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  1. Yetti

    Panel Plastic

    More than likely the hole the red arrow is point to is for a spanner type wrench (use needle nose pliers- if you break them don't blame me and buy better pliers next time). see if there is not a hole 180 degrees apposing. It looks like standard toggle switch threads. The white wheel is screw on with an allen set screw. You should be able to find a replacement switch on and since you have it all apart get a new switch and keep the old as a spare.
  2. Yetti

    Drone strike

    I Know nothing about crashing quads
  3. Yetti

    Drone strike

    I am betting if the propellers were on and spinning on the drone they would provide some useful deflection capability.
  4. Yetti

    Drone strike

    In the things to worry about catagory Drone strike vs. Turkey vulture strike vs. losing an engine on takeoff vs. stall spin in landing phase and go
  5. Yetti

    SWM Meter Source

    Standing Wave Ratio SWR $250 looks like a good price on one. Using a VOM to make sure the new cable/connectors does not have a short and continuity is a good way to start checks. You know when you forgot to put the SWR in the truck. Can you swap radios.
  6. Yetti

    Looking for a used Pitot Tube

    Hook it up and shake the end of the wing to get some vibration going. J schmatics M20J/M20J/Mooney Service Manuel M20J Vol. 2 of 2.pdf
  7. Yetti

    Landing Motor Loose

    Is the motor loose on the actuator assembly? There should be 4 bolts that hold it on. So all 4 bolts are stripped? Helicoil or tap for coarse threads if fine threads. Or tap for next size bolt if enough material. Best would be to find replacement. Pictures would help
  8. Yetti

    Cracked oil sump?

    I have an antenna behind the oil breather. I clean it then check how dirty it gets. Not as accurate as a Engine monitor, but not bad for rule of thumb. I run my A1A between 5 and 6 quarts. I can tell it needs oil when the oil pressure gauge starts pulsing.
  9. Yetti

    Today's flight for 2018

    I am there with you. I got shoved way downwind and over centerline due to wind. Happens. Just got to keep turning in a coordinated fashion.
  10. The same look when you tell them that you can just jump in the plane and fly where you want without talking to anyone. After the stunned pause. I usually say "you don't have to talk to someone when you drive in your car to colorado"
  11. no one got no money for that kind of control. Funny enough I used to have a hard time talking to tower and ATC because I was asking. Then I switched and started telling them what I am going to do and let them correct me and my comms got much better
  12. I can't find a FAR covering an untowered airport runway. Communicate and work it out. See and be seen. I kind of go into project manager mode and start telling people where they are and where I am and how I am going to integrate with them
  13. Yetti

    Cracked oil sump?

    This is not going to be an internet fix. You need a good inspection camera. If oil is coming out of the seams of the engine, you can see it dripping. If you can't find one of those options, Then it is going out the exhaust past the rings.
  14. Yetti

    Line up and wait

    Well If I keyed the mike and said what was going through my head it would be "Yipee it flys" "yahoo this is so cool" or some other phraseology that is in accordance with my nature.