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  1. The new ipad mini is way more than a rumor, unfortunately I refuse to use apple products 8( ok, non free apple products 8)
  2. second, this, make sure everything is good before becoming emotionally involved by going to "see" the plane. I'd be concerned about the lack of adsb, it's becoming something of a pain to get avionics work. Also consider annualling the plane instead of just a prebuy, yes more expensive but far cheaper than getting a bad plane
  3. there are pockets in the base and back of both front seats, does your mooney not have these ? also, there is a chart clip on the pilot side wall to hold checklist. I keep 1 extremely out of date sectional and an approach plate for my home airport, just in case. between having 2 tablets and a phone all running Garmin pilot: Samsung s8+ Samsung s2 tab 8inch, Samsung s3, also unlike apple they all have internal gps for when the gdl 393d isn't working. there is absolutely no way i'd be trying to fiddle with some paper chart If there is another option.
  4. Okay just read garmin added the M20e for certification with the gfc500, G5 looking good again 8).
  5. I'm really hoping they get this certified sooner rather than later, prefer the look of these over A G5.
  6. How about KMQJ, I seem to remember they may have had space back in december
  7. Gladys and the commercial with everyone scrambling for the football were about the only things interesting about that game.
  8. I wish I didn't under stand this.
  9. light sometimes moderate "rain" isn't a big deal at all. note i said, "rain", thunderstorms are something different... we don't play with thunderstorms. As someone said earlier red/yellow = hell no. I remember, my original ppi CFI damn near busting a gut at my fear of flying in mist one day. I had been conditioned to believe that anything but a clear blue sky was a no fly condition.
  10. that's a pretty bird, and yeah that hangar is a bit small.8)
  11. I have a question, when it comes to price is there a price god that says mooney x is only worth y? i thought that was a mechanism of the market? if this mooney + repairs say overhaul cost 40k isnt' that what it's worth? the hell with some guy saying it's worth less eventually the supply of cheap planes will be gone and that 40k will seem like a steal.
  12. WHAT !!!! i'd rather pay then let someone fly Birdy 8). just kidding I'm paying $40/hr for my instrument