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  1. Does anyone know of a reputable shop that allows for owner assist annuals near 54J, DeFuniak Springs FL? I have a shop close to Birmingham AL, but that is a bit far.
  2. Congrats! I still remember the day I got my ticket.
  3. Interesting. I get the little vector from targets in the 530W, and I’m pretty sure I see more than 8 targets, I think. We just flew from 54J to Jekyll Island, 079, and I could swear we saw more targets than eight, I’ ll pay better attention on next flight just to verify.
  4. Doesn’t this data come from the GTX 345? I get target trend on my GNS 530W from the 345
  5. Thank you for sharing this.
  6. Haven’t talked to them since I received the quote. I wanted some feedback from this forum first.
  7. Did they also redo your panel? I don’t see any sign of the old engine gauges.
  8. Considering 2 x G5’s, EDM 900, and the GFC 500 when it becomes available.
  9. Does anyone have any experience with Treasure Coast Avionics? I received an awesome quote for installation of some avionics and was curious of others experience.
  10. Panel looks a lot like mine. What are you installing?
  11. Seems like my best option is to stay with Garmin TXi, GFC 500. This will go well with my GTX 345, GNS 530W and 340 comm. I think RMag set up is the closest to my needs/wants.
  12. I was under the impression that the Aspen 1500, 1000pro MFD and the 500 mfd, replaces the six pack. Is that not so?
  13. Eye candy not that important, getting rid of six pack with modern glass—-definitely
  14. I sent the 150 for a repair estimate. I was told it needed to go back to the “factory”. I was offered a replacement unit for $4500 wit a core charge of $16000 ( yes, 16k). That ended my desire to fix the 150. I want full approach capability all the way down. yes, looking to replace the standard six pack with some type of glass, and remove all legacy engine monitors by installing a 900, which I recently purchased. So I guess the left panel will be completely redone.