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  1. get the fluorosilicone O rings. It's a safety thing.
  2. this is the plug for it. I just soldered some cables on it and use a 12v battery. Then charge the 12v battery with a regular charger. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/elpages/jumperplug.php
  3. The one picture I saw was Nose bent in and left wing damage indicative of a stall spin. Maybe tried to extend the glide too much.
  4. That's it. And the lid to the battery box. Assumes your battery is in the back like the rest of the 75. f. A decent sheet metal AP could build the access door. It is wired so the battery is cut out of circuit when the top of the three pins is energized. Will send schematics when I get home.
  5. my 75F has one on it. You might try the salvage yards. It's a relay, female connector and brackets that attach to the top of the battery box. Also might get the battery door for the little hatch door. Try Greely colorado salvage yard. They had an F they were parting out.
  6. having ADSB in on the Skyview big screen is quite entertaining. I watched helicopters working a fire yesterday. I think I learned a thing or two about the skyview yesterday.
  7. The last two engines that I know of that had this symptom were stuck/broken oil control ring. One of the cylinders ended up dumping lots of oil out. Walnut shell blasted the cylinder clean to get the coking off. New rings. Kept flying on that cylinder.
  8. Switching to LED and needing to flash/strobe them. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SHO-ME-STROBE-STYLE-LED-FLASHER-11-1005SF-27-Flash-Patterns-/114479537228
  9. Hard landing? You have a couple of leaks. The access panel Which might just be the screws. I would take the screws out one by one and put some permetex #3 on them and replace. a small amount is all you need. If you gunk it on you risk popping the covers off the screws inside. If they are really gunked up inside the in the plane threads you want to clean them out. use a small screw driver in your hand. The weep holes is coming from someplace else. I found that replacing the fuel sender gaskets from Brown Gasket company fixed those. You might just need to tighten them up. Look for the last access panel on the front side of the wing (underneath) to get at the outboard sender. The other one is in behind the side panel.
  10. I would. Put on jacks swing the gear. Check the props for nicks evidence of being hit. Since it turned in direction it is supposed to should not be an issue. Check the cowl. Check the attachment points for the cowl for stress. If there is none then the plane moving absorbed the impact. Check the tire for flat spot. Don't have any letters behind my name, but still responsible for the maintenance for an airplane.
  11. Nope is has a stern light on it. Anchor lights are up higher usually middle of the boat and shine 360 degrees.
  12. I laugh at your diminutive poll.
  13. The ones that are not your anchor lights. You know port and starboard.
  14. Need some strobe/running lights
  15. Run baby jar test. Have fuel servo rebuilt along with fuel divider and injectors. Assuming you leaned for takeoff. Our 300 ft airport had a DA of 2500 feet the other day.
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