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  1. Jim Peace

    Gear limit switch locations

    I never have these problems:
  2. Jim Peace

    M20F cargo area dimensions

    747-400,,,took that picture a while back....I think the -8 is a bit longer
  3. Jim Peace

    M20F cargo area dimensions

    What about this for pilots N paws?
  4. Jim Peace

    20C sitting a while

    It depends AIRBUSBOY, are you a captain or an FO. The gear shocks you mention will be the cheapest thing you do to the plane at between 1100 yourself or 2000 dollars with labor.....everything else will eat up multiple months of paychecks. also where is this plane? dry climate? corrosion?
  5. I can’t have a partner. If you are like me and replace or overhaul stuff just because it’s tuesday then it’s a no go with a partner.
  6. I am feeling a bit uncomfortable reading this.
  7. Jim Peace

    sometimes analog just looks cooler

    I took that video about a year ago. I forget. Most likely we were on the lighter side of the envelope. We fly so many types of flights. Full, empty and sometimes as short as 7 to 10 minutes or over 9 hours. Someone smarter and more motivated than me can do the math for the actual rate of climb. VSI was pegged.
  8. I write checks. Works every time.
  9. Jim Peace

    Had a pretty awesome day yesterday

    I flew this guy once from Ohio to Africa nonstop and as he is getting off the plane he says I will see you in a few hours to go to Miami. Told him in my best NJ way to fuck off. Took the crew to the hotel and came back 12 hours later....the guy spent the day in the terminal waiting for us.
  10. Jim Peace

    Had a pretty awesome day yesterday

    I lived that life for over 20 years.....trust me when I say the Mooney flying is so much more fun......
  11. Thats how I earn my Mooney money.....,,,,thank you for contributing to the cause.
  12. Jim Peace

    Vibration M20C

    That’s the only reason my girlfriend flys with me
  13. Jim Peace

    Daytona Beach Aircraft Services

    It all works great...just what I wanted. IMG_8556.mov