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  1. Yes. Manage the heat as needed. In the what we have as winter here in Humidston. I just leave them closed.
  2. The cheapest is Android tablet (has GPS) for about $100 and a Stratux.me for about $100 and droidefb or Avare. It has worked great for me for 5 years. I could buy the $1000 box for the Skyview, But there is some chance I may make a format converter to do GDL55 to GDL99 but other project are in the way.
  3. Second most useful knot is the Sheet bend. Similar concept as the Bowline. It is great because it can be used for tubular webbing to make loops or slings. It is also very useful to quickly join lines together so loop or extend a line. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheet_bend
  4. I think there was a big jet that unhinged the hangar and the planes in it. What ever that is in the first video is way more time and less adjustable than a bowline. Which I can tie in a flip of a wrist or behind my back. If you need more security with a bowline then pop a half hitch. The advantage of the bowline is that it does not reduce the strength of the line like other knots and can be fully loaded up and can still be released (sometimes with a marlin spike :-) ) I was showing a first time sailor that crewed with me how to one hand tie off on a cleat. Properly done it's nea
  5. Where do you see this? The money is in the dies. I think they should let owners come produce their own parts and then owner assist 50% builds.
  6. Whatever it takes to keep the ball coordinated. Most everything on the mooney is very small input. I normally fly thumb and finger.
  7. This does seem worthy of a Service Bulletin.
  8. Mmm even offset the hemi bearing should keep the forces in proper alignment. I think. I could also see where say someone ran an electric trim up against the stop that would be a more stress inducing point with the hemi joint in a bind.
  9. So in theory there should be no side to side loads placed on that part. We know that some planes had issue with huck bolts on the hinge as the hinge should not allow side loading of the tail. Did these planes have huck bolt issues? But clearly with two extremely similar breaks the tab is under engineered. There is room to increase the fillet or just beef up the whole part. Two tabs on either side of the bearing would be super awesome.
  10. Did you try SWTA in Smithville?
  11. Seems like a good body man with a hammer could fix you up. Maybe two. For less work than removal of the FW. I have quite impressed with the paintless dent removal tool after the subie fell fate to a hail storm. Not sure how well it would work on stainless.
  12. It has 100LL fuel in it. It is above your feet. If it leaks where would it end up. Braided stainless is the only answer. Or better yet. Wires and transducer that sits on the other side of the FireWall
  13. They are a bit more structural than that. For those of you lathe poor. Chunk of alum. drill the center hole. put a bolt in it. Chuck it in a drill. file to your hearts content. Will there is aways. Think billet not decorative.
  14. https://www.aircrafthose.com/contact Pay for the extra fancy brown ones.
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