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  1. probably like what it is like at Cirrus now...any other manufacturer could be months.....or longer
  2. yes I get it...the infant mortality stuff etc etc....just trying to do everything I can for close to 100% dispatch reliability..... I am already wondering about changing the battery relay...I read about so many failures in new ones...the reviews are awful...I will carry around my old one just in case Why cant the USA produce a battery relay that works for a long time.
  3. Two G5's adds a lot more value to the airplane than the standby vac. Plus they are a lot safer and do more....Let me spend your money
  4. IMC airplanes really should have three ADIs,,,you need a tie breaker....I have two G5's and feel just okay about it...but I do have an AHARS in the GTX345 that displays on the panel mounted iPAD. The step further it really needs is to have a comparator that looks at the primary G5 ADI and the behind the scenes ADI in the HSI G5...Garmin says there is none....There really should be.. Vacuum pumps fail a lot for various reasons.....toss the vacuum ADI Also as a technique go with sky pointers....its what is in most if not all corporate jets and airliners....makes life easy when the crap hits the fan...the arrow is always pointing to the sky....its all what you are used to but you mind as well get used to the stuff the pros use....
  5. dont want to share anything yet as it is still to recent and I have been on the road for weeks...I understand there is a refund check waiting for me at home I want to cash first.... I may not bring this up again.....Things got out of control one day with me and I let loose on them, stuff I wanted to say for a while....they gave me a very embarrassing day in front of a friend and also messed up two basic service requests they had weeks to rectify but chose not to.....one would have been super deadly.....I got lucky and lived to fly another day..... The immediate change in my policy is that my plane will not be cowled up after a mx event until I preflight the engine compartment myself. Am I an A&P?,,,no but I would have found the issue I had because I always look for what is obviously wrong.....and it was a big no no... As far as avionics issue, more like an electrical issue I have changed out my battery master and the battery relay will be done next week. I would like to know if there is something else between the relay and the buss bar and if the buss bar itself could be changed.....my drawings are at home and I am across the pond...my issue was and still may be that when the master is turned on, nothing happened....just a cold airplane with no relay sounds etc....it may have been the master but I am going to change everything....I have an open checkbook policy my landing gear was fixed with a quick call to LASAR and a master A&P doing the work....
  6. I have it....I use it as my primary even though I have a GTN...just easier to dial in the freq on that radio for some reason....larger display etc... plus I rather wear out that radio and its controls than my GTN
  7. yup....to this day whether its a brand new 767 or 747-8 you will find some pilots with a stratus and foreflight upfront....Its still nicer to have a top down view of weather which is unachievable with modern boeings...my 56 year old mooney can do it with a GTN
  8. just curious, is this a total loss to the owner, does insurance pay out some? what does Alan pay for planes like these? how does it all work to minimize financial damage to the owners?
  9. how is it doing....some of the reviews on that are so hit and miss....high failure rate after not that long in service....you would think these would work for years and years just like the older stuff that you cant find anymore....
  10. I have a three post on the plane.....can I get a 4 post like you suggest and make it work?
  11. I get where you are coming from with this but please understand that being a MSC really does not mean much....they are not all created equal and some may even be really lax in procedures for QC.....