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  1. As stated above it depends on year of manufacturing / serial number. For my O2 GX, MY2006, SN 29-0423 the situation is as follows: The A/C can be run at any time (ground, climb, cruise, ..) The A/C compressor is connected to the engine via a belt drive. On activation the compressor is engaged using an electrical actuated clutch. The useful load penalty is considerable, at least 30kg/66lbs or so Although I live in Germany I like to operate in in summer.. if it's warm, sunny and humid outside.. Regards, Matthias
  2. As mentioned before it really depends on your style and mission. From my point of view Cirrus is more about convenience and not being so deeply involved in technical details. My wife (she's an aviator as well) states Cirrus is like a flying Thermomix (a highly automated kitchen aid with cloud connection for recipes, touch screen, etc, very popular in Europe) compared to hand made meals.. I personally prefer retractable landing gear, efficiency and deep technical involvement (just had my owner assisted annual two weeks before) - but that's me, not someone else. (When it comes t
  3. I had a similar observation. Servicing the connectors solved the issue. Regards, Matthias
  4. LHS installation in Europe Did the LHS installation during last week's annual. The work was done in parallel to an installation of a traffic awareness system which supports the multiple systems which are utilized throughout Europe as good as possible: Mode-S, Flarm (origin gliders), some ADB-B out. Unfortunately the GDL69 of my G1000 is of no use over here (well it acts as expensive Charly weight), so I had to find a good compromise. For those of you who are interested refer to this link AirAvionics AT-1. It is integrated with the G1000 maps via ARINC429 as well as audio call-outs
  5. I utilize the data given by Lycoming's IO-550 Permold Series Engine Maintenance & Overhaul Manual as primary source: For my IO-550-G the FF(BHP) chart reads a little bit less than 130lbs/hour for full power at full rich under sea level conditions. This converts in a FF of app. 22.4gal/h. Combine this chart with the BHP(MAP) chart and you can derive an estimate of what you could expect at higher altitudes/lower QFE during full power take off run. Take the local pressure (QFE), subtract 0.5"inch/Hg for pressure drop in air filter. Read the expected BHP at max RPM. Put the
  6. .. if you have 0401.34 or higher version installed
  7. Some more details on NavData SD cards: I use standard 2GB SD cards They must be FAT32 formatted Do not use the Garmin database (Terrain, Obstacles, SafeTaxi, ..) SD cards
  8. Release notes / feature list for SW 0401.37 available (e.g. 8.33 kHz database support)? I wonder if any detailed release notes for the 0401.37 are available. For European GX drivers ADS-B out support alone is a feature with limited value - unfortunately we don't have NextGen over here. However, even with 0401.34 installed there are some missing features, mainly due to limited database size for pre GDU 15.10 software (0401.34 includes GDU 14.02, at least on my installation). Prominent examples for missing features from an European GX drivers perspective (caused by limited database size)
  9. Some resources FAA ICAO flight plan form FAA guide to ICAO flight plans Garmin guide to ICAO flight plans Garmin PBN/RNAV equipment codes for ICAO field 18 equipment capabilities indicator PBN/ Garmin XLS with codes per instrument see attachments Example O2 GX non WAAS, Mode S (see comments for ADS-B) Field 10: SGRYD/S S - Standard Equipment: VHF-COM, VOR ILS G - GNSS R - Area Navigation (requires indicator PBN/ in field 18) Y - 8.33kHz COM channel spacing D - DME (its useless to discuss why this is
  10. Welcome and congratulations! As stated above (long body) Mooney specific transition training is highly recommended. In addition to this a PC based flight simulator (especially X-Plane 11, X-Aviation provides a nice M20R) is great for learning to master and utilize the G1000 (see link). Add some G1000 simulation gear (like RealSimGear or VirtualFly) and you can even train your muscle memory while on the ground. PP thoughts only, no FI.. Best regards, Matthias Sim still under construction:
  11. On one of my most recent flights with my O2 GX I observed fluctuating oil pressure indications. While around 60psi is the range that I normally expect during cruise in moderate (winterly) European weather conditions, the value dropped down to something around 48psi for some period of time and suddenly back to the 60ties range. Although still in the green arc I felt somehow alarmed. Analyzing the data of some previous flights with Savvy (the G1000 software update to 401.34 which includes data-logging was done in autumn 2020 ) I learned, that this behavior already existed in previous fl
  12. Just looked up the T/O speed of some recent flights with my M20R O2 on CloudAhoy. The T/O speeds are all in the range 62 .. 65kts (mostly depending on TOM and DA). Best, Matthias
  13. Hi Stan, Welcome to MS and congrats to the very nice airplane (now we understand why its not offered on Controller anymore ;-). Your N924AL has SN 29-0426, a very close sibling of my N913KS with SN29-0423 (and thus it should also have the S-Tec 55X installed). Matthias
  14. Exactly - yearly servicing helps a lot Depending on model and make of the speed-brakes. there are different ways to access & remove: Earlier models are direct accessible via the panels at the wings bottom (as described by Skip). The model installed at my 2006 O2 can only be accessed from the top: Remove the 14 screws By gently applying some pressure from the bottom of the wing the cartridges simply pop out at the top of the wing Place them on a protective cover, and unplug (see image). For servicing you have to remove the aluminum
  15. Hallo Fritz, I experienced some problems with my electrically actuated Precise Flight speed brakes as well after I purchased my O2 last summer. PF is not to blame at all - obviously they never got serviced since the plane left the factory in Kerrville in 2006. You can find the service manual at the PF website. I inspected and serviced them in accordance with the manual. Clean, remove the old grease, apply fresh grease (Aeroshell 22 if I recall correctly), apply tons of „Kontaktspray“ to the microswitches (with speed brake flaps in different positions), test them. During the re insta
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