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  1. No. 11990-1 Mooney Navigation Coupler Operation and Service Instructions.pdf Section 2.2 2.2 There are considerable differences in the electrical characteristics of radio navigation equipment of various models and makes. They are divided into two categories: ARINC Standard and non-ARINC Standard equipment. A. Radio navigation equipment meeting ARINC Standards has provisions for three or more 1,000 ohm loads. Autopilot coupling may be connected across the VOR meter output without changing existing loads. All ARINC Standard equipment will provide adequate signal levels for optimum Autopilot Nav-Coupler operation Still researching.....
  2. 9" between the prop tip and a engine rebuild. I had mine on a grass strip within the last 4 weeks.
  3. Plane comes up. pause. Gear comes up. slight nose down, get the wing flying. nose up. pause flaps up.
  4. Waiting for the Dynon solution. Funny enough I was reading last night that the D10A will drive an AP. It is required for the backup for the Skyview. The D10A is just powered up in the STC solution. has a 4 hour battery. The plan is: This is phase 1 with the 7" screen in the two radio stacks. Key features will be the ADSB and some Engine monitoring (and all the flight instruments stuff as a bonus) Phase 1.5 will be add the second radio in back and finish the engine Monitoring. Only did CHT and EGT in phase 1. Phase 2 will be the replace the primary steam 6 pack with a 10" monitor. Phase 3 will be pull all the vacuum and add the Dynon A/P servos. I did learn that the Brittain Accutrack will take ARINC inputs for left and right.
  5. EMP will basically take out everything that is not a wind up Timex and a generator. Magnetos should survive. All integrated circuits. Including the diodes in the alternator. Army did a test over in Micronesia took out stuff in Hawaii. Oops.
  6. I got a $52.00 check from the Enron Retirement Fund last year.
  7. started with crimpers and wires. then metal work
  8. I only dabble in power. Mostly natural gas pipelines. I think all pipelines are stuck in the 1990s technology wise. Worked for pipeline that was attached to an electric utilty an the electric people thought the pipeline was way too progressive. ROW incursions are a universal problem.
  9. Hex is hard. I used to be able to add subtract and convert binary in my head. lost skills
  10. It lands shorter when measured in meters Silly wrabbit
  11. I have never been inside an Eaton. I have been inside an ITT Actuator. The ITT is very well built with machining similar to a fine firearm. You are going to cycle this say 150 times per year. The unanswered question was how many cycles the Engineer designed them for. Should we say 10,000. So there is your math. Can you replace the gears, have a brass disc machined? Yep. Proper maintenance of replacing the grease and maybe the gears? Also lubing the mains to reduce friction is a good thing. I would say the camshaft on a lycoming is a bigger risk and the same price to fix.
  12. I call with Sarbanes Oxley 2008 Salamon Brothers Special Purpose Vehicles ie Off company balance sheet deals.
  13. I respond to your three paragraphs with two words. Veterans Administration.