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  1. Some have the cooling for the fuel pump come off the back shroud. even the alternator has a cooling line. Mine comes off the low pressure part of the front shroud.
  2. mine has a big ol vent on the pilot side by the rear seat just in front of the baggage area.
  3. The bigger question is did Phillips jack up their prices like Shell a couple of months ago.
  4. In the earlier models the light ran off the switch. in my 75 F I believe there is a relay that the switch runs, but the heavy load goes through the relay. with a J I believe there is a relay for the landing light.
  5. Take your phone and take pictures back there. Might be a panel sag or some other random screw.
  6. Buy the plane get your CFI friend insured in it. Go learn to land in a trainer. have your CFI friend land and take off the mooney. You can do the cruise portion as part of your dual cross country and such. The mooney is going to need to be flown and worked on. When the mooney is in the shop, fly the trainer and get your ppl. getting your ppl fast is not dependent on the plane, it is defendant on your ability to learn and time available to fly. Maintenance will cost more than the purchase price.
  7. LED draws lots less current. Amazon sells a PAR 46 LED work light manufactured by Wheelen. For your tractor of course.
  8. It doesn't really have a company name on it when it comes out of the ground.
  9. The Prop guy around here suggests replacing 6 with 5 as the reformulated 6 has separation issues and sucks as a prop hub lube.
  10. Or how all the bags of pizzas can fill up a pick up truck.
  11. The S&M manual has a nice picture with all the places to lube.
  12. 18 zerts seems to ring a bell. it's like a easter egg hunt
  13. The green light is supposed to be on when the plane is on the ground. Don't fix that. Sounds like you want to fix the gear unsafe red light. It might be best to look behind with the panel to start with. There is a fair amount of bare wires in a Mooney. The limit switches are in the belly next to the gear actuator. Here's the wiring diagram Mooney F 70s schmatics.pdf
  14. make sure the slidy pin rail things the calipers slide on are clean and silicone oil lubed. At least that is what needs to happen on older model Ford truck brakes