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  1. Yetti

    A&P Says "Oh no a Mooney?!!"

    Seems like a lot of room, but the grumpy IA was bitching about trying to get the Exhaust temp probes on. That task would be far easier on a Mooney
  2. what's wrong with it. Usually 3 orings and some emory cloth will fix things up
  3. Yetti

    Good source for extra or replacement keys

    I think they are the same keys that are on lots of office furniture. cole seems to ring a bell
  4. Rebuild your turn coordinator. It is part of the Brittian system. Mid continent avionics in Tulsa is who Brittian uses they are all buds. about $400 I think. Just got back from Pascagoula. had to take SWA as it is foggy half they year. So might want to add that to your plans. While still working on the STC Dynon Skyview might be another option, if you would like to go all integrated. I bounce between Houston and Brenham where the plane lives.
  5. Yetti

    Electrical issues

    Most people are pretty good at feeling what 10 lbs of pressure and a 1/4" of deflection looks like.
  6. Yetti

    Cracked ring on #4 cylinder

    When we got the plane #4 had a sticky exhaust valve. So we reamed it. Now it's the one that has oil issues. I believe it's got same cooling issue like #3
  7. Yetti

    Future of Mooney

    Or we could just quit crashing the old ones and keep upgrading them. Much cheaper. But a J for 100AMU put 100 AMU into it and you would have a really nice plane
  8. Suction cups require suction. Nope.
  9. Yetti

    Cracked ring on #4 cylinder

    #4 is a known problem child.
  10. Or just stick some electrical tape on the static ports.... and make sure to remove it before flight.
  11. There is no reason to get compressed air anywhere near the pitot static system. Just put your lips together and blow. You know how to do that right?
  12. Some mooneys have two drains. One by the battery compartment and one near the pilot wing root. Might be good to check and see if water comes out of either.
  13. Properly repaired damage history from a long time ago is not a problem. If the current owner did the damage and misrepresented then that is an issue. If the current owner was unaware of someone else's damage, then that is another thing.
  14. Mine had the alt static valve, but no placard. Just above the left knee. When static ports cry. A driving rain seems to fill them up.