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  1. Hi Lucas, my two cents on some of your issues: There are several reasons for this message, some of them mentioned here Simple one: if you have the STEC 55X AP installed this message simply shows up when it is not switched on How to dig deeper: You can check the communication state with LRUs on one of the AUX pages on the MFD Where are they positioned?: GIA #1, #2, WX, XPDR, GDL, AHRS are installed in the tail boom (close to the batteries) Air data computer behind the PFD Airframe & Engine data GEA behind MFD Magnetom
  2. The "secondary" TC driving the STEC55X is hidden behind the MFD - I really started laughing when I detected it the first time:
  3. For an N-Reg you (like yours) can design your own noise cert based on FAA template and EASA database information. You have to verify S/N and prop based on the EASA Database.. I will enclose the EASA doc and my as template: TCDSN EASA.IM_.A.266 Issue 2.pdfN913KSNoiseCertification.pdf Regards, Matthias
  4. Hi Matt, I recently purchased an O2 GX with G1000 non WAAS and STEC55X. Thanks to MooneySpace I was aware of the pros and cons of this setup. However, I decided for this nice aircraft for several reasons: I'm a tech guy (Electronics Engineer, Computer Scientist, IoT consultant), I really enjoy the high degree of information integration that G1000 provides! It was very low time (app 370h SNEW), with all its pros and some cons (see Mike Busch "Engines") It was (and is) very well equipped (TKS FIKI, Oxygen, AC, ..) I want this aircraft as my "forever"
  5. Welcome TC, I also recently installed a CO monitor in my aircraft. Not as fancy as your solution though, simply used some velcro to attach it to the lower part of the middle console. Will provide a photo as soon as a get back in the hangar. Good idea to make an 3D print adaptor for the mic-holder. I already y removed the mic. N913KS & N99YY Obviously our aircraft were neighbors until some month's ago: Yours at EDMA, mine at EDMQ (now based in EDKA) Marc Ulm made nice pics and videos of our aircraft some years ago (before we owned them), e.g. N913KS (mine)
  6. Hi Lucas, Congrats! If Aeroskill is not able to support in sufficient time, you might also try to get in contact with Justus Schiedek-Jacht of ACG Air-Craft GmbH in Allendorf Eder. He runs one of the official Mooney Service Centers in Germany:
  7. My home base EDKA used to have less than 1740ft until a couple of weeks ago, elevation 620ft. Started my flight training there 5years ago (DA20, PA28, C172R, DA40, M20J -> M20R). 1740ft are easily manageable with M20J but can be sometimes challenging with M20R O2 (since some weeks we have a new/longer runway with asphalt overrun at both ends, the situation is much more relaxed now). As mentioned by the other Mooniacs above, energy/speed management plus choosing the right aiming point are key. - My approach speeds are 73kts at max mass down to 69kts at low mass (e.g. 20gal fuel, one
  8. With X-Plane 11.50 and M20R O2 GX at my home airfield EDKA. Old runway with 530m (1734ft) could be challenging with O2 in real life. However - since two weeks we have 800++m available. For IFR sim I open the G1000 PFD/MFD as 2D windows as shown in the 2nd pic. Still waiting for the RealSimGear G1000 HW suite to be delivered to Germany... Best regards, Matthias
  9. Carenado provides a M20R for MSFS2020 - at additional cost of course: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/mooney-m20r-ovation-review-msfs-2020-by-carenado/280118 Although I have MSFS202 (the graphics are stunning)installed I have not installed at test-flighted it. As flight simulator I still prefer X-Plane 11.50. IMHO its flight model is still much more realistic.. Several (at least three) M20 models are available as add-on for XP. As a real work M20R GX2 pilot I personally prefer this M20 Collection : https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/m20-collection-p-162 Still w
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