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  1. St, Clair County airport in Pell City Alabama. Ricky Gilmore, he worked at an MSC for more than thirty years. Oldguy, on MS, told me about him. There are three Monies on the field and another three within 50 miles that he takes care of. I have been doing just about everything, with his guidance/supervision. Great experience. He also was not concerned about the low compression numbers, reiterated some of the stuff that has already been said. So far so good, if I get the baffels go material that I ordered yesterday from Spruce, I should be done tomorrow.
  2. The check was done about three hours after shut down. I’ll have him do another once the annual is done and we take it around the pattern a couple of times. Thanks for putting my mind at ease, at least somewhat.
  3. Correction he only took the top plugs out, not the bottom.
  4. Not the same guy. He took all the spark plugs out and then check the pressure via the top plugs.
  5. I have a 1997 M20J and during last years annual all the cylinder compression were in the high seventy. During this years annual three are in the high sixties and one in low sevenths.1600hrs on engine. What could have caused this?
  6. Very nice, congratulations!
  7. Where is the list of airplanes that are covered?
  8. Does anyone know of a reputable shop that allows for owner assist annuals near 54J, DeFuniak Springs FL? I have a shop close to Birmingham AL, but that is a bit far.
  9. Congrats! I still remember the day I got my ticket.
  10. Interesting. I get the little vector from targets in the 530W, and I’m pretty sure I see more than 8 targets, I think. We just flew from 54J to Jekyll Island, 079, and I could swear we saw more targets than eight, I’ ll pay better attention on next flight just to verify.
  11. Doesn’t this data come from the GTX 345? I get target trend on my GNS 530W from the 345
  12. Thank you for sharing this.
  13. Haven’t talked to them since I received the quote. I wanted some feedback from this forum first.
  14. Did they also redo your panel? I don’t see any sign of the old engine gauges.