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  1. All women are slightly different down below....
  2. I had this new throttle cable installed last year about 100 hours ago. I did not really like the vernier control and just went back to a normal push pull type. This cable for sale was installed by a MSC and removed by a MSC It measures about 4 feet long from the black nut and was in my 1964 M20c. Not sure what other planes it can work on. 150 bucks and includes standard ground shipping to anywhere in the lower 48. As is no warrantee or guarantee implied.
  3. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/8d00bd73-7981-4108-b16f-b36098477741#HyHoSIGjJS.copy
  4. This happens on every takeoff for me, especially with the A20
  5. Thank you for the replies. There is definelty something not right with ANR...it is not the godsend it makes itself out to be. Will look at the Halo QT.
  6. I use Bose A20 and LightSpeed recent generation headsets in my GA flying. I fly cargo 757/767 at work for a company that thought it was funny to remove the sound suppression insulation. I am talking loud, 757's that can be every bit as loud as a Mooney, mostly from the packs. At that job I only wear ear plugs and use a company provided Telex Airmen 750. At the end of a long day with someimtes every bit of 8 hours of flying my hearing is fine afterwards. Ear plugs are in the whole time even while on breaks. When I use my 1000 dollar headsets in the Mooney or the Grumman yankee I just flew today my hearing is wrecked even after a short flight. I tried to use ear plugs with the ANR on and for some reason it does not work. The controllers are difficult to hear and get lots of strange interference noise using earplugs with the ANR. Is it just me or does ANR technology just not cutting it? I know the headset itself is more comfortable, no more vice grips on your head but is it healthy for your hearing? I am only 49 and still a long way from retirement and quitting GA....I want to get this under control. I am going to fly with just older passive protection headsets next GA flight with earplugs. See how it goes. I know the controllers may be more difficult to hear but I am hoping that my hearing is better protected in the long run.
  7. Almost everything you do to that panel will be fluff and does not mean much, an iPad can do most of it..... get a CO detector get an engine monitor
  8. Yup.... but you must also consider where you car is parked,,,
  9. You will love the JPI 900. Be sure to change your fuel gauges to read gallons instead of the display you have. I think your oil pressure will be fine once you can check it on a cooler day in flight. Take a picture of it in cruise for us. good job in getting the optional CRB temp. did you consider adding the optional FF? Beware you will get a high fuel pressure indication at times. Its a known issue with the JPI900 and Mooney and their numbers in the POH and JPI not wanting to deviate from the high pressure limits. Some owners have changed out some fuel tubing they found suspect and it changed it a bit....
  10. inclinometer tons of value Turn and bank indicator, not so much.... I only kept mine because it is how my Stec30 works......
  11. I don't use MP for leaning, using the JPI 900 in a 64c I find that it will show the word LEANEST when it is just beyond running rough. Before I had the JPI I think I used to see peak temp before it sounded like all hell was breaking loose...with the JPI it gets a bit uncomfortable before it shows the word LEANEST then I make it 100 degrees richer from what it stored peak temp as.. I seem to get book numbers for FF.... I know this probably does not answer your question,,,hopefully convince you to get a good monitor... get a good monitor and a CO detector...everything else is just fluff......
  12. That would be fine with me except that some normal cruise settings will give you more than 1 hour engine time logged in a 1 hour period. Why put that extra time logged on the engine if you don't have to? As shown below my time gets logged on a JPI 900 one for one at 2400 rpm....I make sure I cruise around 2400 or below.
  13. Not all MSC are created equal......a MSC totally screwed up my air box and carb heat system.....took thousands of dollars on my part to fix it.... they did not care nor were they apologetic...they did however smoke cigarettes during most of their time with my plane....so I had that going for me....