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  1. McMooney

    2019 Aviation Goals

    2019 IR COMMERCIAL 100+ Mooney hours
  2. 1. It isn't to much plane, I transitioned with 200hrs and by the end of the 5 hours of required training, I felt comfortable. 2. Not tricky to land at all, you just have to understand, it likes to fly; HOLD it off till it lands, never force it down. if you force/drop it in, it'll bounce like no tomorrow leading to a prop-strike. 3. Not hard at all, just different site picture. 4. I have an E, so can't really speak to the more complex models, but reliability hasn't been much of a concern. ymmv. 5. bout as safe as any other non turbine/multi GA plane. 6. insurance hasn't been bad, 1500 first year, 1100 second. Annual about 1600. 7. Great plane to fly, you might find yourself missing a door though
  3. McMooney

    Transitioning to Mooney

    second this! I'm another recent E owner, awesome plane. Only thing which could make it better would be Long range tanks, okay also altitude hold 8).
  4. McMooney

    Spray on Passive Deice Boots

    I read the article yesterday and was thinking the exact same thing.
  5. Just installed a PMA 8000G great audio panel, much better than the kma20 it replaced. Personally, i'd install the 340 you have, then swap it for one of the drop in replacements some time in the future. Directional audio, Bluetooth, charging port, audio playback is great but honestly I forget I have the features 90% of the time.
  6. McMooney

    Today's flight in 2019

    Tower was down due to some sort of power outage, it was uncontrolled the whole day.
  7. McMooney

    Today's flight in 2019

    wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. Today saw a commercial airline fly into KCLL while it was an uncontrolled field. kind strange hearing an airline calling "easterwood TRAFFIC"
  8. McMooney

    Exxon Elite 20W-50 Oil - PENDING OBSOLETE

    aeroshell 20w-50 here but after reading the blackstone report, which basically said exxon elite MIght be the best but that it didn't really matter, i'm probably going to use whatever is most convenient from now on
  9. McMooney

    Ownership costs

    Honestly it COST, I have no idea how much. I keep every receipt but never bothered to look. Next owner will think I was a most "meticulous" steward. I will say, direct maintenance has been rather low. Annuals, some baffles. if I were to guess, excluding "unnecessary" upgrades ( avionics, lights, and soon autopilot, speed mods, Monroy tanks, electronic ignition etc... ) i'd budget about 100 to 125 / hour for my M20E. to be clear ( avionics, lights, and soon autopilot, speed mods, Monroy tanks, electronic ignition etc... ) absolutely not necessary
  10. MidContinent MD200-306, essential a garmin gi106a
  11. McMooney

    M20E needs adjustment to door alignment

    who did your door? looks really nice and clean
  12. Recently had the following installed: gns480, new pma8000g audio panel, (USED)md200-306 indicator and davtron thingy ( oat and voltage ) removed, kx170b, intercom, kma20, king ki-201c other bits and bobs 2nd flight out of the avionics shop, the OBS resolver stopped working. I figured, that's what I get for ebaying airplane parts and purchased a brand new shiny cdi md200-706 well come to find out, the avionics shop hadn't secured the connector. tightened, everything worked. now, I have a brand new CDI in a box which I KNOW I should send back even with the restocking penalty. pretty expensive I know what I should do but what I want to do is remove the old cdi, sell it on ebay and install the new one. talk me out of it
  13. McMooney

    M20E needs adjustment to door alignment

    Hmm, would rather fix the door but this sounds like a possibility. How long did it take? Did you notice a speed improvement? I'm thinking it's atleast worth a few knots