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  1. So much goodness. I carry a 950 lum from several years ago in the plane. I could use if for a landing light if needed. Looks like they are brighter these days.
  2. Try takes awile to get them but they have some retina searing ones
  3. Tachs come and go. Hobbs come and go. Total time is the summation of all those comings and goings of the recording devices.
  4. I have started pointing to the floor and checking the gear, then point at the green light. It gets done several times. On short short final when I am hanging out, gear gets checked one more time.
  5. If it only carries 1 person, why does it need the weight of 2 doors?
  6. Once you attach it to the ships power (which would be easy to do with the eyeball light if you have one) it needs an STC Because you are changing the type certificate. Every person who inspects the plane will question them because they are not standard. You would probably be better off getting some of the old torpedo lights from a 60s Mooney and converting them to LED. At least they are on the Mooney Parts list and there is some lineage to Mooney. Or paint those black so they look like the ones that came from an old mooney.
  7. If you have ever seen a quad copter lose a motor or a propeller, you would be sure to never ever get in one of these
  8. Finger screens catch alot. This one was signed off as airworthy less than 10 hours prior to being cleaned for real.
  9. They look goofy as hell so I try not to evar be seen with one in public, but they sure are handy as all get out. Doing things in the attic rate high up on the list where they are incredibly useful
  10. This thread is about landing attitude.... not the position of the plane, but the mindset of the pilot. As you are on final what is going through your mind? Is it "ya I got this" "do what you were taught" "make it a good one" "centerline is the centerline" "Oh wow this runway looks small" "show me some of that pilot stuff Mav"
  11. Needs more adel clamps/standoffs :-) Not sure I would run thermocouple leads with the spark plug wires. Seems like a recipe for bad telemetry. Make a separate bundle.
  12. You mean like needed one of these. And I am concerned that Amazon knows what kind of motorcycle I have... And no I am not suggesting using non PMA parts on a certified plane. I just think it is interesting to know the lineage of the parts that can take us far above the safety of the ground.
  13. So for my Landing gear actuator I found information on a tractor forum. Is this the same glass bowl the older Cs have? Like off a Ford 8N tractor?
  14. From my dad who is not an engineer, but used to race power boats. Think of engines as air pumps. get air in and get air out. think of things that make it a better air pump.
  15. Dukes vs Weldon. The old Dukes would grenade their plastic parts and then send them on downstream to the engine. So there is an SB to add a filter to keep that from happening. It is the silver thing in the lower left of the top picture. I am glad I found that I have a Weldon. Upon fix repair replace. Make sure the check the finger screen on the servo and the inline filter. Someone will be along to post the SB. And now the AMUs to switch to weldon don't seem so bad do they.