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  1. I'm hoping for seized and sold 8) JK. From an article I read the other day, there are procedures in place for noncompliant aircraft. also according to an aopa article, due to how adsb is implemented, atc may not know the source of your position data on their screens.
  2. here's min e, looks tough but took about the same time as installing any other mag
  3. I want one of these omg next annual
  4. there is a letter from the FAA describing an OPP. I've read the original PDF but at work and not looking it up. Essentially yes the above is doable with enough Owner involvement. I'd guess giving an original bellows or even calling up brittain and getting the original specs might work. Mike Busch speaks to it also. an OWNER is allowed to maintain his plane.
  5. Honestly, if I wasn't terrified of breaking the fragile plastics in the plane, i'd prob do it myself and get an IA to 337 and Sign. I think Baker was offering to supervise owner installs
  6. where can I read up on the autopilot? you really think it'll be cheaper than the trutrak installed?
  7. what's advantage is there to using Dynon equipment over existing? looking at their website, purchasing a screen or 2, a couple of interface boxes, backup batteries would seem to get me everything I could want?
  8. nice, would love one after the mooney
  9. how much is the most basic IFR hdx installed? I have wass and already adsb compliant. would love to throw away the six pack and replace with glass
  10. @Bob_Belville what speed mods and how fast is your E? I'm about ready to get started on mine. Also, I met the ARI gentleman at a pilot meeting last weekend. How's ARI compared to Lasar
  11. man, you're in luck, kdwh is Mooney central. i'm out there almost every Saturday or Sunday there's an AMAZING f MODEL FOR SALE just 500 feet from my birdy. think it already has adsb. note, dibs on the hangar