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  1. oh this one would be more fun for moving stuff. Might not even show up on radar.
  2. Just for the record I can see the flight school moving a plane so they don't have to worry about one of their students wacking it and having you mad at them for that.
  3. Check your nose truss. If there are dents, you get a new one for free.
  4. And some foam board. Load it with drugs and done.
  5. It has been soooo done for a like 5 years
  6. Why fear the overhead break? It's in the AIM. Has a purpose. Safer than going out and spinning around to do a mid 45 entry. I always try to fly by minimizing exposure. Same with not putting my self in front of cars on bicycle or motorcycles. We were 20 degrees off doing a straight in. So the options are straight in final. Overhead break, fly way out and do a 180 to mid 45.
  7. so in a prior life, I was a bus driver for the Town of Vail during the winter. One of the stops you had to pull off the feeder into the Library parking lot. It had just started to snow, I was coming in a bit hot. I ended up powersliding off the feeder. corrected then started swapping ends the other way then back and finally straightened up just as I got the door to the line of people. As they were getting on "y'all are still getting on after watching that?" One guy "meh looked like you had it under control" Then there was the time when I almost smushed 2 people into the Dobson ice arena wall because the bus was sliding.
  8. There is 9" between you and $30K and 6 months of not flying. Choose well!
  9. There are far less pilots than PHDs in the USA.
  10. In the pattern I don't believe in right of way. I believe in all of us work together to not bend metal
  11. Seems like a pretty good process. We were flying uncontrolled to uncontrolled field. Do y'all debrief or After Action Report? What were the results of that? What items were noted to improve on? How is improvement documented and measured? I am overly emphasizing human performance factors since at work I am having create a soft skills class. It is really hard since it is stuff I just do. Pretty much everyone at work hates me because I am analyzing every conversation I have to understand what I do. Then documenting it.
  12. When piloting a plane: A)Everyone else up there is proficient and safe B)Everyone else up there is trying to kill me and I can't let my guard down for a second.
  13. Let's see what did I learn: Hand signals, Left, right and parade position. coms Task saturation I am not current enough to fly wing. so it would be a bad idea to try.