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  1. Hey while shooting approaches the manifold pressure gauge decided to stop working. if I remember correctly, I think it read somewhere between 15 and 20 inches and I was at 3000ft. Engine kept running, prop kept spinning but mani pressure wouldn't move. on the way back to the airport, at approx. 2500 to 2000 ft the gauge decided it wanted to work again. wth? landed, taxied to the ramp for a runup, everything seemed fine. called my IA, he didn't seem worried, at all. anyone had this happen? am I good?
  2. i'm in, can't wait. my fsx is getting pretty long in the tooth
  3. I feel your pain, i'm praying for trutrak to get it together.
  4. would really only need it when taxing about and maybe for the first 4000 to 5000 feet of flight. so say 1 hour. could even fill it with ice to make it a bit cooler. $40 sounds a lot more reasonable than some concern about adding moisture to the interior of the plane, but hell, it's texas, pretty moist already.
  5. Hey just saw a TV add for a tiny dc powered evaporative cooler, wondering how it'd work in the plane 8)
  6. everyone knows the short bodies are the best
  7. thanks all, sorry for not being clear, i'm all kinds of stressed ; needed clarity as to not outright fail the checkride i'm thinking this approach was dreamed up by some mad person not wanting new ifr pilots in the world. seriously, if It was really ifr, would I really want to be doing all that twisting around just to land at the airport I should've went directly to.
  8. looking at the vor-a 60r approach, what is the best way to enter the procedure if say you are coming in inbound say 280 to 300 deg? one instructor says fly over vor then left turn back to vor then out bound 141 other just says turn to 321 as your approach the vor guess adding a link to the approach would help
  9. this is one situation where technology has just moved on. there just isn't any currently manufactured indicator which can replace the ki-214. even the Narco-122d si going for premium. as everyone is currently very proud of their old beatup avionics, it's probably better if you go with a new radio. problem is that means minium of 7k installed. maybe 6 if you get the installer drunk with a hand job. jk. so since you are in the same position I was in, my advice would be just bite the bullet buy new equip and enjoy. I spent almost as much money trying to be cheap
  10. is it possible to get a new rayjay install ?
  11. where are you located, I remember jena and john of avionics unlimited ( Conroe, tx ) giving me a quote of Approx 2k for the install of a kn75. it's all labor, i'm sure you can find someone to give you the part. to be honest, this is what caused me to upgrade to a gns480, options are extremely limited. actually, I HOPEFULLY can put my bird in the avionics shop next week, IF I pass my IFR checkride. when they redid my avionics, they failed to connect the glideslope to the gns480 and md200-706, if the shop above can connect it cheaply enough I may be able to reinstall my ki-201 and sell the ki-214
  12. pma8000g, get it! awesome sound. intelliaudio is just nice to have. never bothered with the play back features. Bluetooth to all my devices, priceless
  13. this post reminds me, anyone know a source for the Mooney curtains? I really want to put them back in the plane