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  1. One witness said spiral. Wondering if fuel exhaustion on one engine would cause flat spin. straight in approach. 1200 AGL ceiling.
  2. The XR71 blackbird was made mostly of Russian Titanium
  3. Bet you make a spare set of keys and keep one set in the car and one in the plane.
  4. Oh no you are not getting off that easy. Post an after picture. We can find more work for you.
  5. Or my Grandfather. "There is a right tool for every job" He owned about 20 different types of hammers. I risked getting beat with one of those hammers if I used the wrong tool. Crescent wrenches (rounding wrenches) were universally banned from use.
  6. Ha ha.. As the Grumpy IA says. "We don't want other shops to know that came out of our shop redo it" Also the top left of the pic looks like spark plug leads are randomly tywrapped to something random.
  7. This one. It used to be a spreadsheet
  8. it's the best but slow. If you do a couple hundred in a day it's quicker to use the cutters, do a quick twist just gripping the tail, then move close to the lock part and flush cut. You get a certified tension feel after you break a couple.
  9. I advertised a boat on ebay. we did a private transaction. Guy drove 7 hours round trip to buy it. I miss that boston whaler.
  10. Looks like your phone flipped the photo. The anti chafe on the oil line is keeping it off the firewall. The line needs to be shortened. The MP line should probably have a loop in it. It's probably going to crack at the firewall fitting Snap on makes a pair of dikes that truly are flush cut. Bad thing is if you drop them they fall nose down and break a tip off the cutters. I have two with broken tips. The CB way of making ty wraps safe is to use finger nail clippers. It rounds the edges. Seems like your spark plug wires should go up and over. but you have a dog house. so there is that. +1 for having fancy teflon fuel line to the FP gauge. Hopefully that same line was done inside the plane also.
  11. Or why for that matter can jegs sell and make money on a whole stainless exhaust kit for less than the $400 exhaust tail pipe on the Mooney.
  12. I am going to say it again. And yes this is product bashing. The hanger or is that hangar on mine only has a bolt on one side. This two sided bolt design I believe would interfere with the cowl flap disconnect. There is not alot of room to play and the engine moves around a fair amount. Since this hanger is a design change from mooney factory what make the jegs
  13. Since mooneys can go up fast if you don't reset the trim. Could this be a reset the trim issue?
  14. 1/4 to 3/8 radius on the scoop. I would be tempted to build a wood form. Then form to fit.