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  1. shrug, it's to the point where around houston, I cannot depend on anything vor related being operational. flew kdwh-knew yesterday 2 of the 3 vor's on my route were out. last month, randomly decided to shoot an approach into klbx oops ils was out, and of course atc didn't mention it. same, day shot the ils into kgls, vor for missed approach was out. yes, there are notams but in an emergency you'd be screwed
  2. 1. Get rid of the ki-214, they are nigh impossible to fix and any used ones are likely to be bad. If you must, there is one guy in Lafayette Indiana who can service them, somewhat. If the installer can get you the Val and make it legal, i'd consider it. VHF Nav is on life support at this point, I'd say do NOT depend on it in an emergency or atleast be very cautious. you know that makes me think, can they PLEASE do something better than NOTAMS, i mean yes if i'm planning a flight i can read thru the 1000 items to find notam'd navaids, but, what happens in an emergency? do i stop
  3. omg, that's just insane. My surefly was installed during annual, so some of the interior was out anyway but if i remember correctly i think it may have been 5 or 6 hours ?
  4. If you're not constantly filling 4 seats, get an E. Not sure about the older E's but in my 74, once i'm in with the seat pulled up, there's plenty of room in the back. I'm about 6'0. they sit like a sports car, matter of fact it's exactly like my camaro, no room at all until the seats move forward.
  5. SMH -- see, see this is how it goes, give a guy an Instrument Rating and he goes out and gets an ovation 8). Congratz btw
  6. GA is far too expensive, yes there will always be the few who have enough dough to do whatever they want but for the rest, they have better things to do with money. esp when new sexy cost close to a million dollars, just sayin. we should fight tooth an nail to reduce cost. tell garmin 10k is far to much for a damn gps, 20k is too much for an autopilot.
  7. kinda hard to imagine not having room in the C. In my E, at 6'0 with 32in inseam, with the seat all the way back I'm FAR from reaching rudders and i'm stretching for the yoke. that being said, i'm thinking bout taking the right seat out so i can have peace when the wife comes along. shhh don't tell her i said that
  8. just had to go there, smh, can't let the touch-n-go people be 8)
  9. Replacing the tire and shimming the nose gear fixed my shimmy. Really think it was mostly replacing the nosewheel tire that did it
  10. 15 - 20 miles, like to give plenty of warning.
  11. I'm with you, i love flying high, less traffic, better weather and the oxygen doesn't bother me. maybe they could add a built in oxygen concentrator. I love my E but if I ever upgrade, the next plane will be turbonormalized. honestly make it a turbodiesel and less expensive than a cirrus/diamond and you'd win.
  12. maybe think about an E, the best model mooney ever made 8). Unfortunately, i'm finding most flying to be solo. Get an E put all the saved money into the avionics
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