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  1. Texas I do owner assist. I am usually very sore after, sitting around doing keyboard all day is not the same as rolling around on the ground. It can be 5 days of work. Mine have all run under one AMU per year for inspection, I usually believe the IA does not charge enough so write the check for more. There is about 200 to 500 in part getting ready for it. I would have to guess I spent 7500 when I first bought the plane 3000 for engine work 2000 for Brittian system 300 for tires lots of parts List from this year
  2. SB's and AD's

    The FAA website also has a list that you can run
  3. It's 8 real screws. The rest are camlocks. on a 75 F
  4. $75K would land you in F territory. You should have 10K after purchase to fix things. There is a cost of acquisition is about $2-5K. If I told how much my annual cost me this year, I would be hated. I don't think I could afford a plane in CA
  5. Need a bit of help with value.

    0$ It's not shiny. No knots added.
  6. Notchy trim diagnosis

    Not going to follow the recommendation of someone using the wrong tools for the job. The flat jaws of the vice would have never held a stuck pipe. That is what chain vices are for. And the adjustable wrench was wrong.
  7. Engine washed. I am going to say the oil was leaking from where the permatex is coming out on the second picture. Don't know which is better passing annual or the Flight Review. I got the "we really need to find something wrong with so they can tell I am doing my job" It was a rewarding return to service flight.
  8. Electrical Problem - Please Help

    If you had wires rubbing it may have taken out a previously checked componenet
  9. Electrical Problem - Please Help

    did anyone check/replace the breaker? They wear out. This is what I found when I pulled the breaker panel. Look at the 2nd CB down
  10. Bulb removal

    Mine is a built in December 74 labeled 75 model and there is a switch below the Mixture lever on the throttle quadrant. Could have been an option? maybe? I believe it is talked about in the POH
  11. Bulb removal

    I guess if I was enterprising, I would take the GE330 socket, unsolder the old bulb and then solder in a 330 ohm resistor and an LED of my liking.
  12. There is no lettering on the wire so it is not stock Mooney.
  13. Today's flight for 2018

    Post annual RTS flight Good to be in the air.
  14. Bulb removal

    Also have a switch that can select white or red panel lights.... blue light along the glareshield is Landing light
  15. Bulb removal

    Since I now leave my landing light on all the time, the Landing light Annunciator gets awfully hot