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  1. the Annual "Inspection" isn't horrible. $1600 in 2017 also had new plugs installed, prob not nec but plane was new to me so $1900 total. $1680 in 2018 another no squawks annual, did mention rod ends and baffles may need attention soon. $1600 in 2019 plus the following: new aileron rod ends new rudder rod ends Landing gear shimmy ( prob could've just bought a new tire ) $3k total. but had to have surefly installed so another 2k $5k total. I never have the oil changed at Annual. I end up doing it like a month before annual. i'll never admit to the cost of the other way more expensive things i've had done. note pay in cash so the wife doesn't see it on the credit card statement
  2. To be clear, I was told by the IA, my plane uses both the SIM4N and the SOS to start. i haven't personally checked the IAs work but with it starting within 1 rotation, something must be connected right.
  3. For SOS the SIM4N is correct, you don't have an impulse coupled mag to replace. Impulse coupled mags are used with non SOS systems. I think Maxwell wrote something about it. Really, doesn't matter which mag is replaced as they both take part in the starting event. A side benefit, when replacing the left mag, you also get to remove the SOS system as The EI doesn't need assistance in starting of the aircraft. with that being typed, my IA replaced my right mag. His thinking, In the case the SIM4N goes belly up, i'd have the SOS upon which to fall back. personally, don't think id fly if I knew one of the mags wasn't working
  4. for that price difference, i'd stay vacuum. hell get an electric vacuum pump and call it a day. if it's only powering the speed brakes, might NEVER need to repair it.
  5. you know, compared to the experimentals, certified ac wiring all looks butchered. atleast from the experimentals I've seen
  6. After owning my plane for 2 years now, I'd reorder this just a bit: 1. NO CORROSION -- MANDATORY 2. Regularly flown/flying/currently AND in annual 3. IFR Certified 4. ADSB Transponder 5. PREF WAAS GPS 6. Standard 6-pack panel 9. no AD prop 10 piece windshield 11. Tank bladders or re-sealed tanks 12. Engine monitor 13. exterior paint 14. Interior condition ADSB IS A MUST -- JUST DO IT. A real transponder type Appareo, garmin, king, etc.... I"d suggest you buy it with the plane or get real friendly with an AP. agree autopilot is high on the list, it really helps on longer flights. GPS STRONGLY recommend WAAS. these things are a FORTUNE to purchase and install, don't be that guy. Also the way VORs are going down for "Maintenance", prob soon a neccessity. tanks and prop def, why start knowing you'll be writing huge checks.
  7. sigh, pay wall. hopefully this weekend i'll get nice and intimate with the surefly. I was thinking, can I get a field approval for a second battery? hopefully lithium ? 1. would make me feel better about the system sitting around on the ramp 2. my m20e is awfully nose heavy, need more weight in the tail. how about field approval for an on/off switch dedicated to the surefly?
  8. keeping the 20k I've paid in labor in the last year would more than makeup for any loss in value of the aircraft
  9. My brittain has started listing to the left, was really hoping for trio, trutrak or even brittain, sigh.
  10. Id imagine it's a rather slow drain, only noticed because I have a rather old tender that clicks when it begins charging. it'd click then about 2 seconds later click off. My guess it'd probably take a few weeks to drain.
  11. I'd say yes, the description is similar. it's a really quick stumble, not like the engine is shutting down, more like a hiccup.
  12. Quick report, nothing specific as was quick after maintenance flight. 1. startup hot, cold, flooded or dry almost instantaneous. no longer scared of taxing to the fuel pumps. literally starts as soon as you turn the key. 2. constantly drains power, battery charger seems to cycle instead of just saying the battery's full. 3. mag check, thing stumbles when switching to the sim in a mag check. my understanding this is normal but i'm used to 2 mags and really smooth. caught my attention at altitude. 4. egt seems lower with the sim than with the mag. max egt was about 5 ticks on the gauge where before it was approx. 7 or 8. 5. 1.8 hr tach flight time, 16.5 gals burned. wasn't careful about noting power settings. did see max of about 148kts.
  13. personally, i'd fly to khnd have a beer or 6 then the next day fly over phoenix, kelp to alabama. quick look at the map terrain isn't over 9k, looks like you can fly directly to kbil then direct to alabama; E has no problems getting up there when necessary. maybe stop for fuel in Helena. I might take just that route in my E at the end of sept.