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  1. This seems like a good option for me when the time comes but does it have to operate so so so SLOW SLOW SLOW... I can see after landing you forget to put the step down after you exit the runway and you remember to do it when you need it at the FBO and you have to tell your passenger to way about 5 minutes before getting out.... Is it any faster than the videos show in real life?
  2. Just a guess....the approach has nothing to do with the runway conditions......in theory if one wanted to fly over from some other airport and practice approaches there they could....just cant land.....
  3. I wrote what happened in a prior post....it was from another forum I am on that came directly from the mechanics brother who was under the airplane..... nobody reads
  4. The story goes: he was working under this airplane when he asked a colleague to put the flaps down. He apparently was not given instruction on which handle is the flaps and which one is the gear!
  5. I dont know why we cant put all incidents and accidents in this one area.....
  6. Has this been posted someplace on MS? https://www.firstcoastnews.com/article/news/local/plane-makes-emergency-landing-at-cecil-airport-after-landing-gear-fails/77-f7734610-c8eb-44bc-bdf8-36aa3f319bda
  7. It was very windy last night....hope it was tied down well.........
  8. A few here get wood when they see other peoples mooneys
  9. my Mechanic did this SB for me in Van Nuys....I have no idea how it was done but it brings back memories....replaced the springs as well...that was difficult being that mooney did not have anymore and they recommended a spring that I though was way to small and strong but it works great.