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  1. Do they have a shop where you can fly your plane in and they remove it and keep the plane in a hangar until the project is done?
  2. Don’t forget to figure in 600 some odd dollars a year for OS updates that need to be done if you want stuff to always work the way it was intended.
  3. I am leaning towards the PJ2.... It does not have the ability for 8.33 spacing. I wonder when or if that will be a thing here in the USA. It is a royal pain in the ass overseas. Trying to remember that freq for a read back is a killer....and I have seen it dorked up in the cockpit at least once on every flight.
  4. I have always been charged for OS updates even from the shop that did my install. I had a 10,024 dollar annual in 2020 from the shop that did my all Garmin panel in 2018. They charged me 230 dollars for the GTN and the GTX345 updates.
  5. Do you have a relief tube? put a little of that "oil" on your tongue and see whats its like......
  6. I have a garmin everything panel. Was just quoted 600 dollars to have some software updates and that it would take half a day to do it. Does this seem right? They come out with updates once or twice a year.... Seems like they make their stuff needed like the flightstream 510 not working anymore for nav database updates unless you spend big $$ on some firmware or OS crap... Then next year it will be another 600 dollars? 1000 dollars?
  7. It is nice to be able to transmit. For example, the other night there was a big turtle on the runway during the Friday night show and many communicated that to the pilots. We dont want dead turtles. or turtle brains on airplanes.
  8. I received the following email today from a sporty's rep re the PJ2 <<<<<Dear Jim,I usually see between 20-30 hours if not transmitting.Eric Carnahan,Commercial Pilot CFI-I, MEISporty’s Customer ServiceSportsman’s Market Inc2001 Sportys DriveBatavia, Ohio 45103513-735-9100 ext 316support@sportys.com>>>>>>
  9. No its a thing,,,this is why they make these: https://www.overheaddoorco.com/blog/led-light-bulbs-for-garage-door-openers
  10. Question: I am having new garage door openers installed and the installer says I should use standard incandescent bulbs because LEDs interfere with the frequency. I put LEDs in my moms openers years ago and no issue..... Do you guys run LEDs in your garage door openers? any issues? We need a section on here for non aviation stuff....I find the opinions from people here are way more trusting than other forums and review sites.
  11. That looks nice but I want to be able to transmit at times. It is for driving around my airport in my golf cart and sometimes have to talk to friends who fly in to tell them where to park etc....
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