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  1. Jim Peace

    ST-901 GPSS needed

    I will sell you the brain box for 300. does not come with the switch. I upgraded to the Garmin G5 and no longer needed it....
  2. Jim Peace

    Flap Spring

    After you put the higher tension springs on you will have to turn this screw to slow down the retraction.
  3. Jim Peace

    great trip today.

    flew my 1964 C from Caldwell NJ to Spruce Creek FL today via the Grand Strand..and not one cloud was in the way in over 6 hours of flying in the summer, we did take off at 530am to help out the situation. Not one write up, thank you Sean at C&W for making my bird right after a total botch job by another MSC in the area..... also another shout out for Daytona Aircraft Service for making the panel a dream come true. Plane is at its new home in a great hangar surrounded by palm trees for the foreseeable future.
  4. Jim Peace

    Flap Spring

    can't find the thread but Mooney told me to use: Part number: LE105G09M NSPP LEE Spring I bought it from Radwell International. I remember I had to buy 10 of them and I used two and sold some to a MSC. 47 dollars total for the 10 in 2016. seems like a much higher tension than the factory, but I was comparing a new one to one that was over 50 years old. You may have to adjust the pressure on the flap return mechanism to limit the pressure so they don't go up to fast. Other than that they have been great.
  5. Jim Peace

    LED Beacon- Red or White

    I would go with Red. I did the same beacon, we commented on it at 530am this morning out of NJ...super bright...
  6. Jim Peace

    Flap Spring

    I had this issue and put up my replacement spring that was suggested by Mooney with pictures. Will try to find the thread
  7. https://www.sltrib.com/news/2018/08/13/pilot-killed-when-plane/ Whats next?
  8. Jim Peace

    Under attack

    I just closed today on my single story house and on a 420k value the total premium is about 1700 with a 500 deductible for hurricane. I have the shutters that stay on permanently to the side and you can't even notice them. Key is one story though.
  9. Jim Peace

    Under attack

    Concider spruce creek airport Florida. Over 500 airplanes, no state income tax, less expensive gas and palm trees. House purchase price half off California. A beach that you can actually swim in. Airplane noise is welcomed. An occasional hurricane but my friends who have been there for over 20 years have never had major damage.
  10. Jim Peace

    VNY Van Nuys Hangar for rent/sale

    as of now it has been rented. Sorry,,,if the situation changes I will let you know.
  11. Jim Peace

    If I were in the market for a new Mooney...

    Have you guys ever tried calling Mooney on the phone. The receptionist will answer but no-one and I mean no-one is ever around. Seems like a sham to me, people getting paid for no show jobs. Even though they are a Chinese company they are based in the USA. As you know in the USA the customer is a pain in the ass who gets in the way of profits. I love my Mooney but if I had the money for a new one I would look at a Beechcraft or something else just due to their customer service. Plus it would be so great to open my cowling and take a look at my engine more often with just one lever.
  12. I own a 64c that I bought in airworthy condition. It still cost me a ton of money to make it safe for my family to fly in. Airworthy does not mean safe. They would have to give you this plane for free and then you should plan on 60k to make it right with an engine overhaul, avionics and the corrosion SB, all new hoses the list is truly endless.... Oh an good luck in finding a mechanic who is a craftsman. They are slowly dying off. Many are only skilled at removing and replacing black boxes. Good luck !!
  13. Jim Peace

    EDM JPI 900 time of day displayed?

    just received this email back from EDM support: Jim,Not enough room to display time on the 900. Tim SullivanCustomer SupportJ.P. Instruments Inc.3185-B Airway Ave.Costa Mesa, CA 92626
  14. Jim Peace

    EDM JPI 900 time of day displayed?

    Yes a clock is in my panel. I would like to remove it. Hobbs time is easily displayed when you want it. But I agree it would be nice if the unit had a scratch pad where you could display anything you wanted.