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  1. One way to combine things is the PS engineering PAR300. Remote mount transceiver that combines with the audio panel. Downside is you lose the NAV side of things.
  2. Trig ADSB bundle with certified GPS receiver is $2800 Should not be that many hours to install. I think I am still under $150 for my STratux
  3. Oh and there was a guy in Conroe Texas that had the Corvette engine in the airplane thing figured out.
  4. Which is fine. While I was pulling out the wires, I was considering if the the wiring loom guy and the Engineer did not have a deal to build in job security.
  5. It's all about where the engine makes it torque on the power band and PRUs. Diesels make their torque in the RPM range that propellers need to spin. You would do better to create an update of the radial diesel engine for airplanes. I think with modern machining tolerance you could over come the horrendous stories about flying behind the Packard Engine.
  6. The system in the link may be fine, but holy cow that is a messy install with a cheap plastic fuse holder that serves no purpose cause it is on the wrong end of the line to boot.
  7. After spending at least 20 hours pulling the com harness and the lighting dimmer harness out of the overall wiring harness. I could totally save them a couple of thousand dollars on over engineered wiring harnesses. The Dimmer board which is located on top of the front wheel well was a marvel of 70s technology with cool plug in 5 amp fuses - 3 of them. There were feet and feet of 6 wire bundles to handle the 3 dimmer circuits. But none of it worked and the panel lights were dark. It was all replaced with a couple of wires and redoing the resistor /switches in place. Of course the powerload requirements for a modern panel are much less than running all those incandescent bulbs back then. Life is happy glare shield light work again.
  8. Why not firesleeve the main lines carrying fuel? Asking for a friend.
  10. The price difference between going whole hog vs a limited solution does not really make sense. Just do it right and be done with it.
  11. Usually land half flaps. I have found that grabbing two handfuls of trimwheel just before the fence will make the nose wheel a soft touchdown. Sometimes it is a bit much to the point that I am pushing the yoke vs. pulling for a quick moment. Which can be a bit discomforting. But as speed bleeds off it makes a for a soft reentry. Transition pilot suggested putting two hands on the yoke, but I never picked up that habit. I think the trim solves most things.
  12. Relays would be elegant, and add complexity and points of failure. A double throw, quad pole switch in the center console mounted sideways with placards would be the KISS solution. Just some wiring and label making.
  13. Throw money at the problem till it goes away. It's a hobby there is no real use for an airplane so more just for fun. Have $10K left after you purchase $2500 to get it home Fix it fly it repeat Oh you live in CA. Just double everything for the rest of country
  14. Certified shops or someone with an IA can install the Dynon Skyview. To meet the STC you have to install the back up D10A and the minimum equipment including the STC for $2,000.00 Mine has been installed under the IA Option. I have spent about $14K so far. To solve primary engine monitoring, EFIS, Flight planning, ADSB-out, Annunciation (It actually says "arriving at destination") VFR Synthetic vision, VFR mapping and the D10A backup AI. When Dynon finishes the Autopilot install for the Mooney, it would be $750*3 servos = $550.00 for the A/P panel. To replace my steam gauges with a 10 inch monitor would be $4300.00. Someone was thoughtful and pre wired for the bigger screen. So cut, plug and play. Assuming my time is free. The best advice I could give is that it is not an instrument replacement effort, but more of reconfigure the whole plane for g1000 type environment.
  15. Said Reddit just prior to the second AWS failure. Netflix adopted a "design to fail" mentality that Says hey things are going to fail, why not plan for it and recover gracefully. They even went so far as to create a chaos monkey that randomly shuts stuff off.