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  1. somewhere between 120 and 100 until i'm lined up with the runway. try to keep it above the clean 60deg bank stall speed. also tend to make a rounded turn to final unless asked for a square.
  2. I always logged into leidos from the tablet to get the briefing anyway, never liked gp's bare briefing. Weather charts are nice. I love that the latest updates now let you graphically select arrivals on both android and apple. this was the one feature i missed from that other EFB
  3. wish i could figure out how to live without my jepp subscription for like 4 or 5 mos. darn thing expires in Dec and their discount is only during SNF
  4. so if we're talking ANY plane, 1. Diamond DA62 ( seriously, first spare million i get, this babies mine ) 2. AEROCOMMANDER 1000 3. MU2 4. PIAGGIO 5. My M20E with the Diamond Diesel 8) 6. finally, old school bubble nose Apache, with a modern panel. do they come TN?
  5. i'm kinda in the same boat, trying to decide between efis and engine mon at the moment. my opinion, I'd go with a garmin-275 b4 the cgr-30. last i checked, i'd need the cgr-30p and cgr-30c to replace all instruments where as one gi275 would do.
  6. have to agree, long as it's known/consistent wouldn't really matter.
  7. Personally, I think it's silly to have delayed phasing out 100LL for so long, All of these changes could've been done 40 years back. I say bring it on and be done with it
  8. 1. Faster Mooney, have an E so it'd prob be a K or Ovation 2. diamond da50 3. cessna ttx/400/350 tricked out, speed modded cessna 177rg ( slight maybe ) love the doors and space
  9. GP on IPAD, Phone and Android Tablet, think i have it covered hehe
  10. Condors, it's what the flight schools use, good enough. Besides, getting the goodyears was turning out to be a pain as no one had them locally in stock. Mechanic gave 0 thought to NOT reusing the tube.
  11. The quote i have has Far less time for the gi275 installs vs the g5. With the package price they are offering i might just pivot back to big G instead of going Dynon.
  12. prob not a good thing, every few landings I "unintenionally" practice the touch and go
  13. Touch and goes are no longer verbotten?
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