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  1. Yetti

    Plane down on Lopez Island ??

    You can do a power off landing with 30 degree bank turns. Get flaps in before you go below 90mph
  2. Yetti

    Twitchy oil pressure

    Starts when it gets below 5 quarts
  3. Yetti

    Twitchy oil pressure

    You may need to add a quart of oil. Mine will do that when it needs oil.
  4. Yetti

    Great satellite cloud map

    I have been tracking with for a couple of months. We used it for one flight and it was spot on for clouds and dodging afternoon texas storms. It also did really good for a semi tropical system that moved from Florida giving a pretty good 3-4 day forecast.
  5. Interesting enough shooting a civilian plane down would be a pretty clear violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. So it is probably not to be taken lightly. Also just cause you missile or gun the plane down it would be really hard to tell that it would not land on some person or the gun fire would not take out an innocent bystander watching from their lake cabin. I think they were trying to work him out over the ocean. It was interesting that the controller was trying to get him down or do other things, he would just say "yeah" and keep with his plan.
  6. Yetti

    Articulating seat
  7. Yetti

    LED Beacon- Red or White

    I have always wondered... on boats the nav lights get bigger with the size of the boat. On airplanes they pretty much seem the same from the smallest to the larges.
  8. Yetti

    Fixing a door seal coming loose

    The door sill is Aluminum. At one point I polished it. It probably needs to be polished again.
  9. Yetti

    Mooney down @ Baker City, OR

    From the map it looks like they were really close to the airport. This makes me sad. Peace to the families.
  10. Yetti

    Fixing a door seal coming loose

    get some weldwood contact cement. brush on both sides. Let dry 10 minutes. Stick together. Good as new.
  11. Yetti

    starting engine de-cowl'd

    On our engines the aluminum tube that come off the rocker arm area is connected to the case haves with with rubber hose and 2 clamps. The original were thumb screw, some people replace with a hex head so they can put a flexible shaft socket drive to tighten up. Most of the thumb screws if positioned right way can be tightened with the right size socket. I think it is a 1/2 or 7/16. They were designed for thumb pressure/hand tight so don't go crazy. Usually you can take a flashlight and see where they have a drip on them after sitting. Also the rubber hose gets old. I replaced all my rubber hose 4 years ago and still have to tighten up the clamps every now and then. It may also be that your pan or case halves bolts have loosened up. I can buy lots of cases of oil before paying for an engine overhaul
  12. Yetti

    cleaning inside cowl

    Goop hand cleaner and a roll of blue towels pretty much can clean the whole plane. And then you hands get cleaned too.
  13. Yetti

    M20K Rocket Wing Damage

    This one is like one that has gone underwater. It will never be the same. There is no way to check for all the stresses the wing and attachment points. Someone should pull the data plate off the tail and turn it into a playground toy. I could not see any IA signing off as airworthy EVAR/
  14. Yetti

    starting engine de-cowl'd

    How old is your engine rebuild? There are a couple places to check. The oil return lines from the Valve cover gaskets. The dipstick tube gasket. The engine halves. The cylinders.