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  1. No. Power ratchets are a bad idea. You are going to tear up lots of things and break lots of screws. That said I pulled most of my screws with a dewalt drill set on a very low torque setting. drills don't ratchet. If things started to go south, I would switch to a snap on screw driver. Hand starting screws is the best way to keep from screwing things up.
  2. It's either up. OR down and locked. It may or may not have been opened on take off once. I can reach back and push on it to check it from inside on.
  3. I torqued my silicone gaskets to spec. After carefully cleaning the old ones off. Then the grumpy IA came up and put a screw driver on them. So I had to glare at him. Still have not leaked. The drain tubes are another thing.
  4. I can't think of a place where it is less than 4-6 inches using the factory routing.
  5. from the useless knowledge category. You can tell the voltage from how long the insulators are. The insulators are just a bit longer than the voltage can arc. So put a 5 foot person closer than the insulators are and you with have a nice arcing show. BBBBZZZZZZTTTTT
  6. The altitude alerts were issued after the "frequency changed approved" So even though he might have been moved, ATC was still watching and doing their best.
  7. 26 minutes Approach issues a low altitude alert. Twice. 30 minutes sounds like they were seeing if he landed. 30 minutes new controller came on.
  8. y'all have not been around computer and it shows. Netflix created this idea of design to fail. Then they created a chaos monkey to test out their design. https://netflixtechblog.com/tagged/chaos-monkey The title of this thread is telling. Bad design. When you do redundancy you do it for all systems. Power, avionics, etc, redundancies in my plane. Tablet, Phone, Wisky Compass, hand compass. There are two main screens and I know how to switch them to PFD. Then there is the D10A All three screens have batteries. several Flashlight to see the airspeed and TC which are still steam. Hanheld com radio with VOR with headset adapter. Redundancy is separate systems that don't rely on each other.
  9. full flaps makes you in not as good a position if you have to do a go around. flaps don't land planes. Pilots land planes.
  10. It's like adjusting mechanical disk brakes on a bike. The problem is it is Bowden cable like on an old choke cable. Clamps for Bowden cable are iffy at best. So I believe there was some safety wire creativity used on mine to make it stay. All work was performed under the watchful eye of the grumpy IA.
  11. flap people flaps. If you land full flaps you will have more nose up trim. If you land half flaps which seems to be my thing in the non spring time Texas windy gusty (none or half flaps in the spring) I am landing mostly half flaps. Half flaps will put you about take off trim. Full flaps will put you with lots of nose up trim. In an F model YMMV
  12. If the fuel leaks are around a screw in an inspection tank access port taking the screw out and applying some Permetex 3 will probably take care of them. Post pictures of the control surfaces.
  13. Not a 172, My wife who is prone to motion sickness would always be quesye in a 172. Suck on ginger candy to help it. Never once experienced motion sickness in the Mooney. I think it is fat wing thin wing kind of thing.
  14. Nail polish remover is Acetone. Don't do this, but some more gas and then light it will get rid of it. Most people pressure wash their concrete too much and take off the protective layer. I would try Goop hand cleaner. Do the belly while you are down there.
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