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  1. Jim Peace

    A new failure mode

    An item on on checklist after the runup is complete is: Gear bar retraction area....... CLEAR
  2. Jim Peace

    some sort of fuel leak 1964 C

    I have still not seen my plane since the repair but a friend took a picture of the fuel line that was replaced. Cant wait to fly it to see the difference on fuel flow.....
  3. Jim Peace

    Adding a JPI 900 on the cheap

    It is a very small display and chances are once he gets into this he will get Garmin G5's and all necessary stuff will be in front of him and ever since I got the JPI I focus on that a lot...if it were on the other side of the cockpit it would be harder to see and it is so nice to have the right side clear for the iPad which does a better job than any panel mount display
  4. Jim Peace

    Adding a JPI 900 on the cheap

    I removed all my analog for the JPI 900...you may even be able to have the JPI display suction.... Also put the JPI in front of your face....the display is small and you will want it just to the right of your new Garmin G5's you will be getting....don't forget to flush mount. and don't forget to use CIES fuel sensors for the JPI
  5. Jim Peace

    New Owner, First Plane, 1974c

    The second airbox you listed is way to high in price for what it is...I paid less than 200 including shipping recently for a box that is 10 times better..... You have a big project ahead of you.....I did everything you are going to do and way more....Which state lottery did you win? Make sure you do the SB that checks for corrosion and the SB for the crack in the spar for the flap mount. If there is corrosion or a crack this will cost thousands of dollars and must be done before anything else. Mine had a little corrosion and a crack in the spar....all fixed.... The JPI with the Carb temp and the CIES fuel sensors are the only way to go. Also do not fly without a CO monitor.....there are a lot of threads on this.... Also a 406 ELT is a must OIL analysis is a must, it made me find out that my airbox/air filter needed to be replaced when I did not think it was an issue....oil numbers after replacement totally different. Find an old school mechanic....the new A&Ps coming out of school have no idea what's under the old mooney cowls...... So much more to write but it would take up an entire book....
  6. Jim Peace

    some sort of fuel leak 1964 C

    I am on the road earning mooney Mx $$. I have not seen the repair but was told they used all new parts and may have even installed a new fuel line. It is only about 2 feet and totally accessible. Your reasoningg for the higher FF makes sense. I was getting FF at times around 12 GPH when it should have been under 10. So glad to have the JPI 900. So glad to have a CO monitor. Next step is to earn enough money to have these in a plane where I can open the cowling prior to every leg.
  7. Jim Peace

    some sort of fuel leak 1964 C

    Leak found. It was a ferrule and nut on the electric fuel pump that connects it to the fuel selector. To my knowledge this was last touched about 4 years ago when the pump was replaced. My last few flights the fuel flow has been much higher than normal Not sure if this is the reason but it’s a start.
  8. Jim Peace

    $100 Burger

    I think CMA Camarillo Ca is the best. But for other reasons. ( .)(. )
  9. Jim Peace

    some sort of fuel leak 1964 C

    It is not the fuel pump. It only has about 350 hours on it and dry as a bone with it running. Daytona MSC will take the plane in tomorrow. Lucky they have a satellite office/hangar on my field. Don't have to fly it.
  10. Jim Peace

    ILS vs LPV

    Yeah but can they core an apple?
  11. Jim Peace

    Get a CO detector

    here ya go:
  12. Jim Peace

    ILS vs LPV

    Alert height....get to the alert height and if all components and legalities met and working land...usually 50 feet...if you cant see then still land....the taxi part is real fun....I know this is done with space based systems on drones but when its in the 121 world then I will get serious with GPS approaches...right now they are just an annoyance. Must consider them non precision and do a special briefing etc. ILS is just a normal day..... I get the usefulness in the part 91 world where an airport does not have the budget for ILS equipment and GPS gives a lot more options....but in the 121 world give me an ILS everyday.
  13. Jim Peace

    ILS vs LPV

    true I meant to write AH on an ILS,,,,,,how many space based approaches have an AH and are trusted to land in zero vis?
  14. Jim Peace

    ILS vs LPV

    if there was ever an approach that could be flown below a DH it is an ILS.....below DA or MDA is a different matter....
  15. Jim Peace

    ILS vs LPV

    It may bend due to gravitational lensing...if gravity can bend a beam of photons then I bet it can bend a GPS data....but maybe we all bend with it and its transparent to us? Thoughts?