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  1. mine was a hole in the servo, i'd check there first. btw, electrical tape is your friend
  2. no, but they will give you the name of a shop which does the overhaul. you may be able to find the name with a search here on mooneyspace.
  3. OMG LOVE this Autopilot, with a bit of electrical tape, it now tracks like it's on rails
  4. honestly don't remember, once he said sometime around May, i gave up. Darn ADSB
  5. verbal estimate from a reputable avionics shop was approx 1600$ to install a gi-275 adi.
  6. hehe no, thank goodness it was replaced with all new tan/beige fabric and leather.
  8. Garmin pilot on : samsung s10+, stays in my pocket. Samsung s6 on yoke : plates, nav, etc.. IPad Mini 5 attached to glareshield : traffic, weather
  9. I run gp on both the IPad mini 5 and a samsung s6, to be honest except for the new visual arrival and departures, I think the android version is better. to me it just feels the control and screen layout is better. shrug...
  10. Received the mail notice thursday completed registration via web thursday night Received renewed registration yesterday, Tuesday. Like 3 business days
  11. I know, not a Mooney but hey I'm current till September 8). was actually quite fun, I was surprised how hard it is to hold GS in one of these things. Also Garmin PIlot updated to version 10, adding graphical Arrival/Departures. Today's been a good day.
  12. hey anyone have a quote for the GI275 install cost and time, can't get a straight answer from anyone. Can't imagine it taking more than a couple of days. Baker? Jesse?