any issue with the exception not everything will fit in the center stack. Will probably have to go to a GTX345R. Cant get rid of the KX 155, and indicator, since it acts as Comm 2 and provides the only way to legally get down through weather if the GNS 530W goes down.
  15. When you split the screen the AI and the HSI stay the same size as if the screen was only PFD. My rational was that when flying an approach I would have the PFD centered on the yoke and the approach plate in the MFD, left side. If the AI and HSI were larger in the full screen format, it might not matter, but since they stay the same size having them right in front of me is much better. I don’t have EIS on the G3X so that space is free. GFC 500 in center stack since the copilot is my wife, rated pilot, takes care of most of those actions. I would want the G3X as high on the panel as possible, head up as much as possible.