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  1. Formation Flying Clinic

    What a fabulous offer @rocketman. Thank you very much.
  2. When to replace starter?

    Yup, great guys at Monarch Aviation!
  3. MooneySpace Member Map

    Please list me also.
  4. Slick Mag Issue

    Has anyone gone the Electroair route?
  5. Slick Mag Issue

    My magnetos were rebuilt on 5-12-2016, and my mechanic now says they need to be rebuilt again. I have only put 150 hrs on them since that time, can they really go bad that fast. Also told the cost is around 1.2 AMUs to get both rebuilt, does this sound right?
  6. Stuck on Sarasota, FL

    Paid 2 1/2 times that for the part from the factory. You lost me with that bit of info, I don’t know the difference and was stuck with the recommendation I received.
  7. Stuck on Sarasota, FL

    This was my first experience with maintenance issues away from home field. To make the long story short, the problem was the Kissling Relay. The biggest issue I had during this experience was the lack, and total refusal, of Rectrix North FBO to provide any type of assistance. So this post will now turn into a pirep of that FBO. When I first experienced this issue it was 4:20 pm, 20 minutes past the quilting time of the maintenance man. They refused to call him back. The staff call their main FBO office also located on the field, Rectrix Aviation. The main mechanic said he was to busy to drive across the field. I asked for a power cart so I would not drain the battery trying to trouble shoot. I was told it was it was against company policy to provide power. I asked if they power carts, they did, but would not provide them to airplanes needing power, figure that out. I then contacted Dolphin Aviation, they were FANTASTIC. They coordinate with filed operations and towed me all the way across the field to their ramp area. It was now around 9:00 pm. They also had earlier provided the phone number and name of a mechanic. In the morning they towed the plane to the mechanic, when I called around 9:00 am he had already figured out the issue. Problem was that the part was ordered from the factory and would arrive the next day. It did and we were on our way in less than two hours. Sarasota Aviation was also very helpful in this issue. NEVER will I visit Rectrix North FBO. Dolphin Aviation did not charge anything for the tows they provided nor any ramp fees for the night. Dang part was very costly, a tad bit over 1 amu installed.
  8. Stuck on Sarasota, FL

    MX looked at it this morning, found the issue almost immediately; batttery/master relay. Unfortunately part not on hand and had be ordered from the factory.
  9. Stuck on Sarasota, FL

    Update. Good and bad (probably all dad). No more noise, but now I get nothing when I switch the battery on. Connected a GPU, still nothing. We will enjoy downtown Sarasota tonight, MX in the morning.
  10. Stuck on Sarasota, FL

    Beautiful flight down from Destin FL. Enjoyed a couple of hours sight seeinG. Now for the problem. when I engaged the battery switch I got this real loud sound like welding torches. I removed the access panel to the avionics bay just to see if I could isolate the problem, no luck. This happens immediately after flipping the battery switch on. MX Guy can’t look at it till tomorrow. any ideas?
  11. Where do you purchase your oil?

    Yup, Hunter Oil Company. 423-698-4066. The company is based in Chattanooga, TN, so when you call the make sure they are aware that you want to get your oil at Evergreen, or you might make the trip when they are not there. I know a guy...... Anyway... a case of P66 X/C 20W50 cost me $54.32, that includes fees and tax. Courtesy car is available at the airport and warehouse is only 5 miles away.
  12. LOVE my J, HATE starting it.

    Procedure according to Steve Bennet. Mixture and Throttle. Full forward Master. On Boost pump. On for 3. Seconds, then off Mixture. Full aft, keep power full forward Starter engage. As the engine is turning pull throttle aft slowly (engine should catch at the point the throttle is at half to three quarters aft) as the engine catches move mixture in slowly Almost like a flooded start with the exception of moving the throttle while cranking. I'm going to fly around the pattern for an hour or so for practice, stop by the fuel pump and try this method again.
  13. LOVE my J, HATE starting it.

    Update. First thanks to all the replies, definetly gave me information to work with. We flew a nice long cross country from home field, Panhadle of Florida, to Norfolk, VA. What a great flight, the Mooney really shined. On the return trip we stopped after a short 30 minute flight at KMCZ, Martin County airport in NC. It's in the middle of nowhere, has nothing except good fuel price and some of the nicest people we have met. After filling up we had some small talk with the lady at the FBO and proceeded on our way. Guess what, I could not start the airplane. Tried some of the techniques that were suggested. No luck and I was beginning to feel real frustrated. Now for the good part. Out no where here come Steve Bennet with his Mooney, stopping in for some gas. We talked and he offered me a new technique to try. With me in the right seat and Steve in the left seat we implemented his technique, the engine caught and took me by surprise that I was not able to catch it in time so it died again. By this time I had wore the battery down so the second try failed. I was quit frustrated at that time. The lady at the FBO called all over trying to get us cables for a jump, her sister came out with a power pack that they use on a piper, but it was a 12 volt, the mechanic was called and was going to talk another pilot through the processes of wiring two car batteries together so we can jump the mooney. While all that was happening the battery had a chance to cool down so I figured I'd give it one more try. This time I was better prepared so when it turned over I was able to catch it and keep it running. made the flight home at 10000 feet above all the yukey stuff, which made me feel lots better. So off the the maintenance shop. shout out to Steve Bennet and the great folks at KMCZ.
  14. LOVE my J, HATE starting it.

    Boost pump off during the 10 seconds?
  15. LOVE my J, HATE starting it.

    Is it supposed to go past the red line? I get right up to it but definitely do not go past.