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  1. also do the math on the way down....I once tracked a false (high) glide slope into Kona. Went around and better next time. With all the moving map tech out there today maybe you dont have to do the math in your head just be sure you are at the FAF altitude published and depicted when crossing......
  2. Not that I need them but I would be interested in buying some of the lower cowl and belly pieces. Also perhaps the entry and baggage door.
  3. how was the Flagler fly in today? I could not attend even though in my backyard...had to slum it today in a Malibu to Naples...
  4. New transponder showed up and was installed last week....Friend test flew it and all is well..........
  5. I had the same concerns with my panel but after flying it for about 30 seconds you realize its no big deal.....
  6. Spoke to two people at Garmin today who were very understanding of my problems. I am taking back everything I said in the last few days about Garmin customer service. They read my threads here on Mooneyspace and are coming through with a brand new transponder delivered to me this week. Nice conversation about other stuff Garmin and I am finally at peace.... blood pressure starting to drop
  7. CO detector. Many threads on MS about them. Perhaps the most important thing you can do.
  8. I have tinnitus and it is the worst thing I have going on with my body.....hearing a tone as I type......
  9. everyone has headsets on but the child,,,,some people even put them on their dogs..... this is great,,,, get the kid started with tinnitus early on.....he will love you for the gift that keeps on giving for ever
  10. does that mean a higher rated pilot can log the time as PIC being that he will get in trouble just the same? not that I need the time
  11. These are not crew concept airplanes, even if it were there is only one PIC....if it is not an instructional flight I say no way am I as an ATP/CFI responsible for the sole private pilot PIC who makes a bad crosswind landing correction at the last second.... Maybe I did not know of anything...I was sleeping.... Still want to see where this is in writing.....
  12. NO,,,please post where it says that in the regs or past cases? If I fly with a friend who owns his own plane and he is PIC and low time and I am just going to breakfast with the guy and he does something stupid how am I responsible? If that were the case high time pilots would not fly with low time pilots in the left seat ever again..... There are times when at my company an FO can have twice the time as the captain....is the FO responsible for his actions? it's not reflected in the paycheck that way....
  13. Could not get that far in the app without purchasing it....
  14. It totally sucks that I feel like I have to have a subscription to both GP and FF.... If the GP app was intuitive (in all areas) and had geo-referencing on the NOS airport taxi pages I would not have to....