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  1. Yetti

    SpaceX restricted airspace

    The City of Houston is thinking to spend money on a spaceport at Ellington. It's interesting because downwind/downrange is a bunch of refineries. I mean I think they call it down range for a reason.
  2. Yetti

    Fixing my Stratus

    Speaking of which I've never had a power plug issue with a Stratux. I did have the undtermined issue, but just replaced with a new $35 one, which fixed the dongle issue since the 3 has the wifi included on the board.
  3. Yetti

    Slide in KX155 replacement

    From the old pinball world.
  4. Yetti

    Slide in KX155 replacement

    From my internet searching, the conversion from gas plasma to LED digits is not an overwhelming task
  5. Yetti

    Fixing my Stratus

    How mad would you have been if you opened it up and found a Raspberry PI
  6. Yetti

    Engine stutter on right tank.

    Clean the tank pickup screens, clean the screen in the bottom of fuel selector, clean the finger screen on the fuel servo. Report back
  7. Wally world and a $2.00 can of contact cleaner
  8. Yetti

    Intro and Hello

    There is a breather tube on the pilots side by the wheel well that will tend to drip oil after a flight. This in normal behavior It is just marking it's spot
  9. I found $3600.00 to spend in the picture. $600 for shoulder harness. $3000 for ADSB.
  10. Yetti

    Intro and Hello

    1) I check the gear about 4 times. The gear goes down at the threshold or 3 miles out. If you are too fast and you can't slow down your gear is probably still up. They make great energy management devices. Speed brakes. 2) HI! 3) Landing 15" MP in the pattern don't touch the other two knobs. Gear down, flaps as needed, throttle as needed land the plane on the centerline, not an 1" to the left or right 3) Probably got left unlatched during take off. If that happens to you don't freak. Keep the plane slow land the plane, 4) Other than the long bodies because of weight and horsepower they kind of all fly the same. Sit on the runway before take off and get a sight picture of what it looks like to land. Then do that 5) When were your windows done last? 6)There is a hatch on the roof that is for the top ventilation system. It has a drain. Make sure the drain works. Get S&M manual. 7) Manual extension is required at annual. 8) You are welcome. We will be here all week, tip the wait staff.
  11. Weather is fixin to be sucky for a couple of days. But I may be able to do a look over before the pre buy.
  12. It was windy so I did a no flap landing today. 90% of my landings are 1/2 flaps. The flaps only add about 3 knots to the stall speed. Start with the limit switches int the belly. Last panel by the flap torque tube. Try wiggling them and see if they start working. That usually means limit switch.
  13. Yetti

    M20J oil pressure anomaly

    yep. When mine start pulsing, it's time to add a quart.
  14. $2.00 can of contact cleaner from Wally world
  15. It's a momentary on button. .... yours is not functioning properly