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  1. Factory reman is just a bunch of in spec parts assembled. But you do get the 0 in the log book. I would rather have a known history of parts.
  2. Powerflow on a FI Mooney is not going to do much. Start with a Dynon Skyview 7" Screen Engine monitors
  3. So Bonanzas have an option for a flare dispersal system It used to be that for commercial ops you had to be able to drop some flares to see where you were landing. Then the story about how someone got their nick name when they started a forest fire. Just seems like a good option to have. Person too close in the pattern. deploy flares.
  4. I was thinking more like a plastic gear that holds the airplane in the sky. Semi constant maintenance, Long term reliability as a 2000 hour TBO vs 500. which would equate to 4 rebuilds on a traditional mag. Tell me again last time you replaced and adjusted the points in your car. But hey you be you.
  5. probably should pick up some Fram G12 filters to replace that filter and some vacuum tubing from the same store.
  6. That's not the only benefit to being able to advance or retard the ignition.
  7. Finally someone got it. :-)
  9. Shirley if you mess with them the coasties will come shoot you. There is one for the Houston Ship Channel saying you can't be there without checking in to channel control.
  10. Shirley there was a Notice to Mariners....
  11. I believe the original Star trek Enterprise did too.
  12. Per Brittian the red seems to break more than the other lines.