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  1. I don’t have all of it left, no 700, TC, or ADI. Throw me a number.
  2. Still have most items available, with the exception of the EDM 700 and TC, haven’t been real active in selling them. Let me know what you need.
  3. I had a complete panel makeover to include 2xG3X (10” & 7”), G5, EDM 900 (install only), CiES senders, USB charger, GFC 500 2 new panels cut, and LED panel lights for way less than that. Contact, they did a great job for me. Easy to work with, stuck to their $ estimate, just allow for more time than expected.
  4. Just completed my third annual, first with AGL Aviation. WOW!!! Should have been going here from the very start. Lynn and Tamara’s hospitality is second to none. They opened their home for us as if we were family. It took less than one evening with them to feel like part of their family. Lynn and Adrian are excellent cooks, conversation went well into the evenings, and we might have even gained a pound or two. Now for the annual itself....WOW!!! Being accustomed to USAF procedures of having the T.O./maintenance manual available while doing an inspection, I was certainly pleased when I saw the manual on my wing during the inspection. Let’s not forget the all important checklist, and for older UASF folks that remember SAC, know what I am talking about. Lynn and Nathen completed the annual in two days, took care of items I was not even aware needed taking care, and even put up with my constant questions on just about everything. If you haven’t been to AGL Aviation I would highly recommend you give them a shot. I’m on the schedule for next year already. Oh, got to see a P-51 and T-6 fly while there.
  5. I was in love with Mooney in my early twenties when I first got my PP. Unfortunately/fortunately life happened; wife (#1), two kids, 28 years in USAF, did not allow anything other than drooling. Fast forward wife (#2) sees me drooling over pics of Mooney, reading MS, and talking about a home built. One day she says “why don’t you just buy a Mooney and get it over with”. I think she was trying to give me a heart attack, almost succeed. Going on three years now, best decision she ever made for me.
  6. $1.87 at Sams, but still $4.25 at the airport.
  7. Yup, Amazon carries everything. Just seems kind of goofy to order SD cards from Amazon. I guess its the way to go if there is no option for a larger card.
  8. Can you use a larger, 16GB, card in the G3X? Having a heck of a time finding an 8GB card.
  9. The shop contacted me, they still have the panel and will ship it to me, with some other stuff. PM your address, I’ll send it to you.
  10. Are you saying that you get 24" manifold pressure at 11000feet?
  11. All; the servos, TC, VSI and the 700 have people "looking".