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  1. I do my mags at 400 hours and I also stagger them by 100 hours. Left one year right the next. just had my left done at : Crossfire Magneto Service CROSSFIRE MAGNETO SERVICE, LLC. 1 BEECH BLVD. PORT ORANGE, FL 32128. 970-672-6505. great knowledge and quick turnaround. Not cheap but what is your life worth? my right mag is going there next annual.
  2. If a C-150 can get in and out of there a C-130 should have no problem.....
  3. All new Moony's will have a large T on the tail......
  4. It may have been this plane: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yucaipa_Companies I know the paint is not exact but it has changed over the years....not sure when the wikipedia picture was taken.... If it is Ron Burkle's then you may see the Clintons onboard.......they travel extensively on it.......airlines are beneath them of course........
  5. I have two G5's but all I have to do is go into a page on my GTN and I can see the info with some inputs....most if not all of the inputs are already there...not sure why it cant be displayed on the G5 somehow and save 500 bucks
  6. When I am rolling for takeoff just after giving full throttle I get 2650 rpm. Occasionally I see the red 2700 ish. I have the jpi900. 1964 C not sure what flaps up or down is doing in your case.
  7. Yup its a great feeling..... Finally got the dust off.......good job....
  8. Many places in the world you need ceiling and visibility.....get caught violating it and you may end up in a foreign jail.....
  9. I had lunch at Bartow today gas was 3.73 a gallon.....great place Parked next to another vintage Mooney like mine....The owner did not bother to say hello though....oh well.....
  10. The best type rating to have is the one that will make you the most money........ You can never go wrong with a Gulfstream type in a G4 or G5.
  11. nice panel....do you still need an iPad to see a sectional or can one be displayed someplace on all that glass?
  12. I live down at the creek with a C model. Have not flown a J in about 30 years. Not sure if I can be any help.
  13. To bad Mooney did not follow this advise......
  14. Maybe if Mooney answered the phone once in a while this would not have happened.