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  1. Today's flight for 2017

    No lines at the airport for Mooney Drivers. It's a good travel day
  2. contact cleaner spray can. exercise and flush limit switches with contact cleaner in liberal amounts To start with. Then move to relays. If the relay was gone, they would not go up or down at all.
  3. M20E First Upgrade

    Only chrome makes vehicles faster
  4. Look up your engine in Lycoming and see what the real redline is. You don't want your prop tips to go supersonic. There are some calculators to find what supersonic is for say a 72" prop. The 2700 RPM comes from the Mooney Type data Sheet. Engine Inspection after Overspeed .pdf
  5. What is this device in the tail?

    The IA offered me his scales.... Have not taken him up yet.
  6. All instruments going nuts

    Happy feeling. go fly
  7. Adding brake fluid

    how are your brake pads?
  8. Low oil Temperature

    Don't have to shovel humidity
  9. How many hours on the airframe?
  10. o-360 overhaul

    My theory on engines is: Keep throwing cylinders at it until it needs to be taken apart. As far as cylinders cost. I have a not needed one for an A1A that cost 2 AMU several years ago that is waiting for install, then will rotate them around getting .5 AmU overhauls. The C uses less AMU per cost cylinders.
  11. I have coined the term RAB or Random Act of Braking. There can be a mile of open road and someone will hit their brakes.
  12. M20U

    But in the aircraft world I am third world. Of course when I look at others subscription rates of $1500 vs my $89.00 it confirms my CB status is very much intact
  13. M20U

    first world airplane owners problem
  14. Cost of ownership "budget"

    I fly about a 100 hours a year for the first 2 years. Maybe I am low in gas costs. I have a brand new cylinder sitting in the box ready to go.
  15. Cost of ownership "budget"

    This is my year 3 actuals