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  1. It looks like Trutrack autopilots will have their Cessna STC by SnF...
  3. Call the plane salvage place in Greely Colorado they had a E or F they were parting out.
  4. Keep the faith. They are a bit of work to bring them back, but once you get them going they are really fun to fly.
  5. How are the hoses. You might considering getting a set from PHT hoses in Tulsa and doing them while you are all opened up. It will be one less thing to do later. Get the upgraded ones.
  6. It's kind of in the crappy PIilatus with at least a bathroom teritority
  7. We could always do this: When flying my aircraft for business should it be run LOP or ROP?
  8. They are tools and they have their uses. I will say it was nice when I left the meeting was home by Ice cream time 8:30 with Mrs. Yetti The other folks got stuck in a traffic jam on I-10 and did not get home till 11:30 Step one. Find an AME and go get your medical. By the time you are have enough money to afford to fly you are too old to pass the medical.... kind of rings true.... sadly
  9. The flightaware track of the 210 just confirms my rule number 2 of flying. 2. No flying through front lines. It just makes me sad. Such a loss for no good reason.
  10. sherwin williams I think makes the prop paint I would be pretty annoyed I have pulled the prop twice and wire tied it twice on the second pull. I got a "that wire job will pass, but we would not want people to know our shop do it, so I had to cut if off and do it again. They make a 3/4" open end torque wrench.... who knew.
  11. Recyle that thing. Probably a couple dollars in copper
  12. I do it this way. There are about 40,000 ISIS fighters. There are 1.2 million hunting licesense sold in the State of Texas. Just add a tag to the license and the problem will be solved
  13. You are going to skewer yourself with those pointy ends. round those suckers off. might want to round off the cable ties with some toe nail clippers. I think you overspeced the cable ties a bit.
  14. I vote right mag. And a note with video. Find your shot. Hold steady, count to 5. Then move. Repeat.
  15. This I can buy. The direction the coil is wound and the polarity of the magnet. What I don't believe is that the Kit to rebuild the magnetos is the same for both mags so this would say that they are both Negative or Positive.