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  1. brake issue jams

    Bad bearings? or someone got all the spacers mixed up. There has to be something that is causing it not to be aligned.
  2. Nice. I wonder if there is value in making the floor panels with carpet out of them..... Thinking out loud. Noise reduction? Would it break down when you walked on it?
  3. I was trying to keep the flow going
  4. I'll switch to Aeroshell 100W now

    If TExas had a winter I would think about switching to a mulit grade... But we dont. W100
  5. That it will take you about 75 hours to get comfortable in the new to you airplane. We have all been there. They are fun to fly what I imagine it would be like to fly a fighter airplane.
  6. Not that I would use for fittings that don't require it, but there is a use for teflon tape and a proper way to apply it. Most people don't apply it properly so it gets a bad wrap. If you don't know that gasoline and RTV are not good together you should not build a kit plane.
  7. The factory ones have a restrictor in them to prevent heater core issues. That looks like the thing closer to the firewall. I guess machining a billet aluminum one would be overkill.
  8. That it probably wasn't airworthy (although just being signed off on annual) and we should have probably not been flying it. But other than that it was a fun flight and the Instructor was good at what he does.
  9. What Would you Do to This Panel?

    Build a to integrate into the tablet ADSB-IN. Buy a subscription to droidefb for your samsung tablet
  10. Fuel Tank Total Rehaul

    Houston Tank at Eagle Lake. Delen
  11. What Would you Do to This Panel?

    Buy a tablet, some 100LL, fly alot
  12. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Not necessiarly needs tanks resealed if they are not leaking now. Fill it up and let it sit. Assume about $10K to get it back in the air. Having your A&P show you stuff is priceless. Check for corrosion FIRSt using M20 Docs Checklist
  13. this is an 08 Expedition. Looks like trend and Ford should issue a SB.... Battery is on the 2 year wally world maint plan. Bad news I replaced about 3 walley world batteries in the same month. On this one the Power steering cooler and A/C cooler are in the same plastic unit that sit behind the radiator. The powersteering Cooler started leaking. It is a $200 unit and you have to redo the A/C Fluid. A $30 Aux Power steering cooler off Amazon and a NAPA hose fixed that. What no "you need an engine monitor" comments?
  14. Oil leak mystery

    That's a fair amount of oil. Assuming no spills after an oil change. Check the return lines from the rocker covers. Tighten all 8 clamps up near the Engine block. Check the Dipstick tube.
  15. So maybe parts that go into the heater circuit should not be plastic. Have to run to the big town tomorrow.... Kept smelling heater fluid. Looked over and started poking around.... the plastic parts just fell apart in my hand. The middle picture is supposed to be a T. I was able to squash the tubing to break the rest of the plastic by gentle squeezing and it just broke up. Pretty sure the fix will last a long time. And for all you FAA IA/A&P Inspectors.... it is a Ford.