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  1. or you can do the headlamp with lots of power. I bought one of these and kind of liking it.
  2. And you don't have to be sandwiched in between SWA 737s.... just slightly intimidating.
  3. Yes there. Work it in. capillary action will take care of the rest. It's only a couple of feet long. Besides what you see is the part that gets wet.
  4. Oh and put some triflow on the vent cable. I keep forgetting
  5. Is there water on the back seat or is the carpet wet at the base of the back seat? If no. Carry on.
  6. Or just use the thing that is used on engines for screws/bolts that is known to be hydrocarbon repellent. Permatex 3 which is also aviation specific.
  7. There are about 5 u joints that are in need of a good cleaning and greasing. Also the chain on the trim wheel can be junked up with hard grease.
  8. Or check to see if the line broke at say maybe one of the connections. Reflare the end and retighten.
  9. I thought that would be a problem considered getting some of these.
  10. If there is no one in the seat, the seatbelt is fastened. If someone is in the seat the seatbelt is fastened. problem solved.
  11. From when I used to ride bicycles at night there was a bunny retina searing LED that came on the market at called a majic shine. Every year I order some flashlights and sometimes give them away for christmas. Some of the 1200 lum ones are good for finding the cats in the pasture at night. One of the bright ones stays in the plane for a back up landing light. Then a couple of the free led ones from HF also stay in the plane.
  12. Possibly, being that near the runway there is a really small chance that another plane would be there. And Turning right would be mostly a blind turn. way more visibility to the left. and I announced it.
  13. I think it was the POH that says no turns in the pattern under 90 mph without the flaps out. seems like following the POH is what we are supposed to do.
  14. I was too lazy to weld a link on a plate then find the Hilti hammer and pop it onto the floor. Moveable is better because you move it to the plane vs. moving the plane to the tie down. Those bags of sacrete stay there year round. They are out of the way since you can't walk under the horizontal stabilizer.