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  1. Yetti

    Tempest fine wire - issues

    Lots of motorcycle riders and race car drivers ride bikes to get into shape for racing.
  2. Yetti

    Tempest fine wire - issues

    Started with riding the MS150 around 1998. Progressed to some racing mtn bikes and cyclocross around 2000 to 2008. I used to be able to do 100 miles on the road no problem. I did Ride the Rockies and RAGBRAI in consecutive years. The year I did Ride the Rockies (highly suggested ride) I put 12,000 miles on the road bike. Most mtn bike racers learn that they have to do the road miles to get better. Interesting side note, the Yetti name comes from a road ride where people were drafting behind me. One person said it it like drafting behind a Sasquatch. I replied with Oh no I am the Yetti and we are from the northern tribe, we don't associate with the southern cousins. Most people say it is more like drafting behind a city bus. These days I do more walks and some gravel riding. This would be folks sucking off the yetti draft in Durango
  3. Yetti

    Tempest fine wire - issues

    Per the data people here is the control HR logging sample for Tuesday on the flight out to Midland. There were 2 take offs first about 1:00PM second TO about 2:16 pm Regular takeoffs on Tuesday were around 90bpm and stressful take offs on Wed are about 100. Pushing the plane back into the parking spot was the peak at about 120
  4. Boat cushions. Like the throwable PFD class IV ones add about 2 inches of thickness without compression.
  5. Yetti

    Tempest fine wire - issues

    it was 145 doing a walk in the heat this morning.... My resting is around 55. The guy that was with me said he thought we were closer to the field on downwind than the track I drew. I recall wanting to be close if it went worse again. I recall it being one of the shortest finals I have done. Power off 180 practice is a good thing.
  6. Yetti

    Tempest fine wire - issues

    Hi John Thanks for reaching out. I left a voicemail and will be shooting you and email soon.
  7. Yetti

    Tempest fine wire - issues

    So the only recording instrumentation that I had rolling was the fitbit. Looks like we had a peak heart rate the time of the incident and then the second take off around 5:00. I do recall being a bit apprehensive about the second take off. Had done several full power ground runs and a fast taxi.
  8. Yetti

    Tempest fine wire - issues

    In 2016 we put the Champion BY plugs on the bottom they are massives and have the longer electrode than the regular massives to help with oil fouling. The other A&P said "yep that is a good course for older engines" I like second opinions for Engines. This year at annual based on the condition of the Fine wires, compression, and hours flown current running condition, it was decided that the bottoms did not need to be serviced. Based on the inspection yesterday, the bottom plugs are still good 3 months after the annual. So for that part the IA made a good suggestion. But let's keep the focus on the center electrode falling out of the $76.46 spark plug. The offending plug is preserved in the plastic sleeve that the new champion came out of. I forgot to grab it yesterday so it is still in the plane. The packaging method that is used for sparkplugs would seem to be pretty good for preventing damage.
  9. Yetti

    Tempest fine wire - issues

    Well the mechanics that I was talking to were 2.5 Mooney hours away from home base. The grumpy IA also has a proclivity to not like Tempest. The plugs have a know history, with personal experience. Purchase Tempest in Nov 2017 from AS, Installed on Top, I installed them from their plastic wrappers. So no damage there. No drops. Used torque wrench I removed for the Annual in Feb 2017, IA, A&P assistant and I did the compression test. I reinstalled them. Went from cylinder to spark plug tray and back to cylinder. Used torque wrench I removed them for the Annual in Feb 2018, IA and I completed compression check of 79 for all cylinders, Rotated and installed. Bottom Champion plugs not touched. From cylinder to tray, back to cylinder. Used torque wrench
  10. Yetti

    Tempest fine wire - issues

    Thanks @jonhop I would be interested to know about what date you purchased yours. Departing Midland Airpark on runway 16. 3977 feet About 3:30 PM a bit of a cross and a DA of 5000 per the Awos Field Elevation of 2800 We marveled at the jet that had just departed 7, since it was downwind 5571 feet. Myself and a co worker who is also a pilot with overnight bags, we had flown in for a meeting on Tuesday. FBO had topped off the left tank. This is the first time I had done unattended fuel refilling. We sumped tanks and collator. I smelled the fuel both at the cap and the fuel sample. We departed gained altitude then the power went way down. I asked my friend later if I pushed over immediately and he said yes. There is no place to go off the end of 16 So I either had already started my planned turn to the left, or I turned left as I knew there was at least a tank farm to get to He called emergency on the radio as there was another inbound plane. I was not real aware as I was in fly the plane zone. The engine started making more power but still running rough. I thought about 7 my friend said it was downwind. In retrospect, I probably should have taken it. Power was still ok but not normal We were just over the highway and really close for 16. Threw the gear down and full flaps. Realized I had some power in pulled it out. Made some radio call about putting it down on 16 Over shot to the right, then overshot to the left, did some "pilot stuff" near the ground and landed about mid field pretty much on centerstripe. Rolled to the end taxiway. Engine still running rough. Went back to the ramp and assumed fouled plugs and worked to burn it off. Started running better, but still not right. Epilogue Found very nice mechanics on field. Talked about full rich and density altitude of 5000 feet was probably the cause. Asked if I could borrow some hanger space to pull the plugs Pulled all the plugs found some balls down low on the lower plugs which are champion REM37BY put in Feb 2017. Dug out the balls Found the center electrode missing on cylinder 4. There are tempest fine wires installed November 2016 with about 90 hours on them Replaced plug with new Champion massive that I carry Sumped tanks and colleator again. Still all 100LL recowled and ran up. Run up was fine Paid for hanger time Ranup and did fast taxi fought a headwind home. When you are flying the same direction the Wind Turbines are pointed, then there might be a headwind. Thankful for the last BFR where we did a couple push overs when he pulled the throttle. My coworker decided he had enough for that day and flew home commercial. There were storms in the Houston area and flights were messed up so I beat him home. Best I can tell the 4 cylinder went away with a bad plug top and a fouled plug bottom. Did not have a camera, phone was not recording track, so the flight path on the picture is hand drawn to the best of my recollection. Fly the plane, fly to the most options.
  11. Yetti

    Interesting Ice formation

    If it was not hard to close and you can cant it like that without hammering down the lever, then it probably is not adjusted properly or your big oring is beyond its useful life.
  12. So has anyone had the center electrode fall out of a Tempest Fine wire? It caused a bit of excitement on departure today. Purchased November 2016. Looks like I have about 100 hours on them. Long day, pictures and details tomorrow. The shop that was very helpful all the mechanics were not fans about Tempest plugs or filters.
  13. Yetti

    20C sitting a while

    Engines even from the factory are a crapshoot. There have been many factory engines that need work 300 hours after leaving the factory. A factory reman is a combination of old parts that was still in spec. There is a time period of early 90s to early 2000s that cams were not so well done. Make sure the spar has no corrosion. Look into the wheel wells, under the rear seat. See if the tubing has had the SB done on it. Buy it thinking you will spend 10K on it and fly it, it will put a smile on your face. these are simple machines. Nothing hard to fix on them.
  14. Is it rumored that the Husky brand of wrenchs and sockets are built by snap-on. Their fit and finish makes if believable.
  15. The grumpy IA and the other A&P both have ground down sockets. the other place to use them is on the Electric gear actuator pulling it out. But I think that one is 7/16