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  1. I think of all the BMW motorcycle Boxer Engines and all the downshifting letting the tire drive the engine.....
  3. Ground Power Unit

    Some reason I can't find it either. Checked Grainger also. I recall getting the part number off the plug on the plane and looking it up. Spruce had them under Cessna connector...
  4. If there are more than two wires going to the motor it probably has a brake in it. It is actuated by the 4th terminal on the solenoid.
  5. Someone asked if I was able to run supplies over to Beaumont. They pointed out that the convoy would have an armed escort..... I was in my truck and did a quick inventory figured I had 100 rounds in various forms in reach. We come from the "One Riot One Ranger" state. Responded I'm good. #wegotthis
  6. Today's flight for 2017

    Ya I think my Mystical creature in the woods routine is over. I would have chatted, but you jumped in and were gone in a flash. Even the Cessna that left behind you was doing a pre mid field turn out. I think I can out short field some STOL planes on landings after the last few days. The Bonanza that carried pizza earlier in the week, I stepped up on and almost put the tail on the ground. Turn and Burn.
  7. Goodness you must be a bad shot.
  8. Woah good thing they used burn certified material in the cabin. Shrug....
  9. Today's flight for 2017

    Front seats seem kind of redundant when you are hauling boxes. I think I got up to 425 with this load. Texas is big. I need to change my oil.
  10. I had a Houston Fire Department Captain jump in my truck and go "Dang dude you are ready for bear" It was for water stuff and looters, but you get the idea.
  11. Phew I thought there was a Texas town I did not know of, I should be down there 8-8:30.
  12. Where is Rockville?
  13. Communities in East Texas are still hurting. So time to launch and move some supplies. Talking with one of the guys he said the River was 7 miles wide. The government is trying to take care of Beaumont, but the small communities are getting left out. And who says a Mooney is small can can't haul a load Loaded up with about 450 lbs to head down to Rockport in the morning. Rockport took the brunt of the storm and is about 90 % wiped out.
  14. Got real lucky

    Turkey Vultures. We got them in Texas. They ride the thermals to higher elevations. Only time I scared Mrs. Yetti was dodging one. I yanked the wing tip up and out of it's way It's pretty normal thing to dodge all year long.
  15. A fellow from Colorado loaded up his Pilatus with supplies and flew into Bay City where the Pizza was delivered.