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  1. thomas1142

    1 Year Mooney-versary

    Let me also jump on the anniversary band wagon....i have owned my mooney for a bit over a year. In that time frame We traveled to Houston for the birth of my 8th grandchild, was able to visit again for his 40 day blessing, then again before we left the country for the summer. We traveled to Virginia Beach, twice, to watch over our grand daughter for a week while parents attended a Naval reunion in San Diego. We traveled North to see teh eclipse A quick op to the Embrey Riddle graduation Took a friend to Sarasota for a job interview, then flew her to Savanna to meet with her husband Many local trips for lunch (Mobile Alabama is local now) Fantastic year!!!! Best decision I have made in a long time.
  2. thomas1142

    Installation Costs

    I’m considering installing a GMA 340, GTX 345 and a vertical compass card in my 1997 M20J. Current equipment includes a 530W, KT76A, KMA 24 and a whiskey compass. I have been quoted around $4k for install. Is this a fair price? New to the ownership game so I have no idea. Pic of panel to get an idea of what I currently have and what I’m trying to do.
  3. thomas1142

    GDC 31 will it work

    I have seen $1800 price for a new unit. Seems like new would be the way to go.
  4. thomas1142

    GDC 31 will it work

    Can you all explain “STC” to me. What requires an STC? If an avionics item is approved for your plane by the FAA, why is it necessary to pay for the factory approval paperwork. Hasn’t it been approved already? Seems like the proverbial circle jerk.
  5. thomas1142

    GDC 31 will it work

    Not sure I understand this STC business. I buy the unit from a private party, let’s say for $800, then I have to get an STC for the company for another $1200 before I have to pay $xxx.xx to install it. Did o get that right?
  6. thomas1142

    GDC 31 will it work

    I have the opportunity to purchase a GDC 31 for my 1997 M20J to provide GPSS. I have Garmin 530W and a KFC 150 auto pilot. I have asked my avionics guy if all these components will work together and get the desired result, but he seems to be a bit busy at the time. So I am throwing this out to this group for some help.
  7. thomas1142


    Are you sure of the part number? Aircraftsprouce has it new for 336.
  8. thomas1142

    Financing an aircraft?

    +1 for US Aircraft Finance. They were real easy to deal with, nothing to complicated in the process.
  9. thomas1142

    Mooney Summit VI Registration

    Done! Looking forward it.
  10. thomas1142

    Chasing the Dream

    Very inspirational, best of luck.
  11. thomas1142

    Why a Mooney? Let me tell you....

    All flights were accomplished on less than 10 gph. On the tail wind flights it was truly amazing. 30 gal to Houston, about 35 to Virginia beach. Saw ground speeds of over 200mph.
  12. thomas1142

    Why a Mooney? Let me tell you....

    It has been almost a year since I bought it and the only thing it needs is a bulb for the beacon, which is on order. First grand kid came along at 42, we are now on number 9, at 60 years old. Blessings, all of them.
  13. Some of you know I had starting problems in my new to me M20J. Well all that has been taken care off, now my starts take no more than two to three blades. Back on topic. In the lat two months my wife and I made some trips that wouldn’t have been possible with out the Mooney. We took a friend to Sarasota Fl for a job interview. Forced stay for three days due to maintenance. I know, still not making my point. So I will start now. Plane fixed, left Sarasota for Savanah GA, dropped friend off, RTB to NW Florida. Trip time 5 time at least 15 hrs. Next trip was to Houston TX for the birth of our grandson. Flying time 4hrs there, 3.2hrs on the return. Round trip by car would have been 20 plus hours. Returned home for one day then flew to Virginia Beach to baby sit our granddaughter. Heck of a tail wind, flying time 4hrs, 5plus on return (heck of a head wind). One way trip to Virginia Beach is more than 14 hrs by car. Bottom line, without the Mooney these trips would either not have been possible or we would have spent more time on the road than in the visit.
  14. thomas1142

    Depot Avionics Kudos

    Can you share the cost?
  15. thomas1142

    Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    I have a 1997 M20J that could really benefit from a good paint job. Can you share the cost, please. Also what kind, and to what level, of body work was involved in the price?