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  1. different animal then....most on here are flying for 200 dollar hamburgers.....
  2. Where do you aim the pilatus at night if the engine fails and you feel like living? Did you fly with NVG's to avoid trees and obstacles that will kill you?
  3. This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I can't believe nobody has jumped down your throat yet on how poor of a pilot you must be..... I would not even want to fly an F16 at night or LIFR....Malibu, pilatus, TBM etc.....or at least not plan to do it Experts in another thread have defined hard IFR....I wonder what they consider Low IFR...
  4. Dont worry Nancy has your back, paid this the other day in Canoga Park
  5. you forgot to flush you will like the GTN 650....and like the above post the flight stream 510 makes life easy if you are an iPad flyer....also great for the nav data updates unless you are one of those people who are only current the day you leave the shop and never again.....
  6. how did you work around the issue that in the data logs it can show 3 or 4 legs for just one flight?
  7. This ^^^^^^^^^^^
  8. reminds me of the thread where the owner was going to just change out one classic nav light for a LED.....
  9. 44 degrees here at the moment in MSP, really not a problem yet.....
  10. Summer came to Florida in the last few days. What happened to spring?
  11. I parked at the FBO no problem,..... Plus the grass is full of uneven divots so to speak that even though my Johnson bar holder is in good shape I don't want to chance it....My plane would be totaled on the spot if it came loose and collapsed.....looking at belly damage and engine and prop work etc. A way to get back home and then doing remote mx....just find asphalt and life is good.
  12. side note: if you are based at a sheltair anywhere else, parking is free at the FBO at SNF....