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  1. your fellow pilots must be so grateful for the end of the work day..... oh by the way...we all put our locations as to where we hangar....yours says FPR...not a class B. BWTFDIK.....
  2. I used label maker then went over the labels with some sort of nail polish or heavy clear coat....been great the last 6 years....
  3. mine is set up for 2650 ....I have the JPI900 I guess I could ramp it up to 2700 but then I would get nuisance warnings....
  4. When I saw the title I thought someone came out with an APU for a mooney.....
  5. I think telling them that I am willing to spend what it takes to service the air easily should be enough. But I guess it’s not. Do I really have to speak to them like they are 4 years old?
  6. I do not think a shop exists that knows how to give me proper tubes even if it takes new wheels...not even a MSC... Me: please install some sort of an airstop tube with angle valve stems that make it easy to service air. I will pay for new wheels if it cant be done with the current ones. Them: Sorry we could not get you the tubes you want. We did put other tubes on and will charge you dearly for them and you will have to live with your issue for many more years. by the way pay us a lot of money....thank you.....
  7. I do not think there is a unusable/usable fuel number.... I plan to land with 10 gallons....I installed a JPI900 and have the CEIS fuel senders....pretty accurate....
  8. I get it but I have asked and no shop has the ability to do it. I am even willing to change the wheels if need be. Why can’t a shop comprehend this?
  9. So some of you may know that with some exceptions I have an open checkbook policy when it comes to mx on my plane. Why is it that a mooney service center and also someone who is considered a mooney guru in florida cannot spend my money correctly. I have asked countless times over the years for the best tubes with angled valve stems. I do not care if I have to change the wheels or what it will cost and yet I cannot get the stems to match or to be like what I want. I hate that I have to use a pri bar to fill my nose and left main. whey cant they be angled like my right main to make it so much easier,,,especially if I am will to pay. Is it beyond intellect? or just does not exist in 2021?
  10. I donated to the forum and still cant post in the for sale section.
  11. Just have it ferried there with those extra fuel tanks.... I did a Cessna 210 once USA to Zimbabwe... Then no need for all this crazy logistics of disassembly and reassembly and the hopes it gets done right. Ferrying is not for everyone though......... https://www.turtlepac.com/products/collapsible-aircraft-ferry-tanks/
  12. I have always said that nothing good happens after midnight so I am usually in the house before 11...I also like to take the outside lane when there are enough lanes to do so when opposite traffic is separated by a yellow painted line... I live in florida so rain is just a way of life and most people know how to drive in it...I do change my wiper blades often and I just relamped my exterior car lights...had a few marker lights out.....
  13. if the W&B is respected and open checkbook mx and professional training every 6 months or a year etc a twin is the way to go. Problem is there are many yahoos at this level of aviation that don't know what they don't know and who load these things up to gross or over gross and want to take it into their 2500-3000 foot strip surrounded by trees etc to impress their friends or family. They skimp on annuals and mx and dont understand density altitude even being commercial pilots. (Telluride accident come to mind?) Understand and respect the limitations of your plane and being professional all the time and the twin wins for safety. If you buy a 40 year old twin you probably dont want to load it to book numbers. take a % off ..... I am looking at twins right now. I like to fly at night back to home base after dinner someplace and I do not want to glide down into the everglades or a dark hole in a single, it kinda makes for a shitty night. Being eaten by alligators would suck and it does happen. I want to fly to the Bahamas and I want to fly at night. I know that flying at night in a single is F ing crazy most of the time so I dont do it. Help yourself out and help your rescuers out and dont do it. standing by for incoming comments that I am full of crap....
  14. The box can be set up to do either VNAV or VNAV calc. It will get switched when doing a major software update etc. You or a Garmin dealer need to go into the meat of the settings and change it from one to the other.... This may give some info:
  15. maybe its just me but I hate this new forum style. I find myself coming here less and less. Why did this new format/style happen and are there any advantages to it I am not seeing?
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