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  1. Cat 2 or 3 approaches it may be required for some ops....but who does that with a Mooney?
  2. Jim Peace

    ADSB Rebate is back $ 500.00

    totally sucks for me, they say it is not retroactive. Mine was installed between programs......I guess it pays to be late to the party......
  3. Your avionics shop was unaware because Garmin is awful in the customer service side of their business.....They do not even give the shops clear instructions on what to do with behind the scenes settings on how to set up the GTN for VNAV after the upgrade. Its all learned on 3rd party forums.
  4. Garmin really has their head up their ass. I spoke to the FAA office where their POI is located for their avionics approval process. Garmin told me the FAA was totally aware of the issue and this FAA person in the office for their approvals knew nothing about it. We should not have to be members of and read Beechtalk to get STC notifications for our very expensive avionics. The last post the Garmin employee put on Beechtalk he wrote that they really do not know what is going on. I reverted back to the old software and will not upgrade to a new one until about 6 months have passed.
  5. GTN went dark on me again today about 4 minutes after takeoff. This time is was out for more than 5 seconds. problem is getting worse. what will be the next time? 30 seconds 10 minutes? Who fills out the NASA report for a pilot deviation? Garmin or me?
  6. Jim Peace

    FAA aviation safety inspector.

    FACT: The local FSDO boys do make up the rules as they go. They have a strange way of interpreting what is written in the FAR's from FDSO to FSDO. If you don't think so just ask any A&P. Some regions will approve a repair or a modification and some will not it depends on the person in the FSDO not what is written. I love that classic story on the fed who wrote up a guy because he thought the had an unreported ground strike. It was just the Q tip propellers. The list is long in that department. I am not saying to be mean to the inspector. Just let them know that a lawyer will be sitting on on the "discussion." It is funny how the tone of them acting like a cop and that they are better than you will change into they are just there to help.
  7. Jim Peace

    FAA aviation safety inspector.

    Bad advice. I would talk to a lawyer....too many FAA FSDO people make the rules up as they go. They have very little oversight from the mother ship.
  8. called Garmin and they are very well aware of the issue of the screen going blank. They are working on a fix.
  9. new post on beechtalk by someone else::::: """"""I experienced the GTN screen going black today. I've flow roughly 5 hours since the 6.50 update and today was the first time I saw the black screen.It went black for 5-8 seconds. Nothing was lost when it came back on and did not appear to have rebooted. When it was "black" it looked like the backlight was still on, just displaying black.I have dual G5's, GTN 750, and FS510.""""""
  10. Will this cause something else I am not aware of to go wrong? How come it is not set up this way to begin with?
  11. Okay I just looked at my install bill and I have the gad29b which is an ARiNC 429 bus I think.....who knows for sure....
  12. I used to be a tech savvy guy. The older I get I just can't keep up and I am not so sure I care unless it costs me money. I know I have dual G5s, GTN 650, GTX345 and the flight stream 510. I know it all works with my Stec30 and I have some sort of fancy slaved compass flux capacitor. I could not tell you anything else behind the scenes. Its all mumbo jumbo to me and I am in the business. Can we make this anymore complicated for middle age men? The parts list included in the bill to install all of this made me cry...not for the money so much as I did not understand half of the terminology and I don't care.
  13. Caution on the new update. Just did the update and had my screen blank out for several seconds during a climb out of Vero Beach today. Just got home and did a search and found on Beechtalk it has happened to several people since doing 6.5. I will talk to Garmin Monday. When it blanked out and came back all the data was there. No need to reprogram. Speculating that it could be that the unit shutdown due to heat? It was parked outside for 2 hours before we got back in it....Although it has never done it before in similar circumstances. I have over 50 hours on this unit since new. Also programed the new VNAV features and got the TOD on the map page but nothing on my duel G5's in the way of vertical guidance. The TOD point came and went.
  14. Jim Peace

    Carb Heat Box Actuator Failure

    I bought two carb heat boxes recently from mooneyspacers.....probably a good idea to keep one or two in stock...
  15. I have the plane power alternator now for 300 hours. Has anyone done some sort of preventative mx yet in this time frame or did you wait until the 5 years or 1000 hours for a send back to the factory?