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  1. During this years annual I asked the mechanic to look into why my defrost wasn't working that well. He snapped this pic which shows the bottom hose (round) of the vent is not connected to the top (square hose). We looked in the parts manual. and could not find anything matching the requirement of round hose going into a square hose. Any ideas? Thanks Angelos
  2. Lowering price to $6000, before posting on eBay.
  3. The original question stands/applies even to those that have a G3X with a GFC 500 installed, and are still learning all the possible configurations that were installed.
  4. The pitch trim servo went out on me a week ago. I was climbing out at 90KIAS when all of a sudden it pitched up like crazy, disconnected the GFC 500 manually when I got to 70KIAS. I wanted to see how far it would go. When I reengaged the AP it disconnected by itself. I have since replaced the servo, so far so good.
  5. I was told, by many of you, that the price was a bit high. Soooo, new price.
  6. Just removed to make room for a GTN 750. GNS 530W, 14/28v, tray, manuals, Nav data card (also useable with Jeppesen downloads), TAWS Terrain data card, Garmin USB card reader. All can be yours for $7000.00. Works perfectly, looks great. The pic with power was on the way to the avionics shop. The face has some “smudges” (don’t know how to describe) that do not interfere when the unit is on. Also removed the KX 155 if you are interested
  7. @MinneMooney any progress on this item. Thanks
  8. @patrickfSo there is a copy of the app for a J model? If so can I get the link. thanks
  9. I’ll check that this weekend, thanks.
  10. That’s what it’s called, thanks. Installed the snubber last annual, no luck.
  11. The manifold pressure reading on my EDM 900 fluctuates about an inch or so. Keeps bouncing up and down the entire flight, has been doing this since installation. It has the scrubber, or whatever it’s called, installed that was to take care of this issue. Any thoughts?
  12. Then V198 to V7 is what you want. FL ATC guys are pretty good at working with you, just ask them for this route.
  13. That was the same setup I used to have. Took me a while to realized how the 530 and the 150 interacted. The KFC would follow the magenta GPS purse perfectly till I came up to an approach. If the approach had a hold the KFC 150 would go off to lala land once I passed the hold fix. I learned that it was best to switch from NAV mode to HDG mode to start the approach, then switch back to NAV or better yet APP mode once stablished inbound on the approach. Other than that the 530/150 combination flew together very well.
  14. Continue East on V198 to SZW, then South on V97 to HEVVN, then Direct to Sarasota, or stay on V97 to Tampa. This route keeps you out of the MOAs (except the Eglin MOAs, no getting around them) which are usually active, and keep you close enough to the coast for safety. This is the route I fly for my trips to Tampa.
  15. Just curious, with those requirements what would you call overpriced?
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