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  1. McMooney

    The AV 30 Looks Good

    hmm, those do look nice
  2. I believe this to be a failure at all levels, manufacturing, lawyers, regulations and the current owners community. GA is now for the elite, where as back in the 70's you just needed to be ok. I cry inside whenever I hear someone brag about how expensive something was and how others shouldn't be here if they can't or won't spend similar amounts. when I look at pictures of GA gatherings you know what I see, 50+ year old men. yes there's always the odd ball woman or youngun but for the most part its an aging higher income group from a past generation. Today it's harder to get to the higher relative income. Someone mentioned housing in California, a buddy owns a million dollar townhome in one of those places but makes less than me, how's he supposed to own an aircraft ? people start trying to save for retirement the instant they turn 18, what sense would it ever make to buy a limited use item which if you're lucky doesn't self destruct due to a few mos of disuse. Really a hard sale. As mentioned earlier yeah, a lux car or Rv can be had for similar prices but those things have 1000x more utility, comfort and durability. I LOVE flying, LOVE being an owner but honestly, the writing is probably on the wall.
  3. McMooney

    See and Avoid

    simple fact, airplanes are tiny, it's hard to see a Cessna 1 mile in front of you. USE ALL available resources once you get a traffic helper( adsb, tcas, whatever ) you finally realize how much traffic you don't see, scary.
  4. McMooney

    Laminar Flow Wing and disturbed flow

    Just a thought, could your plane be overly smooth at this point ? maybe the rougher old paint was acting like a golf ball and causing the air to release at just the right points.
  5. McMooney

    Laminar Flow Wing and disturbed flow

    Not overly concerned about weight, i can stand to eat less burgers anyway. A nice deep and wet automotive style looking plane would just make me smile from ear to ear. It's 2018 i'm sure there's a paint additive for UV. Delaminating is just a sign of a bad paint job.
  6. McMooney

    Laminar Flow Wing and disturbed flow

    I didn't even know you could get a clearcoat on a plane, def adding that when I get paint.
  7. sorry $961 plus another $115 or so for the landing light cover? where do I find the additional charge for the stc ?
  8. hmm that nose enclosure doesn't look bad, also if i'm reading it correctly it's only $910, might be next on the shopping list
  9. absolutely love my m20e. Honestly the backseats aren't that bad considering how far you pull the seat up to fly. whatever you buy make sure it's atleast adsb compliant, you don't want the frustration of trying to install avionics right now.
  10. g5 can be set to work as an HSI so it'll replace a dg and a cdi
  11. McMooney

    GFC500 Update

    are they covering maintenance and giving you a massive discount on the AP?
  12. just wait till an indicator goes out, then the 1 g5 can replace both the dg and indicator.
  13. Send Brittain a message, they have G5 connection drawings
  14. McMooney

    Touch and Go in a fire breathing turbo... 252

    full flaps and landing trim aren't that big of a deal in my E, it's not a lot of pressure(not trivial either) to keep the nose down and airspeed up. is it a problem in other mooneys ?
  15. McMooney

    Touch and Go in a fire breathing turbo... 252

    Nice video, really like the camera. For the record, I love TnG's in the Mooney, would prefer a long trip but sometimes just don't have the time.