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  1. Looks great. I like the paint job and colors. Like everything about the plane. Where will it be based?
  2. J bar casualty: I have not had a new pair of sunglasses in about 7 years....guess I should start shopping...... I always check the area prior to retraction, never thought to check prior to extension.
  3. It can be done...my longest flight as a pilot was in a Cessna 210 and I flew 747s for a living.....
  4. https://www.turtlepac.com/products/collapsible-aircraft-ferry-tanks/
  5. I flew by it the other day. It was down around 2500 feet.
  6. I don't mean to be a smart ass but.... I have almost the same airplane...if you want close to 100% dispatch reliability then you should consider the plane power alternator or whatever the flavor of the month is... you will save on the labor of trouble shooting and this happening again and again....save some weight .......any new avionics may like it better as well..... good luck
  7. There will always be issues, even with open checkbook mx...the only way to ease the pain is to meditate or get out of ownership..... I have owned for 5 years now....wish I did it sooner and I hope to do it a long time further,,,bugs and all.......
  8. can you post the article....not a member of that paper
  9. You are not comparing apples and apples here...... hair on back of my neck standing up....... Instrument rating does not mean you are safe to fly on instruments.........no matter what the check airman or instructor may say or sign you off on.....there are so many gotchas that cant be accounted for in a 2 week course or a checkride..... do not fly with passengers in IMC for a long time if you do this.....not fair to them.......
  10. would be nice if they just answered the phone..................