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  1. What's weird is your bolt and tension bracket are on the wrong side. Mine are tightened from inside the cowl
  2. OH My yes, yes there should be. Get creative with baffle material or the thick felt and some safety wire. Mine has a plastic cover that rotates with the shaft that goes between the pulley and the shaft
  3. Have a college refrigerator freezer in the hanger. Put cool packs in freezer. Put about 3 inches of water in the cooler and leave it there. throw packs in freezer. fly
  4. The working load of the ratchet straps is below the lifting capacity of the wings. Draw your own conclusion. They sell line (some people call it rope) at Homer Dan that has a working rating much much higher than ratchet straps. Now of course they make rachet straps for 18 wheelers that have a greater working load than the line. If you could go 5/8 that would be better. Still will have some spring in it.
  5. Makes you want to put a camera on the belly and fly around a bit
  6. just the cover part or the holder part? If you had a broken one there is some alum bar stock and a milling machine that are just sitting around and could make some chips on the floor. Conceptually I know how to anodize. Have never purchased the chemicals and soaked stuff. I have powder coated things in a Craigs list bought oven...
  7. hmmm There is a way to test the capacitors. Sometimes you should just do it based on age.
  8. How many hours om the magnetos
  9. And budget 10K for after you purchase it to fix things and stuff
  10. Vinyl and one of them fancy rivet rollers and I can save $600,000 for avgas :-)
  11. #3 is the hottest cylinder... Looks like you might be able swap packs ie 2 cylinders per pack Maybe swap plug wires with another cylinder or similar length
  12. I have read things on the checklist and then missed them. I like flows better. Start between the seats then up and right and then across to the left. I think you can check more things with less distraction. You can spend visual time on each gauge or switch and ensure it is where it is supposed to be. Kind of like the line in the check list of "check flight instruments"
  13. I submit an oil seasoned cast iron skillet to the "does metal soak up oil?" question
  14. Rut ro shaggy
  15. so what did the filter media look like?